New Way Of Thinking

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Hello and good morning amazing team members, wonderful clients, incredible family members, and all brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!! Happy Sabbath!! It’s Saturday, not Sunday!! 🙂 I just prayed down on my knees, it was ” Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” Many people call that “The Lord’s Prayer” but I don’t think it specifically names it that in the Bible, apparently it was the Roman Catholics who started calling it that, and you know they did many things, and made lots and lots of changes.

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, he teaches us, as many wise people have through the centuries, that we can’t get to where we want to be, by doing the same things over and over, if they aren’t currently leading us there or in that direction. He speaks of maps, if the map is wrong, we will never get to our destination, makes sense to me for sure. Part, and perhaps a very large part of many people’s “problems” is they don’t even care about looking at a map to begin with, they truly believe they understand the route, they don’t need help, they will find the way, they just “know” what to do, what to say, who to be, and how to live. My friends, this is an extremely ineffective way to go through this life, and can, and usually will lead to unhappiness, stress, hate, bullying, fear, over spending, and ruin.

Have you ever heard the expression “ignorance is bliss”, ever believed it?? I have always, always questioned that statement, it is not correct, nor is it accurate, it will fail you, and probably turn you and your family and children into life long financial debt slaves leading to endless anxiety, stress, and emotional turmoil. OK, so lets say we have a human being with an IQ of about 80, this person falls into the severely handicapped category per the medical community and society as a whole. They are usually not going to be aware of how to make and save and invest money, and as long as they have food, maybe it will be blissful, until the food runs out. Same with shelter, they will feel fine, until they sleep in the rain or freezing cold a few nights, then the bliss will evaporate. My question is, are YOU ignorant?? Are you?? What information will you take in today, that will elevate you, increase your chances of having food and shelter and clothing and transportation, and what are you taking in that will derail that and destroy it??

One of my neighbors told me, as in trying to give advice to me, “It just never ends Marc, it just never ends” in referring to daily tasks and work and home maintenance, but this level of thinking leads to an empty life, sad and agitated, anxious and aggressive, fearful and unstable, and he, and you, and myself, and anyone else, won’t enjoy what is waiting there, trust me. It ended for me, last night when the sun went down, for 24 full hours, the pressure is off, I am obligated only to REST, for God, because he COMMANDS me to do so, so yea it “ends”. God tells us, in the Holy Bible, to work 6 days a week, not just for money, ALL of our work, on and off the clock, 6 days a week, but sometimes, if we are sick, or depressed, or overwhelmed, we will need more time off.

I am a disabled person, I have been disabled a very long time, this has impacted my ability to keep gainful employment, to focus, to achieve, to find success, to handle money, to have love and a wife, and many many other things and experiences. I read on a website one time, I think it was from a lawyer, who said, “if you are on disability, never tell anyone, and never post anything online about it, and don’t tell your neighbors or get to know them.” Really??? Can we say fear monger??? I can see it now, “I pledge allegiance to the Fear of the United States of America, and to the Mongers for which it stands, one Nation under Lucifer, completely divisible, with hate and financial debt for all.” NO!! Don’t be afraid my brethren, only, only fear God!! Only a bully wants you to be afraid, a weak person, and bullies are low life cowards, don’t fall for the trap young men and women.

You have met that person right??? You know them well. They might be in your house as I type this. You may live next door to them. The boss at work might be her. The guy at the gym could be him. The fearful man and or woman, and one of the sad ways they attempt to cope, is by being a “know it all”, no matter how much time you spend talking to them, or how deeply you try and get to know them on a basic emotional and mental and spiritual level, they have the answers, even if they say they don’t. What they are attempting to do, is distract you and everyone else, so you never really get to know them deep down, they are always “busy” and need to go, always attempting to speak from a position of authority, always complaining and blaming. These lost souls are aloof, shifty, slippery, and most have not a single real friend in the whole wide world.

