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Hello and welcome to the incredible ever expanding and growing “Money Page”, this is where we keep track of and share with the public the data, or numbers, that lead to the information which in turn tells the incredible story of history and present and future of The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion, its finances, and how we help animals and people who come into contact with them by helping and volunteering and donating. We learn about basic math, finances, percentages, deductions, ratios, averages, statistics, returns, investments, taxes, and a lot more here, and most importantly we learn about giving and letting go and being Godly. Always remember God is NEVER selfish, He gives us 90% or $90.00 out of $100.00, and only asks for 10% or $10.00 in return! Just think if everyone on earth did this with every transaction!! God and His mighty Kingdom are the best investment, because Lucille White my grandmother taught us that for every dollar we give away, we will get between 10 and 100 back, and that is a fact I guarantee it!!! Thanks Granny!!

Our ranch is unique in many ways, because in this version of reality no one is ever a slave or prisoner, and while we totally respect the past and struggles of all humans and would never ever want to wipe it out or forget about their suffering and pain, we feel we can all learn from everyone, all “get along” with each other as the great Mr. Rodney King asked us, and all work together and yes promote as much equality as any man and women will allow us to do. A lot of people don’t want freedom and equality because they live in the darkness of iniquity and the “cares of this fallen sinful world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things”, we all “guard the gate of change” and only you can open it, as Covey teaches us in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Everyone has unique gifts, there is no way we can be perfectly “equal” but we all need and want equal opportunities and chances and sometimes second chances or even third chances, and to feel God loves us equally and at the same time uniquely because we are all individuals and different.

The above money was given by Mr. Deake Johnson for himself and Mr. Henry Robinson on 05-01-2020 at 11:00 AM CST, they drove all the way from Bowling Green kentucky, the first EVER paying “agri-tourists” to The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion, $16.50 each, and they brought a $25.00 donation in materials. The total is $33.00 exactly!! Thank you so much for your donation, it is greatly appreciated!

The $33.00 was invested, by telling the story, and it grew by 30.30% in less than 29 hours when Joann White donated $10.00 on 05-02-2020 at about 4:00 PM CST. The total balance now on 05-02-2020 is $43.00, if you would like to add to the money and watch The Money Page grow, please use the front page of the site and go through PayPal or send us a check or we can drive to your location to collect cash. Thank you Mom, you are a very wonderful mother, we love ya!! The total is exactly $43.00.

On 05-03-2020 at 6:30 PM CST the money on The Money Page grew by ??? when Marc White took $10.00 in cash and a $50.00 check that Joann White had given him as a reimbursement for food and donated it. I don’t know yet, lets do some math shall we?? Your going to need some math skills to help grow your money, and possibly get out of debt, and purchase that $10,000,000.00 mansion or that $10,000.00 “shack” but which one is really the shack or the mansion?? Percentage change or increase. % change = 100 X final – initial divided by initial? How does this work? OK so $43.00 is the initial value, $103.00 is the final value, the difference is 60, so the increase is 139.535%, and the page grew 212.12% in 55.5 hours!!! It will take some skill to do this on paper without an online calculator, we will do it next time OK. We used THIS ONE this time. Isn’t it incredible how this money is growing?? The total balance is $103.00 exactly!

Now, if we take the $103.00 we have already, and we get a 6% “return” (this is money you get back, like in the stock market, you pay it to lenders when you borrow money, here at R.E. White Consulting we call it ” the juice” and we like OUR juice and don’t want other people drinking it) by investing it, and add $43.00 per month only, for 30 years (lets say you are 28 years old), you will have $$42,495.64 when you reach age 58, only 4 years older than I am now. So, start investing when you are young, and when you get older you will have more money than you need, like I do, and then when you feel sick, like I do a lot, you will not HAVE to go to work, you can stay home and get better see, and live longer, and be more Godly, lolol.

Also I believe that in some investment accounts, like an IRA, if you never take it out, it never gets taxed, you can give it to your heirs when you die, thats called pre tax dollars, and we will be talking about them A LOT in future posts and additions to this page. Since I am “debt free” I never pay ANY “juice” to anyone, ever, this is what smart people do, and you are smart too, just make a budget and stick to it, and don’t buy flashy things or big houses if you can’t pay cash. Many people will say you can’t get a 6% return but yes you can, the last time I was “in the stock market” before the virus pandemic and I took it out, I got about a 19.5% return or interest on my money. I did not lose a single penny due to the corona virus pandemic because I knew it was coming, in fact my businesses are growing instead of contracting like the economy.

