All Aboard The Erskin Train, Next Stop Is The Throne Of Jesus!!!

Good morning beautiful team members, family, friends, dedicated followers, curious visitors, mad angry feminists, strong alpha red pill men, polite friendly ladies and real woman, cowardly blue pill bully beta males, followers of Jesus Christ, and heathens bent on destruction!!! How are YOU doing? Wait a second I can’t hear you, you aren’t commenting on the blog, you do know that becoming a person of action instead of lurking will have a very positive impact on your life right?? NO?? Well give it a try and see, you do have a voice most likely and when we say what we think and feel then it helps us, especially if we are struggling with trauma, anxiety PTSD, stress, depression, addictions, anger, and rage. It’s another incredible day here in Adairville Kentucky and the sky is nice and cloudy, it’s cold again, and sort of wet out there but the sun is shining in my heart and the love of Jesus Christ is beaming brightly here!!!

Well, let’s talk a little bit about the website and what has been going on here because not only are we gaining major traction we are EXPLODING on social media and more people are following us on a weekly basis!!! We have been on Instagram a lot lately and currently have 45 posts, 16 followers, and are following 7 people. We do NOT want to get into the follow / unfollow game and will not go down that road, we tried it and it felt awful and sleazy so now when we follow we won’t unfollow and we kindly ask that YOU do the same. NO, we don’t have time to go and Like or Heart everyone’s posts and images nor do we expect any of you to do the same for us but we will make an effort to engage with as many of you as possible. I want to personally thank everyone who has been supporting us on Instagram and also facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and our other social media platforms. You guys and gals are just incredible and I really mean that, it comes from the heart and please understand that by supporting us and our ministry YOU are reaching people who are searching for and needing Jesus Christ in their lives.

We have added another team member to our About Our Team page, and what a blessing it is,  so please give a great big welcome to Daniel Titus!!! 🙂 So glad you are here brother Daniel and that image of you with the vegetables from your garden last year is terrific, I think we may replace all of the head shots with ones of people engaging in the things they love to do. Daniel and his brother Reuben, and their parents and cousins live on 80 stunningly beautiful acres near Fall Creek Falls state park in middle Tennessee and are in the process of building another green house for organic vegetable production. Now, these are not just ordinary vegetables they are going to be growing, they are very much looking to produce highly nutrient rich and dense food, full of really healthy vitamins and minerals. The Titus brothers and family are some of the nicest, most friendly and polite, hard working and dedicated, down to earth and genuine, true Christian people I have personally known and it is a tremendous asset to have them on our team. They promote home schooling, gardening, homesteading, reading, giving, tithing, veganism / vegetarianism, helping friends and family, living debt free, Saturday Sabbath keeping, and of course the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ, and God.

We now officially have over 27,500 page views to the website here, over 7,840 visits from people, and we beat last month in page views by 5% but still have three days to go!!!! There are 73 posts including this one, 48 pages, and 29 comments…I am very happy with the number of posts and pages but we really could use help in the comments sections. Listen up team and followers, we need to engage with one another here on the site because it shows new visitors that we are here for them. I realize most of you are on social media and I am as well, and many want to promote ourselves and some of that is fine as long as we talk about and at the very minimum, mention God and Jesus in our posts, but we need to work together here on our website. I know some visitors who read this may think that the site is about Marc White and our family but that’s not the case, we are here to talk about, post, blog, vlog, comment, engage, share, text, email, sing, worship, witness, and live to the glory of God and Jesus Christ who sits on the throne. Our PRIMARY goal is NOT money or profit, we want to help lead YOU and everyone possible to The Kingdom in Heaven and I sure hope I get to be there and see ALL of you there too because we are going to have some REAL fun for eternity and beyond!!!

I have been doing some figuring in my head and you may be interested in knowing that between all of our team members we have a combined total of financial personal AND business debt of about $12,000 per person or $84,000…that is between seven people. Just as a comparison on the average ALL citizens of the United States have a debt of $57,597.00 each, according to the national debt clock as of this writing. So if we take the average and multiply it by 7 we get $403,179, wow that is a lot of money, debt, responsibility, and slavery but we don’t have that problem here see. The average family has $137,063 in debt and if we multiply that by 7 the total is $959,441 or almost a million bucks. Now I know each of our team members very well and their families too, most of us are “single” and not currently married at the time but if we called the team 3.5 families (two people in each one) then we should have on the average about $479,720.00 in debt but we don’t, not even close. Part of what we do here at R.E. White Consulting as a team is to help people get OUT OF DEBT and STAY out forever, and not that all debt is a horrible thing and if used wisely it can have a benefit BUT the Bible says the borrower is a slave to the lender and I believe that.