Yesterday, I was speaking with someone at the square, he told me Dale Carnegie said something like “A man only gets 1 friend”, or “a man only needs 1 friend”, or “if a man gets 1 friend in life he is blessed”, then he said he has his wife and Jesus, 2 friends, and basically that is all he wants or needs. Carnegie wrote the book How To Win Friends and Influence People, this is the book Charles Manson took a class in, studied, learned, and utilized, to start his own murderous cult that went on to torture and slaughter no less than 9 innocent human beings, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child, with possibly dozens more linked to them. You can find the crime scene photos online, if you dare, you can see how horrifically powerful and manipulative Manson became, after utilizing that book. The Carnegies were some of the wealthiest people in America, and this is no surprise see, at all, not at all.

New thinking, yes, we need some of that. The true MOG, Man of God, is NOT an aloof individual, at all, he is as real as they come, will look you straight in the eyes, he will not cower down or be afraid, he is not in a hurry or pathetically “busy” with worldly tasks and home improvement and business and money nor does he allow a wife or a boss or anyone to run him all over the place 7 days a week. The early ministry of Jesus Christ clearly was hijacked by bullies, by cowards, by power hungry people, by selfish men and women, maybe by some city council members, maybe by lawyers, possibly priests and judges, maybe by the “great” (no not really) Caesar himself. Why?? Why would a city council member, or a police officer, or a governor or anyone want to do that to Jesus Christ, to beat and torture the Lamb, nail Him to a cross, and kill Him and murder Him??? Selfishness, that is why, power, self, control.

As you go through life, young men especially, pay very close attention, very close, to people who are “aloof”, this means you can never quite figure them out entirely, you may try, but it will never happen, then all of a sudden BINGO, you will realize you are dealing with a very, VERY dangerous, ungodly, selfish, sick, mentally ill, bully, coward, and evil person. God and Jesus are never aloof, ever, and Jesus teaches us to be Godly, through His loving kind wonderful gospel. You may be a sneaky, aloof, dangerous, selfish, cowardly bullying liar right now, this is clearly because you have not been reborn in the Holy Spirit yet and maybe not baptized in the water, your still holding on to this world and your “busyness”, but this can and will be completely wiped away, after divine intervention steps in and you are converted. It may be a new way of thinking for you, but learn to see people for their fruits, by their fruits ye shall know them. “Busy” means not Godly, busy means selfish, busy means lost.

What is wrong with working but not feeling pressured and “busy”??? What is the pressure from??? Why are you so stressed out??? Not enough money??? Why??? If you don’t slow down, your going to just keep hurting yourself financially and emotionally and mentally and spiritually, and causing pain and suffering everywhere you go and in every life you touch, this is evil. Prepare for the end of life now, it won’t be money you are concerned with, when you are on your death bed, about to make your final “busy” departure my brothers and sisters. Here in our business we call this getting “centered”, and Covey teaches about these too in The 7 Habits, the only way to get centered, and stay centered, is through the creation and maintenance of correct principles, the things that NEVER change, never misfire, never are afraid, never bully, never trespass, never hate, and never fail!!! If your life is a “mess” then so is your mind and body, principles will be your saving grace, if you make them habits.

I just went and urinated, and here in the blog, we talk about colons, you know, that thing your poop comes out of. For some reason, and I don’t know why, our Mayor Donna Blake told me, and I don’t recall her exact language, but basically I should not, or she thinks I should not talk about poop and colons and body parts here in the blog. Why??? Jesus teaches us, it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles us, it is what comes out. All of the messy mess which exits our bodies, is a tell tale sign of things to come in our futures and maybe immediately. Our urine and our poop tell a story, what is yours telling you?? I had a pretty severe case of diarrhea this morning, I have not been eating right, not enough salad and green, too much processed food, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, too much stress, and way, way too much caring about the world, and many of the mean hateful people who used to be in my life or may be currently. What is on YOUR toilet paper?? Is it messy??? Something is not right, you can change that, and you should, we can help if you will just read the blog and keep coming back.

