NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Remain Silent & DEMAND An Attorney!!!!


Hello again and good morning beautiful, amazing, incredible, Godly, honest, REAL Sabbath Keeping Christians!!! Also, hello to all you heathen pagan evil selfish assholes out there!! It truly is a great day the Lord has made, I slept like a baby last night, there is a HOT cup of coffee in front of me, I haven’t seen anyone doing 50 mph in the 25 mph zone in front of the house yet, mom is over on her side of the duplex working on paperwork, and life is grand and fine!! 🙂 I feel a great big bowel movement coming on, this will be nice one I can tell, last night I ate a bunch of Reaper Pepper hot salsa, not only do hot peppers help your overall health but you sleep better and they activate your colon. Don’t like to hear about colons??? Well, you will be hearing about colon cancer or heart attacks or strokes one day, from a “doctor”, that won’t be fun, better to discuss what you might be doing wrong right now, in regards to your intake of food and liquids. This Chinese mushroom ganoderma coffee is so smooth, WOW, just relaxing and tasty, Folgers doesn’t hold a candle to this!!! 🙂

I was right, those turds were PERFECT, HAHAHA!!!! Ever since SOMEONE told me THEY didn’t think it was right for me to blog about my bowel movements, many times I think of THEM when I am blogging, and then need to go release my colon and have one, then I start thinking about politics, and often I start thinking about law enforcement and the police and deputies, campus security and rent a cops, the CIA and FBI, Homeland Security, my time in the military, civilians who are megalomaniacs, narcissism, greed, hate, murder, rape, theft, torture, money, sin, flesh, evil, and it all leads me to Satan. Was that a run on sentence??? LOL!!?? Think I care??? HAHA!!! Go crawl back to Suck Ass Grammerly and your Slut Filled Greed Centered Campuses Of “Higher Education” you grammar Nazis you!!! Grammerly is like the slogan “If you see something say something”, it is a FREAKING CANCER, a dark black plague, it will destroy your mind and your life if you let it. We all make mistakes, sometimes when we are driving, other times when we talk to people, sometimes when we write, when we make purchases, by going into financial debt, living above our means, and by not living for God and Jesus and The Kingdom!!!

It is 11:08 AM CST and I have NOT turned on my cell phone yet, I have seen no “news” yet today on any website or radio or paper, I would bet $10,000.00 that if YOU work for the government, are a cop or a deputy, on the city council or are employed in ANY capacity by the state or county or city or federal authorities…you have already taken in A LOT of “news” today, even if it is your “day off” (like you ever really get one HAHAHA!!!). Nope, I don’t know “what is going on” with “new news” today, and guess what ASSHOLE, I don’t want to know either, NOT MY BUSINESS yet. There is NO WAY I can sit down and let God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit work through me, to create these posts for you, if my holy and pure concentration is broken, these posts are not tainted with the evil of the world, you get ME and GOD and JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT, fresh, clean and unadulterated, straight up from bed to my knees to the keyboard!!! How much CRAP have you polluted your mind with already today??? You feeling awful??? Yea I know how it can go. You out there bullying someone, selling your ass to the highest bidder at Corporate Crap Hole America?? Tailgating some old lady on the road in your big bad truck??

When was the last time YOU wrote three paragraphs??? Do you know how easy it is for me to write these?? I have ZERO problems in my life, I owe not a single penny to ANYONE, I am NOT married to a hateful mean dangerous controlling feminist “wife”, I don’t have a boss I want to strangle like many of you do, I can run the mile in 7:29 and the vast majority of American lard asses can’t even walk it in 12 minutes like I can, I have too many houses, too much land, too much money, too many friends, and am blessed by God more than I ever imagined possible. See recruits, life truly is 90% attitude and 10% action, we can’t FORCE ourselves through life and on people and into business deals, we need to check ourselves, and work for the right team, for the Kingdom of God. ALL, and I mean ALL, of YOUR problems, all that HATE and desire for CONTROL, and your porn addiction, and your greed, and your wanting your five minutes of “hero” fame, and your domestic violence you put on your wife and kids, and the way some of you females “love” men for money and are nasty whores, and your alcoholism and drug addiction and Hollywood addiction, and your bullying and weaknesses, and your isolation and lack of deep meaningful true Christian relationships…these are ALL in your head, and in your heart!!!

