Jump Off Point

Out west, in the olden days, a “jump off point” was where the workers cued up before heading into the wilderness to work camp…and it is no different on The Triple J. You can’t exactly jump into the creek from here but the view is amazing! After your tour around the ranch to see the Family Garden, Big House, Tractor Sheds, Tobacco Barn, still working Grain Bins, and old restored Hog Building we off load from the hay ride wagons to the golf carts / walking trail, and things get even more adventurous and interesting!!

We are headed into the woods, so keep yer wits about you, because the bluff is steep but we have a nice sort of level gravel path, this is going to be such fun, be sure to snap lots of pics for your friends and family!! If you pay attention you will notice The Writers Cabin, this is where many brain storm sessions are held for creating the website, posts, and business synergy and ideas. From here you are officially a “back woods person”, and headed down to Whippoorwill Creek!!

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