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Sometime in the fall of 2019 the CEO of R.E. White Consulting, Marc White, and co-owner of The Triple J Round Rock Ranch was given an idea and vision by God the Father Himself. To take something that started out surely to fail one day, a southern slave plantation built hundreds of years ago with iniquity and selfishness and greed, and use what remains then turn it into a living, growing, thriving sanctuary of peace, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance and love for injured and abandoned animals and all people who enter and visit regardless of color, gender, size, race, past, affiliation, denomination, or social and economic standing. ALL are welcome on the ranch as long as a few simple rules are followed, if you break the rules you will be asked to leave perhaps, and maybe one day if you apologize or even if you don’t, you will be forgiven and can reenter and enjoy the sanctuary again. There is always hope, because Jesus Christ forgives us, and we should repent and forgive, and learn to love all people.

On 05-01-2020 at approximately 9:00 AM CST USA, the very first PAYING “agri toursits” or agricultural tourists / visitors to the ranch arrived, Mr. Henry Roberson on the left & Mr. Deake Johnson on the right, from Bowling Green Kentucky!! Up until this point we had given the tour to 8 people, we asked for nothing in terms of payment and were offered no money but one of them did volunteer work. The payment / donation these two gentleman gave, without any request from us, was exactly $16.50 each, for a total of $33.00, and they brought a gift worth at least $25.00. In fact after the initial payment of $25.00 was given and we were told “I can see what you are trying to do here” by Mr. Deake, it appeared Mr. Deake actually emptied his entire wallet, handed it to us and said “never turn down free money” with the most genuine smile we have ever witnessed!! Now THIS is the spirit of The Triple J Ranch, to give, and keep on giving, and that is what we plan to do with some of the money. Until the money can be invested and used properly we have it in a safe place, it will be a lot of fun to follow the numbers and see what is happening, it already grew by 30.30% in less than 29 hours, CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THIS SPECIAL MONEY GROWS AND WHERE IT GOES as it changes the lives of children, woman, men, families, and abandoned and injured domestic and wild and food animals.

Come on down to The Triple J!! Explore and discover over 60 acres of unique fascinating frontier history, breathe lots of clean fresh air and see wide open spaces, learn about a real working crop farm, pick some veggies from our healthy organic gardens and vegetable business, walk through neat old houses and venture through curious cabins, stand in awe of amazing multiple massive wooden structures, enjoy not one but two exciting laughter filled hay rides, witness real live reenacted western shoot outs and gun fights, dare to experience our thrilling backwoods golf cart expedition with ride along lovable goats, and find yourself cooling off down at the beautiful peaceful creek!

Next you will be crossing the harrowing swinging foot bridge 30 feet above the creek, climbing the awesome 80 foot look out tower, petting and holding numerous four legged furry creatures in the animal sanctuary & bird aviary with butterfly garden, unwinding and contemplating while rock and indian artifact hunting, witnessing mesmerizing gorgeous breathtaking sunsets, roasting marsh mellows on a clean burning gas fire pit with country dinner under the star filled night sky, having fun singing and listening to guitar playing, biting nails to true spooky Triple J ghost stories, and enjoying good old fashioned family fun and entertainment, and so, so much more.

Located here in stunning South Logan County Kentucky directly off of Highway 431 just North of Adairville!! We are conveniently situated just minutes between the growing cities of Bowling Green Ky, Hopkinsville Ky, Russellville Ky, Clarksville Tn, and Nashville Tn. Although we are not yet officially open completely, we would still love for you to visit, and we offer internship / volunteer opportunities.

During your thrilling all afternoon excursion you and your crew of young and old will experience: Old Rural Mail Rout 2 Entrance, Boots Gravel Lane, Scarecrow Stockade Shack, Queue Up Knob, R.E. White Vegetable Garden, John’s Bunk House, Compassion Cemetery, Family Garden, Pearl’s Cemetery, The Big House, Smoke House, Marc’s Cabin, The Kirtley Caretaker House, Tractor Sheds, Jane’s Hay Ride, German P.O.W. Tobacco Barn & Stripping Shed, Old West Gun Fight & Shoot Out, Indian Tepees, Grain Bins, Fort Goat, Bill’s Implement Shed, Jump Off Point, Backwoods Golf Cart Expedition, The Writers Cabin, Hidden Tree House, and Whip Creek.

You will also experience Arthur’s Foot Bridge, Jo’s Hay Ride, Secret Black Berry Patch, Black Jack Woods, Look Out Tower, Pool House, The Robey Milk Sheds, Kirby Pass, Jimmy’s Shangri La, Monk’s Cabin, Corn Cribs, The Mighty Chapel Loft, Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, The Samuel Arthur White Theater & Puppet Menagerie Show, Star Bright Silo Observatory & Bunk House, Jenny’s Miniature Golf, Button’s Parrot Aviary & Butterfly Garden, Suzy’s Bonfire Spot, Lucille’s Gift Shop, Casey’s Inn, America Butler Cafe, Medical Support Shed & Restrooms.

