American Anguish

I love to write!! 🙂 I truly love reading and writing, it has always been a real passion of mine, and while my writing skills are very limited, I do have a pretty wide and deep comprehension of many words and this has always served me very well in life. The web and Internet have made it possible to share who we are and what we write with the whole world, if people can find it, or you tell them the location, pretty amazing stuff compared to our world of 1975 when I was ten years old. Like all writers I receive some criticism from time to time about my work and that is OK, it never bothers me, what others think and feel is not always my business, this is one tactic I use in order to remain happy, rational, joyous, and productive. As I talk with people and learn about them through the years, one glaring thing I know which is lacking in their lives is the time they set aside to write, most just don’t do it, much at all.

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about reading and writing a lot, they are part of one of the “quadrants of renewal”, you know, to take a break and rest, feel better, recharge our batteries, find the center, strike that work life balance, get back on track, contemplate on what our goals are, figure out the things and people who are important to us, start over, go on vacation, relax and unwind, lean our ladder on the right wall, and so much more. My experience is not only do many Americans not write, they also don’t do much reading of great literature anymore, the classics, written and composed by great thinkers through the centuries and ages. These two bad habits, or rather not habits, of failing to renew certain parts of the human mind and body and conscious are continuously causing great harm, along with many others.

Here on our website, this domain, my wonderful business, where I get to call all the shots within the bounds of federal, state, and local laws, I have the ability to do many things, I can write about whatever I want within reason. Is this really the truth?? Not exactly, there are limits, as is in all of life, and unlike the Eagles song where they sing about taking it to the limit, there really is no reason to do it here, or when you are driving down the road, or when we make a new friend, or in our interpersonal relationships, or in the workplace. There are no words for me to accurately describe the joy I receive from owning my business, all by myself, I have no boss, no manager, no one to tell me what to do, this is where I thrive because I was born a leader, not a follower, it is why I was promoted to squad leader in the US Navy, at boot camp in San Diego California where my men held me in very high regard.

I love the military, the one I was in, not this watered down version we have now, where men and women go through boot camp together, they are allowing more and more body fat on the recruits, and have probably made the ASVAB much easier than it was. Am I being unfair??? Do I hate women??? Is Marc White a sexist??? Is this too hard on people??? No, of course not silly, put your thinking cap on for a minute please. Our military is a reflection of all of us as a whole, our nation, our values and beliefs, what we do, who is in charge, and many other things, we should take a very good hard look at it, as we need to do with ourselves when we recharge and renew our minds and hearts and souls. We did many things in boot camp which weren’t exactly “fun” but were part of our DUTY, and I capitalize the word because I want you to really see it!!! Duty, honor, respect, team work, fidelity, gratitude, perseverance, determination, fearlessness, courage…these words were taught to us, I taught them to my men, and I will be forever grateful for every second I was there.

I called the Williamson County Tennessee Chamber of Commerce this week, left a voice message, then called back and a very nice lady answered, we had a wonderful conversation but I sort of got the feeling she may not have wanted to talk to me for very long, I could be wrong about that and hope I am. In the course of the discussion, she mentioned to me two words I am hearing more and more, one was “inclusive” and the other was “diversity”, we shall talk about these some in this post because I have a theory, if what they stand for is used the wrong way, it might lead to some very, very, extremely serious problems for a human being, especially in the developmental process of our youth. I bet the WCT Chamber has limits also, let’s say someone shows up extremely intoxicated at an event and starts cursing and using profanity, they will most likely be swiftly exclusively escorted out, haha, I wonder has it ever happened, alcohol can do strange things to people.

Fear, it can be a terrible word, a horrible thing, a gut wrenching experience, fear. Worry and anxiety and stress typically come from fear, but I wonder often where does all of this fear we are hearing about come from??? See something say something??? What does this really mean??? Who came up with the slogan??? When did we all start trying to police each other, or are you, and should we??? I think there was probably a day in America where two men could duke it out in public and nobody called the police, it was just two guys trying to figure out who was the alpha and who was the beta, same things we did in grade school and high school. To my knowledge when I was in school, there were no “officers” or security much if any, breaking up fights was what the male principle did, it was part of the job description, and they could do it trust me, nobody stood in their way either. Fear and more fear, be afraid, it’s in the media, on social media, in city council meetings, coming from mayors, from the police, and has crept into the American psyche like never before.

12:47 PM CST. WOW!!!! WOW!!!! This is so amazing!!! I just had the best time of my whole entire life almost!!!! Incredible!!!! There is no way I could cover what transpired over the past few hours, but I had a joyous time, and spoke to so many people!!! I talked to my neighbor Bill Steen on the city council, asked him to please take down his giant wind chimes, again, I thought I heard him so no, and that is going to have to be OK for today I guess, so I did read all of the Holy Bible King James Version book of John Chapter 15, in the side and back yard, reading out loud, with my hands raised to the sky, there were dark clouds and also blue skies in places, the wind was blowing and mom was there too on the porch!!!! Wow!!!! Then mom went on to church and God told me to go to the square with my big Holy Bible and share the word so that is what I did. I met Mr. Bubba, he sells vegetables, and I told him I would be back to buy some and then give them away!! So much fun!

