//“Living Too Fast, Dying Too Hard, The “Cell Phone Society” Which Crushes The Soul Of America”

“Living Too Fast, Dying Too Hard, The “Cell Phone Society” Which Crushes The Soul Of America”

A man, a simple man, so similar to every man in history, yet unique and different, are my thoughts my own, or have they been stolen and borrowed like the land I am sitting on, I wonder sometimes, I really do. This webpage but a tiny drop in a vast sea of information, the ones and zeros (binary) perhaps as vast as every single grain of sand in all the oceans combined. How did you find this “page”, where did you come from, where are we going, are YOU in your “purpose”, what does purpose mean, why are we here, what is the meaning of life? I have no air conditioning on in “my” home yet today, the window unit is off, it is about 88 degrees outside but the space is still cool as I begin this web blog post.

Is there even a single American left today in 2019 with an original thought, or are we all just robotic machines bouncing off one another, round steal pin balls, chasing flashing lights of entertainment, sporting events, and town hall meetings? Your device needs updating, and we don’t care if you are in the middle of an important task or not, this is for YOUR own “good”, and if you don’t like it we will keep harassing you and do it anyway, to keep you “safe”. The play ground bars and swings across this once great nation where children used to be allowed to BE kids, and fall, and scrape, and learn to overcome pain by falling to the dirt or grass, have now been feminized and watered down with thick cork like rubber mats under them, to “help” you and your family and child, so no one gets hurt, all the while making them weaker mentally and physically and emotionally and spiritually!!! What a crime!!!

If someone gets hurt who will pay the bill?? Insurance is expensive!!! Every time we have a claim the premium goes up!!! WHAT WILL WE DO???? What if we run out of money???? Oh my oh my!!!! Fear, it is THE main message of the feminist movement, the media, the police, the sheriff, the city council, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on and on, FEAR, but this my brothers and sisters isn’t biblical for God in Heaven is the only one we should fear, and Jesus taught us this when He was here as a man on earth. I am under the impression that many millions of Americans, including myself, need to “suffer” a whole lot more in regards to skipping a few meals, not going out to eat as often, learning to take a walk or run on a hot ninety degree day, complete five full pullups, taking a tumble and scraping ourselves, possibly breaking a bone, confronting someone who has wronged us, smiling at a stranger, and getting way way outside our silly stupid weak comfort zones!!

I hear the call of the “savage man in my heart” over not so distant hills I can see the smoke from his campfire, he has no pen and paper to become famous with, but his arrows fly straight, his body is tight and hard and weathered, and his wife knows he will protect her with his own blood if necessary. Who are the true savages??? What have we “white men” done to the earth, one another, the prairies and planes, the giant lush forests that once stood, the people who were here before us, to the African Americans that were brought here in chains and ships sleeping in their own urine and feces not knowing if they would ever see home again? Why are Caucasian “men and “women” so utterly brutal to one another and the environment and animals and anyone who stands in their way of wealth, riches, fame, power, and money?? What is happening?? Why are white people dying faster then they are being born in one third of all the states in this country?? Are men and women their own worst enemies??

In the average week I meet many people, it is part of what I do for our ministry, for our businesses, to learn and help and give, to explore new ideas and thoughts and concepts, oh how I so enjoy meeting new people!! Today I met a man in the “apartments” (section 8 housing?? I am not sure yet) in Adairville Kentucky, I was walking by, said hello, he stopped what he was doing, we introduced ourselves, and he treated me as kindly as anyone in life ever has, with respect and tenderness, then he stood up and I saw how strong he is, his muscles were quite big, and I was reminded that only the strong CAN be truly genuinely tender. It is the weak people of this world, the ones who have allowed Satan and his evil angels to infiltrate their hearts and minds and souls and bodies, or the unfortunate ones who have been traumatized and victimized and not discovered how to be happy and fulfilled, that lash out with brutality and hate and anger and false accusations and greed and pride and a thousand other horrifically destructive forces or emotions.

The muscle of the heart is the most powerful of any, it pumps the life blood of salvation and forgiveness and hope and faith, as we grow older and our vessels of skin begin to crumble as the foundations of society are, we can cultivate tenderness, happiness, calmness, peacefulness, and an abundance mentality. It is NOT what we have that matters or is important, it is who we are, how we live, how we give, how we treat the “poor”, how we learn to embrace poverty through a daily reprieve of self denial and the control of wanting, to learn to live on less, and to slow down, so that we may hear that small still voice in us all, and grasp for that brass ring of salvation, and a golden jewel filled crown that no man should take from us. The crown our Father has for us is OUR crown, so when we meet someone new, or we are doing a business transaction, or our wife or girlfriend challenges us, or an official sends us a nasty letter, or the president wants to meet us, we should always remember, let no man take thy crown, as Jesus taught us.

