“All In This Together”

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We are all in this together!!!! https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/18/money-will-run-short-for-many-americans-so-starting-planning-now.html . Only 50% of all Americans say they can cover their bills each month with no difficulty. 80%, and probably more now, have some type of financial debt. 37% feel they have too much debt. 53% feel anxious when talking about personal finance. 44% say their hearts race when discussing money. Look, money, and personal finance, is a numbers game, if you don’t “like math”, and averages, statistics, ratios, addition, subtraction, budgets, deductions, tax documents, multiplications, calculators, and stuff like that, your not going to be very good with money, will never make much money, will never keep much money, and won’t leave any money behind when you go to sleep and wait for Jesus to return. Success with money is part of STEM, science, technology, engineering, and MATHmatics!! Having “fun”, feeling “good”, and partying leads nowhere much of the time, hard work and dedication pays off, give it a try, I guarantee you will get traction. Stop borrowing, suck it up butter cup.

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.bankrate.com/finance/credit-cards/americans-already-in-credit-card-debt-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/ . It is estimated, that since the virus of 2020, about 50% of all US adults now have credit card debt. 59% of all credit card holders entered the COVID-19 pandemic with debt, that equals about 110 million people. 38% of those with CC debt have carried it for less than one year. 56% have carried their CC debt for at least 1 year, and 15% have carried it for more than 5 years. 7% can’t even recall how long they have been in CC debt. 26% said they use CC debt for groceries, utilities, child care, and necessary items. 13% of CC holders say medical bills is what they use their cards for. Credit cards are how the wealthy get wealthy, and you go broke and stay poor, reverse it on them, cut them up and never use them again. If some drone, over weight, fat idiot offers you credit, tell them NO, and NO thanks, walk away from them if you can and want to or need to.

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-mortgages/average-u-s-mortgage-size-hits-record-high-354500-mba-idUSKBN1QU1VA . The average mortgage size has hit an all time high of $354,500.00. The average interest rate on that loan is 4.6%. The payment on their loan is $2,068.53 with PMI, $1,935.59 After 74 months, $132.94 in 74 PMI Payments, $9,837.38 Total PMI to Aug, 2026, $35,450.00 Down payment amount 10.00%, May, 2050 Loan pay-off date, $269,763.07 Total Interest Paid, $200.00 Monthly Tax Paid, $72,000.00 Total Tax Paid, $100.00 Monthly Home Insurance $36,000.00 Total Home Insurance, $23,227.10 Annual Payment Amount, $706,650.44 Total of 360 Payments. Read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, the house you live in is a money pit, NOT an investment, your corporate job is slavery, start your own business, be a CEO, like me!!

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.forbes.com/sites/jrose/2018/10/02/the-one-monthly-payment-killing-your-wealth/#4505cbde43c1 . The average car payment is $523.00, for 68 months. This is due to poor planning and “lack of awareness.” New car prices continue to rise. If you make $52,000.00 a year then a $500.00 a month car / truck payment represents 11.5% of your total income, with gas and maintenance, your car now represents 15% to 20% of your total income. Between your mortgage payment and car payments, and associated costs, you may only have 30% of your income left over for everything else: going out to eat, student loans, food, clothing, child care, toys, vacations, sporting events, concerts, girls night out, makeup, toilet items, tools, man cave, prepping, guns, ammo, jewelry, salon, alcohol, marijuana, tattoos, medical insurance, over the counter medical, medical co payments, electronics, pet food, pet toys, pet boarding, vet bills, school gear and supplies, private lessons and supplies, hobbies, software subscriptions, Netflix, MS office, Google, business loans, machinery, plows, trucks, labor, etc., etc., etc., and etc, and mama is a money grubber from hell and a spend thrift, so, etc., etc., etc…and etc, plus 1000 x etc.

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.debt.org/medical/ . The average daily hospital cost is $5,220.00, the average annual nursing home rate is $97,450.00, and health care costs have risen over 18% in just five years alone. Americans have significant trouble paying for health care. 26% of people between the ages of 18 and 64 have problems paying medical bills. “Doctors” (greedy vile nasty parasites) are willing to “cut deals” with patients who can’t afford their treatments and services. 52% of debt collection actions are due to medical bills, just over 50% of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills. “The website eHealthInsurance.com estimated that premiums for subsidized Obamacare policies averaged $393 a month in 2017 for individuals, a 99% increase since 2013. And they came with an average annual deductible of $4,328. Costs for family policies skyrocketed 140% during the same period, with premiums hitting $1,021 a month in 2018 with an annual deductible topping $8,350.”

