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I want to start today’s blog by sending a big shout-out to all of you healthy, free, god-loving, joyful, hopeful, uplifting, animal loving, amazing individuals that are regulars here on the site! Our monthly website views have increased tremendously and what a blessing that is and we greatly appreciate it from the bottom of our loving, kind hearts. It’s such a beautiful, sunny day this 15th of January as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. We love God and Jesus and all people of all races here at R.E. White Consulting and we are grateful for his hard work to end racial discrimination and segregation so African Americans could have equality just as other races in this great country. It was highly wrong to make African Americans use separate restrooms, go to segregated schools, give up their seats on buses if Caucasians needed a seat, and being forced to live in certain areas of the town with their own race. Martin Luther King had a dream and that dream came true. He was a leader and wasn’t afraid to speak the truth and wanted the best for society as a whole so we could all have freedom and more individuals need to be like him. We need to stand up and speak and shout from the rooftops what we believe in and not be ashamed and exercise our first Amendment right. We are fighting a very different battle in society today than in 1963, one that is becoming highly destructive to relationships and families and everyone’s overall happiness. The battle now in America (and a good portion of the world) is women against men and not so much race vs race. In this post, I will exercise my first amendment right and share in great detail with you what feminism is, the history of it, effects on women and my personal experience, mind-blowing stats, and a few videos that just might cause you to have a good belly laugh. As you have heard, “laughter is the best medicine” and I agree!!

Pull that seat belt a bit tighter now as this 747 jet with 6 exits, 2 in the front, 2 on the side, and 2 in the back is taking off and going back in time before feminism existed and TV shows like Little House on The Prairie and The Walton’s were created. If at any time this blog offends you, please feel free to depart from this journey with us by utilizing any of those exits as we do have parachutes on this plane because we still love you and want you to live and be happy despite the fact that you may have different views than us. I am a millennial yes but I remember very clearly as a small child seeing the happiness that my grandparents and great-grandparents had and listening to them share stories about the past, this harmony they had and spoke of may be something that is now vanishing from the American landscape. Everything was so simple and kind and women respected men more than today and the women were homemakers and cooked and cleaned and cared for their children to the best of their ability and took great pride in this. Many women didn’t even drive back in those days because they had a husband or confidant that would chauffeur them where they needed to go. They didn’t have public jobs, were focused on their homes and family, very proper in their appearance and dressed modestly, and their husbands took care of them financially.

My how the times have changed and I for one often reminisce and read about those days and I tell myself how I wish I lived back then and could experience that life. Sure, it was hard and they didn’t have the luxuries we do in society today but women were women and men were men and everything ran like a well-oiled machine and they were happy and the family unit was much stronger and hard work has never killed anyone. Fast forward to society today, what has happened to our country? Feminism has swept in like a big, dark, storm cloud, with wicked lighting and it’s everywhere. It’s taught at colleges in many areas such as Women Studies, in magazines, in the news, in songs all over the radio, and in the workplace to turn women against men and make women victims. Per Wikipedia, “feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men”. How odd as I have never felt that women and men are not equal and I sure don’t feel that women are oppressed. The last time I checked, women have the same freedom as men as far as education and occupation so what is all of this outrage about? Is feminism like satanism? I believe Satan is behind feminism and it appears to be working very well as men and women are battling against each other and spending less time reading their bible and trying to live by the morals and scruples that we are supposed to for God and Jesus. Is feminism related to communism? Let’s dive deeper as there are correlations and we should all be concerned.

There are many videos and articles online that do a great job at linking communism and feminism with Marxism and socialism and I highly recommend that you take initiative and do your own research to learn more about this topic and not just take my word for it. If you are a feminist, these videos may cause you to think differently and think on a higher level than ever before. (, For those who don’t know me, I am an attractive, intelligent, millennial, American born woman. When I was in high school, I graduated with Honors and then attended college and obtained two degrees which I received Summa Cum Laude recognition and Magna Cum Laude recognition. During high school, somehow I got the idea that I had to be independent and make my own way and not depend on others especially men. After a failed relationship, I was determined to be even more successful and I kept telling myself “I can do this alone”, I thought I didn’t need a man. It’s not that I hated men and I wasn’t an extremist but I felt very strong and was going to “show them” and wasn’t going to allow them to hurt me again. I never ever thought of the word “Feminist” but I was obviously indoctrinated at an early age and didn’t even realize it. This mindset caused me to become very self-centered and my main focus became the workplace and money. I was solely focused on my career and didn’t make it a priority to find a good man to marry and have children with. Over these years, I did a great deal of suffering trying to do it all on my own. It wasn’t biblical and I thank God every day that I finally woke up and discovered I was on the wrong path and I had been exposed to feminism.