Lets get this straight brothers and sisters, there are THREE types of LAWS in the world, God’s laws, Satan’s laws, and men’s laws, many times they overlap with one another but as strong courageous CHRISTIAN Saturday Sabbath Keeping MEN, it is OUR duty to God and our families and society to help people figure out which is which and how to transition from one to the other, and hopefully STAY within the laws of God!!! The law of God is in the Bible, a great starting point is The Ten Commandments, read them and live by them, and STOP lying or bearing false witness against your family and friends and business associates and neighbors. We can NOT serve God and mammon, you can try but you will FAIL, better get that part right, your salvation depends on it, BIG time!! Then there are the laws of Lucifer the “light bearer” otherwise known as Satan, these are in direct opposition to God’s laws and are not in harmony with “natural law”, they are many times promoted and used by assholes, idiots, murderers, rapists, child molesters, porn watchers, drug addicts who don’t have a medical necessity, rogue cops, violent cops, bully coward cops, greedy lawyers, narcissistic judges, gay prison guards (what the heck does that mean, HAHAHA), debt slaves, homosexuals, transgenders, feminists, Marxists, communists, socialists, obese people who don’t care, the mentally ill, campus insecurity guards, and much more.

The third type of law is “the LAW of the LAND” or man’s laws, these are so mixed up and convoluted it’s not even funny, they CHANGE all the time which makes it almost impossible to keep up with what is legal and what is not, and they sometimes help the STATE and CITY and COUNTY and FEDERAL government make and keep and steal and pilfer MONEY!!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I like my government a lot, and if you are a cop or deputy and never served in the military, you don’t know jack squat about military bearing trust me on this, you operate under watered down civilian “feelings” and attitudes and actions and laws. Most of the time I wish I was back in the military, even though it was and is a massive burden on me, I could operate better in the military because we always had TRACTION, we were always doing things and completing projects and people HAD to get along with one another. Does our government make mistakes??? Sure they do, it is run by PEOPLE, we all make mistakes but since Trump was elected by US and we STOMPED Hillary in the polls things are looking up for our country, the economy is doing much better and people are waking up to the student loan debt crisis and other problems. There are too many laws in America, we are just inundated with them, like when God flooded the world, it is deep and wide and complicated and this is where this post comes in, I am going to help you understand more.

Here it is my holy brothers and sisters, and ALL you heathen pagans out there, NEVER and I mean NEVER, and let me say it again NEVER, NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE, for ANY reason what so ever!!!!! ONLY GIVE YOUR NAME if legally required by your state of residence!!! I am going to share a link at the end of this post for you, to a video that a lawyer did, it is incredibly good and I highly recommend it!!! Do NOT fall for the lies, the police are NOT here or there to HELP YOU, they are there to MAKE MONEY for the county and city and state and federal government. Here are YOUR Miranda Rights, that will be read to YOU if you ever get arrested (I have never been arrested), they are only read to you when you are being arrested BUT to my knowledge they APPLY when a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) first sees you in public, and they are “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court. With these rights in mind, are you still willing to talk with me about the charges against you?” WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE EVER WANT TO TALK TO A COP AFTER READING THIS????? Did you read this, ANYTHING you say, will be USED AGAINST YOU in a court of law!!!!!! And they have posters up in most sheriffs offices and police stations SCREAMING for you to TALK TO THE POLICE!!!! IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING??? WHAT THE HECK??? FREAK THAT CRAP!!!! DO NOT DO IT!!!!!! “See something say something” can and may and might and could get YOU thrown into jail where YOU might be raped, beaten, strangled, tortured, and KILLED BY THE POLICE AND DEPUTIES AND PRISON GUARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have RIGHTS under the constitution of our American Christian leaders who wrote the document and put it into law, you CAN and SHOULD and NEED to and WANT to and I am TELLING YOU here and now, REMAIN SILENT if and when you are interacting with a LEO, DO NOT, DO NOT speak to them, EVERY WORD you say WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU!!!! Read the Miranda Rights again!!!! You and I and ALL OF US, even cops who all wear the same uniforms are UNDER INVESTIGATION, 24 /7, 365, get that in your HEAD right now and NEVER forget it, we are GUILTY until proven innocent under the HEATHEN PAGAN SATANIC UNCONSTITUTIONAL “laws” that are now in place in America!!! If a cop or deputy or rotten campus security guard ACTS like they want to “help you” that is a LIE, they are there to INVESTIGATE YOU and everyone on the scene, MONEY, that is what they are there for, their PAY CHECKS, and to take YOUR money from your bank account and TRANSFER it into the state and city and county!!! No I am NOT making this up, and YES it is easy to “forget” what is really going on when you interact with a LEO, go out right now and take a pen and piece of paper and write it down and put it on your dash board, NEVER TALK TO THEM!!!! If you get pulled over, present license, insurance, and registration and SIT THERE, DO NOT LOOK AT THEM, do NOT answer ANY questions, do NOT offer ANY information, do NOT tell them where you are going or where you came from, IT IS NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS!!!!