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2019/02/25/student-loan-debt-statistics-2019/#a17701c133fb . “Student Loan Debt Statistics In 2019: A $1.5 Trillion Crisis”. 45 million people, owe 1.5 trillion dollars. Student Loan Delinquency Or Default Rate: 11.4%. 2.5 Million borrowers, have a debt greater than $100,000.00, and 610,000 people owe more than $200,000.00 In the past 5 years, people aged 60-69 have seen their loans jump up 79%. On average, the class of 2017, owes $28,650.00. 5.1 million people owe 101.4 billion dollars that is over 365 days past due. As much as 30% of all borrowers never completed college. 57% of Americans have college debt. What do they teach at college now days? How to have sex out of wedlock, how to do drugs and get drunk, how to be a debt slave, and how to be an A$$hole, that about covers it…go to the library instead, get the education for free, our blog here is a very good starting point.

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.usnews.com/news/healthiest-communities/articles/2020-02-27/us-obesity-rate-passes-40-percent . In 2000, 30.5% of Americans were obese, this fuels increasing and alarming rates of cancer, stroke, heart attack diabetes, and many more health complications. Americans are clearly highly addicted to food, addictive “food”, that is killing them in large numbers. Now, in 2017-2018, 42.4% of Americans are obese, with African Americans having the highest rates. If you are 5′ 9″ tall, and weigh over 203 lbs, your Body Mass Index is over 30, and you are officially clinically obese, and at risk of eminent sudden death due to heart failure or stroke and the above mentioned complications, probably. If you are 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weigh 250 pounds or more, you are clinically obese. If you are a female, and 5 feet 4 inches tall, the average, and weigh 180 lbs, your BMI is 30.9 and you are clinically obese. If you are a female, and 5 feet 4 inches tall, your ideal body weight is 110 to 144 pounds, if you weigh 244 pounds you are morbidly obese, and will die soon from health complications, probably. 300,000 people die every year in the USA due to being over weight, or roughly 43% of the population of Nashville Tenersee. If you are obese, you are 2.5 times more likely to be in deep financial debt.

We are all in this together!!!! https://afsp.org/suicide-statistics/ . The 10th leading cause of death in America is suicide. In 2018, 48,344 Americans killed themselves and 1.4 million attempted suicide. These cost a collective total of 69 billion dollars in health care and funeral expenses and loss of productivity. White Caucasian men account for 69.7% of suicides annually. Men die at a rate 3.56 times greater than women by suicide. Almost 15% of all suicides are young people aged 15 to 24. Studies show, one of the number one reasons for suicide, is lack of financial means, in other words, they are in debt, broke, have no cash, can’t buy anything, and can’t keep up with the demands of their perfect sex machine breast implanted college loving feminist princess who morphed into the money grubber chopped hair masculine FAT feminist from hell. It has been said, “there are two types of “men”, the one who knows she has (and is) cheated, and the one who hasn’t found out yet”.

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.pewforum.org/2019/10/17/in-u-s-decline-of-christianity-continues-at-rapid-pace/ . Only 65% of all Americans now consider themselves to be “Christian”, that has risen 17% since 2009, an alarming and dramatic rise, no doubt. 26% are atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular, in other words, in my opinion, the vast majority could care less about Jesus Christ and His gospel of love, tolerance, forgiveness, and living well below your means, and just being happy and grateful, and giving. Democrats lead the way in this effort to destabilize the nation through a lack of church involvement, a relationship with Jesus, and a clear understanding of God and worshiping Him. Many of these individuals voted for Obama, support homosexuality, tattoo and deface their bodies, and have a lot of debt and financial stress and anxiety and scarcity mentality, never having enough. God created everything, work for Him first and foremost, everything will fall into place, and you won’t fall into the lake of fire.