Just ate a large banana and now going to enjoy some potatoes, not very expensive and oh so good for me, I was about 165.8 pounds on the scale this morning, so when I met with one of my mentors at the square, it was very easy for me to show him my military style squats, he was impressed!! I told him, “I can walk on my hands too” he said I know you can, I have seen you do it, and I was like REALLY, and he was like YES, right out here at the square. Mom is back from church, I am going to ask her how it went, and grab my food!! I think I am going to go for a run but today is a rest day, I have just been so out of balance lately, some exercise is sure to bring me back into center. We have a lot of wind here now, and it did rain some while I was gone, the grass is growing, and we will be a mowing, lol, yesterday I mowed for three hours!! I sat on the bench at the Adairville Market with Mr. Leroy Dickerson, there are 5 brothers, all as nice as anyone could be, and I learn so much there. Talked with Mr. Terry a fellow veteran and Mr. Ronnie who is in the metal recycle business, and saw Jack who owns the store, and a bunch of other people, we laughed and laughed and has so much fun!!! HAHAHA!!!

Visited with Mrs. Terry at the Grape Vine and met a man in there, we had some laughs, and I also went to visit two of my elderly female friends in the city housing, Killer Cupcake the dog lives with one of them, but he is mostly sweet and of course not dangerous at all, ha!! We talked but then the rain came, so I gave each of them some tomatoes and other stuff, they told me “we have been wondering where you were” and I told them I am moving to Williamson County Tennessee but I won’t abandon them and will be back for more visits of course. I also talked to one of my neighbors who was out walking, she received a cantaloupe, she always likes to hear me talk about God and Jesus, she is one of the best neighbors I have ever had, and that is no joke. Mr. Nikki across the way got a large watermelon, we sure appreciate his kindness and being so friendly to us and also mom. I said hello and waved to so many people, I just love people, and of course love being alive but per the Holy Bible I don’t love the world, for whoever loves the world is an enemy of God!!! We live in a fallen sinful world, if you are sinning, then repent, and turn to Jesus!!!

OK, we know what America is, or rather where it is, now we need to look up the word anguish, and Webster says:

“anguish noun an·​guish | \ ˈaŋ-gwish  \ Definition of anguish (Entry 1 of 2)extreme pain, distress, or anxiety, cries of anguish, mental anguish anguish verb anguishedanguishinganguishes Definition of anguish (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verbto suffer anguish He anguished over his failure. transitive verbto cause to suffer anguish, a heart that had been anguished with sorrow .”

I want to invite each and every person who reads this to Adairville Kentucky and the Adairville Market, specifically to the big brown long wooden bench that sits out front, please bring your mask for now, but some there may not care if you have one on or not, these people don’t live in much fear. Depending on who you speak with when visiting, you may or may not hear much if any complaining or blaming or fear mongering, the general consensus seems to be, if you sit there long enough, “everything is OK, it will be OK, people are just people, and life is just life, God is God and Satan is Satan, men are men, and women are women, and kids are kids. Not too complicated right??? Or is it??? Many of the men who sit there are friends, they disagree and sometimes offend one another (but not really), then the next minute they are laughing again, and none of it really mattered, they are on to the next subject or saying hello to the next patrons who walk by. While they all know life can get serious, and things can get very challenging, they tend to keep it light hearted and civilized, they never threaten one another or bully much or have too much hate, I wish more people would come and learn from them.

Smart educated people, with Holy Bible and Godly wisdom know and understand many things, the main one being, that suffering is optional, that is maybe unless you are married to it, or it is your boss, or its living in your basement in your child, or you were taught it in school, or you came out of its belly, yea, your mom. Life is life, and the Bible says we get what we work for, and pray for, and maybe we get some of who we spend our time with each and every day. Hundreds of millions of individuals wake up every day around the earth in the same poverty stricken types of places, some choose to be happy, and others choose to suffer. Same thing with the wealthy, some wake up and decide to be miserable and mean and cruel and power hungry, and others choose to be sweet and kind and truly genuine and nice, also giving and trustworthy and more. Life is about choices, never back yourself into a corner, keep your options open, trust Jesus and read the Holy word, any knowledge we get in this life without a good foundation will only harm us. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, love all people but keep the dangerous toxic sick ones at a distance until they are safe to be around. It is simple, not complicated.

