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03-07-2020: I am completely retired from the United States Navy and my military duties, was placed on the Temporary Disability Retirement List after 33 months of active duty service in July of 1990 due to injury, and had a career with Microsoft afterwards.

I was then moved to the Permanent Disability Retirement List after 5 years and multiple health exams and evaluations at NAS Memphis Tennessee. Also, I am a disabled veteran rated at 100% with the VA for three service connected disabilities, my claim is permanent and total for life which means I can work as much as I want, and a member of the Disabled American Veterans.

Please do NOT, do not, ever ask me about my military service or what transpired, I will warn you one time, and one time only, do not violate this boundary please, I am not at liberty or allowed to discuss what transpired and our duties, anyone over stepping this boundary will be promptly ignored, all public information is in my resume here on the site.

Currently I am in the Social Security Back To Work Program and attempting to have my benefits completely terminated and pay in even more to the retirement system. Maintaining my health, and staying away from the ER and the doctors and surgeons is a very delicate balancing act, to say the least. In 2010 I had major surgery because I almost died from a blood clot, 18″ of my colon was eventually removed because it died inside of me.

Some of my doctors don’t want me to work at all, ever again, others think it is worth trying. Very recently I was informed that I am required by federal law to log my time and keep a record then report to Social Security. My goal is more than 80 work hours per month, public or self employed or both, for 9 full months in a 5 year “rolling period”. During this time my benefits are not changed.

This includes all work for the R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. business and The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion Tour Business, it does not include my personal leisure time such as mowing my own yard, painting my own house, going to the store for food, etc., no matter how many residences I actually live at.

I believe but am not sure yet, that after the 9 months, I am required to do 36 months and exceed a certain amount of money but may not be required to track my time, I will then leave the rolls and will reenter at age 62 or 63 in another program, about 7 or 8 years from now. At age 69 or 70 I will fully completely exit SS for life and have the ability to work all I want and make all I want and not be penalized or tracked or need to report. SS and their programs and information are extremely difficult for me to understand.

My odds of actually leaving the rolls and getting my benefits completely terminated are very very low according to this study, out of 591,493 people only 21,829 succeeded, or 3.7%. This will be an uphill battle, I need all the help I can get. If you can help, please do. My dad (whom I favor), his dad, and my mom’s dad, and his dad lived an average of 61.25 years, my odds of living long enough to exit the rolls and reenter, are very low.

We all know it is easy to get side tracked, waste time, lose focus, struggle with motivation, change goals, quit programs, and more but this is EXTREMELY important to me, I see it as a very serious challenge worth completing. My work is extremely physically taxing, hazardous, and very dangerous, so if I die, just know I was trying to get off the rolls, with all my heart, body, mind, and soul, and to create something special for families to come and enjoy and to help injured and abandoned animals.

The gratitude I have for the people of this great nation can never be measured, thank you for all you do, and have done for this veteran. To all who are supporting me and showing so much compassion and understanding, truly you are very special individuals, the world is better because of you, God bless you. As we all know, our time runs out unless Jesus comes back while we are alive, my hope and prayers are that R.E. White & The triple J & The Team will live on for hundreds of years into the future. Now, lets go team, and get er done, we got this!!!

Kindest regards always,


August 2020: It is time to get ready, another month is coming, I will go over 80 hours I know for sure. Now, I need to start with making enough money to replace the SS income, I am allowed to make up to $1,200.00 a month, if I go over it it counts as 1 month, we do this for 36 months, and I am OFF of SS until age 62 or I reach my FRA!! I am so excited!!! I think a smaller part time public job is in order, to help augment my income from this business and any gift money my family or others may give me. Thank you thank you thank you!!! It is so GREAT to be working again!!! You are all such incredible people, I can’t say thank you enough!!!

July 2020: I will go over 80 hours again this month!!! WOW!!! I even worked for 11 hours straight the other day, and the client says pay yourself MORE if necessary but we work hard to hold expenses down. Thank you to my entire team, and thank you to our clients and family members!!

June 2020: Over 80 hours!!! Amazing progress, thank you to everyone!!!

May 2020, I will basically probably go over 80 work hours this month (I don’t know, I am having a very difficult time tracking my time correctly), which will be my FIRST month recorded for Social Security that counts, to get off the rolls and have my benefits terminated!!!! This is progress!!! I will still track my time.

05-11-2020, 10 hours, website, phone calls, emails, put out sign, mowing, supervising, go get mower belt, work on mower, remove deck to haul in to shop, remove tire, put in van, plant vegetables, remove sign, log hours.

05-04-2020, 2 hours on the phone and emails, 3.5 hours repairing a lawn mower, 2 hours mowing.

05-03-2020, 5 hours blogging / website development woo commerce shopping cart installation / sample product created.

05-01-2020, 1 hour with ranch guests, 1.5 hours mowing, 45 minutes to get gas can and mower belt and gas, 1 hour removing mower deck and disassembly and call to client.

04-25-2020, 10 hours. 04-24-2020 2 hours 20 minutes so far. 04-23-2020 4 hours. 04-21-2020 6 hours. 04-20-2020 5 hours. 04-16-2020 9 hours. 04-1-20202: 2 hours.

03-26-2020 6 hours. 03-27-2020 6 hours. 03-25-2020 2:55:18 hours. & 1:22:15.03-24-2020 4 hours.
03-21-2020 4 hours.
03-20-2020 3 hours.
03-19-2020 3 hours.
03-18-2020 2 hours.
03-17-2020 3 hours.
03-16-2020 4 hours.
03-13-2020 2 hours.
03-11-2020 2.5 hours.
03-08-2020 3 hours.
03-07-2020 2 hours.
03-04-2020 5 hours.

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