The Opioid Epidemic In America: A Dull Day Of Sobriety Beats An Exciting Day Of Medication Or Alcohol!!

Hi there!!! Hello beautiful world!! WOW!!! I just had a GREAT bowel movement!! I mean that thing slid right out of my rear end like no body’s business, LOL!! Our Mayor in Adairville told me I should NOT be talking about this online, but you know sick colons cost Americans BILLIONS of dollars a year, today mine is very healthy and physically so am I. I recently ran a mile in 7:29, and if you think that isn’t fast, then just give it a try, it is easy to sit back and try to be cool and tough, it is completely different to put on your running shoes and hit the bricks. There are a lot of things we need to be talking more in America, and not in the comments section either, I always feel little when I leave a comment somewhere, I would rather create REAL content, as a leader this is just part of what I do.

I slept like a rock last night, and I really needed that, lack of good healthy sleep is one of the main issues that people such as myself with PTSD struggle with, it is associated with horrific nightmares and terrors, anxiety and depression, and of course the flashbacks. The sun is shining and that helps too!! 🙂 Currently I take 50mg of a non narcotic medication that helps my PTSD, I can cut back to 25mg easy enough and will start that process again, hopefully tonight. My life is a balancing act, and has been since I became disabled at age 4.5 when my parents put me in the daycare center and I was beaten and raped and strangled and tortured. Although I am disabled, I have accomplished many things in my life but I give ALL the credit to God and Jesus, some of my family members, many wonderful friends, and a lot of health care professionals.

One time, after I had just gotten out of the hospital for colon trouble, and was extremely sick for a week, one of my family members whom I don’t get along with very well said to me “how come some people can get over that but you can’t” when referring to the trauma I sustained. Now, this made me very upset and angry and rightfully so, why didn’t they just spit in my face??? Today, that person couldn’t run the mile in 7:29 if you put 20 million dollars at the end of it and were going to give it to them if they could complete, and to my knowledge they take more medication than I do. Looking back now, I have never gotten along with this person except for when we were kids, and they are older than me, and should be taking care of me not abusing me more, but this has never transpired and never will, some things you just need to let go of in life and this is one of them.

What is sobriety?? How sober are YOU right now?? What kind of chemicals were in the “food” you ate this morning?? Are you drinking coffee?? Have you released the right chemicals today in your body by exercising yet?? This are all really great questions!! Addiction and sobriety come in MANY forms, shapes, sizes, habits, pills, drinks, food like products, expressions, attitudes, gestures, medications, drugs, shows, purchases, people, places, and things. The human body is a chemical factory, they say we release things that are just like street drugs in our body naturally, when we exercise and run and lift weights or get excited or scared. I have been putting a lot of time and energy into studying the “opioid epidemic” in America, and making phone calls to state officials offices, and watching videos, so please know this post isn’t just off the cuff, plus I have had my own struggles with pills and alcohol.

As I write this there will be people who take their last breath in America because of an overdose, a precious human life will end, also people will be shot and killed either with intent or by accident, many of those who pull those triggers will be drugged up or drunk on alcohol. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and it is true you can get grease and help, if you squeak loud enough, and YOU should if you are struggling with drug addiction, self destruction, over spending and debt, thoughts of suicide, and most importantly thoughts of homicide. Few thoughts are more repulsive to me than one person harming another human, I abhor violence and can’t stand bullies, and do NOT like people who watch or support violent movies, AT ALL!!! When violence is directed towards women and children it is even worse because they are weaker than men, it is our duty to protect them, when and where appropriate.

If we associate “fun” with doing pills or drugs or drinking alcohol, then we are in big trouble, I know many of you want some “excitement” but the trouble is it can be extremely difficult to say NO after you get started. Making the switch to enjoying HEALTHY habits for fun is what this is all about, and yes there are ways to forget your perceived troubles while being completely sober from external chemicals, because your body will produce them naturally, especially when we exercise and run. You may not struggle with depression and anxiety as much as I do, and I sure hope you don’t, no matter how terrible you might feel right now, I can honestly tell you there is a very good chance I have been there myself, you are NOT alone at all my brothers and sisters. The main component we should utilize in breaking addiction is in dealing with reality, and yes you can have new friends, we can remove toxic people from out lives, I can move away and live in another place, and we can find God and Jesus and be reborn in the Holy Spirit.

