Educations, Cars, Clothing, Insurance, Furniture, House: Demands Of The World & Dying Caucasians In America

Good morning it is 6:40 AM CST here in Adairville Kentucky, it is a wonderful day the Lord has made, and we are working for the mighty Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the word of God in the Bible!!! 🙂 Do you feel “good today” my brothers and sisters?? Be honest with yourself and me and the people around you, I never did believe in the Alcoholics Anonymous slogan of “fake it till you make it”, I say out with the truth the first time that way everyone knows exactly where you stand at any given moment. I have a big hot cup of coffee here in front of me, hopefully they are melting the kidney stones I had over a year ago, and the last CT scan almost two weeks ago didn’t show anything so perhaps we are all in the clear now. As I sit here I think of the billions of people who will awaken today and jump out of bed when the clock goes off, and not even think about God and Jesus at all, much less pray or get down on their knees, they struggle, horribly and needlessly, and suffer in such great pain…I hope you can find some words of comfort here if you have found our blog, message, program, exercise routines, diet, sobriety, and lifestyle.

It takes me a while to type, that last paragraph took 9 minutes, but writing is like anything else, the more you do it the better one becomes. Honestly I am not “good” at anything, or for anything, or to anybody WITHOUT the love of Jesus and God in my heart, mind, body, and soul. Grammerly??? Are you joking?? I will go so far as spell check but when I write I try to use words I already know, I am not Max Lucado, I don’t need or necessarily want to sell millions and millions of books. If YOU or I rely on computers to do everything for us eventually we will just be stupid and ignorant and useless, its much better to just write and leave the mistakes in there, then if you want to be a better writer check out some books from a library for FREE if and when you wish to up your game. I don’t always like the comment section of your tube videos or websites or facebook or any social media sites, I am more of a leader, I love generating content and not being on the sidelines of life. Someone told me the other day “maybe I will start a blog” and I said “sure you can do that”, and so can any of you, we have 157 published posts on this site alone, I wrote most of them, sites full of content are done one day at a time, the 5K is ran one step at a time.

Last month we had 15,935 page views here on our site, I can recall when we first started out there were about 3,000 a month, traffic is increasing, and we don’t even do any advertising, everything is “organic” here at R.E. White Consulting LLC. There might be people out there who think we don’t “do anything” with our organization, they would be horribly mistaken if they were under that delusion, last fall we finished up a “deal” that involved about 6 people and millions of dollars, our fee was ZERO because we don’t need the money. HAHAHA!!!! There have been 126,528 page views so far and we are working our way towards 1,000,000 which was the initial goal when we started, no doubt about it R.E. White Consulting draws attention from people of all walks in life, we have multi multi millionaires who visit the site and do business with us, and then there are many who struggle financially that come for support and knowledge and love and understanding. Business and consulting and counseling is what we do, and we are extremely good at it, no we are NOT licensed in many of the areas we work in and that is stated here on the site, we often refer people out to other companies or groups for help and assistance. Information, we are ALL about words and being organized, and helping people just like yourself live an abundant life-like I do, full of too much money, too many houses, too many acres, too many cars, too much stuff, all the organic vegan food you can eat, all the free time you can stand, a lot of real honest good Christian friends, dedicated loving family members, and a deep meaningful personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God!! 🙂

Usually when I blog, I sit down and write the title of the post first, like I did today, AFTER I pray down on my KNEES and read my bible, today I read the opening of the book Corinthians, and you know brothers and sisters it truly is our daily habits that make us or break us. If we want to be “born of the spirit” or “reborn in the spirit” or “be of the spirit” or “live in the spirit” then we need to READ THE BIBLE, there is NO WAY it will happen to us, if we don’t stand on the word of God. How do I know if someone is actually deeply truly “born in the spirit”??? Well, it is very simple, they WILL talk about God and Jesus, we are humans, we tend to talk about what is in our hearts and on our minds, what makes us happy and the things and experiences that get us down and create depression and sadness and heart ache. Remember, a website like this one, is created one word at a time, your own rebirth of the Holy Spirit and for it to flow through you, like it does me, will come by READING and practicing and living and sharing and preaching the word of God, one word at a time, one day at a time, one minute at a time, one decision at a time, one heart beat at a time. There is goodness in you, God loves you, come out of the darkness, step into the light, and if that means quitting the force or your “career” today, I challenge you to do that now, trust me I know, I had a very lucrative career with Microsoft when I was forced to walk away, after God spoke to me one day in the parking lot of the Mayfield fund in Silicon Valley.

