Into The Hands

Have you ever read something that IMPACTED you, I mean REALLY grabbed you, perhaps a famous quote from someone you admire, a teacher, a professor, a wealthy person, a business man, a mentor, your mom, your uncle, your child, a minister?? I know how that goes, I truly do, for I so love the written word. I believe, with all my heart, that words are akin to bombs, they have the ability to blow someone to pieces, but then they are also like flowers or a soft touch, they can bring soothing much needed peace and tranquility. Although Marc William White has accomplished many things, all I ever wanted, deep down, was to be a writer, I was taught to read by people who also love words, the exchange of ideas, intellectual adults, this has served me very well through life and continues to do this.

Looking back now, I would hope one of the main reasons I wanted to write, and still do, is because there are things that need to be said, too many wonderful people in this world, in my life both past and present, can’t “find their own voice” or when they do, they suffer from fear of reprisal when they speak and share, perhaps it is the judgment others pass that keeps them holding their tongue. As America, this once mighty great nation of free men and deep thinkers falls deeper and deeper into the gutted bleeding hemorrhaging carcass of STEM score murder and rape and suicide, becoming dumber and dumber, we all hear some of the same words repeated, again and again and again. As if we are a dying soldier, chest blown open, whispering “mama, mama, maaamaaa” knowing the end is only seconds away.

There have been many people who commented on this blog to me, about my spelling, my grammar, my sentence structure maybe, the topics I choose, how I talk about the human body, telling me nobody cares, that people don’t come here and read, how I should not do this or that, or say this or that, that many think I am “different”, most of these individuals are women, one is a police officer. America seems to be dying, people sort of tell me this, they are very concerned about our future, but isn’t this what most women do??? Are we not being feminized and producing multiple generations of effeminate “men”, weak cowardly young males, wondering around aimlessly, doing nothing significant, their words as empty as their minds, confused, upset, irritated, depressed, seeking worldly fame and power but never achieving it, and even if you gave them some, it would never be enough.

Have you ever looked at your hands? No, I mean REALLY looked at them, studied them, contemplated them, thought of all the places they have been, what they have seen, who they have touched, women they have caressed, men they have cooked for, what they have held, the experiences they have been through, the joy they helped bring, the tears which have flowed through them, the times they held your head up, and the moments they couldn’t. My hands have scars all over, I have broken both as well, torn the ligaments, hurt them, injured them, pinched and crushed, bumped them against grinders requiring stitches, smacked and stained them, been electrocuted, and a long list of other things. These weathered and worn hands have seen a lot, they truly have but something is missing see, a couple of very important points.

What are these points I speak of? Two things my hands will probably never experience are giant nails, you know like spikes, big long thick solid metal nails, driven right through my palms, and into a solid object, wood, a wooden cross. No, I am not God, but God is in me, I am part of God, the creator of all life, His awesome power flows through me, I call upon His loving power now, as I type this for you, so please pay attention brothers and sisters, we are going to say a few things, words, which should mean something to you, if you are breathing and alive, and half way rational and sane, they should mean at least a tiny bit of something, move you a certain way, get you to think and feel more, to possibly change your view, maybe have more hope, and where there is hope, there can be faith.

Did you pray on your knees this morning my friend??? Its a new day, did you stop and think of Jesus Christ??? Not only did Jesus sacrifice His loving tender hands for you and your family, your happiness and your food, your time and your “busy” life, your quest for fame and power, and everything you are and do, He gave his entire life, His life, His breathing and His laughter, His time and His tears, His attention and His ear, His hugs and His thoughts, all for you. No??? You didn’t pray yet??? Well, we can do that now see. Why don’t you stop reading for a second, and get down and pray, you can do that with us here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, on this page, in this day and moment, just lay your burdens down, I would imagine they are heavy. The world can be a heavy thing, your shoulders won’t support the weight, take a break and pray.

I have been told by some people “I can’t write like you can Marc”, but what you are saying is “I can’t write like God”, the reality is God writes these posts, not me, it is His work, His time, His message, for all of the world to hear, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are 4, only 4 books, these basically repeat themselves, and they contain the gospel of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world. Is it wrong for me to believe and say that God writes these blog posts?? Well, grasshoppers, some people out there, and many reading these, believe that only they are right, about everything, these poor lost souls suffer gravely from mental illness, depression, anxiety, fear, selfishness, pride, gluttony, envy, greed, and a thousand evil maladies. What we should try and realize is, how wrong we truly are, about so many things, I understand you want and need answers, it is part of why you come here to read but God tells us we don’t receive many of them here on earth, yet, this will come in the future.