Yup, reality can be harsh, and it is the EVIL that Satan puts inside the hearts and minds of PEOPLE that can have such devastating effects. Selfishness leads to despair and hopelessness, hate and anger and rage, feminism and emasculation, financial debt and materialism, tail gating and being a coward, getting drunk and doing drugs, domestic violence and child abuse, and not having the ability to cope with reality. They like to use the expression HALT: never get too HUNGRY, ANGRY, LONELY, or TIRED, and if you can recall this it really does work!! 🙂 In order for YOU and I to be of value to society and others, we need to maintain ourselves FIRST, we can NOT assist others when we are really sick and messed up, put first things first. The fact that we became somewhat disconnected from God the Father, in the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, is one of the most glaring problems we face, from it stem all evil and disease and destruction and war and depression and anxiety and fear!!!

I am a “preacher” man, this is what I do, when I opened my bible today, it fell open to the part where Jesus was coming out of the wilderness and saw two men fishing, and he told them, follow me and I shall make you fishers of men, and so they threw down their nets and did that. I am fishing, for YOU brothers and sisters, I am hoping you take the bate today, except this is NOT a scam see, we are the REAL deal, and YOU too can really have a life of peace and harmony and abundance and hope and faith and salvation!!! Being sober is a form of repentance with the Lord, with Jesus Christ, no it’s not always easy, trust me I know about this in great detail, part of me would LOVE to get drunk today but then I couldn’t DRIVE my vehicle, or get anything done, and work for Jesus and be a witness and a light of hope and happiness and truth!!! There are many eyes on me, my life is scrutinized by A LOT of people each and every day, in person, on the phone, in this blog, with my team, by government officials, by local authorities, with the city council, and on and on.

Perhaps we have always had an “opioid epidemic” in America, it used to be that any adult could purchase cocaine legally at almost any drug store, in general terms I think taking chemicals and ingesting them is part of the human experience and has been here all along, it started with the fruit on the wrong tree in the garden of Eden. What goes in and out of our mouth either lifts us closer to the Father and truth and dignity, or it breaks us down and hurts us and lowers us closer to Lucifer and death and destruction. If you are shooting drugs with needles on the street then you got one on me, I never did that but doctors gave me pain medication through and IV when I was sick, very very sick, and so I know a little bit about that feeling and experience. The truth is that its NOT the drugs that are the real problem, it has to do with money and greed and evil, and the bible says the LOVE OF MONEY is THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL in this world!!!

Poverty can be devastating, I have never lived in it but I have studied it, but it need not cause so much pain and suffering, some self imposed poverty can actually be a really great thing, and we should all do it more. Studies show, time and time again, that crime is directly tied to poverty and lack of money, and or greed and white collar crime and fraud. Money, the love of money, that is where the real trouble is, an NO retard, money does not make the world go around, the power of God puts the planets in motion!! HAHA!!! I am living proof that if we start a ministry, if YOU start a REAL ministry for God and Jesus, that unbelievable amazing incredible events and miracles WILL come to pass in your life, and you can find a new reality, better then the old one, and there is a host of amazing wonderful people just waiting to help you!!! We dwell in an interdependent world, we need one another, no man is an island and neither was Jesus and he taught us this, win win is the only viable solution!!!