We all have our limitations and nature will bring them out of us, when we continually violate God’s laws, natural laws and principles, those limitations will come down hard on us sometimes. I am EXTREMELY limited in what I can do each and every day, and I know this, it is part of what gives me my own intelligence and capacity, thinking I can do anything is wrong and evil and sinful…because I can do nothing without God and Jesus and other people. Everything is connected, we are all intertwined, the Indians tried to tell us that, or rather Native Americans, trouble is so many people today are disconnected from reality and natural laws and themselves and family and friends. Here at R.E. White Consulting we like to do things “The White Way” not the right way, because as we go along our journey in life we often discover that what we thought was right is actually wrong BUT, that will NOT happen here OK. If YOU don’t drink alcohol at night, you will NOT be hung over the next morning, I promise you this. If you don’t borrow money, you will never file for bankruptcy, and on and on and on, our principles are part of natural law, and they work, every single time, they don’t jam, they aren’t broken, when you pull the trigger, you WILL get results, EVERY TIME!!!

What is the “White Way” to do things you may be asking yourself grasshopper, well I shall explain as I was doing in that last paragraph. The White Way is a program we are putting together for “success” because YES, you might need a little money sometime, and the bible does have a lot of things to say about money, thank you very much Dave Ramsey. “The love of money is the root of all evil”, it’s NOT the money, it can’t hurt us, it is like a parked car, you can’t crash it if you never drive it, it is the LOVE of money. If you love someone do you TRUST them??? Sure you do!!! Do you trust that money will make your life “better”??? SEE, I GOT YOU, HAHAHA!!!! So many people now days live with an extremely deep-seated scarcity mentality, they are in a constant state of depression, anxiety, stress, fear, hate, anger, rage, bullying, and much more, because they struggle so much with money and work and careers and family. I watched a short video last night of a couple in LA who make 90K a year, and they “struggle”, he sounded like a beta male, she was most certainly a feminist, RIP THE BAND-AID off dude, grow a pair of balls, MOVE OUT of LA, and start a new life, you are in too deep and living above your means. It is much better to live more simply and have more money, it will bring us closer to God and because our basic needs are being met.

Houses are a BIG topic in America right now, as the middle class dies and the Caucasian race is being obliterated right before our very eyes. In a third of all states “white” people are dying faster than they are being born, clearly there is a “problem” for us white people. In my own immediate family I am THE ONLY ONE between my brother, my half-sister, and my cousin who has a child alive…my cousin had one but he passed away. If we rolled back 150 years the 4 of us might have produced 24 kids but not today, there is only ONE child alive, my son, and I hope to have more one day soon. If you poll or question any young couple in America that is “educated”, they will most likely point to money and fun and education and travel as the reason they don’t want or have children yet. Many will bring up the topic of a house or home, and yes they are getting extremely expensive around large metro areas, it is because the love of money is the root of all evil, and the world is filling up with 7 billion people, greed and evil are taking over, and this will continue until Jesus returns in all of His glory with His angels. I can’t imagine WHY anyone would put money before having a child but this is what they do, I always figured as long as I had two hands and two legs I and my family could eat, seems like millennials might have a different take on this matter. Could it be that many of them don’t want to live in a “bad” part of town or actually keep a budget or drive an old car or walk to work or live below their means or learn about investing or WORK for a living???

See my friends, the Holy Bible clearly states in Mark 4:19 and I quote “And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.” So if we apply simple logic to what the bible just said, what Jesus and God just said, living life and NOT multiplying by having CHILDREN because of MONEY could and would and should be considered EVIL and sinful and satanic and WRONG!!! Clearly and simply God told us to be fruitful and multiply, otherwise the earth will not fill up with hard hearted sinful evil nasty hateful depressed people, Lucifer wouldn’t have his way and dominate the earth, and it would delay the return of Jesus and God destroying the earth for the last and final time!!! I have also seen MANY females in America get married for money, and only money, and stay in sick broken marriages and relationships over money, and I feel that is also wrong especially if severe abuse is involved. Women need to help men more instead of beating them down, when you have two control freaks getting married, it typically won’t end well but men do need to be in control, IF they are CHRISTIAN MEN who lead everyone towards God and Jesus and living a very lowly humble maybe even poverty type lifestyle.

