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Backyard Barbells #1

If you are not into weight lifting, that is a mistake, you will only get weaker mentally and spiritually and emotionally, also of course physically. Join R.E. White Consulting for a 1 hour episode of weight training in the back yard, you won’t regret it. Note, in the video I stated that when doing squats …

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Ad Vi Et Victor

I am Marc William White, United States Navy Divisional Damage Control Second Class Petty Officer Retired, Microsoft Certified Professional, Chief Executive Officer of R.E. White Consulting LLC, Co-Owner of The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, Great Grandson of The Minister Richard Erskin White, Grandson of Samuel Arthur White, Father of Samuel White, Man Of God, …

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Oppresseth The Poor

05-06-2020. Good morning team, clients, poor people in Adairville, wealthy people in Adairville, and everyone else!! It is 8:54 AM in a sleepy little town in America, full of the elderly and the disabled and women and children, and someone is gunning their engine through town real loud. Why would anyone want to do this?? …

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home/hōm/nounnoun: home; plural noun: homes 1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. It is estimated that about 28,000,000 Americans move every year, and the average person moves once every 5 years, so per the dictionary definition the average person is homeless because they are not in …

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