American Bully

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Good morning and HAPPY SABBATH!!! It is an amazing, glorious day here in Trashville, I mean Camp Trashville, I mean Camp Dirtville, I mean Bullyville, no, I mean Adairville!! HAHAHA!!! Sup bully??? How ya doin??? Life not going so well??? Mad again??? LOL. Well, you know, your like that basically ALL the time, are you ever gonna learn Bully?? Anger feeds on its self, the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit, God and Jesus can help you change all of that, but not as long as you hold on to the cares of this world, you know like being obsessed with things, like a house or yard, or a car, or your boat, or a garden, or a dog, or selfishness, or power, or maybe your perceived lack of control. Is it money??? Bible says, the love of money is the root of all evil, and I know, I hear you, you tell me you don’t love money, but your actions speak otherwise about many things in “your” life.

Who is the American Bully??? If you made it past the 4th grade, you will certainly know, for real, these creatures are popping up more and more everywhere now days. Recently I went to the store in Russellville KY, no less than three different females got upset with me because I was going slower, and one was aggressive in the parking lot of Tractor Supply Company, two of them driving larger expensive slick fancy SUVs, one driving a smaller older worn out SUV. Then on the way back, two “big guys” in a work truck, tail gated me to no end, until they could get around me, pathetic bullies, tailgating a senior citizen in a van, going below the speed limit, how ignorant and dangerous. The American Bully is seemingly everywhere now, in your professor at school, in your trophy wife, in your wealthy husband, in your mean controlling bean pole mama, in some of your neighbors, in your government, in your city counsel, in your children you taught to be bullies and are being bullied at “school” (indoctrination camp), and probably inside you.

Shall we set a baseline?? Your probably to dumbed down to know what that is, but in science and experiments, it is sort of the data that sets the basics, without too much fluctuation, sort of a starting point if you will. What does it mean to bully?? One of the main characteristics of the common, every day, loser bully in life is ANGER, they get angry very very easily, they do it often, they are aggressive in their speech, in their driving habits, with their body language, they use their eyes especially with mean looks, direct glaring and staring, and much much more. Never forget this class, the bully is upset, they are angry, because they are shallow. Their personalities have little to no depth, and many times they know this, but they don’t study and learn about life and people and God and Jesus, so usually they only get worse, then, sadly, they die that way and are forgotten forever. Bullies lead very, extremely, terribly sad lonely lives, there is a restlessness in them that never ends, this is the work of Satan.

Do you like ice cream??? Well, bullies come in various flavors and colors and clothing and vehicles and sizes, just like ice cream, and while you probably would not want to eat the bully, because they would make you horrifically sick with all that toxic build up inside of them, you can lick them, its not very hard to lick a bully, because they are so dumb and don’t posses any useful knowledge hardly. Is Bill Gates a bully, you tell me, there is basically no way to turn off automatic updates in windows now, it did not start out this way, maybe he has become more greedy and controlling in his old age, and you don’t become a billionaire without being very, very greedy. Does corporate America bully is??? Of course, all day every day, trying to sling your ignorant bully butt into more financial debt, and guess what bully, they are winning. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and big bullies fall for all kinds of things, maybe it is something they are eating?? We will get to that later.

I am going up to the square for a minute to walk around some, better watch out, lots of big fat hateful feminist female bullies roam around up there, I think I will just ignore every one of them, and observe, I will be back later, need to stretch my legs. Recruits!!!! Heads up!!! Attention on deck!!! Petty Officer Second Class is taking charge!!! Sometimes I think this soft, weak, effeminate civilian life is killing me, it is so radically different than what we had in the military 35 years ago, and the Navy did not and does not tolerate a nasty stinking stupid bully trust me, they will write you up and bust you down so fast, it will make your Bic Mac head spin right off your shoulders. A couple of months ago, there was this bully, and I tell yea, this one is a piece of work, and I mean big time. He started in on me, about how long I had been in the military, like I don’t deserve my benefits, and if he wasn’t so broken, and old, and stupid, I would have put him in his place, immediately but, there is a thing called compassion.