When the colon is happy, the body is happy, when the stomach is happy the mind is happy, when the feet are happy, the soul is happy, when the hands are happy, the subconscious is happy, when the budget is happy, the wallet is happy, when the man is happy, the wife is happy (or she should be), when or day of rest is happy, God is happy, when God is happy with us, we can be completely truly happy. Finding calm, and peace, happiness and tranquility, relaxing moments and real health, trust and solid principles that work is what separates the low life evil nasty bully cowards in life who never accomplish anything worth talking about, from those of us with unshakable immovable everlasting eternal success and wealth and contentment. The fountain of content doesn’t spring up in your garden, or in your investment account, or in your wife, or in your children, or in another needless idiot trip to Low’s Home Impoverished Center or Home Credit Depot, it springs up in the mind, then the heart, and then daily habits. What we say. What we do. Every day, all day.

Have you turned on your cell phone today??? IKR, every morning, first thing right?? Me?? No way, not all day so far. Why??? Why would I “have to”??? Well, we don’t see, these are just habits, and maybe, just maybe, it is YOU following the Sheeple of society, that has you all messed up brothers and sisters. Clearly, the principles that make up the “character ethic” in The 7 Habits, the same ones that built this nations roads and dams and bridges and cell towers and universities and so much more, are quickly dying or are already murdered and destroyed. Who is responsible?? What happened and why??? Where will it lead us???? How “bad” will it get??? Are we “all in this together”??? Do you want “my” land and my money and my life??? Is your ignorance paying off now??? Can you even figure out how to read a cash flow chart and do you even care??? How much “juice” did you pay to the wealthy last month or last year or in the past 10 years??

It is raining now, a nice break from the heat, and our garden in OUR backyard needs the water, yes we own it, no it is not for sale. Increasingly, I am confronted by people who WANT, and I mean REALLY REALLY want our land and our houses and our money, and who knows, maybe some of them want to nail Marc White to a cross, and kill me and murder me, like they did Jesus Christ. Have you ever had anyone tell YOU that “you are not God” or “you are not Jesus” or “you are not a prophet you are just a man”???? No???? Well, maybe you are not living a holy Godly life my friend, maybe you don’t profess Jesus and His Gospel enough. It seems that all roads may still lead to Rome, and if anyone is too “Christ like”, they are a deemed a serious threat by anyone in a position of any authority at all. I received an email from a “pastor” today, I sent them one yesterday, and I signed it Marc White USN-RET, in their reply to me, there was not one mention of my service to this country or to their own personal freedom, not a single mention, nor was there a mention of Jesus Christ or God. It was as I sort of expected, most people are very predictable, if we pay attention closely, and allow God to lead us.

Hey, lets go “do something”, lets go have “fun”. Sure, that all sounds wonderful, sometimes, but can we move into a new way of thinking and instead of acting like and behaving like and talking like children, can we use a budget before we leave the house please??? The financial budget, is like the emotional budget, and the emotional bank account Covey mentions, over draw the account, and there are serious penalties involved. Ever met a draining person??? You know, a slimer. After you interact with them, you need to take a shower, and wash off all the hate and anger and demeaning comments and snide looks and frustration and unhappiness. Are you that person??? Instead of making a deposit and investment into a human life, someone God created, is all you do just make withdraws??? Cheaters never prosper, takers never succeed, liars cause endless destruction, and those who embrace the scarcity mentality are destined to see the cup as half full, and their cup is probably on a 30 year mortgage at 7% interest.

People who tell you one thing, then do another, habitually, are mentally and spiritually ill, broken lost souls, stumbling around in the dark. I meet them every day almost, if I spend time around them, and it is never fun, at all, they are not happy people, and it sucks, really sucks to be anywhere near them or to communicate wit them. As a society, our children are being programmed for failure, and they are failing, and so are we, and our dams will fall, our buildings will fall, our roads will fall, our bridges will fall, our morals will fall, our scruples will fall, and fall further and further into financial ruin and debt and slavery. You can either be free, a free man, like I am and be completely debt free, or you can be a slave, the moment you borrow a penny, you become a slave to that debt, and the lender who made the loan. An old way of thinking, that should be a new way now, is to live below your means, and if you can’t pay cash, you literally can not afford it, done, over, completed, final.

