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We love to share information about R.E. White, our business model, and many technical aspects of what we do as a team! Enjoy reading all about our ethos and company spirit!!

TBL Univeristy

Hello, and good day, or evening as the case may be! I am not going to finish this post tonight but I will start it, cause I got storage, binary, hex, nibbles, bits, and bytes on my mind. We are leaving PAIR Networks, and moving to a new web host, as we spin up our …

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Web Hosting

It is an amazing day here at R.E. White Consulting! Although I am going to eat some food now, I just wanted to start a post about the work I have been doing over the past 48 hours in regards to our new web hosting business. After many lengthy, pleasant and professional phone calls that …

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We Are Moving

Well, it is a glorious day that God has made, and also pretty outside too, not that it matters much, because we worked all winter outside, lolol!! This post won’t be a long one, not that their isn’t much to say, because of course Marc White ALWAYS has a lot going on in his business …

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Triple J & R.E. White

Hello and good morning! Wow! What a beautiful day outside, and while I am certainly not one to be plugged in to, or worry with, or even think about the weather very much, it would be difficult not to notice the bright sunshine and big blue sky. I am SO excited about today, I got …

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R.E. White.Com Speed Tests

Sat, Jan 25, 2020 5:49 PM -0800, Location: Vancouver, Canada. GTmetrix dot com performance scores: Page Speed Score (94%, “A”, average is 72%), YSlow Score