We are all in this together!!!! https://news.gallup.com/poll/257639/four-americans-embrace-form-socialism.aspx . Aren’t you a social person. Don’t you care about people. 43% of all Americans think socialism would be good for the country. Karl Marx was the foremost socialistic intellectual and a founder and leader of the movement, he got his maid pregnant while his wife was on vacation, wrote poems to Satan, was on the run from the authorities and used various aliases, and died a broken outcast. Communism, socialism, and feminism are intricately linked to one another, capitalism rewards hard work with freedom, and the ability to buy a home and land, and enforce rules and regulations legally, to FORCE people to get the hell OFF your own land!!!! If they don’t, they go to JAIL then PRISON, if they attack you, and try to take your life, you can take theirs, legally!!! Socialism, like feminism, restricts freedom and takes it away, and I feel so bad for you poor idiots who married someone who believes in these and forces them on you. Dump her bruh, move on, it is better to dwell in the wilderness alone, than live with someone who argues, especially someone who is big, fat, smelly, or stinks like an old person who never bathes and or has bad oral hygiene. Of Chairman Mao Zedong, the communist leader in China, ” This desire to root out opposition became a mania and young children were inculcated to denounce any teacher or adults which may have harboured ‘rightest’ beliefs. The cultural revolution destroyed the lives of millions of Chinese; many people were either killed, humiliated, sent to labour camps or forced to live in rural areas. Mao created a climate of fear in which people feared to speak anything other than the official party line.” Take you fear Mao, and the damn Chinese virus, and anyone who tries to give me some, and SHOVE IT where the sun don’t shine!!!!

We are all in this together!!! https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/high-octane-women/201109/meet-the-least-happy-people-in-america . Captive Network did an Office Pulse Survey of 670 American white collar workers, the study showed the following, the MOST happy is: male, 39 years old, married, household income between 150K and 200K a year, in senior management, 1 young child at home, a wife who works part time. The LEAST happy: female, 42 years old, unmarried and no children, household income under 100K a year, in a professional position. Can you say WINNING!!! HAHAHA!!! Yes, once again MEN win, lol, of course. I am a man, with a full military retirement, everything I own is paid for, all my land, all my houses, all my cars, all my medical, all paid for. I have a child. I am the owner of three businesses essentially: rental properties and land, agri tourism, and R.E. White Consulting LLC. I have great income, much more than I need. Just like in the movie Monster, about Aileen Wuronos, the prostitute serial killer in Florida, when Charlize Theron cleans herself up, and tries to get an office job, which she wasn’t exactly qualified for, lol duh, the boss, a man, tells her “Look, we all work, and have been working all of our lives, you don’t get to party, then when the party is over, waltz in here and get the life we have”. Aileen EXPLODES in anger and says F$$K YOU MAN!!! This is so true, many 35 to 40 year old females, who played around, probably had sex out of wedlock with 10 men, never trusted anyone, never had children, never committed to marriage, always thought of themselves first deep down, partied and got drunk on Broadway and at fancy houses or in bars, injured and hurt and killed and rejected true love offered by nice honest Godly men, and wasted their lives want what we have, but it doesn’t work that way. Not at all!! I think most of them are on the verge of being serial killers themselves maybe, full of hate and anger and greed, malice and frustration and irritation, violent looks and verbal abuse and emotional neglect, and why, selfishness of course, and lack of proper parenting by their hate filled, narcissistic, stupid, greedy, uneducated horribly abusive feminist “mothers”, and weak beta male coward daddies who signed up for feminism and have been beaten down by that thing he calls a wife. P.S. If YOU are the poor schmuck beta male, that these demons of sin and selfishness and lies and filth and evil target, so she can squeeze out 1 child at age 40, to try and prove she is stable mentally, and that she is a “good person” and part of society, and you fall for it, I feel so bad for you dude, your life was bad before you met her, it will only go down hill from now on, RUN from her if you can!!! The Beatles were drug abusing A$$holes like my dad, “all you need is love” is crap, you need a whole lot more than that, love does not conquer all, God conquers all.