One of my mentors, Mr. Roger King, he told me today that his dad never got past the 1st grade, that man was born in 1918 but he knew a few things about electricity. The story goes that when Mr. King Senior left home and got a job, he was also living somewhere and had a roommate, this is where the synergy and good stuff happens. Apparently both of these men enjoyed learning, so, in real team work fashion, Mr. King taught his roommate electrical stuff and wiring and all that, and his friend taught him how to READ and WRITE and I am sure many other things. They had formed a nice partnership!!!! WOW!!! Can you imagine, it is 1935 or so, no web, no Internet, no cell phones, not much access to STEM, and here these two men decided to teach one another, and stick with it, not just for a few days, but they were probably life long friends. We should all learn from this, from these men, and to go back to a time when things were slower, slow down, think about what is critical for success, teach people, and learn from them, share knowledge, be wise, read and write and do a lot of it.

I had a partnership like that one time, someone taught me math, and I was teaching them English, it was such an amazing time and effort, I decided to ask her to marry me, and she said YES!!! Math, I loved it then and I love it now, and although I am not very good at it, I keep on trying and learning, especially in the world of finances and wealth creation. Who wants to be a slave??? Not me!!! Who wants to own slaves??? Not me again!!!! Who wants to get people to work for free??? Not me, unless they are volunteering, and they completely understand that, and never expect anything more in return. Who wants to work for free??? I do!!! Sometimes I do, for sure, because it helps alleviate fear and worry and stress and the scarcity mentality. What does your boss at work say, your not doing well enough, right??? Well, I say waltz right in there and demand a pay increase!!! Go in there and negotiate!!!! Show THEM who the boss is!!!! Be your own person, don’t keep your head down and never ask questions, the only stupid one is the one you never ask!!! If you company or boss says to be afraid, your in the wrong place, QUIT, walk out and never look back!!! As Christians we are never supposed to fear anyone or anything except the Lord and or God!!!

I love the water I truly do, also the mountains, this is one of the things about south Logan County Kentucky I have never enjoyed, there are no mountains and the only water body near me is the creek and small river, nothing major here at all. Do we get to pick where home is??? No, we don’t. Most everyone thinks of one place as home, usually where we are born or spent our childhood, some people can move away and be fine and never look back or come back, others can never get away or want to, then there are those of us in between I guess, and maybe I fall into that category. I love my deceased grandparents on my mother’s side very much, and miss them, I also love my mom, very very much, and this is where they all three decided to live, for the entire part of all or most of their lives. Granddaddy came here to farm in 1937 but I am not a farmer, I am a writer, it is what I truly enjoy, almost more than anything, reading and writing, sharing and talking, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been said that farm life is a hard life, but also a good life, there is a lot of truth in this statement, hard sweaty hot work is good for the soul and the mind, helps us sleep at night, and brings gratitude.

The most obvious parts of what might be called anguish for me here in Logan County Kentucky is the lack of large bodies of water, no mountains with valleys and peaks and rushing rivers and streams, and now most all of the large plots of trees have been removed and destroyed by farmers who row crop. We have a lot of high winds now, tornadoes that rip through the farm and property, and a serious amount of greed and hurry has taken hold in many of the farming families that are left. I know many of them suffer and anguish terribly bad, because of statements I hear them make, and the way they interact with me, and their lack of interaction, the old days of being neighborly and stopping in just to say hello are all but wiped away, too “busy” rushing around in slick pickup trucks, chasing that dollar up and down the road which never seems to end. I also suffer here some because it is not MY spot I picked out, my family picked it, and as a true leader I want to pick it, I want to live in MY house, and I have before and I will again soon. I really don’t want to go back to Tennessee, too much crime there, too many uneducated people, I would rather go were STEM is more important, taught and studied, promoted and appreciated.

Here comes more rain!!!! HAHA!!!! Grow grass grow!!!! Who is going to mow??? LOLOL!!!! I am just having fun now, and looking forward to the future, and my upcoming move, I really want some solid Christian neighbors on either side of me if I can get them, and may end up in a Seventh Day Adventist Community somewhere, I like them a lot, they are typically very solid good caring loving people. Are you suffering??? Has someone said something or done something that hurt you??? Now days, instead of “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, we get the feminized broken beta male sissy version, “Let me stop you right there!! You BETTER watch it and listen to me!!! BE AFRAID!! Sticks and stones will get you arrested by the school police and hog tied and beat up and jailed and expelled, but every word matters so be extremely careful what you say or else nobody will “like” you and then you might get beat up and or jailed anyway”. It is so sad, grown men acting like little school girls, wwwwaaaaaa, “I don’t have enough time or money, waaaa”, lolol, come on dude, suck it up why don’t you, your going to make it through another day, grow up, learn to keep a budget, stop living with your face pressed against the window, and ditch the snotty rich “friends”, they are only harming you anyway, get some real friends, not money grubbing selfish neurotic haters.