Have you ever wanted a “start over”??? You know, a new day??? To be another person??? To have more money??? To rise up out of poverty or to not be so wealthy and to have too much responsibility and live a more simple life??? To have a better wife or husband??? To live in a “nicer” part of town?? To stop someone from committing acts of violence?? To stop someone from being a bully or hurting you??? To travel and see and explore??? To be “successful” and be heard and to share your opinions and voice?? To be famous and known and respected and admired and remembered??? Well my friend, these can ALL be directly tied to ADDICTION and your drinking or drug use or medication abuse and drug seeking and street drug use!!!! There is a TRICK involved here, no its not magic either, and yes I used to be a magician when I was a kid, this trick involves your MIND, and what YOU are telling yourself!!! YOU are successful right this very moment see, if you are alive and breathing, there is hope, and where there is hope there can be FAITH!!!

Above you, below you, beside you, next to you, inside you, is God, the Father, and He blew the breath of life into you, that means there is a bit of Him inside us, and He created everything in the universe and still is!!! Is this not powerful??? Is this not REALLY amazing???? WOW!!!! You and I can create also, I am creating words here on a screen, you are reading them and creating thoughts, and thoughts become attitudes and desires and goals, and goals become plans and dreams, and dreams can become reality, IF they are centered in God and Jesus and biblical principles and daily habits!!! Everything, and I mean every look we give, and every comment we make in person or online, and every motive we have, and every thought we have, and every word spoken that is not to to glory of God, will fail, and fail again, and again, over and over again, downward we will slide into hate and sin and evil and death, and no one in their right mind really wants to die the first or second deaths!!!

Sobriety, being sober from street drugs and alcohol and too many pills, this is a very incredible journey and one very much worth taking. Last night, just last night I felt so much despair and so hopeless, I mean it was horrible, I had so many negative emotions and feelings and thoughts…BUT all I needed was some sleep, I was just tired, LOLOL!!!! See, don’t get too hungry, angry, lonely, or TIRED!!!! HAHAHA!!!! We need to listen to our bodies more, your very own doctor or main stream primary care physician may act like your head is not connected to your body, and this is just part of the reductionist paradigm which is broken by the way, but it is connected, and you are your best doctor!! Stop, slow down, eat more healthy vegetables, sleep enough, get enough sunshine, breath fresh air, don’t harass or intimidate people, be calm, stop working so hard all the time, take time for you, dump the financial debt and start a new free life and if your wife won’t join you then perhaps you need a divorce I don’t know and that is not my call.

Someone wanted me to watch The Big Short, and so I did, a movie about the housing market crash of 2008, and a bunch of greedy assholes who made billions off of it. This person thought the movie was great, and seemed to go into another world when speaking of it, this happens to many humans when they talk about money, and is a giant red flag. Greed and pride, living above our means, taking out loans, thinking we are smart because we have money, hoarding and not tithing monthly to charity and our churches, promoting scarcity and never having enough, watching Hollywood movies about crime and money and murder, all of these can and will fuel drug addiction, drinking alcohol, taking and abusing pills, and being selfish and an asshole. In America you are a failure if you are homeless but why is it that so many people in poverty always treat me so nice??? To get something from me??? I don’t think so, not every time, it can’t be, many of them are very genuine, warm, loving Christians.

Drug addiction and abusing opioids WILL impact your financial standing in life, I saw a video about it just last night on You Tube, one guy lost his wife and house and job and kids and everything that he held dear and important. Work is good for us, accountability really works, stable employment is wonderful, we all have our limitations, writing is a form of work, and we should work for God and Jesus first and foremost. Some men are stronger than others physically, we all get older and weaker, you can’t stop it, your day will come, better show more compassion and love for those who are weaker, now, so you can receive the blessings from the Father!!! Each day we grow older and weaker is a sign of God’s awesome love, because He shows us such MERCY, by allowing us to go to sleep and wait for Jesus to come back in all His mighty glory. Sure we can fight back, push back against the world and aging but growing old gracefully is a sign of strength, dignity, courage, hope, faith, and love. Leaving behind some money and assets and being responsible is not a bad thing, it says we weren’t completely selfish, that we lived below our means.