Study after study shows that CRIME is connected to poverty or lack of money, this is awful and horrible and wrong, I doubt Jesus Christ had much money at all, and He was and is the savior of all humanity and me and you!!!! LOOK at what is happening my brothers and sisters, what have YOU become, do you really think life is “bad” with little or no money???? Where is your FAITH, why don’t YOU practice what you hear your DAMN SUNDAY PREACHER PREACH??? You want to live in the most expensive zip codes and be a real authentic true “christian”, you aren’t getting over on me, or anyone for that matter, most anyone with common sense knows greedy people when they see them, clear and simple!!! So how do we achieve “success” here at R. E. White Consulting and “The White Way”, well it is called BALANCE, and I can walk on my hands, but the question is can you??? Hand walking is NOT easy, and neither is living out of balance, in fact being out of balance physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually is HARDER!!!! How many pullups can you actually do??? Do you hit the gym??? Can you run a 5K in 31 minutes like I did yesterday, in the freezing cold, with 11 articles of clothing on, when you were up until 4 AM the night before??? You mean to tell me, you drive a 30 thousand dollar car, and you eat fast food and drink Pepsi cola, and you work all week, and you live in a 2,500 square foot house, and then you complain about not having enough money??? What are you, retarded or just completely disconnected from reality???

Our program is simple, The White Way works, and no I am not a racist, that just happens to be my last name, you hateful idiot!!! GO HAVE BABIES, that is your first assignment OK, GET MARRIED, stay together, and HAVE BABIES!!! Be SOBER, don’t drink alcohol, do NOT do illicit drugs or take pills you didn’t get from a doctor, don’t take too many pills, DUMP the wine and beer, suck it up and be smart, you will have more fun and be able to drive. PRAY down on your knees EVERY morning, read the BIBLE, be reborn in the Holy Spirit, and first and foremost WORK FOR GOD and NOT money!!!! If God wants you to have millions of dollars, they that will happen, and if He does not then it wont, He blesses His people, if you are NOT a person or man or woman of God, odds are you will NEVER receive His full and complete blessings like I do and have!!! Eat an ALL or mostly VEGAN / VEGETARIAN diet, drink WATER every day and half of your body weight in ounces is the minimum!!!! Take some vitamins and eat a very large VARIETY of foods, the plant kingdom is AMAZING!!! Don’t sit too long, GET OFF YOUR DEAD FAT SQUATTY FEMINIST asses!!! If you are a beta male, grow a pair dude, RUN and SWEAT and hit the GYM some, even 1 hour a week of lifting cuts your chances of a heart attack in HALF!!! GET OUT of financial slavery and debt, DUMP the oversized house, suck it up and go debt free, move to the ghetto if necessary, you will make better friends and the people are nicer and more authentic and down to earth and genuine and polite and friendly and mature and supportive.

It is better to have YOU than a house, a car you cant afford, credit card bills, or a student loans for an edumadication that will slaughter your heart and soul and mind and relationship with Jesus and your salvation and eternal life!!!! They don’t sell YOU anywhere, go ask Steve Jobs about that one, the candle is delicate, don’t snap it in half or burn it up trying to create “wealth” or millions or billions, more time is more valuable, because we get to WORK for Jesus, and it is FUN and exciting and so very wonderful!!! I am in the Holy Spirit now as I write this, I live in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit flows through me, because I was REBORN in the Holy Spirit, and WOW, talk about a head rush, talk about going fast, talk about getting high, talk about having money, talk about being free, talk about beating depression and anxiety, talk about health and fitness, talk about being strong and masculine, talk about being intelligent, talk about learning how to be humble, THIS IS how we were created by God!!!! I do NOT have a single problem in the whole world, NO WAY, why would I, I am not able to have problems anymore, they were all taken from me, I don’t want them, I gave them up, I let them go, everything is exactly as it should be, all of my dreams have come true, my life is fulfilled, I want for nothing, I have no cares, nothing matters except GOD, I worship HIM and He only, He is my master and I am his servant, and IT IS POWERFUL, HE IS POWERFUL, HE GIVES ME POWER, it is HIS POWER, and HE built everything in the universe!!!! 🙂

