//We Are ALL Poor In Respect To “A Thousand Savage Comforts”??

We Are ALL Poor In Respect To “A Thousand Savage Comforts”??

Good morning Sabbath Keepers, Sunday Keepers, friends, family members, neighbors, clients, potential clients, residents of Adairville Kentucky, law enforcement agencies, magistrates, members of congress, presidential staff members, White house advisors, and Mr. President!! It is an amazingly beautiful day of life and we are working for God’s mighty Kingdom, what a privilege it truly is to be here writing this blog post for you, and to be a small tiny bit in this incredible river of life that flows through our planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe!!

I have so many various things I want to share with you since we redesigned the website and removed all 130 blog posts that were here, sometimes we all need a fresh start and so after evaluating what we had accomplished and succeeded in doing I felt it would be better to begin anew. Hopefully I am wiser now and will be able to generate content you will find more compelling, holy, biblical, Godly, friendly, down to earth, mature, sincere, understanding, masculine, and inclusive for all people from every walk of life.

While it is true I have been told in the past that “you are different Marc”, and “people in Adairville think you are strange Marc” I hold no animosity or grudges against anyone, I learn something from each and every soul I come into contact with every day of my wonderful life, it truly is filled to the brim with wonder!! Lately I have been thinking that I have not been doing a good enough job of getting back down to the things that really matter in life, the basic principles of natural law, as Stephen Covey calls them in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. As we move forward that will be one of the primary focuses of the blog, to help us all keep it simple when things get complicated.

Yesterday my cell phone was off ALL day long, I didn’t turn it on a single moment, I had such a calm happy day!! These are often referred to as “digital detoxes” but then those are someone else’s words, and in a world filling up with new phrases and words I would rather make up some of my own and grasp for a bit of originality. Instead of digital detox I tell people “I didn’t grow up with cell phones” and so I am attempting to go in reverse if you will, to go back in time to a slower pace of life, to drill down deeper into myself and those around me, and in turn find more meaning, calmness, happiness, love, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, and patience, and a holy spiritual outlook.

Since we rebuilt the site I procured a copy of Essays and Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson with Introduction and Notes by Peter Norberg from the mom and pop spine crushing behemoth known as Barnes and Noble. It is paperback, comes from their “Classic” lineup, is about an inch and a half thick, and you can get them for about $5.00 plus tax…it says $12.95 on the back but just exactly like hundreds of things and experiences we encounter daily, that price is WRONG, lolol!! One of the most powerful lessons I have learned in my life, and others have taught me, and God shows me is that the best things truly are free, or come with a heavy discount, and as we learn in the book it is better to go without than to have anything at too great a cost.

What are the costs of our purchases in America’s current warp speed “society”?? I read an article out of Tennessee recently which stated that in order to live “comfortably” in Nashville a person needs to pay $1,500.00 a month in rent and make about $65,000.00 a year. As I sat and pondered this thought for a moment a a few questions came to mind, isn’t there a lot of concrete and smog there, and what about Mother Nature, but then what about the loss of our agricultural base for the average American family now that large agribusiness is swallowing up the small family farm. What about the costs (and extreme risks to life, limb, and sanity) associated with farming verses the costs of being disconnected from the soil of the earth from which we all are created out of and to which we shall return??

I am utterly and completely fascinated and transfixed by the lives of Native American Nations, people, families, tribes, and their “way of life” or more specifically how they survived before Caucasian men and women “developed” America. Also, because of what I am learning from Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau and The Holy Bible, I have these same thoughts and feelings about those who dwell and live in poverty and are “poor” in terms of financial ability. What I am speaking of are the basics of life, food, shelter, clothing, heat, air, some tools, love, affection, family, and an understanding that when we live too fast it is quite possible to lose sight of experiences and books and thoughts and moments in time that truly matter, possibly even people who “matter” but then again we ALL matter to Yahweh.