As stated, many people, especially women and progressive “educated” feminists, truly deeply believe they don’t need a map in life, they are just too smart, but maybe you are your own worst enemy. Did you write the best selling book in all human history, the Holy Bible??? No??? Then what makes you the authority on life??? Did you write a book that has sold almost 30 million copies??? No??? Then why not get more knowledge that what is floating around in that mostly empty thing you call a brain?? The data tells the story, the numbers, the math, much of it is basic addition and subtraction and multiplication and percentages and averages and ratios, there is more but a lot can be done with just those. When you attempt to engage with the average man on the street in America now, math is the last thing they wish to speak about, and Jesus as a close second, mostly they just want to babble on about their own life, always laying claim to something that was never fully theirs to begin with.

At least about 80% of adults in the United States of America, are in financial debt, this represents 167,302,475 people or so, maybe even much higher now after the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic of 2020. Let’s say, it is as high as 85% now, this means that Marc William White USN-RET, a disabled veteran, is in a very, very unique and special class of people, and you can be also brothers and sisters, this is the work of God, and when we do God’s work, He rewards us and gives to us. Nope, you will never get wealthy, Godly wealthy, biblically wealthy, Jesus wealthy on OPM, borrowing Other People’s Money, will send you down the wrong road my Christian brothers and sisters, and I hope all you evil hate filled heathens are paying attention also. Borrowing money to get ahead, will set you back, always, it is a principle of natural law, you can’t change it or break it, but you can break yourself against it, trust me I know about it.

Who comes to the blog here and reads??? Don’t fool yourself, and don’t listen to the naysayers, multiple multimillionaires, lawyers, police officers, politicians, and many individuals with a lot of money and supposed influence are here almost daily if not more. Some of these people are very frustrated, agitated, irritated, and feel threatened by what we post, but they should not feel that way, they are only thinking incorrectly, and if you keep reading, one day God will come into your heart, and I promise, He will wipe everything away, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Our random King James Holy Bible verse for the day class is, “Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.” Micah 7:7 | KJV from Daily Verses Dot Net. Am I a radical??? Maybe some think I am, they thought the same things about Jesus Christ, as they murdered and tortured and killed my wonderful Savior and Leader and Light. I am a warrior for Christ, and just like you couldn’t kill Him, you can’t kill me, no way, ever.

Something is in the Kool Aid in America, question is, what is it, and who put it there? Conspiracy nut job??? Really??? OK. Go ahead, call me more names, it has no affect on me, it is ineffective, because I am effective, cause I read the book and learned it and teach it, you on the other hand have been skipping classes see. Is it Jim Jones??? He gave out Kool Aid and killed around 1000 people, but he is dead now, so, no it is not Jim. What is going on??? Why are so many Americans so ANGRY???? Why???? I mean come on, what happened to gratitude for being born here??? OH. I see now. You aren’t educated, you don’t know any STEM, you hardly made it through high school, and now, your ignorance has turned your bliss into rage and anger and violence because you can’t afford another big screen, you can’t afford a nicer car, you can’t afford another useless “vacation”, you can’t afford 10 more Big Macs this week, you can’t afford that “hot” female, you can’t afford to keep mama “happy”, you can’t afford gas for the car, you can’t afford health care or insurance or medications, you can’t afford 27 more useless yard decorations or potted plants or bird baths, you can’t afford your alcohol and your marijuana and your crack and your cocaine and your heroin and your tattoos right????

Poor Camp Dirtville, collectively not brave enough to be an American Indian and fully embrace the nomadic camping natural lifestyle that is healthy and nice and fun and debt free, but not civil enough, or smart enough, or holy enough, to gain entry into any STEM program and actually work together and make real progress that includes all citizens within its boundaries and borders and limits. Just too much hate I guess, too much isolation, too much junk food, too much booze, too many drugs, too much bad leadership, too many greedy people, too much time separated from professors who truly care, too much time outside of the right maps in the Holy Bible, too much time ignoring Jesus and His gospel, too much selfishness, too much feminism, too much greed, too much evil, and of course too much Lucifer. I may be wrong but I count SIX, 6, basically full time employees, all WHITE, all Caucasian, not a single person of color, not a red man, not a black man, not a yellow man, three men, three females, ALL white, all of them!!! Is it wrong??? You tell me. It seems to me the most genuine people here are those of color, they treat me with the utmost respect and dignity, and I appreciate it.

