The Big House

There are certain special places in Logan County Kentucky that have a unique history all their own, standing apart from other homesteads and backwoods dwellings. One need not travel far to meet someone who either worked at The Triple J Round Rock Ranch and or their family members actually lived here.

It never ceases to amaze us, how visitors are mesmerized by this breath taking structure, The Big House, endlessly curious about its history as a slave plantation, and the many individuals who have called it home in the two hundred plus years it has been standing on its original hand hewn creek block carved foundations. Once you view the attic which is put together with wooden pegs, you will say “no way” this is still here, after all this time!!!

The front bedroom, which used to be the living room, is where Great Granddaddy John Sturgeon White executed his final departure…and while he doesn’t visit often, there is a man dressed in colonial clothing who appears in the living room late at night. The hand dug cellar is full of spooky cobwebs, enter at your own risk!!

As you tour through this living museum of wonderment and the early settlement frontier stories unfold, you and your family will enjoy a highly detailed oral history since 1937 when The Samuel Arthur White Family acquired the property 83 years ago, and we will reach even further back to shocking stories of civil war invasions when trinkets and meat were hidden in the attic so the soldiers would not locate them.

We are in the process of lovingly painting and painstakingly restoring this giant home here on The Triple J, for volunteer / contractor opportunities please call us, we are searching for outstanding people with vision, determination, and grit to be a part of this incredible project and our animal sanctuary!! Come on down, we have an amazing crew already, you will have one of the best days of your entire life, guaranteed!!!

Now it is time to load up onto the hay filled wagons pulled by some of the original tractors here on the ranch because we are going for a neat ride past two of the implement and tractor sheds then around and through the Tobacco Barn…find the link below and get your cameras ready!!

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