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The Late Minister Richard Erskin White, the Great Great Great Grandfather of Samuel Y White. Richard was a very beloved member of the Horse Cave Kentucky community and a “horse back circuit preacher” who ministered to many people in the community during times of need. He had 5 of his own children and one adopted daughter who was from an impoverished family and faced domestic abuse. We decided to name our company after Richard Erskin to help carry on his legacy of giving, devotion, hard work, faith, and love.

The Late Minister Great Great Great Grandfather Richard Erskin White, Great Great Grandfather John Sturgeon White, and Great Grandfather Samuel Arthur White and Family including adopted daughter at center in Horse Cave Kentucky circa 1915. The White Family has been in America and Kentucky specifically for about 8 to 10 generations dating back to the early 18th century or mid 17th century when Kentucky was part of France.

Some of the White Family members with many of their classmates at a one room school house near Horse Cave Kentucky around in the early 1900s. This was across the road from The White family homestead and so the teachers would board with us for the school year and were like family.

Pearl (Nanny) Elizabeth Hatcher White the great great grandmother of Samuel Y White and mother of Samuel Arthur White. Nanny was born in Hart County in 1881 and is buried in the Horse Cave Cemetery near Richard Erskin White. Adairville was her home for many years between 1938 and 1965 when she lived in the “Big House” out at The Triple J Round Rock Ranch and also at North High Street before she moved to a nursing home in Elkton Kentucky. After 5 generations her property at North High Street is now serving as office space for R.E. White Consulting where business meetings are held, we are also looking at buying some commercial property in the area.

The amazing Grandmother Mars, the Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother of Samuel Y White. She was born in the mid to late 1700s (18th century) and was an early pioneer in Kentucky. This is an extremely old photo that has been sketched in a little bit, notice the bonnet and basic Christian clothing, very respectful and proper for women of that era.