The Wonderful Palmoni

On Wednesday July 1st 2020, I woke up and felt very strange, very strange indeed, so I had a conversation with God and Jesus Christ. I told them, “My faith does not feel right today, something is wrong, I can’t hear what you are saying very well, and this is making me very upset.” I also said “I am going to need a sign, you are going to show me a sign, and I have faith, your going to do it now, and this is extremely important, if you don’t so something I will, so please, do it, I believe in you.” I got down and prayed on my knees by my bed.

I then unlocked my bedroom door and walked into my living room, took my King James Version Holy Bible, closed my eyes shut, and let my thumb go through it like you would thumbing, and allowed it to randomly open, then as my eyes were shut, I pointed to a page, when I opened them, I saw this verse, John 13:14, “If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.” I thought to myself, “this is great, I need to get back to church, and be involved more, and yes wash a brothers feet”, and yes we do this in my church but, this is not all of it, there is more, I thought “what do you want me to do Lord”, and He said “go to Daily Verses Dot Net”, so I did that, they give you a different random verse every time you go to the front page. Below is a picture from my bible that morning, the other is a screen shot from their website.

Above is a picture of my bible from that morning, below is a screen shot of their website from that same morning, now remember both of these are completely random, (one picked out by me (with my eyes shut), the other from a website on the internet), or are they, is the question. What I read on the page in my bible, where my finger and eyes went to, the verse I was supposed to see and focus on, that was “random”, John 13:14, is the EXACT SAME VERSE that was generated on Daily Verses Dot Net!!!! It is basically almost statistically mathematically impossible for this to happen, when someone is asking God to give them a sign, with a random verse they pick out, and then another random one generated by a website online, at the same time, and have them match exactly, all within 3 minutes apart, as I shall explain below. I have been talking about STEM a lot lately, this includes math, and Jesus says every hair on our heads is numbered, God knows every thing about us, every human ever born in all of history.

Mom told me about The Wonderful Palmoni, He is Jesus Christ, the wonderful numberer, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, as outlined in the Holy Bible, and is only mentioned one time in the whole bible in the book of Daniel as a side note, as explained on this page. Jesus has many names, if you don’t call Him your friend, maybe you should start doing that today, He is always with you, never abandons you, and loves all of us so much, so deeply, so fully!!! He gave His precious life and blood for you, for me, and we should do the same. Numbers, math, yes!!!

So, I called Mike Dimmick on our team, and I also used an odds calculator to figure all of this out. There are exactly 31,102 verses in the scriptures or Bible, if we intentionally pick 1 verse, then the odds of getting a match are 1 in 31,102, you know like on a spinning wheel on a slot machine at a casino. If the first pick is random, and the second pick is random, as in this case with what happened to me that morning, the odds are 31,102 x 31,102, which equals 967,334,404, or near 1 in a million. The probability of winning and getting a match is 0%, the probability of losing and not getting a match is 100% or 99.9967848760568%!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! AMAZING!!!! What a real miracle!!! God communicated with me through scriptures and odds, probabilities and numbers, right out of the Holy Bible!!! With God we ALWAYS win, and we NEVER lose, He will always give us a sign, regardless of the odds, if we just ask and have faith and wait and watch and DO his will and work!!!!

Then we figured if it takes 5 seconds to reload the page at Daily Verses Dot Net and read the verse, and this match up only happens 1 time in every 967,334,404 tries, then we could multiply that number by 5 to get 4,836,672,020 seconds. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so 4,836,672,020 / 86,400 = 55,980.00 days / 365 days in a year = 153.36 years doing it, reloading the page and reading it, every 5 seconds, NON STOP. If we only did it 8 full hours a day, with no breaks at all, we would multiply x 3 to get 460.10 years, that is how long you would need to sit here and repeat the process, in order to statistically sort of guarantee a match, all day every day, for eight hours straight!!!!! 460.10 Years!!!! Incredible!!!! Almost half of a millennium of time, but you know brothers and sisters, in God’s incredible wonderful Kingdom there is NO time, this is WHY you and I should never say or think or feel that we don’t have enough time, it is a sin against God. He wants us to prepare ourselves for His Kingdom and ever lasting eternal life, by worshiping Him, we can do this, you can do this, give more time to God and the Amazing Palmoni, Jesus Christ!!!!

Father God Abba Yahweh, loves you so much, the last thing He wants us to feel is stress, and many people are stressed about money and time, but this is our examination and test, it is where faith comes in, and the faith of a mustard seed can and will move a mountain!!! Don’t you want YOUR name written in the Book of Life of the Lamb??? The Wonderful Palmoni???? Jesus Christ???? The great numberer???The savior of the world???? The light and the way and the truth??? The only spotless sinless human that ever lived??? Of course you do!!!! We are going to God’s Kingdom with streets of pure gold and foundations of diamonds and gates of pearl, where our Father shines and is the light, where there is no sun and no moon, and we all have perfect bodies and mansions!!!! Many things seem random but they are not, God is in control, things and experiences transpire for a reason, I was born to share this information about the holy Bible, the truth, and the truth shall and will set us free!!!

Have a great day and God bless you!!!! Be sure to learn a lot of math, and science, and some engineering, and technology, they will help you understand Palmoni and Yahweh and the Holy Spirit. They will also help you have a better budget and higher quality of life, and you can give more to help others, those in poverty and in need. Many men and women would never wash someone else’s feet in church, it would be considered unclean or lowly or humiliating but Jesus did it, and He teaches us to do it, don’t believe everything your prideful Sunday mainstream preacher might tell you, keep questioning things, go straight to the Holy Scriptures, and learn for yourself. Saturday is the legal seventh day of the week in America, and the Bible says that the seventh day is the Sabbath, it is one of the 10 commandments, to remember it and keep it holy, and it really is fun and we all do deserve to rest for 24 hours!!! Amen!!! When was the last time God showed you a miracle when you asked??? Jesus says to ask and ye shall receive!!!!