After I prayed on my knees this morning, I thumbed through my King James Holy Bible to a random place, it fell open, my eyes were closed, and I touched the page, it landed on this, “And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: it is enough, the hour is come; behold, the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.” KJV Mark 14:41. Into the hands of sinners He says, betrayed, and what does that mean exactly??? You know this feeling little one, you know this exact feeling, we all do, very much so. How about when you first meet someone, this is what I thought about as soon as I woke up this morning. Betrayal. The death of possibilities. The destruction of friendship. The murder of happiness. The raping of innocence. The bullying of a stranger who could have been a life long source of supportive words or care in the time of need.

You were betrayed right?? You met someone, as I have done and did, then before you even realized it was happening, this human being used words, to slice you open, to attack your body with slashes as a sword cuts through human flesh, cutting you, hurting you, puncturing your mind, gouging your eyes, painfully attempting to kill you. Not only was it their words, it was their body language, their eyes, the way they faced you, their march across their lawn as madness filled their thoughts and rage enveloped their constitution, ready to pounce and destroy you, their hands balled up in fear and anger, out of control, with Lucifer at the helm, Jesus no where in sight, and God watching and listening to all that is being played out. Your trust, was betrayed, you did nothing wrong and you know this, you were attacked, without provocation or cause. You face this all day every day, and you know it, in almost every single interaction.

Just as Jesus Christ was betrayed into the hands of sinners, so are you my friends, and He teaches us in His gospel that no matter what happens to you, He went through it first, for you, with you, and so did His disciples, and so have many of the prophets. My own brother told me “you are no prophet, you are just a man” but why can’t Marc White be a prophet, I believe my brother can be one, and you can be one also my friends, maybe you are already, you just might be “busy” doing other things, you know worldly things, selfish things. There is a lot of noise pollution in the world, it is here on the corner where I am typing this, very loud noise, all around us, can’t you hear it??? No??? Why??? Well, maybe it is the noise of the world, that is drowning out your ability to not only hear the gospel of Jesus, but also the actual noise its self. The only way we can hear the truth, is if we listen, this requires some silence, maybe a lot of silence in your case???

This friendship, this relationship, this new beginning you thought would bring so many benefits, so much fun, so many possibilities, a whole new world, a new way of life, hope, so much hope, and now, look at it, dying, painfully dying, or already dead, rotting in the hot sun, stinking, flesh falling off the bone. How can we stop it???? What can we do to stop disappointing one another??? How can we be “better” people?? Well, we can not see. It is not possible. We fall and we fail, we fail one another, we are born into a world of iniquity, and the iniquity is inside us, in your heart, your mind, grossly unfair. There is only one who can change this, change you, give you the spiritual open heart surgery we need to not only save us, but save a relationship and friendship from betrayal, His glorious name is Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, you are not in the light, you are in darkness, already dead, lifeless, betraying every single person you come into contact with.

I have accomplished nothing on my own, for all I am is dirt, and I am a dirty rotten sinner, as you are also, but there is a thing called being reborn in the spirit, and of the water, and until you are reborn my friend, you can not, and will not, walk in the truth and light, there is no way, for it is not possible. After rebirth, you will be working on repenting, and changing your habits, GOD Himself will change your habits, and your addictions, and in this process you may feel as if you are dying and falling apart but being born can be painful, frightening, and very uncomfortable indeed. Don’t give up. Never stop trying. Don’t quit on yourself, don’t quit on God, never give up on Jesus, and always have hope for what you think are dead relationships and friendships. Life is full of change, change is the only constant I have read, while we do know, and can know much of what is coming in the future, life is full of sweet surprises. Maybe today instead of wanting to chop Marc White, and maybe Jesus Christ, or your potential relationship with Him, into little pieces, you can entertain thoughts of burying the hatchet.

You have curiosity, I know grasshopper, this is normal before your rebirth, don’t be overwhelmed, all of our students go through this, you are on the right track. You want to walk near my house, you want to come inside my house, you want to know who owns my house, you might want to blow up my house, but as for me and my family, in my house, we serve the Lord, Jesus Christ. This is why you are so curious, you are trying to understand the Holy Bible, and the power of God, all of life, the earth, the people, the animals, the trees, how it all works, the universe, the stars, how your pet feels and thinks, what people are doing, where to go, who to be, what to say, and we can help you. What you seek is in the word of God, and the word is in Marc White, for Jesus promises you, you dear broken child, that he will write His laws upon your precious beating heart, never doubt His promise, never doubt it.