Society says GO GO GO, if the speed limit is 55 YOU HAVE to go 60 mph, but 65 mph will get you a TICKET!!!! We SHOULD go the speed limit but then that mentally challenged dude in that 70K pickup will tail gate you, so we speed up to accommodate him and try to get some distance, but then we see a police officer, and we get scared of receiving a ticket!!! THERE IS NO PEACE HERE HARDLY!!!! The faster we go the worse it gets, then before we know it, our lives are over, we go in the grave, two generations pass, and no one even remembers that you were even here just about!! Is that what YOU want for yourself my brothers and sisters??? Do you really want to live too fast, and die too hard, in this awful plastic credit card mortgaged Hollywood murderous society??? If you are a half sane rational mature Godly holy Christ centered adult you will answer NO!!! I challenge each and every one of you to go 1 single week without watching a movie with murder in it, or to turn off the news for a single day!!! Can we do it??? Is it possible??? I believe that anything is possible with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and good strong people around us!!!

The “savage” American Indian Nations have their tribes, the Mennonites and their families have the “brotherhood”, but what about the average college educated graduated Caucasian man and woman and their children??? Why do so many white families set sail on a path of destruction and mayhem and suicide and addiction and death and financial ruin and no children??? Where is MY BROTHERHOOD??? Why must I PAY someone MONEY every single time I need help???? I have one brother by birth, I feel every man is my brother in Christ, but where is the motivation to help one another, instead of back stabbing and back biting and the old boys club and trying to get another stupid dollar??? Today I saw my neighbor repairing the roof on his house, I went over there without my shirt on because I just returned from a walk, and offered TWO hours of my time to help him for “FREE”, he said no thank you, but at least I made the attempt!!! Maybe I would have gotten over heated, maybe I would have fallen off his roof and killed myself, but at least I was WILLING to help!!!

I am awash in an ocean of screen watching zombies, completely untethered from Mother Nature and her bountiful harvest so freely awaiting each of us, heads bent down, lost in nothing and everything, going nowhere and reaching a port of exhaustion and despair before sinking into madness each and every night. Society says we are progressing forward but REAL men know we are going backwards, the beta males are paraded around like dogs on a leash, while the Alphas laugh in disbelief. A man is only as good as the tools he works with, I would like to take a rock and spend the rest of my life, every single day, destroying 20 cell phones, with my hands and a rock, it would bring me the greatest joy I know. My computer screen is failing now, I have a mind to back everything up, take it to our ranch, and take a sledge hammer to it, as I smile with content and happiness!!! Life was fine before we had cell phones, yes YOU can LIVE without it!!!! NO, you do not HAVE to work at a place that “makes” you use one!!! I know, we can’t find pay phones or phone booths anymore right??? But all one would need to do is ASK anyone to borrow theirs and then make a call!!! HAHAHA!!!!

When I use the words Digital Detox I am not being original at all, but the more I experiment with turning off digital devices, or the radio, or the TV, or the cell phone, or the computer, and the more I get off of Facebook and social media, the better I feel and the more I can deeply think, and my memory starts working better. My brother did “facetime” with someone for 45 minutes today, he said it was great, I don’t know about that, I think perhaps it is an illusion, I would rather look into someones face in person than through a screen. We have millions and millions of Americans who walk around all day saying “hey, did you see that movie, you should watch this video, you need to read this book, did you see the news, you should see that facebook post?” and on and on, but very few of them can have original deep thoughts of their own. Are YOU yourself, or a hodge podge of ideas and sights and thoughts and debts and payments and “foods” and purchases and vacations that someone has planned out for you??? Where are the men and women who hunted wild animals and lived in teepees and looked at the night stars and moved around to avoid conflict and lived in harmony with nature and knew which plants you can eat and which ones will make you sick???

If we live too fast it will make death hard, because we won’t be prepared for it, this is simple, and the best ideas are very simple. A man needs to consider his own death, every single day, it will help him to sustain his course through life, and I believe the Holy Bible is the best road map for this curious journey. When I speak with people in a hurry many of them talk about money, but is it worth it my brothers and sisters?? I would and I have, rather risk being fired from a job, than to have any other man in this world to burden me with rushing and feeling like I am not performing good enough!! We better slow down, we might hurt ourselves, right???!!! Every time I shake hands with a man who is missing fingers, I am pretty sure someone got in a hurry, and then BAM, mistakes are made, and people get hurt, it is certainly NOT worth it brothers and sisters!!! The Alpha Male walks like a wolf in the forest, with slow methodical grace, tracking his prey, knowing the landscape, keeping his senses sharp, always realizing he will never go hungry or run out of money or shelter or warmth. If you are a female who emasculates your male, or a male who is feminine and can’t grasp the Alpha lifestyle, you are certainly in for a very difficult and challenging go at it but these are YOUR choices!!!