Me personally I have ZERO debt and owe no one a single penny and plan on staying this way…not only am I debt free but my monthly bills are decreasing all the time and I work very hard on it constantly. I know people who are more than half way through their lives and STILL paying on student debt loans, we have a very serious student debt loan crisis in America and it is just as real as the opioid crisis and other issues we are facing. I hear people talking pretty frequently about going on “vacation” but truly intelligent people learn how to create a life they don’t need to escape from, I have done that and we can show you how you can accomplish this also. The real, honest, Biblical, Christian truth is that if you want to be a “world traveler”, or you love to be “entertained”, or you watch movies every night, or you need to go to “shows” every week, or you LOVE sporting “events”, and you aren’t spending enough time in the word of God and Jesus with your bible then something is VERY wrong with your lifestyle and Christian walk. Look friends, God is NOT selfish, he asks very little from us in the way of time and money, so please start today and find more balance if that is what you need to help fill what could be a very deep dark hole of depression and fear and anxiety and stress in you heart, mind, body, and soul.

This old world, sex and flesh, selfishness and greed, hate and anger, self pity and blaming, lust and domination, flash and fancy, bullying and control, manipulation and feminism, emasculation and Hollywood, sin and evil, a third of the angels that turned against God, and Satan himself are constantly pulling at us and attempting to destroy us and rob our salvation. It is up to each of us to make the right decisions, they aren’t always easy and I suffer with my own struggles just like most people do but I am very transparent about my life all to the glory of God and Jesus. I no longer view pornography, don’t drink any alcohol, have zero financial debt, take almost no medication at all and only a tiny bit to help me go to sleep and am working on getting off of it and it’s non narcotic, I don’t smoke cigarettes or marijuana, I don’t shoot drugs or snort anything or smoke crack, I have no tattoos anywhere on my body, I don’t wear any jewelry at all, I have given up watching violent movies or acts of violence online and I don’t watch the local news ever, I am not fearful and I don’t think I am a detective and generally what other people do is not my business or concern unless someone is getting hurt or injured, I don’t tailgate people on purpose on the roads and I am not a bully, I don’t like or listen to much country music or rock and roll and I try very hard every day to keep it off and instead listen to Christian music or easy jazz or something without words in it, I don’t live in a neighborhood in an oversized house, I don’t let so called “men” dominate me or intimidate me physically or emotionally, I have never had cancer or a heart attack or a stroke or diabetes, I have never been arrested, I am not an employee at a corporation, I have a full head of dark brown hair and I am 160 pounds of solid muscle, and there are many other great and amazing things Jesus and God have done in my life!!!!

Please join us here and comment on our blogs / vlogs and please hit our social media and get involved…I mean aren’t you getting tired of promoting yourself so much??? You know it’s making your depression worse right?? Why not promote God and Jesus and the bible more and join up with a team who does that?? After you read this why not mention God and Jesus in your very next post and include a link to this blog post??? Why not stop struggling and wanting, planning and scheming, snapping selfies and being selfish, and trying to be somebody for just a little while and give more time to God and Jesus??? Why not be a giver instead of a taker and have faith that God will provide more?? Why not have an abundance mentality instead of a scarcity mentality?? Why not smile more and spread more love and happiness??You will be amazed with the results my friends, trust me you will be.

I have been accused of not caring about some people but it’s just not true, I care about all people but I am neither God or Jesus Christ, I do consider myself a disciple or at least I want to be one and I am working on that. I can only care about you to the extent that YOU care about yourself, and I hope you care enough to spread the message of God and Jesus more because many times I hear you talking but yea I am not listening, unless what you are saying is biblical in nature and draws me closer to God. I am not living for this world, I am trying very hard every day to live for the throne of Jesus and to get there and sit with Him and talk to Him for all of eternity. Yes I fall and we all do, I make mistakes every day but I am willing to admit them, we can start over at any moment and take the right path, so let’s close now and do that. I love you all very dearly and can’t say thank you enough for the things you do for me and the team and our ministry!!! God bless you and have a great day!!! 🙂



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