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Our team is so excited and happy that you have decided to engage with us and reach out to inquire about our services. While many companies only want your card number and to give the least possible for the most money, we stand apart from the crowd. Your complete satisfaction is our main goal and we deeply care about the health of your business, yourself, and your family. We want to show you respect, integrity, honesty, commitment, and loyalty so please reach out to our team and we will contact you and carefully consider your project, task, or need.

Prior to contacting our team, please take a moment to read the following as it will greatly assist us in providing you with the best service possible. We pride ourselves on being available and our flow of information so there are multiple ways to reach us. We are a mobile company and work from our homes, vehicles, laptops, workstations, cell phones, and onsite. We are a very proactive organization and believe in healthy boundaries in our business and personal lives so please understand it may take a few moments for one of our team members to get back with you. If your inquiry or message is not of the urgent nature, feel free to email us and those are instantly routed to our team members laptops, workstations, and cell phones and we do read them when they arrive.

Specifically, for new clients, urgent messages, or to reach a Live Agent, we have hired one of the best receptionist services in the United States based in Portland, Oregon and your call will never be routed overseas. These “Agents” are highly trained, very polite, and extremely professional individuals that are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When you call they will intelligently assess the situation and take immediate action on your behalf to reach us by “patching” you through to us directly (during business hours) and or emailing us and texting us on our mobile devices. Unlike many companies who attempt to disguise their location and use toll free numbers to expand their reach we embrace transparency and so we are physically located in Adairville Kentucky and proudly available to the local community. Additionally we will travel anywhere in the world for our clients depending on the engagement and of course we do virtual and remote projects.

Additionally, you may chat with a Live Agent on our site by clicking the “Chat With Agent” tab on the bottom of your screen. Your message will be routed instantly to multiple team members via email and text directly and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please see our contact information below and thank you so very much for giving us this amazing opportunity to be part of your project.

Kindest regards always,

~ The Entire Team

Phone: 866-580-7268 ~ Live Agent twenty-four hours a day.

Chat: click “Chat With Agent” tab bottom right of “Welcome” or Home page and Contact page, twenty-four hours a day.

Email: please use contact form below.

Address: P.O. Box 60 Adairville KY 42202

Hours Central Time: Monday—Thursday: 8:00AM–8:00PM, Friday: 8:00AM – Sundown, Sunday: 8:00AM–8:00PM. Note: we offer after hour services if requested on a case by case basis, higher rates apply.