We are all in this together!!!! https://www.kroger.com/i/coronavirus-update/shopping-guidelines . I just got back from Kroger, and the people who shop there, just keep getting bigger, and BIGGER, and BBBIIIGGGEERRRRRR!!! WOW!!! There were so many fat women it was unbelievable, big nasty fat agressive frustrated DUMB women, and fat men too, and you know who collectively pays for their horrendous food addictions and related health problems, YOU do, cause you are all in that together, aren’t you??? I am not in it with you, but maybe you are, and we heard them say that while we were shopping, over the loud speaker, sounded like a group of women, “we are all in this together”. You know, the financial debt, the consumption, the wine, the cheese, the milk, the beef, the beer, the pork, the processed “food”, the body odor, the anger, the frustration, the aggression, the desire for control but the lack of it, the bloating, the belly aches, the tiredness, the sluggishness, the extra wide SUVs with big payments, the women trying to be in control, the beta male cowards who allow it, the constipation, your nasty dogs in the bed with you, your chopped hair, your lack of sex drive, your shallow empty personalities, your lack of biblical wisdom, your sin, your selfishness, your evil, your rolls of FAT, your bulging clothes and shoes, your speeding, your all in that together, aren’t you??? My mom and I weigh 290 lbs between the two of us, that is not even an average of 150 lbs each, I know for a fact we saw MANY women who weigh 200 pounds easy, if not a lot more. Tennessee is one of the most obese states in America, I don’t hate them, I just want to move to Colorado or California where there are more thin healthy people such as myself. Is fat nasty??? Are fat people nasty??? Well, that is not really my place to say, I have fat friends but not very many. Fat people have a serious problem, bad health, which leads to severe health complications and expenses and death, that part is very sad. I will miss my fat friends when I am here and they might be gone, due to poor food choices, and bad habits. It is 6:19 PM CST, and so far today I had: half a gallon of water, 5 oz of coffee with organic cane sugar and non dairy creamer, a small portion of potatoes from the store and a power bar, 1 large organic banana, half a very small light package of organic kale chips, 4 oz of Norwegian wild caught smoked salmon with black pepper on 6 whole wheat crackers with a very small amount of cream cheese, and that is all, ALL DAY. THIS is how I stay 170 lbs or less and am 5′ 10.75″ tall, I DO NOT EAT too much!!!!! My brain is not broken, I listen to my body and common sense and the CDC and naturalistic doctors, and I exercise and am on my feet a lot, and I work hard. I love God and myself, I care about me, and you should care about you, and when you get tired of being FAT and exhausted and sick, CALL US, we can help!!!


I refuse to be in anything horrible and bad with any of you, I refuse to allow people to trespass on MY property, I refuse to be bullied by bean pole beta male cowards with big fat female feminists, I will not be sucked in to your hate and anger and awful horrible lifestyles. In your heart, you hate, which makes you a loser, you harass people to no end, you are evil and vile and sinful, and Jesus takes the vengeance, never forget that statement, Jesus Christ takes the vengeance, every single time!!!!! I just spoke with a man, a REAL man, a CHRISTIAN man, who would never, ever intentionally harass his neighbors, ever, and it is 7:20 PM CST USA, he just walked in the door of his home, from work, and needed to go, to tell his wonderful daughter goodnight. I have known that Seventh Day Adventist man for 20 years or more probably, he is kind, considerate, giving, loyal, honest, hard working, dedicated, and so much more. I know he is a man, like I am, and I know the bullying and harassment and disrespect he gets from women, and men, and Sunday keepers, and all kinds of people, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. It is men like himself, and men like me, and my family, and his family, who help build this world and make it a better place, he is an engineer, I am a veteran, so he builds it, I help protect it, more men should step up and do the right thing.

If you have harmed your neighbor then apologize, stop being a coward and a punk and an idiot. We may all live on planet earth together, but when Jesus comes back, and most of you go into the lake of fire, we will NOT be in it together. I will be walking through those pearly gates, YOU on the other hand, its going to be a hot day for many of you, that lake of fire, gnashing your teeth, clawing your own eyes out, begging and pleading with God, for your sins against Marc White and all humanity that you have hurt and injured and bullied. NO, I am not in MANY things with you, AT ALL, especially bullying, and especially harassing old people. Bullies are weak cowards, ugly, nasty, terrible, horrible, evil, vile, and Satanic!!!!

Thank God I don’t have some extra wide XXXXX sized ugly mean wife in my house, I can’t imagine living with a hate filled female, all it does is destroy everyone in a home especially children. Dump her bruh, move on, she ain’t worth it, pack your stuff and go tonight, don’t look back, you will thank me in 10 minutes, and in 10 years. Any female who wants to be the boss in a house, with a husband, is a sick, awful, selfish, mean, stupid, dangerous feminist.