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Your opinion counts and matters here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, we listen closely to all of our clients, potential clients, team members, community members, law enforcement officials, city and county officials, state and federal officials, the elderly, the disabled, and anyone who would like to give us positive or negative feedback.

“Cheers from sunlit California, my name is Mike Dimmick.  I live in the San Francisco East Bay Area, where I had the pleasure of meeting Marc White a few years after he had led IT networking crews that played a role in rescuing us from the Y2K crisis.  When Marc moved back to Kentucky and started R. E. White Consulting, I was honored to be invited to join. He is an amazing WordPress wielder, an architect of many web pages; his countless blogs are testament.  He is energetic, inspiring, and one of the most intelligent individuals I know. His cross-country runs are the stuff of legend, and got me back on my elliptical years ago.  But what I admire most about the man is that he is passionate about being a force for good in this ever-evolving world which will unravel under our feet without strong leadership like his to keep it on track. In R. E. White Consulting, Marc has assembled a robust, trustworthy team that can assist you in many domains.  It has been a joy to have been a part of, and Marc and I have connected on many levels over the years, even prior to its formation.  While our religious backgrounds differ, I share his vision, and consistently seek to provide educational consulting to new clients on Zoom, Skype, and/or FaceTime.  Mathematics tutoring through Calculus is my specialty; I have a B.A. in the subject area from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and 5 years of high school teaching experience.  I have been consulting for over 10 years through my own company, Mike’s Tutoring Service, or MTS. Marc and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” 06-09-2020 ~ Mike Dimmick – Team Member – San Ramon, California.

“It is a pleasure to be associated with R.E. White Consulting as a team member. Since it’s inception I have been privileged to work with each of the other team members as they have come on board. I know that each person is of high moral character, and each is conscientious about giving 100% to the company. They posses a wide variety of skills to offer to the public. Choose our team if you have a project and you want to get it done!” 06-08-2020 ~ Joann White – Team Member – North High Street, Adairville Kentucky.

“We were so pleased to have the opportunity to receive the services of R.E. White Consulting (on 06-01-2020). Marc had seen that we had gotten behind on our lawn mowing and asked if he could assist us in getting caught up. Because of our age and health we told him we would consider it a blessing if he would do that! Marc looked our field over and determined that he could do the job. After a couple of hours he came to the door and told us he had completed the job. We walked out to look at the completed job and were totally satisfied with the job. The field was very neatly groomed. We attempted to pay for the job, Marc refused to take it and told me “God bless you”.” 06-03-2020 ~ Dan & Shirley Draper – Clients, Nashville Road, Logan County Kentucky.

“I think it is a great idea, everyone loves animals, I hope you do really well with it.” 02-02-2020 ~ “Mr. Jack” Crossley, County Official, Logan County Magistrate District 2, Oakville Store, Oakville Kentucky.

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