Including handicap parking – handicap rest area – handicap restroom access and medical support shed, because we truly care for the disabled. Senior discount, student discount, and military discount every day of the week!! We honor all veterans, police officers, nurses, first responders, and teachers, please bring credentials for verification.

NOTE: NO guns allowed in vehicles or concealed on your person without prior written express permission, please speak with the CEO Marc White in advance if you wish to open carry on the ranch!! No concealed carry allowed!! Our owners, management, staff, volunteers, and contractors may be armed for the protection of all visitors.

NOTE: The clothing and attire you wear is important, we prefer you wear plane clothing, NO gang insignia or clothing allowed, men must wear shirts with sleeves, women are NOT allowed to wear extremely low cut shirts that are revealing, no halter tops allowed, no mid section exposure allowed, all guests are required to wear pants, no skirts allowed (exceptions for the elderly and disabled).

Any and all sexual advances, gestures, or language by men or women towards ANYONE on the ranch will not be tolerated!!! We prefer our guests wear plane T shirts or polo shirts with full length jeans and sturdy boots, that is what we ourselves wear when working in the blazing heat all summer long.

NO skull and cross bone, or satanic, or alcohol promoting, or drug promoting attire allowed. NO large visible tattoos allowed (smaller hand tatts and finger tatts are ok), please cover large tatts with clothing (no matter how hot it is), if you display satanic looking neck tattoos you are not welcome on the ranch (you have the option to cover them with a neck handkerchief, hey get a cowboy hat too and be a ranch hand for the day) .

NO face piercing rings allowed, please remove them before you visit. NO baggy jeans or sagging jeans are allowed!! NO pit bulls or aggressive or dangerous dogs allowed, if you must bring a dog we prefer they be smaller lap dogs or very calm labs or similar breed, please ask us for written permission prior to entering with a dog.

NO alcohol allowed or served (no exceptions, ever, don’t even ask, if you smell like alcohol you will not gain entry or will be asked to leave), anyone found intoxicated will be placed in the stockade or asked to exit the ranch!! Smoking of tobacco only in designated area (way out in the corner of a field). NO reeking or smelling of marijuana, no smoking of marijuana, if we smell marijuana we will escort you off of the property!! NO loud music from any vehicle or on property at any time!! NO overnight camping allowed, we close every single night.

NO profanity (if you use profane language you will immediately be asked to leave). NO revving of engines (we prefer you bring a vehicle with a non modified exhaust system). NO speeding, the limit is 5 mph (children at play), this is STRICTLY enforced!! NO bulldozing, abusive or threatening language, or demeanor or glaring looks towards staff, volunteers, females, or ANY children will be tolerated in any way what so ever. If you raise your voice at any children including your own, or display even a hint of a bully mentality or behavior, you will be immediately escorted from the property!!!!

You will be required to sign a LEGAL WAVER releasing our owners of any and all liability, this is a real life working farm and backwoods excursion, children must be supervised by an adult at all times, please see our website. You will be required to read and sign a rules and regulations statement, that you have read EVERY WORD of it, and you forfeit all payments to us should you violate the agreement in any way shape or form.

Please do NOT interrupt our workers and staff when they are speaking, be respectful, courteous, and polite. The Triple J is our home, it is a haven from the chaos of the world, and a true animal sanctuary, be an adult here and have some good clean fun with your family, set a good example for your children, and they will succeed in life. DO NOT attempt to ask for personal information of our volunteers, staff, employees, or workers, it will NOT be tolerated in any way shape or form.

REMEMBER you are being VIDEO TAPED at all times for your safety as well as our own, please abide by all rules of the ranch, thank you!! Our video cameras are mounted on tall poles and buildings, and have night cameras with motion sensors that alert several people should they be triggered.

The Triple J Round Rock Ranch is NOT FOR SALE, we get offers to sell it on a regular basis, please DO NOT make an offer, if and when it is ever for sale, a sign will be placed at the entrance!! All offers will be immediately REJECTED and you will be promptly scolded then escorted OFF of the property.

If you desire to lease large tracts of farm land in South Logan County Kentucky, or release your land for a better per acre price please contact our switchboard / office, we network and do business with some of the most prominent farming families around. Part of what we do here at R.E. White Consulting is help manage property, and assist in large business ranch / farm lease deals. We have great references that we will happily provide upon request!

Prices: we offer a variety of packages that can be tailored to your desired experience, please contact our office for pricing until they are posted here on the site.

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