Here are more tips to help you interact with the LEOs out on the road and if they come onto your property or they call you. Keep your car CLEAN, vaccum it out, keep it clear of food containers and beverage bottles and containers, don’t leave any plastic baggies in there that you may have had food in, don’t smoke cigarettes and don’t carry lighters except for a camp stove, keep your vehicle in good repair, check the lights every few months to verify they all work, keep your REGISTRATION up to date and in the visor of glove box and be ready to grab it at a moments notice, keep your INSURANCE updated and keep the cads current and in your wallet or vehicle or both, make sure you have your license up to date and valid and CORRECT CURRENT ADDRESS on it, and DO NOT TALK TO LEO if and when you get pulled over. I know, you want to be “nice”, you are supposed to “support officers” because they are “heroes” but that is a MAJOR MISTAKE, DO NOT TALK TO THEM, you are UNDER INVESTIGATION, do NOT incriminate yourself!!!!! NO matter what they say or do, not matter how many times they say they are just trying to “help you”, do NOT speak to them, even if it is a car accident and you are injured, DO NOT TALK TO THEM!!!! Exercise YOUR God given rights to STAY QUIET, do NOT say a WORD, they will GO AWAY and you will be free if you aren’t a criminal, if you speak to them, even ONE WORD, you can get arrested and thrown in jail and they WILL DO IT if possible!!!!! WARNING!!!! DO NOT TALK TO THEM!!!!

Interacting with LEO is an exercise in rational thinking and logic and good holy biblical correct healthy PRINCIPLES, just DO NOT TALK!!!! Yes, when YOU are scared, they will prey on you in your weakest moments, ESPECIALLY if you are mentally disabled, have been emotionally traumatized, are physically injured or hurt, or are spiritually not fit!!! DO NOT REPORT CRIME WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY INVOLVED!!!!! You can also report crime anonymously and you should!!! DO NOT GET INVOLVED!!!! DO NOT WORK WITH LEO!!!!! DO NOT!!!!! Stay true to your correct BIBLICAL Godly principles and habits, and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! If you get involved YOU are risking your freedom and the health and welfare of your ENTIRE FAMILY!!!!! Oh YES, deputies and cops and lawyers will TRAMPLE all over YOU, legally and physically if given half a chance, take CONTROL of your life, and your future, and REMAIN SILENT!!! If you go to a city council meeting it will NOT help, instead go to a good solid Saturday Sabbath Keeping church, this WILL help you!!!! Read your bible, that will help you!!!! DO NOT TALK TO LEO!!!!

From Wikipedia: “The right to silence is a legal principle which guarantees any individual the right to refuse to answer questions from law enforcement officers or court officials. It is a legal right recognized, explicitly or by convention, in many of the world’s legal systems. The right covers a number of issues centered on the right of the accused or the defendant to refuse to comment or provide an answer when questioned, either prior to or during legal proceedings in a court of law. This can be the right to avoid self-incrimination or the right to remain silent when questioned. The right may include the provision that adverse inferences cannot be made by the judge or jury regarding the refusal by a defendant to answer questions before or during a trial, hearing or any other legal proceeding. This right constitutes only a small part of the defendant’s rights as a whole. The origin of the right to silence is attributed to Sir Edward Coke’s challenge to the ecclesiastical courts and their ex officio oath. In the late 17th century it became established in the law of England as a reaction of the people to the excesses of the royal inquisitions in these courts. In the United States, informing suspects of their right to remain silent and of the consequences for giving up that right forms a key part of the Miranda warning.”

