Booking & Payments


We are currently working on multiple ways for our clients and Triple J guests to make a single or multiple payments to R.E. White Consulting L.L.C & The Triple J Round Rock Ranch. Currently we offer our P.O. Box, where you may send a personal or business check, and we will be glad to take your check in person.

At the request of one of our clients we are now working on offering online payments, and we plan to do this multiple ways. Along with a shopping cart for items each team member has for sale, and our business network of professionals who desire to sell things, we will accept credit card / check card payments right here on the website for items you purchase and also our services. You and your family will have the ability to make reservations for The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion, place your deposit, and pay for your excursion prior to arrival date.

We may possibly accept PayPal payments, and other forms of online payments, and may be utilizing Ebay some as well. Check back soon, we have out IT guys / gals working on it now, thank you so much, and have a great day!!

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