Family Garden

After you and your brave crew of thrill seekers and animal lovers experience the Boots Gravel Lane, Scarecrow Stockade Shack, Queue Up Knob, R.E. White Vegetable Garden, and other attractions we are all headed to the Family Garden, and this one has a very unique history!! The edges of this sacred place are home to many beloved former mascots, pets, and wild critters. There is actually a member of the White Family buried here, the information is lost in time and sketchy at best, his exact name and resting spot is unknown to any living human, but if you see a little thin transparent silhouette of a tiny boy running around the property at night, it’s probably him.

Our team of ranch hands, volunteers, and growers will give you a very in depth educational lesson about organic gardening, vegetarianism, and how to feed your family a much more healthy diet for a lot less money!! That’s right, let the kids roam, play, discover, and explore this incredible garden, there will be a Q and A session here, so any curiosities you have are completely and always welcome. Feel free to stop by the main R.E. White Vegetable Garden, pay as you pick, and load your car trunk with clean, healthy, fresh vegetables at an incredibly low price! Now, let’s head on over to The Big House, your not going to believe your eyes or ears, we invite you to our home of five generations…

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