Our totally random bible verse for the day, from daily verses dot net, is 1 John 3:24 and I quote “And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.” This is NO accident my brothers and sisters, we are commanded to keep God’s laws, and if YOU and I live within the laws of our constitution and READ IT and STUDY IT and TEACH IT to others and STAND BY IT, and read our BIBLES and protect our RIGHTS and exercise our rights and KNOW OUR RIGHTS, and REJECT criminal behavior, and hire lawyers instead of talking to LEO, everything will be and is just fine!!!! I have NEVER BEEN ARRESTED in my entire life, never went to jail but I have been THREATENED multiple times by LEO, and trust me it is WRONG for them to do that, and to bully people, and to be the cowards that many of them truly are. Sure, there are some “good LEOs” but remember, DO NOT TALK TO THEM even when they are off duty, do NOT associate with them or their families, do NOT date them or date people who are involved with them, DO NOT go to their citizen academies for training, STAY AWAY FROM LEO!!!! God is in me, and if you are a real true Christian and you abide in Him, He also abides in YOU!!! God is in YOU, you are part of God, He loves YOU, He needs YOU, and if you haven’t been reborn of the water and the spirit, today could and should be the turning point in your life!!!! Praise God, Jesus has risen, MY Lord is alive and on His mighty throne next to the Father!!!!! 🙂

If LEO comes onto your property illegally, which they do ALL THE TIME, do NOT TALK TO THEM, they might and can and will try to incriminate YOU on that day or later on. If they have a warrant they will TELL YOU, if they do NOT demand that they leave the property immediately!!!!! Stand your ground!!!! It is YOUR PROPERTY not the states or theirs!!!!! DO NOT say anything else, do NOT open the door to your house, IGNORE THEIR KNOCKING, YOU ARE NOT HOME unless you want to be!!!!!! If they want to stake out your house and pull you over when you leave that is another situation, in your home you are free to do what YOU want, that means you can IGNORE who ever you want, when ever you want, DO NOT help them, do NOT incriminate yourself, DO NOT LET THEM IN!!! Go to You Tube and watch the countless videos of LEOs attempting to break their own laws by entering someones home without a warrant from the courts!!!! They have NO RIGHT to be on your property unless YOU give them permission, and YOU should NOT do that!!!! DO NOT talk to or interact with LEO, even as a “friend”, even as a church “member”, even as a brother in Christ, LEAVE THEM ALONE unless they have officially quit the force and have repented and stopped working for the state and transgendersim and evil and sin and flesh and Satan!!! Talk about terrorists, you do NOT want to feel the terror of being harassed any more than possible so DO NOT TALK TO THEM!!!! They WILL try to turn the tables against you, every single time just about, remember ANY words you use WILL be used against YOU!!! FEAR is their main control tactic, DO NOT GIVE IN TO IT!!!!

If and when LEO ever calls you, you have the right to say NO and HANG UP ON THEM, if you are in trouble they will show up at your door, you can IGNORE THEM, MAKE them go get a warrant, FORCE them to be good people and live by their own laws by NOT TALKING TO THEM!!!! You will know if you have a warrant for your arrest or if they want to search your house, most of the time, if you are into ANY criminal activity, then you run the risk of having your house searched and raided by SWAT, I have never experienced this but I have talked to people who have, they were so traumatized they sold their home and moved to another state. If LEO sends you anything in the mail, go see an ATTORNEY, do NOT respond, do NOT call them, do NOT interact with them, SILENCE is the KEY, exercise your rights and remain SILENT!!!! The BEST way to interact with Law Enforcement is DO NOT TALK TO THEM EVER AGAIN!!!! Draw the line in the sand, let them know you are informed and you have rights, and they will know instantly when you DO NOT SPEAK to them, and ignore them, give them your drivers license, registration, and insurance, and that is ALL, if you are required by law to present them, if you are suspected of a crime!!!

The MASSIVE link between feminism and the state and the police and deputies can NOT and should NOT be ignored at all!!! Lets get this straight brothers and sisters, women were created BY THE FATHER to be HELPERS for MEN, clear and simple, don’t try to change that, read it for what it is, men were NOT created to help women!!!! Now that we have so many females in positions of supposed authority, our nation is being raped and murdered every day by the state and cities and counties, and they are gunning for YOUR MONEY. Women live in a constant state of anxiety, panic, worry, depression, narcissism, hate, anger, pain, suffering, scarcity, debt, sin, flesh, FEAR, evil, and many other bad things, now every single one of them of course but the vast majority do!!! I have only met ONE women who was like an oak tree in my entire life, and that was my grandmother Lucille White, and that is because she had that bible of hers memorized!!! Sure, I have met many others that were somewhat stable mentally BUT most are not, it is not always their own fault, God made them this way. ALL women need a good STRONG Christian MAN to help keep them in line and to give them a constant reality check of what it really means to live BELOW our financial capacities and to live for God and the Kingdom!!

