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About Our Blog

Welcome to the About Our Blog page, here you will find data and information about our visitors, traffic, content, posts, and blog. We get a lot of traffic here at R.E. White and it is increasing daily, so please join our Affiliate and or Partners Programs and advertise with us to boost your sales and bottom line!! Contact our Team today and watch your business grow!!

We routinely get comments about our blog along the lines of “are you trying to alienate people” or “I find your material offensive” or “what if someone is trying to get close to Christ but you are pushing them away” or “I don’t know if I would say that” and ALL of those people have a right to their opinions and we value that very much so. All visitors to the site should know that just because someone writes a blog post the material contained in it is not a reflection of R.E. White Consulting LLC or ANY of the other team members or any of our visitors or clients.

We promote FREEDOM OF SPEECH here at R.E. White Consulting and so should you and your business and team because it is part of the constitution of The United States of America and vital to the life blood of our nation. We have opened up the comments section of the site and after each and every blog post you have the ability to voice your opinions, feelings, thoughts, and concerns be they right wrong good bad or indifferent so please join us. Please see our Legally Binding Terms and Conditions located here prior to posting your content as we have many legal rights and are enforcing them.

We have removed Bots and Spiders from the below stats along with many of our own team members, that way you can see real traffic from unique visitors. The stat counter was installed on November 3rd 2017 so all data has been since that date. Thank you SO much for being here and part of our movement, team, client base, family, and organization…it is because of you that we are here and to work for God and Jesus and the Kingdom!!

In the rise of the information age something strange has transpired and that is the birth of billions of people who think they are intelligent because they just simply have access to it, nothing could be further from the truth. Someone once said learning without doing is not really learning at all and I agree, it is something to read and another thing to read then apply what we read and actually do it but this is where many people fall short. Me personally I would rather read about something then do it or apply it instead of just reading all the time because it just seems like I am wasting time if I don’t put it to practical application…sometimes I do read just to pass the time for entertainment. Writing is extremely important and a wonderfully cathartic experience and I deeply believe in the power of the written word but people tell me all the time they don’t do it and it’s usually because they are too busy or they think it isn’t any good.

One of the great things about starting your own business and or company is that YOU are the one in charge, you make the rules and you have the freedom to say and be who you really are!! When you build a website then you have a place where you can write web logs (blogs) and you can either let readers post comments or turn that feature off and just blog by yourself. This is NOT facebook where your seemingly locked into a boundaryless world of boring timelines that don’t even have a profanity filter and people can bully you and violate “your” space and rant and rave like the real idiots they truly are. On your website you are in control, and just like in life that is the way it should be except for God and Jesus because they are really in control of everything but they expect us to do the leg work and get some things done in order to live a fulfilled, productive, giving life.

We blog about all types of topics here at R.E. White Consulting and there are no limits but we do try and stay focused on the areas of services we provide with my personal favorite being ‘Personal Development” of course. I am not the greatest writer in the world but I don’t care, I write from the heart and about things that matter to me and so that is what is important. Those of us who are not out to collect a bunch of money from people or lie and cheat or steal to get it, and those of us who don’t love money or chase fame most definitely have the advantage because we can always be transparent and that is where the real freedom and power is. The truth will set us free and that is a creed I live by and there is nothing wrong with being average and ordinary if that is what your heart desires…never measure yourself against other people and just learn to BE who you are and embrace it but always be changing and growing and learning then doing.

When you get ready to write a post the way I do just bang that sucker out and I mean you can wale on the keyboard, be who you are not who you ought to be as Thoreau states. If people don’t like it then tough, that is their problem and NOT ours because we have the guts and courage to say what we think and feel and we make no excuses. If writing a blog and having a million hits a day and generating money with it is your goal YOU CAN DO THIS and I believe in you!!! Don’t be shy and don’t mince words, spit it out and be done with it and show the world who you really are…FORGET about the comments section or just turn it off and turn on to productivity, functioning, commitment, growth, maturity, understanding, forgiveness, giving, ethics, morals, and freedom!!! Feel free to visit our blog as often as possible and we encourage that and when you are ready  to start your own business or a new project or live the dream then get in touch with my team and we WILL make that happen!!!!

Our blog is located on the main menu at the top of your screen under Media > Enter The Blog and also here , and for now they are listed in descending chronological order and all categories are mixed together. After you enter and open a post you will see a list of Categories over on the right hand side of your screen, if you use them then you can pull up posts about specific categories. If you have an idea for a blog post or a topic you would like for us to cover feel free to contact our team and we will take that into great consideration, have an amazing day and God bless you!!!