Emerson and Thoreau both write about “advantages of the poor” and so I wonder, I sit and I wonder, and as stated I ponder, and I think, and I let this thought sink way in, down to the souls of my feet because while it seems complicated it is a very simple basic principle of natural law. I can’t imagine Adam and Eve handled ANY money during their 900 or so years of life on planet Earth, it came along later and perhaps it was the very first coin or dollar created that sent us down the wrong path part of the time, the one that is wide and many will follow. Thoreau mentions “the vantage point of self imposed poverty” and what both of these writers discuss is quite biblical because the Holy Bible is a book about having a daily reprieve and a continual denying of ourselves, the selfish nature of mankind, the pry bar Satan uses as a weapon of mass destruction against each and every one of us.

As I write I am quite aware of my own limited vocabulary and my inability to use correct grammar and spelling but at least I do write, this is a skill many Americans are quickly losing, and Grammerly is like the plague of death in my opinion. I am a “poor” writer in respect of my command of the English language and I have no qualms in admitting it, as time breaks in and robs me of life I realize I know so very little. After two years of English at the university level I still am not very good at writing but I am gifted at looking at the big picture many times, I like to take in LOTS of information prior to making some decisions if possible. We are all “poor” in one way or another, perhaps it is the billionaires of money who are the poorest of all humans in the world, I don’t fully know but I suspect it may be true.

More and more I am developing an aversion to handling money, it seems that every time I deal with it I encounter so many big “strong” “men” who not only never mention God and Jesus and their own Christian lifestyle but “have to go” when I bring up the topic or flat out tell me not to talk about it. When I make my business calls involving money I find that many women on the phone are in a VERY big hurry, the majority talk so fast I can hardly keep up with what they are saying, rapid gun fire speech firing off from the assault weapon of Corporate America of which they are “employed” and have been trained to do no doubt. “I HAVE to go” is so intrinsically connected with money and finances, the pace is dizzying, and somehow this does not feel or look or seem biblical or healthy or natural or right at all to me. Part of natural law is to move more slowly through life for we are organic beings made from dirt and not John Deer Tractors, Ford Explorers, or Big Screen TVs!!! HAHAHA!!!!

The question is, how does a man such as myself, who was born into a farming family, and inherited land, houses, tractors, and more, and is retired from the United States Navy, and has been freely given so much and continues to receive so many blessings from God, actually embrace self imposed poverty and climb upon the pinnacle of the vantage point of self imposed poverty?? I have now come to the realization this is done in very tiny bites, one minute at a time perhaps, a day spent in the country without going into town to exchange money to buy something I “need”, selling something I no longer use, making a donation to the needy or charity, a block of time without using my cell phone, and other creative ways. The Spartan lifestyle is so intriguing to me, and it never fails, those with the least amount of money whom I meet treat me the “best” and have more time to teach me things and to allow me the honor of learning something valuable from them.

I heard of a man who has TWICE sold everything he “owned” in life to follow Jesus and God and what is outlined in the Bible, I would like to meet this person, and I think I could survive the same process and come out on the other end a better man myself and obtain more wisdom and understanding. But what would I do without money??? How would I eat food??? How would I stay warm??? What about the insurance?? The “bills” are ALWAYS due right??? Well, I guess I would live the way I have always tried to, by reading the bible, trusting in God, asking others for help, being a team player, trying and the key word there is trying to “work” and invest and save and have a “retirement” plan without killing myself in the process, realizing I don’t need much to breath and walk and sleep and laugh and smile, loving others and forgiving them, praying down on my knees every day, breaking bad habits that destroy me, learning to be a truly masculine man and set healthy boundaries, taking it slow and learning, reading and writing and studying, and much much more!!!

The fact is, the natural law is, the truth is, the reality we need to see, the universal understanding between all wise people is we DO NOT NEED MONEY to survive and live!!! If you or I go through our day thinking that without money we would DIE and not have food and shelter and warmth, then we have become lost souls of Satan and are falling into a bottomless pit of evil and deception and selfishness and lies and sickness. Those who love you or new friends who will, will not let you die my brothers and sisters, the light will always destroy the darkness, people care about people, if you are sick one day and are honest with your “boss” they will understand, God does not abandon His people, America is one of the most blessed nations on earth, if not the most blessed!! There is NO WAY we can understand this concept and fully believe it until we SLOW DOWN and read, study and learn, spend time in nature, contemplate life before money was created, fully love ourselves, mature and grow, remember what life was like as a child, and get back down to good wholesome basic principles and habits.