So, lets recap, here is how TO and how NOT to talk to the police:

Keep your vehicle interior “clean” from trash, plastic bags you may have had food in, dried flowers your girlfriend gave back to you, any and all prescription pill containers especially narcotic, ALL LEGAL MEDICATION MUST BE KEPT IN ORIGINAL CONTAINERS THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, empty beverage containers, smoking accessories if you don’t smoke, OPEN OR EMPTY ALCOHOL CONTAINERS, anything that could be misconstrued as drug paraphernalia, illegal weapons (of course you’re not supposed to have them anyway so don’t own them or have them anywhere), legal weapons in the wrong location loaded or unloaded (see YOUR state laws, and any and all states you travel into), and anything YOU do NOT want law enforcement to see ever like legal documents or personal information. If you live in a legal marijuana state, then abide by THEIR LAWS but NEVER go into another state with ANY of it where it is illegal!!!!

On a regular basis every 3 months CHECK ALL YOUR EXTERIOR LIGHTS to make sure you are legal, have someone stand out by your car and go through them, checking each and every one of them. Keep your car in good repair, get the dents fixed, wash it, keep it clean, get cracked windshields repaired, get light covers repaired when necessary, don’t put stickers of any kind that are not necessary on your car, don’t tint your windows too dark, don’t change the exhaust and make it louder, don’t blare the stereo real loud, don’t over rev the engine, don’t drive recklessly, don’t tailgate, don’t have road rage!!!

When and IF you are pulled over by the police, do NOT panic, it will be a short stop if you don’t talk to them. Always keep your license and insurance and registration CURRENT and ACCURATE!!! Roll DOWN all your windows if you can and you want to or keep them up (I like to roll them down so they can see I have nothing to hide or fear), turn OFF the radio, do NOT make ANY sudden moves, if you carry a legal gun don’t keep your registration in the same compartment, have registration and insurance and license READY when they get to the car, hand them your information, do NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS, you can read a statement that is pre printed stating you will NOT answer questions without an attorney and you can find these online, if required by your state inform them of your weapon, give them your concealed carry license if you have one, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS, no matter what DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS!!!! They will go away and leave you alone, they can NOT torture you and make you talk, they may be able to arrest you but they can NOT make you talk!!!! Give them your name if your state requires that, or tell them to read the license!!! DO NOT TALK TO THEM!!! NEVER CONSENT TO A SEARCH, SAY YOU DO NOT CONSENT!!!!

NEVER allow the police to come into your home without a WARRANT unless it is a medical EMERGENCY but even then YOU and your family WILL be investigated as they scan the room and look around!!!!! It does NOT matter what they say or do, DO NOT CONSENT to ANYTHING!!!! If you get raided by accident by SWAT do NOT fight back, do NOT scream and yell, do NOT get emotional, just SIT THERE!!!! If they illegally enter your home without a warrant then SUE THEM and get a LAWYER!!!! If they ask you questions during a medical emergency, what you say is YOUR choice, be VERY careful, give them limited information about YOU if you are not the one having the emergency!!!! If the police come onto your property, and they have no warrant, do NOT TALK TO THEM and ask them to leave, just keep saying “I don’t answer questions”!!!!!

Do NOT go to ANY police station to make statements WITHOUT a LAWYER!!! I do NOT care what is going on, GET A LAWYER, I know you might be innocent and you want to “clear your name” but THAT IS A MISTAKE!!!! GET A LAWYER!!! Do NOT “see something and say something”, if you don’t see a VIOLENT crime, then MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!! If someone is breaking into your neighbors house, then it is YOUR call, you might want to call 911, report it, then don’t talk to them, it’s that simple. If you are involved in an accident on the road, I would NOT talk to them or ANYONE, do NOT say a word, it will be your strongest position.

DO NOT contact the county attorney WITHOUT A LAWYER, they will want you to have one anyway!!! Always use a lawyer, if it doesn’t require a lawyer then LET IT GO, don’t try to go to small claims court, unless you want to take that risk, and it is risky!!!! Do NOT let politicians or off duty law enforcement or their families use you or manipulate you for information, they might try, just ignore the question and leave if you want. BE SMART, STAY SOBER, do NOT do illegal drugs, do NOT drive intoxicated, DO NOT commit crime, do NOT get arrested, do NOT get involved with the police or the judicial system in ANY way shape or form!!!!!!

Stay safe, stay free, stay sober, stay sane, stay rational, stay logical, stay smart, stay debt free, stay Godly, stay masculine, stay legal, and stay QUIET!!!


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