I have heard it said we should “give until it hurts” and I believe it, the comfort zone can be a horrifically dangerous place, get out there and do one thing every day that frightens you, be a giver in life not a taker, not a greedy shady intellectual asshole with your over education and your higher idiot motivation for more money. Be lowly and meek not big and bad and tough, go under the radar of the lenders and money grubbers, divide yourself out as Jesus tells us to do, live in the world but don’t be of the world!!! My own journey through horrific child abuse in the day care center, the deprivation I experienced and the lack of medical care, the abuse by some of my own family members, the abandonment of girlfriends and guy friends, the arguments and frustration and lack of understanding by others, the financial spending and loss of money, the working for money and saving, the addiction and despair and loneliness, the loss and love and regaining of hope, the separation from God and Jesus, and being reborn in the Holy Spirit, has been quite a wild ride, one I don’t always understand but never want to end, I do love life, the one God gave me and the one I live for with Him!!! 🙂

The drug war makes money, it employs millions of people, do you really think they WANT the flow of money to stop??? Come on!!! Everything is connected, and you and I need to get more connected to the people who struggle with addiction, yes it can be scary sometimes but when we see them changing and growing and being loved and putting their lives back together, and finding a new life with God, it is worth every single second of effort!! If you want to be a real fighter and officer for justice and community leader, then stay sober and be happy, stop bullying and help disabled people like me, and elderly people like my mom, and kids like your own or children in need, support places that help women and kids through financial donations or time. I grew up disabled, it is mostly all I have ever known, it has been my life but even with all of the pain and suffering I have been through, we were able to accomplish so much together, and we still do every day, you and I, Jesus and God, all of us together!!! You are part of my success, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

No, I am not going to feel dirty for you anymore, what happened to me is not my fault, I was a child, and no it is not all my mom’s fault either, or my dads, it was a set of circumstances and it is my reality, I deal with it, but can you??? Are you able to sit there and read this, and come to grips with your own reality, that really is the question!!! Will YOU bear YOUR cross for Jesus, with Jesus, or are you too concerned with social media, and others opinions, and your reputation, and your bank account, and your shitty “career”??? Are you lying to yourself??? Did your mom treat you right or do you just bow down to her because she is your mother??? Does your dad say nasty things to you??? Do you stand up to his neglect or manipulation??? Will you be bullied by your neighbor again today or try and stop illegal activity or dangerous behavior?? Will you be responsible or just a coward??? Are you and alpha male or a beta male faggot?? Will you lead your family and neighborhood and friends and city into death and destruction or love and happiness and health and fitness??

Walk towards the light my brothers and sisters, stop doing target practice with Lucifer, instead holster the hate and bullying and fear, chamber a round for God and open carry for Jesus, your bible is your largest weapon for salvation, and Hollywood could never write a script such is outlined in the good book!!! Don’t be a fear mongerer, keep your chin up, put the plug in the jug, do some physical work, get some deep sleep, wash your face and brush your teeth, eat your veggies and pray on your knees, drink water and slow down, be sweet and nice and kind, stand up to bullying and say NO, develop your strong biblical principles and change your daily habits!!! Go public with your trauma, be transparent, people will embrace you more than they reject you, and NO you don’t HAVE to “get over” anything, it is YOUR life, give it to God and Jesus and take ALL the time YOU need to heal and learn!!! Sobriety isn’t dull at all, in fact it is full of more surprises and twists and turns than the tiny shrunken world of addiction and booze, dullness is in the senses of an addict, who can’t break out of a world of isolation and fear and hopelessness. Be good to your fellow brother and sister, there is a chance you will need their help one day, stop lying and taking ever dollar, more money won’t help you, more giving and loving and acceptance will!!! Have a great day and God bless you!! I am excited and hope I can help an addict today, won’t you join me on this wonderful crusade for hope and dignity and salvation and families and happiness!!!???

Peace, love, light, and joy…in March I will have 4 full years of sobriety!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you, now we can do it one more day, TODAY!!!! Stop promoting wine and beer and marijuana and pills and death and destruction, you will be more of a man or woman, and you will help everyone!!!!


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