The Money page GREW again TODAY!!! Jennifer Tomlin donated $30.00 on 05-04-2020 at 8:05 PM CST, for Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, because she loves animals! The payment was made through our new shopping cart, and we will figure out how to get it into the PayPal account soon. So, % increase = 100 x final – initial / initial, or 100 x 0.2912621359, which means $103.00 increased by $30.00 is a 29.12% increase in 26 hours and 5 minutes. Now the money has grown a total of $33.00 to $133.00 in 81 hours and 5 minutes, that is a 303.03% increase!!! WOW!!! About 3.74% per HOUR!! This money sure is growing, just like our compassion for animals and all people, too bad so many humans lack it, but that is what the sanctuary is for, to help all people develop more compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, kindness, giving, and love. I would like to see Wall Street keep up with these numbers!!

NOTE: PayPal was not working correctly for us, and their customer service is currently “closed” for phone support, so we are using Stripe and we like it a lot. The above transaction was reversed, and on 05-13-2020 at 11:57 PM, Jennifer Tomlin made a donation of $30.00 via our website through Stripe, the processing fee was $1.17 so, the total was $28.83 we received, and it is good to know our system is all set up and running via Stripe now, seems like a really good company to deal with, much more professional than PayPal. We take the $103.00 before the donation, + $28.83 = $131.83. This is an increase of 27.99%!! WOW! We had our first “expense” on the page, and in the bank account ledger, so far there is a lot coming in, and very little going out!! Great job!!! Thank you so much Jennifer, your donation comes from the heart, God bless you!!! 🙂

Just imagine, if we keep this pace up it will turn into MILLIONS of dollars very soon, and I just know someone out there reading this will send in more, companies will give material, and super wealthy people may write big checks for this project, but its all the little ones that add up, guaranteed!! Spread the word about The Money Page, help water it, we need to buy a lot of wood, paint, fencing, feed, heaters, medical care, and much more for the animals that will be arriving soon!! This is SO exciting!!! Goats will arrive soon!!

On 05-05-2020 at 2:30 PM CST Chase Huddleson, one of our team members, decided to grow the money page so he donated $10.00 to the ranch. This was a 7.5855% increase, from $131.83 to $141.83 in about 16.5 hours since yesterday, WOW, and all we had to do was ask, what a really great return on our investment of just spreading the truth about easy biblical ways to be happy and fulfilled. Now we have a total of 329.79% increase since we started, a total of $141.83 thus far, and all we did was suggest people donate, we demanded and charged nothing, because this is not about money, all of these people TRUST us, that the money will continue to grow, and will help other people and or animals. Thank you Chase, and Jennifer, and Mom, and Deake, lets see how many more people want to help, and always remember, the Bible says, ask and ye shall receive, basically IF we are doing God’s work and will.

We could take all of the money now, here on the money page, and we could go to someone living in poverty and buy them some food, or pay a utility bill, but then the money would be all gone mostly, and then we would not have as much to invest, and it wouldn’t grow as much. Giving is wise, and we will with the money, but not yet, lets keep on growing it, watering it, nurturing it, and see what happens!! Isn’t this exciting?? See, people love to give, good people do, bad people only take, all they do is take mostly, they do small things to make it look like they care but it is just an act, be VERY careful around these types of people or business owners or families, they will pull you in and skin you and sucker you until they get what they want, then dump you and abandon you. Follow us, and be a REAL Christian, don’t burn up the road for money, slow down, pray, read your Bible, spread the gospel of Jesus, and always work for God first and foremost.

The “Money Page” grew AGAIN and it is no surprise, because money is attracted to money, like a magnet, and THIS is proof!! People who have a scarcity mentality push opportunity, business deals, information, others, and money AWAY from them, this is why you should NEVER think, or feel, or say, or act like you don’t have enough. Those of us with a biblical abundance mentality, who KNOW we have more than enough, money flows towards us, because people know we are a good investment, and they donate and give when you work for God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom, and the Bible, and the poor, the elderly, and women and children and misinformed men. On 05-07-2020, Deake Johnson and his son visited the ranch again and donated $40.00, so the money page grew from $141.83 to $181.83, an increase of 28.203%, that is a massive return on the investment. In only 7 days, the page grew 451%, from $33.00 to $181.83!!! Thank you so much and come again anytime!! God bless you!!