There needs to be a new way of thinking, and there will be, because I am part of the voice of change, and much does need to change here in the camp, and in America as whole. I am going for a walk now, but I will be back later, and finish up this post. I am really looking forward to putting up a large fence one day soon here, and walling off that side of our yard, and leaving here, turning this whole structure into rental property most likely, and leaving the hate and the anger behind yet again. I see myself on top of a mountain some, and many drives into town, and in a city condo some, and drives out of town, and by the beach and other places. Thank God, thank you father God, thank you dear Abba, thank you from the bottom of my soul Yahweh, that I will not need or have to stay in Camp Dirtville, it was a temporary move, and the 5 years is up, but mom is here, and we will build that wall or fence, and start organizing. I will be back later. Now get out your bible and read it class, there will be a quiz later on. HAHA!!!! 😉

The Dickerson brothers here in the camp are so very polite and friendly, I just had the honor of spending time with three of them, and one of their nephews, up at the “BP” or local store. In all, there are 5, and they had 15 children or so, an average of 3 children each, such blessed men and families. Mom says she knew there mother, and she was very polite also, friendly, honorable, with dignity and intelligence, obviously she did a great job helping to raise her boys and family. We joke around a lot, about life and experiences, the camp and the farms, the past and the future, its never a dull moment I tell ya, and we have a lot of laughs together. Mr. Leroy and I talk quite a bit, he is one of my mentors, says he never went past the 4th grade in school, but he received a tremendous education from somewhere, a lot of hard work he says, and I certainly agree, I have done and do my share. A lot of white people think a man needs to drive himself in the ground to be a good man, that’s just not true, nor is it biblical at all.

I told Mr. Leroy today, “it won’t be long now, we will all be out in the country side, pushing up the daises and weeds and grass”, and he said “yup, a ground hog will be bringing you your mail”, and we laughed, lolol. I believe he gets a kick out of me coming around and learning from him, I know I do, and I would love it if more people were more truly genuine like him, especially those who work for the city, and on the city council. There is no reason to hate, “hate is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die”, and I really believe that. I hate no man. Do I dislike their actions? Yes, some of them, sometimes a lot, but I know that people who bully are broken humans, and they need love too, we can try to give it but in the end, only the lonely bully can change, it takes divine intervention, it requires the love of Jesus and the power of God. The Dickerson brothers, sometimes, enjoy just passing the time, sitting and saying hello to the many people who come and go from the store, it is nice to sit with them and be part of it, I appreciate their company, and being part of their group.

On the way back from the store, as I turned slowly onto High Street, and was going towards the house well below the speed limit of 25 mph, there appeared a light sky colored balloon, about a foot in diameter, that sort of gently floated across the road in front of me. All of a sudden, my mind and heart were struck, instantly overwhelmed with sadness and grief, bewilderment and anger, depression and elation, endless possibilities and dead end empty holes. I used to actually LOVE balloons, I remember now as I sit here and type this, I was a child, and I adored and loved balloons. To me, a balloon was a symbol of happiness, light, free, fun, celebration and victory, it meant something good was going on, maybe a party, someone’s birthday, cake and cards, candles and toys, gifts and friends, my grandparents would be there, my mom, my brother, maybe relatives, kids from the neighborhood and my class in school. Then, my childhood, and things as simple as a young boy loving balloons, so innocent and pure, unadulterated, unspoiled, unpolluted, was destroyed, crushed, taken, and stolen, by a piece of filth child abusing coward bully.

As that single soft blue balloon floated across the street, I tried to love balloons again, but struggled, for now I am a man, dealing with other men, or are they?? Life would be so much easier for me, and for children, if men would act and think and speak and be true Christian men, working for Jesus and the gospel and God. I would imagine, most life long bullies are child beaters, child harassers, child abusers, child molesters, child rapists, child murderers, and they do the same thing to women, and the elderly, and the disabled, and disabled veterans, and animals and their pets, anyone and everyone weaker then themselves, a softer target, someone smaller, someone not in a position of authority as their own, someone who smiles and waves, someone who laughs and is happy, because the bully is never happy, and will emotionally and mentally and spiritually and maybe even physically kill anyone and everything, because Lucifer dwells in their heart. Hate. It is the creed of the pathetic a$$hole bully, hate. Destruction and pain is their game, driven by Satan himself.

