Welcome to our “timers” page, where we track all types of progress for our team, their habits, their lives, and our business!!! Here we count victory and defeat in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, and eternity!! Are YOU running out of time? Well then I highly recommend we all make the best of it and remember success is NOT measured in dollars or assets or big houses or resumes, it comes in healthy relationships, fitness and health, being happy and spreading peace and forgiveness, and working for The Kingdom of God and helping others get there!!! Please enjoy and thank you so much for being here!!

We stay focused on our task of consulting, blogging, and getting jobs done, this is not easy but hard work pays off and this site is proof of what dedication and team work can accomplish. Our site has now been live on the World Wide Web for 500 days 22 hours 36 seconds all to the glory of God and Jesus Christ!! Thank you so much for being here and please keep coming back, and leave us a comment!! 🙂

Jesus Christ IS coming back and time will end, this is a fact and it’s outlined in the Holy Bible. Until He does return human beings will continue to go to sleep (die) as a result of sin and falling from the grace of God, which started when Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and Adam hearkened to her voice and ate also. My time will come and so I will most likely go to sleep one day perhaps but until then I have at least 20585 days 23 hours 15 minutes 23 seconds when God will tell me “Marc it’s time to go to sleep” and I will lay down and do that.

Marc White (awake), Joann White (awake), Samuel Y White (awake), Samuel Arthur White (sleeping), Lucille White (sleeping), Pearl Elizabeth White (sleeping), John Sturgeon White (sleeping), Eric (awake), Susan Dawson (awake), Jimmy Dawson (awake), Jane White Dawson (sleeping), & Casey Dawson (sleeping) have been awake on planet Earth for a combined total of about 741 years (as of 2018) or 271021 days 44 minutes 37 seconds so far and 6 (exactly half) of us are still awake and very healthy. Combined we will be awake a full millennium (1,000 years) on Earth until we go to Heaven after Judgment Day, on the average 83 years each, check back in 259 years to see!! 😉

Pornography is ravaging our country and world, as Christians we need to stand against it and talk about it. I used to be addicted to porn but with the grace of God I was able stop, you can too sisters and brothers, don’t doubt it for a minute. I started working on this in 2014 but kept on relapsing, this year has almost been perfect but not quite so I am starting the count rather recently just for a clean beginning to be sure. Marc has been sober from any and all forms of pornography for 279 days 23 hours 36 seconds

Millions of Americans are horribly addicted to violent moves from Hollywood, this is not good for our Christian walk at all. I have struggled greatly with this in the past via war movies, westerns, some horror, etc. I am now feeling much better but I monitor this very closely every day and try hard to stay away from any and all violence in the news and or media. I highly recommend you do the same, you will feel better and think more clearly. I do study self defense videos on the You Tube channel “Active Self Protection” as I am a self defender, you should be also. Marc White has been sober from any and all violent movies for 277 days 23 hours 26 minutes 16 seconds .

Alcohol is a terrible drug and kills millions of people every year, it destroys families, children, careers, communities, and lives. Somehow the city of Adairville has sort of recently voted liquor production and sales back into law, to the extreme detriment of all of the citizens here, in an attempt to profit and make money, this is wrong in the eyes of God. Marc White has been sober from Alcohol for 1416 days 44 minutes 37 seconds .

Financial debt causes stress and strain on everyone, there is no need for it and we all should stay debt free. If you are having trouble paying off your debt or meeting financial obligations get in touch with our team ASAP and we will do a vetting process to see if we can help, we only work with winners and people who are serious about the lifestyle we promote. Marc White has been completely debt free for 501 days 44 minutes 37 seconds . I will need to research the exact date but this is close.