Some people dig through garbage to get money, others go fishing, some move money around, many shuffle papers, others farm the land, there are those who drive trucks, hundreds of thousands are writers, some produce wool or milk, we have speakers and motivators, there are mothers and dads, we have house keepers and butlers, there are stock brokers and military members, of course carpenters and electricians, and on and on and on…first and foremost if we want to obtain money to “survive” we should be GIVERS, my late grandmother Wilma Lucille Davis White taught me as a child, “for every dollar you give away, you will receive between 10 and 100 back” and so I have tried to live by this my entire life, and I still do every day. Stephen Covey says we go from being dependent to independent to interdependent then back to dependent before we expire and kick the bucket, I tend to agree with him.

I have done so very little in my own life and know very little, I would say it is a fair statement that every thing I “own” or have has been given to me, the same as what you have has been given to you!!! Sure we work some, we try, we sweat some, we invest for our futures is we are blessed and wise, we lose money along the way, we do some things alone but even a native or savage depends on his tools of flint and wood that they procured from someone else, or something else, or some other being, or the Earth, or God. It is this fluid stream of life which sustains us, the brotherly and sisterly love of the heart, and how we treat the financially “poor”, that completes the circle of a civil Godly holy biblical Christian society entrenched in hope and faith and forgiveness. Our resumes are NOT ours, they are truly built on the backs and legs and hands of those we “work” with, of the teachers and professors who instruct us, on our wives and those with husbands, of our families and mothers and dads, of utility workers and plumbers, of farmers and factory employees, and more.

There is no “my money” there is only “our money”, and when we start understanding this concept, and that in giving we are receiving, and that the “poor” do hold many advantages over the “rich”, and that it is extremely difficult for a wealthy person to make it into the Kingdom of God, and that people with food will typically help those without it, and that deep down ALL people have the breath of life in them that was blown into them by a truly loving and forgiving God the Father, then life takes on new meaning and we can give up some of the struggle and fear and desperation so many suffer continually under.

The Native Americans who were here before many of us, and are still here in certain places, tried to teach us that all things and all people and all animals and all plants are CONNECTED, it is through this continual realization of being connected that we learn to love and to have and to hold and to release and to let go of and to cast away and to let the seasons of life ebb and flow with more ease and less hate and less rage and less anger and less depression and less selfishness and less addiction and less mental illness and less fear and less bullying and less hunger.

Now go, go and give, stop worrying, turn off the cell phone for an hour or a day or a week, slow down, have an hour long conversation with a “stranger”, take a walk through section 8 housing, quit your “job”, spend time in nature, sell your house, sell your car, clean out the closets, get divorced if you have biblical grounds, make a donation, be kind, stop tail gating, shave your beard, read a book, skip that tattoo for a month and think about it some more, kick the cigarettes, eat a whole tomato, grow a garden, don’t do meth, quite the “force”, stop being prideful, let your hair grow some even if it looks “funny”, drop those heart attacking pounds, run a 5K, smile at your neighbor and wave, offer to help someone, stay out of Home Credit Depot, cut up those pesky credit cards, reconsider that student “loan”, go to be early, turn off the screens for a while, call a friend, write a letter, pet a dog, don’t look at the news for a day, change some habits, start a blog, pray on your knees, be happy, be whole, be healthy, be free, be solvent, be loving, be humble, be meek, be, just be some…

Have a very nice day, may God bless you continually, if we don’t lean on our own understanding, and we lean on the bible and others for help, and we love and forgive instead of hate and bully and take and steal and swindle and over promise and under deliver, amazing experiences will happen to us!!!! Life is worth living, we need not grow old in spirit and in mentality, we can be innocent and youthful and flexible and curious and full of wonder!!! Get outside your comfort zone, do something that scares you, sleep in a tent alone in the woods, go climb a rock or a mountain!! Don’t let that central HVAC or running water or electricity make you WEAK and STUPID!!! Stop burning up the bricks over money, stop and sit and contemplate, and you may very well start to see that you don’t need near as much as you think you do!! I love you all so very much, I truly do, all my brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here!!! Come on back, kick your shoes off, you are welcome here, and bring a friend!! 🙂


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