Current Projects

Here is a list of our current projects we are working on for various clients, individual team members, and our own business here at R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. They will be moved to the completed projects as soon as they are finished. Give us a call today! Thank you!

Web Server

We have located a company we really like, that can certainly help us get started with our white gloved, state of the art, personalized and professional web hosting service. A few quick calculations before I head out to get some sunshine, possibly walk or work, relax and think, focus and regroup. The 4 x 1.92 …

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Debt Slave

Good morning team, friends, family, community, and world! I have tried to post this over the past few days and it just did not go so well, so I am trying again. I am tracking my time again while writing this, been struggling greatly with that, working on it and hopefully it will get better. …

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Tractor Shed Day 2

Good morning, its a very beautiful day of life the Lord has made, and we are working for His mighty glory here at R.E. White Consulting LLC! Let’s get into it shall we?? In an on going effort to serve our viewers up the fastest web pages possible, we are doing a tremendous amount of …

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Corn Cribs Day 1

03-16-2020: Hello and good morning from the offices of R.E. White, welcome to and or back to the blog! Wow! An entire 8 days have slipped by since we posted last, deepest apologies to our regular visitors and new comers, the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe put us in sort of a tail spin, and …

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Tractor Shed: Cleanup

Hey! How goes it world?? Did you survive the tornado?? Yup, another one came through, and tornado season has officially started in south western Kentucky and middle Tennessee! Creek was up yesterday, good thing this little bridge is concrete, hope they drove the pilings in deep. Life in the country is an endless adventure and …

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