Anger, the anger inside you, because of what you perceive to be offensive words Marc White has spoken to you, was there long before we met, that anger and hostility is not from me, or from Jesus, but from Lucifer the fallen angel. Satan is harassing you, the same way you might be harassing me, he is causing much destruction and chaos in your life, and the moment you stop laying claim to your life, something that was never yours to begin with, the sooner all of that wretched poisonous anger and hostility can come out of you, and you will be relieved of your afflictions and selfishness and anxiety and pride. Look at your hands, when was the last time they held the word of God??? When was the last time your hands were used to say something that truly mattered??? They say a painting or picture is worth a thousand words, but there is one word above all else, that word is God, then there is the word Jesus, then there is the word love.

Love is forgiveness, love is sacrifice, and Jesus gave it all for you my friend, through pain and suffering and tears, those Roman soldiers, took an innocent person, a man, in the flesh, just like our flesh, and drive those giant steel nails through His soft tender loving palms. He did this for you!!! Jesus died for you!!!! What will you give Him in return today???? What will you actually DO for Jesus???? Love is not just a feeling, Hollyweird is weird because it is full of sin and destruction, love is also a verb, maybe love is only a verb. Words mean a lot, they truly do, but don’t buy into the garbage many people are selling, don’t lose your sanity, and waste your time, worrying about every word you write and speak, what we DO, action trumps words, never forget that. First rule of the playground, when men were more in charge, and never forget this class, “sticks and stones, may break my bones…” Right??? RIGHT!!!! Maybe all roads lead to Rome, maybe your Sunday worship leads to hate, maybe your Sunday preacher is a cardinal or a bishop or wants to be the pope???

I know, you walk along the street alone, and are afraid to make eye contact with me very much, then, when you are ganged up some, with other people who also don’t know Jesus, you stare at me some, but then you look away, why??? It is because you are still afraid, but I am nothing to be afraid of see, what you fear is Jesus, because deep down you know, you realize, your on the wrong track. I pass by, and you won’t even look at me, don’t be frightened, these are the eyes Jesus wants you to see, full of light and hope and faith, you can have eyes like this too, just give up, all that is required is that you give up. Stop fighting, stop holding on. The cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things, they choke the word of God. Your lust for power and money and control, they choke the word. Jesus said he brought the sword, but those who live by the sword and draw the sword, the wrong sword, will die by the sword.

I have a sword, it is the sword of truth, of light, of power, of Jesus, of God, and it will divide, because I have been told by God to do this, to help divide. Which side will you stand on today brothers and sisters??? The side of darkness, of bullying, of fear, of money grubbing, or prominence, of fame, of pride, of trying to “be somebody”, of control, of hate, of irritation, of trespass, of feminism, of women ruling over men, of booze, of porn, of materialism, of consumerism, of selfishness, of sin, of hate filled people, of dark destructive angels, and of Satan??? Or will you stand on the side of happiness, dignity, honor, fidelity, commitment, honesty, forgiveness, community service, honoring veterans and disabled veterans, assisting the elderly, helping a child, telling people to stay married, saving money, living below your means, staying out of debt, the holy bible, love, light, the holy spirit, the angels of light, Jesus, and God??? Jesus took the nails, will you take the time??? Can you find your sword???

I will close now. One day, these hands, these scarred up, beat up, abused and bullied hands of Marc White, they will stop typing and writing and doing, and they will rest, in the grave, laying quietly beside me. Motionless. Dark. Quiet. The sounds of this world will be above me, not under me, not around me, but muted, off in the distance more, and I will hear not a single word. I can go there now in my mind, in my heart, into my grave, and it won’t be long, there I will be, no more life, no more chances, no more second chances, no more opportunities to hug, no more sweet kisses, no more pain, no more sorrow, no more loneliness, no more hunger, no more tears, no more love, no more bible, no more repentance, no more apologies to God for failures. Can you picture your own self there my friend??? Well, I guess we had better do a little more, more good then, so let us start now. I want you to call someone right now, someone you care about, and just tell them you care, and that you are there for them, and be sure to mention Jesus Christ, I shall do the same, now go…do it for God, do it for me, do it for the Kingdom, do it for your salvation, do it for Jesus, I place you in His loving hands, now go. Be the light, be the way, be the truth…