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, let the cares of the world block you from Jesus, if you do, then you live in DARKNESS and sin and selfishness and despair and scarcity and depression and hate and anger and feminism, and it is YOUR OWN FAULT!!!! OK, so the yard needs attention, the window needs replacing, the mailbox was hit and you need another one, your car was damaged, the door is broken, there was another murder, a cop was shot and killed, a child was abducted, someones house burned down, there is a parade, your boss wants a meeting, a dog was run over, it is cold outside, the sun is out, your kid is on drugs, you drank too much, your business deal went bad and there is no profit, you are living check to check, you want to go to college, you cant stop smoking marijuana, Friday is coming and you cant wait to get down to Broadway, your jacking off to porn again, your wife is a cold bitch, your legs are too fat, your hair is falling out, she filed for divorce, another bill came, your addicted to you tube, your period came, you didn’t sleep well, the morning DJ is laughing and talking like a drugged up asshole, the fat female behind you is tail gating in her giant SUV, someone didn’t smile, some gym rat tattooed bearded asshole looked at you ugly, you feel horrible, nothing is ever right, you can’t think straight, you parents are assholes, your wife is on a dating sight, you can’t get enough money, your drunk every weekend, you cant get enough information, there are too many traffic lights, you need to learn more, you love your dog, you have places to go, you don’t feel loved, you speed up and down North High Street in Adairville, you text and drive, you are in jail, your an asshole and you want to grow the jail, you are in jail in your office…STOP…and READ YOUR BIBLE and start observing the TRUE Sabbath on Saturday, and do NOT let the cares of the world CHOKE the word of God!!!!!

Time for food my friends, it is 8:37 AM CST, you got me, the best part of me, here again in the blog, now, go with god and go in peace, if you are a deputy and investigating me, come on in ASSHOLE, HAHAHA, well, maybe you aren’t an asshole but come on in, in fact I challenge YOU to a 5K run, IF and ONLY if you will teach ME about the bible and word of God as we run together!!! “Thin blue line”, what are you some kind of childish retard who watched too many war movies??? How about the “Thin White Line” of Jesus, and maybe you need to stop going to WAR every day, with yourself and your neighbors and your own pathetic family??? I am asking you now, to step over the line, and to stop trying to create two groups of people in America, those who are for the police and deputies and judges and jailers and prisons, and those who are against them, because that is just truly wrong and evil and insane. First time non violent drug offenders that are users and not dealers DO NOT need to be in jail, they need love and affection, support and understanding, hugs and kisses, a partner and a wife or husband, they need talk therapy and forgiveness, mental health support and books, they need acceptance and reassurance, they need physical fitness and good real food, they need community, and if we care about community, and one another, we will ALL stop locking up non violent first time drug offenders who are users, or even repeat offenders. God wants you to possibly quit the force, the forces of evil, and if your career or job causes you to compromise your daily walk with Jesus, then DUMP the job and come on over to the other side, work for God first and money second, and a whole new world will open up t you, this is my promise, that God will deliver for you!!!!

We need Caucasians just like we need people of all races. Black is beautiful and Red is beautiful and White is beautiful and Yellow is beautiful!!! Have babies, live in smaller spaces, don’t buy new cars, stay out of debt, don’t use credit cards, never get a student loan, try to get medical insurance, don’t try to impress people, break your media addiction, stay sober, it is OK to be you, and God loves you just the way you are, if we live by the 10 commandments and REPENT and CHANGE and LOVE and work for Him!!! God’s love is awesome, and so powerful, He probably loves us even when we fall, I am sure He does, and like any good parent, He is always there to help, it is up to us to open the door to Christ, and keep it slammed shit on Satan!!!!! I love you all so very much, even those who would want harm to come to me, and I don’t think there are any, you are all beautiful people in your own broken or healthy way, we are brothers and sisters, we are all from the seed of Adam, and Jesus came to take up our sins, now be worthy of His love, by changing your daily habits and being debt free and living by the word of God!!!! READ YOUR BIBLE, PREACH THE BIBLE, and all good things will come to you!!!! Have a great day and God bless you!!!! I am ON FIRE for Jesus!!!!!! Amen!!!!


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