What are we taught about bullies, besides the fact that they are nothing but cowards?? What is the old way, and what could be the new way??? Maybe the new way we are taught is to live in fear of the bully, to cower down, and keep our mouths shut. One of the old ways we were taught, by kids in the neighborhood who had big strong dads, was to PUNCH the bully right in the face if he touches you. I tell you this here and now, any man, ANY man, who puts his hand on me, so much as a finger, with the intent do do me harm, is going to learn about self defense so quick it will make his head spin right off his evil satanic shoulders. Is love the answer??? Can we love people into civil, mature, Godly, responsible, friendly behavior??? Sure we can, sometimes, but other times the bully needs to be physically restrained, or to go to prison, and they do. I work with men who have been incarcerated, in prison, and they don’t want to go back, it can take the fight right out of a person, and if they are sane, it will. Be civil, don’t bully people, don’t abuse your position of authority, get help, get counseling, pray, talk to a Seventh Day Adventist Pastor, or a Sabbath Keeping Pastor.

I would imagine God, and His angels, and Jesus, tried and tried to talk to Lucifer before they cast him and one third of all the angels down here to this planet, I would think they had many discussions, maybe there were even protests, perhaps rioting, maybe they tore down statues of God that God Himself created. In the end Satan would not listen, he is the ultimate bully, he will never change apparently, and in the end God will DESTROY the devil, and ALL wicked people, and all bullies who never stop abusing their victims. Are you a victim of a bully my friend??? Do you struggle to love balloons like I do sometimes??? Has part of life lost its spark and luster and fun, because you live next door to a hate filled bully, or there is one in your family, or you are married to one, or your mom or dad is one, or you are one??? If so, there is a thing called hope, and where there is hope there is faith, and faith is all we need to get started with this, a tiny, tiny amount of faith, God and His crew will do the rest, abandon yourself to Him, and Jesus and the gospel, miracles will take place, guaranteed.

There are those poor wretched creatures out there, who love their bullies, they are married to them, or it is their child, or their parents, if it is your mom, it can cause a lifetime of sorrow, pain, and failure, and often does. Yes, we are taught to love everyone in the Bible, but God’s word does not say we are supposed to be punching bags, not at all, but rather to divide ourselves out, to walk away, or maybe run away, to get away, and leave some people alone. The new way of thinking I propose is maybe not new at all, maybe it is just common sense, but who is using common sense anymore, or maybe they are. The dumbing down process in America is very real, our murdered STEM scores reflect that, every year, as they fall and fall and fall, down down down, into the same rotten filthy dark bully abyss that Satan is in, down there in the depression and anger and hate and addictions and a million other bad things and emotions and words and actions and looks and trespassing. Love your bully yes, from a distance, leave them alone, don’t interact with them, draw the line, stand your ground, call the police, if that doesn’t work call the state police, if that doesn’t work, go to the FBI if needed. Be a self defender, learn to defend yourself.

Someone sent me an email today, they said they hope that I am “happy”, well, of course I am happy, as much as anyone else, or maybe more, who has been through what I have, and who deals with as many ignorant rough necks as I do. I am happy putting cowards in their place, it brings me great joy to stand my ground, and the more you do it, the easier it gets, and then becomes a habit, second nature, simple, an automatic response, and in today’s social climate in our dying nation, a very much needed one. Want to be broke??? Want to be a debt slave??? Want to be a bully??? Want to harass people??? Why???? YOU are the one who suffers most see, so don’t do that, otherwise you life might get derailed in a very serious way. I write these posts, because God Himself, tells me to write them, they are divinely inspired, whether you want to believe it or not, I don’t care what you believe, I am not Jesus and I am not God, but I do work for them see, and what you believe is your own business, I served for freedom, do with it what you want within the bounds of the laws, but don’t push it OK. Don’t abuse the freedom we give, do not do it, be grateful, learn to stop bullying disabled veterans and the elderly and children.

