We’ll $ee About That!

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I just can’t resist one more post tonight, sort of short but most certainly sweet. Have you ever heard of a “cherry picker”??? No, I am not talking about the trucks with a boom on them that a person, usually a man, rides in up in the air to do work. The sneaky beast I speak of is a person, you know it can be anyone, someone who likes to pick the nice things, and leave the bad ones. Yup I call them cherry pickers, and if you haven’t noticed, one day maybe you will, many women in America, who push for “equality” between men and women, and equal pay, have taken cherry picking to a whole new level. Look, if your a female, your just not built like men are, you never were, and you never will be, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

How come I never see teams of women building houses, even when the weather is nice and cool??? Why do I never see women running large construction equipment even when there is an air conditioned cab on the vehicle??? Explain to me why lines of women don’t queue up to build giant office buildings with hard hats and gloves on?? I see large farm tractors all the time, driven by men and not women, why? How about oil rigs, it is always teams of men who operate them but why?? You say you are equal but clearly you are not, so what’s up with that, and how about the so called “men” who support you??? Why are you so determined to seemingly BE men??? One word, Lucifer!!!

Short chopped hair, heavy and over weight, deep low voice, had to go to college, had to be an officer, thinks things are not fair, and loves authority, I don’t know her, don’t trust her, will NOT vote for her, and I recommend YOU don’t either, or anyone like her, ever. The night Trump won against Hillary Cliton, (whoops, I mean Clinton) was one of the most exciting, joyous, thrilling nights of my entire life, and we are going to do it again this year hopefully. Hey, its just locker room talk dude!! I am no where near gay, but I would think her husband is more attractive to feminist men than she is, lolol.

Trump is not the trouble maker, maybe YOU are the trouble maker, yea you reading this, maybe you don’t want men to be men, and women to be women, maybe your a feminist and a communist and a socialist, maybe you want to come and take my houses, and my land, and my assets, and my money, and my medical coverage, and my benefits, and my tools, and my resources, but we WILL see about that!!!!! My XXX she told me, “I want it all”, well your not going to get it, that is a promise, and neither will any other female who barks orders at me and tries to be my boss!!!

I know plenty, many, a number of guys who bow down to their wives, she says jump, and they say how high, and turn tricks for her all day, and it never fails, BOTH of them suffer terribly from a bunch of bad nasty habits: anger, bullying, aggression, scarcity mentality, lying, sometimes smoking, drinking, speeding, manipulating, lack of biblical knowledge, alcoholism, profanity, lack of care towards siblings, what seems like financial manipulation and possible elder abuse towards their own parents, neurotic ignorant money wasting house obsessions, and the list goes on and on and on. NO THANKS!! No thanks feminism, you are obliterating America, but not every square inch fat girl!!! Who loves a feminist??? Probably a closet homosexual, haha, or maybe not, maybe he is just a sweet little pansy, lost in his own selfish sickness.

Feminism has ripped through my family and my life like a damn tornado, and I am sick and tired of it, just like I got sick and tired of watching my “neighbors” wife walk around in MY DAMN BACK YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I did something about it, and I will continue to guard MY property, every minute of every day if I want to!!!! There is MORE property NO feminist will ever own too, and I will buy more, with CASH, and never even take a damn loan on it!!!!

MY property, not a feminists property!!!! Gonna kick me off and take control???? Give it your best shot!!!! Gonna be my boss??? Yea, we will SEE about that!!!! Think I am stuck in your horrifically economically depressed town called Adairville Kentucky with a female mayor where so many men have apparently just given up??? HAHA!!! I already own land outside of town!! A lot of land!!! We will see about that!!!!! Yea mayor, people are hiring my company, in town!!! HAHA!!! So, SO grateful I have a ton of private land, and a creek, and barns, and sheds, and houses to be in and on, that are NOT inside Adairville Kentuck city limits!!! Thank you Lord!!! Amen!!!