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We sure do appreciate you visiting this page, it is currently under development. Please check back, it will contain more ongoing detailed information about our company, our business model, the company ethos and culture, the website, and other data.

Your browser connection to our website, and all financial information you enter, is encrypted and protected with an Extended Validation Certificate issued by Sectigo, a world leader SSL certificate issuing authority, and backed by a $1,750,000.00 warranty. Before issuing any EV SSL certificate, the CA must perform a specific, audited authentication process specified by the CA/Browser Forum that uses techniques proven effective over more than ten years of industry-wide use. Because of this highly trustworthy authentication process, popular browsers such as Safari and Microsoft Edge display additional security indicators, including the “branded address bar,” which includes the verified brand name of the company operating this site adjacent to the URL at the top of the browser interface. The company name in the branded address bar indicates that the identity of this site operator is highly trusted information and reveals the specific identity of the company operating the site. To learn more about our certificate and view it, click on the padlock in your browser address bar, and view details, additionally you can mouse over the logo below for more information.

Here is a temporary guide to assist you in navigating our website, please take a moment to fully read it, understand it, and utilize it. Our site is “reactive”, meaning it will automatically change depending on the device or computer you are using and the resolution of your screen or monitor. Computers, networks, and websites are extremely complex and challenging to build, update, and maintain correctly. To state that web development is “easy” would be misleading and unprofessional. Our team members started developing websites in 1996, utilizing HTML.

The CEO Marc White has been with the same hosting company for about 20 years, they are located in Pittsburgh, in a 140,000 square foot facility. Not all hosting companies are equal, many over promise and under deliver. The best part of the custom control panel we use is that its mostly text and command line driven and not overly graphical. Presently we are on a “Shared Hosting Account” but soon plan on moving back to a Virtual Private Server with 60 GB Disk Space, 4 GB RAM, 4 vCPUs, and 1.5 TB of transfer monthly. We utilize FileZilla, GIMP, and other open source software to build and maintain the site.

https://www.rewhiteconsulting.com/ went live on 12-26-2019 at 2:49 PM CST, USA. As of Feb-15-2019 at 1:25 AM CST we have a total of 32 published posts, 4 drafted posts, and 5 posts in the trash can, all in 13 categories. We also have 23 pages in 6 main menu choices. Regular backups are performed by our team and hosting company, multiple copies are saved locally and remotely for safe storage. Additionally our site is extremely fast, with GTmetrix scores of the front page as follows: Page Speed Score “A” (94%), YSlow Score “A” (91%), Fully Loaded Time 1.3 seconds, Total Page Size 502KB, Requests 13. Our “heaviest” page has a Fully Loaded Time of 1.3 seconds, Total Page Size of 2.16MB, and Requests 25.

The machine we are on is running Ubuntu 16.04 with a powerful AMD chip under the hood and Solid State Drives. As of Feb-02-2015 our MySQL database is 32.27 MB. Our account is using 11.06 GB but has a disk quota /limit of 61,440 MB (60 GIGs), much account maintenance is needed such as deleting old sites, files, backups, logs, databases, etc. Currently the account is allotted 300 GB of monthly transfer. We will be adding our TSL / SSL Security Certificate soon, serving our site with a Content Delivery Network, installing a shopping cart with lots of neat items for sale from team members and others, and offering the ability to book events & make payments. Our site does not utilize Google analytics, or offer site counters, site statistics, or any such data at this time but we may add them in the future.

Currently none of our web posts or pages are open to comments, and as a company R.E. White Consulting does not post any comments on any social media sites anywhere on the internet. If you have constructive criticism or positive comments please tell us in person or over the phone. We are not on Facebook at this time. Visitors may not communicate with us through the website, only in person, via phone calls, texting, email, and our P.O. Box. There are six major components here for your viewing and reading pleasure: menus, sub menus, pages, posts, categories, and sub categories. All links on the site should be displayed in a highlighted color as well as possibly being underlined.

Our main page or “home page” is called Welcome, you can always return to it by clicking the business card at the top (header) or bottom (footer) of your screen on every page. On mobile devices our search feature should be on the left hand side at the top of each page, and the main menu should be three dots with the word menu under them on the right side also at the top of each page. On desktop devices the search feature should be on the right side at the top of each page and the main menu are words across the top all in red, some with arrows pointing down which means you can expand them by hovering over them.

In a paragraph in the middle of our Welcome page you will find a partial menu, these are also located in the main header menu and the lower footer menu: The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion!! Study and read our various Future Projects, intriguing Current Projects, wrapped up Completed Projects, inspirational Articles, news concerning Our Business, goings on at Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, or get our posts all in one place!! 

At the bottom of each page you will locate an expanded main menu, our business card, recent posts, and our contact information. Our About, Services, and Triple J links in the main upper menu are comprised of drop down menus which lead to pages, you will find links at the bottom of each page allowing you to navigate back and forth through them. The Posts link leads you to our blog posts, they are in reverse chronological order, currently there are 7 main categories, to open a blog click on the post title or the large red “Read More” button, you can navigate through them at the bottom of each post, or simply exit the post and scroll back up and down. Our Contact page has our numbers and address on it.

Thank you so much, have a great day, please tell your friends and family about our efforts at the animal sanctuary.

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