No, I am not a talented writer, and yes I am but a lowly sinner, but repentance is real and holy and possible, we can get back down to basics, females can respect males, males can lead females, men can be men, and women can be women, and we can let kids be kids, without becoming psychotic over insurance and medical bills. I knew a woman who made a decision to stay home after she got a blood infection, she could have sought medical attention and would be alive today but now she is in the grave, I have so much respect for her, because she was brave enough to face death, and shunned the medical system and disease care system in America!! Many people and society would say it was wrong and a tragedy but it was HER life and her salvation and her crown and she was already about 60 years old, let the woman be in peace and do as she wishes, shut up and go away, let people live and die as they see fit, stop being paranoid, get a grip on reality, stop being a bully and a coward, you will grow and learn and be happy!!!

My cell phone has been OFF all day today and I feel great!!! My buddy did it the other day for three whole hours and he felt great!!! I did it for a month last year or the year before and it was great, but alas we have a land line too, lololol, but it is not in my name and I don’t pay that bill!!! I see older people with cell phones, business men with cell phones, kids looking into screens unattended, females rushing down the road holding up their cell phones like a weapon GPS a blazing I am sure, but is it safe and good for us or wise and healthy??? I am going to be married soon perhaps, and I have seen her sleep with her cell phone right by her head, like it is a weapon protecting her as she slumbers, lololol, at least take it and lay it on the other side of the room!!! The truth is WE DO NOT NEED CELL PHONES, it is society, rushing at a frantic pace, that TELLS US, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CELL PHONE!!! Henry David Thoreau talks about “a thousand savage comforts”, this is because they make us weaker, we want a little, then we want a little more, and more, and more.

I want to keep talking about the basics, food, shelter, heat, clothing…NOT MONEY, money is NOT included in MY list of the basics, the grossest groceries as Thoreau calls them. Money is not needed to survive, this is what society says, and more often times than not, society is wrong. It is an illusion. Money is not money. Money is a way for people to act civil, but when a man, a man who needs and wants to return to a more simple life, such as myself, realizes he is part savage, and that one way or another he has the ability to find food and shelter and warmth and clothing, by being nice and kind and forgiving and considerate and holy and biblical and Godly and filled with the holy spirit and reborn in the spirit, and mature and Alpha like, and he spends time in nature, and he slows down, and he has original thoughts, then money can slowly be used less or even removed from the equation entirely. The indigenous people of North America tried to teach us, that all things and people and animals and plants are connected, and I truly believe this, and I use it to my advantage to survive!!

Slow down, slow way down, try driving 5 miles an hour below the speed limit like I do many times, stop spending so much, cook more of your own meals, learn to build a team, start your own tribe, ditch the cell phone for a few hours or a few years or forever, build a tar paper shack because they can and will keep you dry, don’t go see that new movie, turn off the TV, learn to blog and write, write a book, send a hand written letter, deactivate your sleazebook account for a month, try tweeting by whistling to birds as you walk instead of online, watch a sunset, climb a mountain, stop consuming so many electronics, give away that big screen like I did two weeks ago…for free, shake the hand of a human less fortunate, look people in the eyes when you speak with them, stop borrowing money, dump the credit game, quite your job, drop out of school, take a chance, risk your life somehow, hike a trail, learn about plants, read Emerson and Thoreau, have an original thought, stand up to a bully, pull your kids out of public school and home school, don’t let people intimidate you, open the word of God, read the bible, study every morning, give to those less fortunate, receive the bounty of the father and the earth, grow a garden, sell your fancy car, donate slick clothing to the needy, do a budget, forget about college perhaps and take up a trade, learn to be a man, and you females learn to be women!!!

God bless you, thank you so much for being here, all are welcome, white people, African Americans, all races and religions and beliefs, homosexuals and transgenders, drug addicts and alcoholics, the wealthy and of course my favorite those who are poor, the free and the incarcerated, the movers and the shakers and the meek and humble, the holy and the evil, each and every human on earth is welcome here!!! Have a nice day, you are beautiful, God loves you!!! Peace!!!


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