I am going to find some food and put a wrap on this post, pretty decent sized brain dump, and sermon, and article here. Yea, I know video is popular, but too much video will scramble up your mind, and Facesuck just sucks, that’s why its called Facesuck. A new way of thinking, a better way, a more holy way, a more biblical way, a more Jesus Christ way, a more calm way, a less bully way, a no trespassing way, a grateful way, a way that promotes STEM again, a way that allows young boys to be boys and maybe even duke it out sometimes instead of emasculating them and turning them into effeminate homosexuals that cower down then turn and bully those who are weaker. Women want to be in charge???? One of the main reasons I will leave the camp, is to go somewhere, where there is not a female mayor, no I am not a sexist, or a racist, but I believe men make better leaders, and study after study supports that about 80% of females in the work place feel the exact same way actually!! This thing, this arguing between men and women, women trying to be in a position of authority over men, it is pulverizing America, the ones who suffer most are children, and it needs to stop, soon, now.

A man needs to be a man, even if it means being alone, Jesus never got married or had children but that was His life, we are told to be fruitful and multiply in the Bible. I will never be who you are, or any of you in the camp, want me to be, I will never “be like you”, what is transpiring is this, and you may not realize yet but if you keep coming here and reading, and studying, and taking some suggestions and acting upon them, one day, viola, you will know deep down, you have become like Marc White, it will be your conversion, your rebirth, and God will do it for you, because Marc White is like Jesus Christ, I am not like many of you, nor will I ever be. Jesus Christ was a man, simply a man, and I am a man, just a man too, but a man who knows Jesus, in what I feel is a unique way, because are we not all very unique?? You don’t want to strip me of my individuality do you???? Your not trying to castrate me are you??? NO??? Good!!!! Let me be a man, and I will let you, as long as you stop being a pathetic bully and a coward. If you own me an apology, then make it, I accept apologies all the time. Time to man up bruh, reach deep down, Jesus is the way, the light, I got some batteries, we got you in the hot seat, under the exam light, now it is up to you, ball is on your court. What I can’t be “special”?? Marc White can’t be a “prophet”??? Maybe it is because I am so Christ like that it frightens you but I know the truth, it is the truth that scares you, but it is your quest of the truth that keeps you coming back here, and the truth shall set you free. Welcome to freedom ladies and gents, it is an amazing thing!!!

Have a very nice day everyone, HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! “America, America, God shed His grace on the, and crown they good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea, then the brotherhood ate too many pizzas and too many Big Macs and drank too much coke, blew up to 250 pounds, got 15 tattoos, grew a beard to his chest, is drunk every weekend, created a YouTube channel, bought 3 pit bull dogs, has 5 credit cards, has a 30 year mortgage, has 2 car payments, is paying on multiple student loans, has no insurance, has no pension, has been divorced, has been fired, drives a loud truck, tailgates everyone in sight, hates the world, believes STEM stands for $hit Taters Everywhere Man, and has a matching wife, and a string of hate filled kids.” Poor brotherhood, on life support, we are throwing you a line here, keep reading, we care, love ya man. 10 4, roger out.

P.S. It is 6:55 PM CST, so far today, I have had half a gallon of water, 6 ounces of coffee with organic cane sugar and non dairy creamer, 1 large organic banana, 1 large organic apple, and three smaller sized potato patties, and that is it, that is all, all vegan, all from vegetables and fruits, not a single animal product and no cheese and no dairy and no milk. So far, I have not had a heart attack, not a stroke, not cancer, and no diabetes, I am almost 55 years old, and can walk on my hands, and do pullups, and hang from a bar for over 1 minute. I just weighed myself with nothing on, 169.4 lbs. The ideal weight for my height and age, and medium frame, according to this site is ( ) between 150 to 165 lbs, I only need to lose 4.4 lbs to be back to my ideal weight. This is how we roll, keep it tight dudes, you will thank me in 30 years, if that mortgage and hateful wife don’t get you first. Go big, go vegan, or go home!! Or at least go vegan 3 days a week to start, give the greedy medical community the finger, take control of your own destiny and life.