What is it in the media??? What is this awful message of “life is dangerous”, “you might go to jail”, “be extremely careful”, “nobody can get hurt”, “treat children like they are made of glass”, “it’s Ok to live with your parents”, “you can have sex out of wedlock and nobody cares”, “it doesn’t matter if a woman has had 10 sex partners”, “go on and get divorced, everyone does it”, “just take a drink or eat more pizza and gain weight, everyone is the same now”, “we are all in this together”, “be scared”, “report everyone because the police are good for you”, “be a detective and make the call”, “help fight crime”, “your under investigation”, “harass your neighbor”, “hold a grudge”, “mistreat your brother”, “gay people are no different than anyone else”, “God and Jesus are not that important anymore”, “tailgate everyone and break the limits”, “tattoos are OK and cool and neat and won’t affect your employment and career and future and marriage possibilities”, “it is OK to lie, its no big deal”, “be shifty and aloof and ghost people and be abusive and hate”. Where did these come from??? What is up with all the fear and suffering in our nation??? WHY???

Why do I need to feel like I am some kind of crusader for white people or black people or red people or the stupid NFL or Facebook or even justice or society??? What is so wrong with simply allowing people to live their lives??? Why can’t some people be good neighbors???? Hate. What a terrible thing inside a man’s heart and mind and soul…hate. People who are in pain and suffering in anguish, they often lash out and strike without warning, many times they don’t even realize they are doing it. Bad habits bread more bad habits, fear leads to anger and aggression and frustration, anger leads to hate, hate leads to anxiety, anxiety leads to more fear, and the crazy wheel keeps on a spinning for many of you, nobody can break this awful vicious cycle but you and God and Jesus and holy divine intervention. Why not pick up your Holy Bible right now???? Many great lessons in life are in it!!!! Truth!!! The truth shall set us free!!! Amen!!!! Anger and hate will never set anyone free, they lead to a life of bondage and mental illness and childish behavior, grow up and be happy, it is a state of mind, not money in the bank.

I see you, I see you clearly, I see your suffering, nope, you can’t hide it, you wear your tells on your sleeve, in your walk, the way your feet move, in your glances, the way you look at the ground when I speak to you, the uneasiness in your voice, it is in the way you talk about people all the time instead of having your own original great deep thoughts, I hear it through your complaining and blaming and fear mongering, the way you just repeat what other slaves say, I feel it when you tail gate me, I know it when you belittle others, people hear it in your condescending remarks, the games for power and control, it is in your monthly budget that will never be large enough to fulfill those selfish dreams in the nights as you lay there alone, wanting, desiring, plotting, taking, never happy, always wanting more, feeling like a failure, living in confusion, angry about not understanding, wanting and needing answers that never come, hating. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I picture you, you are the living picture, but I think maybe you you suffer needlessly, you choose to suffer, anguishing, slowly shriveling up into nothing. We are only dust, and to the dust we shall return, better get things straight now, there will be a day of reckoning and judgement.

Am I a great man??? I don’t know, it is not my place to call myself a great man, but I do know that God is great, and anyone who is ashamed of Jesus, then He will be ashamed of YOU when we stand before our Father God Abba!!! I call upon the powers of God, NOW, to bless every single person reading these words, to end their suffering, and their hate, and their maniacal chaotic lies of darkness and deceit, for the Holy Spirit to enter into their ears and nose and eyes and mouth and heart and mind and lives and soul!!!!!! DO IT NOW FATHER!!!!!!! In the name of Jesus Christ I am pleading, help these people Father, we trust you, NOT MONEY!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!! NOT MONEY!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!! NOT ONLY EDUCATION!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!! NOT ONLY REAL ESTATE!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!! NOT ONLY SOY BEANS AND TOBACCO!!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!! NOT ONLY OUR PARENTS!!!!! And a man’s foes shall be those of his own household!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!! Simple!!! The truth shall set us free!!!! Don’t answer that question!!!! Tell the truth!!!!! Leave!!! Hang up!!! Say NO!!!! Learn to say NO!!!! No to greed!!!! No to hate!!!! No to control!!!! No to living above your means!!!! No to people who ignore!!!! No to abuse!!!! No to the salesman!!!! No to advertising!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!! Amen!!!!

OK, have a great night!!!!! Offended much????? HAHAHA!!!! Waaaaaaaa, if you don’t want to hire us, it does not matter, I probably don’t want you for a client anyway, I deal with high level wealthy people, those in poverty, and many in the middle, but I don’t deal with haters and those who spew profanity and those who never have enough and those who treat us badly and wrong. Suck it up buttercup, don’t worry, your little fragile snowflake wings won’t melt off just yet, that day is reserved for a day at the lake, gonna be real HOT that day, be smart, read.

Mr. Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO MOG