Well, I tried to tell you guys it would happen, its not a million dollars yet, but that donation will come later on, maybe after it is a 501C3 non profit, if we turn it into one, we will see later. On 05-09-2020 at about 8:00 PM CST USA, an anonymous donor was so impressed with what we are doing, they gave $1,805.00 to the Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion and Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary!!! This is a partial shot, and will be DEPOSITED in the bank first thing in the morning, in a new account, (I don’t keep cash or anything of value in my house) along with all the others!!! So, $181.83 + $1,805.00 = $1,986.83 is a gain of 992.685%, in just 8 days!! The total gain from $33.00 to $1,986.83 = 5920.7%! See the gain is higher when you start with less money and you start earlier in life, this is why you should start saving when you are really young, and never spend all of it, keep investing, be Godly and smart.

Feel free to send your donations in to Marc White, P.O. Box 60 Adairville KY 42202, or you can make them in person at the ranch, when you take the excursion, or just stop in for a visit. As for tax purposes I do not know yet, none of the donations were made out to R.E. White Consulting LLC, so far it is all gift money to me personally, but we will be talking to our tax accountant soon I am sure. This is not part of R.E. White Consulting, but it may be in the future, we are working on that currently. Thank you so very much!!! Keep checking back, this page is GROWING just like the ministry!!! Praise God and thank you Jesus!!! Money flows towards money, IF we work for God and Jesus, and have the right beliefs in our hearts, and attitudes in our minds!! Thank you to the anonymous donor!!

Hello everyone!! How goes it?? Well, here we are again, the Money Page is growing, and so is our ministry, team, and the grass, LOL!! We have been mowing a lot, the season is clearly here, lots of grass clippings blowing in my face, and vibrations from riding on rough ground. On 05-12-2020 at about 1:00 PM CST Mr. Gary Bass donated $50.00 to the ranch, we gave him back $10.00 in gratitude, so the final amount was $40.00, it was repayment for a TV we gave him last year but he didn’t HAVE TO pay us. See, this is the way money works, the more you give, the more you get, and this page is proof of this, real world data, by the numbers, for Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, and all of the animals that will be there one day soon hopefully. Let’s use our online calculator again to see what the increase is: $1986.83 +$40.00 = $2,026.83, an increase of 2.0133%, now that the amount we have is higher, the percentage of increase is lower, unless someone makes a larger donation, which they will, but every penny helps because pennies add up to dollars!! Thank you SO MUCH Mr. Gary, we enjoyed our visit, and yes I will bring you some hot pepper powder, and even fresh peppers from the vegetable business later this year!! God bless you!!

Awwww..this one is special, very very special, all the donations mean so much but an anonymous donor included a colored drawing, it came in the mail today!! We don’t know who it is yet, maybe we never will, and a very powerful lesson can be gained from this…give to people who can’t give it back sometimes, that way they can’t track you down to repay!! HAHA!! There is a picture of the Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary and the Star Bright Silo Observatory and Bunk House, hand colored! So, we take $2,026.83 + $15.00 = $2,041.83, an increase of 0.74007%, and we can see this increase or “gain” is less than 1%, but when you are dealing with a large amount of money it can mean a lot, we will discuss more of that later on. Whoever you are, thank you so much!!! This means a lot to the ranch and sanctuary and our team, come on and take the tour, you need not disclose your identity either, lol!! God bless you and your family, and have a very wonderful day, more people need to give like this to various causes for animals and ranches that support them!!

When you get money, no matter where it comes from, a good general rule of thumb is to save and invest 33.33% and get a return, spend 33.33% on what you need to live, and GIVE away 33.33% to someone who can NEVER give it back to you!!! This is one of the secret formulas for success, I don’t do it all the time with my own personal money but I hope to in the future, but we are planning to do it with this money, one third for the animals on the ranch directly for their food and care and vet bills or a little ranch maintenance on animal shelters, one third donated to the poor who can verify they are in need, and one third saved and held back and invested for the animals of course.

This page is very special, it has no end and will keep on going, there is no navigation here at the bottom, only faith, faith in God that we will do the right thing, and we will, that is our promise. Thank you so much and we will be adding to this page a lot. Part of our hope is that the ranch will always be open to the public in the future, for the enjoyment of the community, so injured and abandoned animals, little suffering abused children, misinformed and hurting women, beat down and tired and confused men, and anyone and everyone and the community will always have a place to go and visit and just be, instead of doing so much, just be, and to learn to be more, and be more Christian and more Godly and more content.