Future Projects

We have so much planned for the future in regards to our business and also projects we would like to do for various clients. Here is a list of exciting things coming in the near or distant future! Call us today and let us assist you in your needs!

Kicked Down Computer System

Someone recently donated a computer system to our team, looks like they really maintained it well too, so very clean inside and out. Original specs are: Intel Pentium E5300

Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary

The future home of Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary is located interestingly inside and around an old dairy / pig barn sitting right here on The Triple J Round Rock Ranch down by the creek!!

Hanging 32 Pieces Of Sheet Rock

We received a text a couple of days ago from a very talented and reliable contractor we have worked with in the past, a home owner about 23 minutes from us needs 32 pieces of sheet rock hung and finished.