After prolonged exposure to something, it begins to affect you and you may not even be aware of it just as I wasn’t. I am now in my 30’s and I have never been married and I don’t have kids as a result of feminism and this is what they want but feminism will not win in my life and it shouldn’t win in your life either. I am going to get married and have children if it’s God’s will. I accept that it is an interdependent world and I love men and what they do and I no longer want to do everything on my own. Quite frankly, I have never enjoyed slaving away in a business environment dressing in a two-piece suit trying to be as strong and tough as men wheeling and dealing and prancing around in heels. I always prefer to wear skirts and dresses as it’s more feminine and I am a female so it just seems right and natural and I have never had a role as being a “boss lady” as it never was appealing to me. However, I have worked with many people throughout my life including flaming feminists, like the ones who attend the Women’s March on Washington, and it wasn’t a joy ride. After I began to wake up, I became aware of what was going on with the individuals around me and became very sensitive to this subject matter. The bottom line is feminists truly are bullies, they have anger issues, they are mean and controlling, micromanagers, always trying to get something on someone to demean or destroy them, they hate men, and they don’t take feedback very kindly at all but they can sure spew their beliefs on others without thinking twice. I believe a lot of their anger comes from working a full-time job, not spending quality time with their children (if they have them) due to their job that never really ends, being with a beta male, and in many cases role reversal is going on. Many men are now stay at home dads while their wives work and I feel that is causing great anger and resentment for these women but because they are feminists and want to be the breadwinner, they won’t have it any other way and they will continue to suffer, unfortunately, unless they see the rainbow on the other side of the bridge and start to live differently.

There are many statistics in America that are alarming and exist because of feminism such as decrease in births, higher divorce rates, an increase in suicides, and excruciating debt. I have shared stats regarding suicide and divorce rates in my previous posts as well as debt so I won’t go in to great detail with those but I will elaborate on birth rates. Per CNN, the US fertility rate has dropped to the lowest number reported since fertility records started more than a century ago. There were 61.5 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 in the year ending the first quarter of 2017. This demonstrates a further decline from the previous year; at the same point in 2016, the rate was 62.5 births per 1,000 women. The report states the shift from last year to this year is significant, meaning the difference is more than experts would expect mere chance to produce, said Brady Hamilton, a statistician-demographer and an expert on fertility data.” Reality is, women are focusing too much on the workplace and money and not having as many kids and these statistics prove it. Women are not at home as often so household chores take a backseat and the husband and wife barely see each other if they both work and all of this is causing great stress which leads to divorce, debt, and even suicide for some individuals and feminism is at the core of the problem. Women are trying to be everything to everybody and this is causing them to suffer greatly mentally, physically, and spiritually. You can’t work a full-time job, raise kids, take care of your home, cook and do laundry, have time to exercise, and help your spouse be successful and do all of this well. Its time to face the truth, you are not superwoman and feminists don’t want you to see this but, once you start becoming a real woman, you will find more peace in your life. It’s time to start respecting men again and trust them because they will provide for you if you are good to them and take care of them. Men are not our enemies and women should be kind, compassionate, godly, human beings and feminine and let men be men and women be women no matter what individuals in your social network think.

I hope my post has caused you to think about feminism on a deeper level and how it relates to you and how it has impacted your life so you can make the necessary changes to take control and find peace, happiness, and love that we all long for. If you are struggling with how to start this new chapter, we at R.E. White Consulting are here to listen and give you advice to help you get on track. I will close by sharing some videos from YouTube that are related to feminism. Warning, they could cause laughter and with all the serious people in society today, you may want to watch these at home, alone, so you don’t offend anyone 😊, and I don’t recommend anyone under the age of 18 watch them due to profanity in some. I don’t support profanity but I feel these videos can change lives. Smile and enjoy and share these videos with others and spread the love and the word. – Hatred–feJk – Very disturbing


Jennifer Tomlin CEPO / Lead Assistant To The CEO


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