Educated people who read a lot, and have people skills, and have actually had a life, and are real true Godly men and women, they have compassion on the American Bully, because we know, deeply comprehend and understand, the bully has no real friends, they live in that awful, dark, lost, world of iniquity and loneliness and hate and confusion. These lost souls are so fragile, and the ironic part is, they typically try and put forth a tough appearance and posture and look, but what would Jesus Christ say about all of that??? Was Jesus a TOUGH MOTHER F*%$@R???? Was He??? Did Jesus drive a $80,000.00 Saleen Mustang or a $30,000.00 jacked up truck with EXTRA LOUD pipes and stereo???? I need to move away from here, and leave all of these people behind, staying in Camp Dirtville is really holding me back, again. Mom just told me she is ready to go, to a place where more Seventh Day Adventists live and work and mingle and go to church and support each other, and I could not agree more. SDAs are, for the most part, much nicer people as a whole, if you ask me, and they wouldn’t enjoy watching Christians being ripped apart in a big stadium, the way I think the majority of Sunday Keepers would.

When it comes to money, not all, but many bullies, they never have enough money, this is because they are too stupid and uneducated to figure out what money is, how it is made, what it stands for, how it works, where it flows, who keeps it and how, how to save and invest, the differences between a real asset and a liability, the intricacies of not spending money, living well below their means, conserving and saying NO to themselves, standing up to their feminist hateful bully wives and or husbands, building the 4 pillars of retirement, and much more. The bully struggles, this is one of the hallmarks of her / his personality, everything is a struggle, a fight, an argument, a conflict, a disagreement, a misunderstanding, and they love to be right about everything. The words and meanings of being humble, meek, lowly, quiet, kind, soothing, friendly, loving, genuine, supportive, neighborly, are lost on the bully, their goal in life is to “be somebody” and they waste their whole insignificant lives trying to prove it. They always feel slighted, they always feel cheated, the always think someone is after them, they constantly think something bad will happen, typically they are very paranoid, dangerously so.

Here are some King James Holy Bible verses about being a stupid bully, from King James Bible Online Dot Org, and I quote, “2 Timothy 1:7 – For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” See, there it is, the bully is NOT a real Christian, not even close, they are from Pluto to the Sun, in being a genuine Christian because they live in FEAR, promote fear, speak fear, and try to get everyone to be afraid of them, until they meet someone Godly, like me. I have POWER, and I mean a lot of power, but it is God’s and He gives it to me, like a gun or a sword, it is a force multiplier, used correctly and you can have many wonderful things and experiences in life, along with much love and understanding and wisdom. “1 John 3:15 – Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” Truth!! The bully hates, she lives in hate, deep within her, and she kills, she murders the innocents of children, herself, her parents, her husband, her community, and anyone and everyone who comes into contact with her.

As children, we want attention, it is natural, part of leaving the womb, wishing to be back in it again, but, when it comes to the low life bully, there is a serious short in a fuse somewhere deep inside their gray matter, they are like little kids, like an infant, crying and screaming, kicking and complaining, blaming and yelling, making noise in their yards, with their loud trucks, any way possible. Often times they seek a position of control and authority, because internally their lives are so out of control, inside themselves, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially…this is the work of Lucifer, that old devil, the mighty fallen angel, cast down here, allowed to cause chaos and hatred and confusion and death. “Isaiah Chapter 41 11 Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish. 12 Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, [even] them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought. 13 For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”

Jesus is here with us now, mom and I, and with me when I am alone, He is also with you brothers and sisters in Christ, Sabbath Keepers, and yes, even you little, tiny, unknown, slave life, hate filled, scared, lonely bullies. Jesus says, knock, and the door shall be opened, seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given. The cares of the world, and maybe that stupid house you keep jabbering on and on about, and your business where you skin everyone possible, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things, they choke the word. Maybe it is your BIG extra wide FAT butt hate filled feminist bully “wife” that has you down bruh, and is making you eat yourself into oblivion, or has made you become the neighbor from hell, or perhaps a power hungry attorney, or a sheriff who lost an election, or a slick fancy corporate robot drone from the belly of Lucifer!!!! Ouch!!!! I know that hurt, but the truth shall set you free my brothers and sisters, never doubt that, I speak from the heart, and I speak truth, and if you think YOU can write like this, and do this, and generate this much information, and keep doing it, and post it, and share it, I would certainly like to see you try.

Today is a rest day, it is Sabbath, we are not working, just resting, and rightfully so I should not be blogging but, God impressed upon me today, you need to hear this message, badly, urgently. Bad things happen to bullies, sometimes critically bad, then it is too late, so slow down please, THINK about that you are doing and saying, how you are driving and speaking and where you are, think about living too fast and demanding too much from your family and husband. 70%, SEVENTY PERCENT of ALL divorces, every other marriage, ends, because the majority of the time, the hate filled spoiled immature sexually immoral feminist female initiates it!!! 90% of those 70% are college “educated” so called “women”, but for the most part they live like animals and not humans, certainly not Godly. Do women sometimes make mistakes and marry bullies and want out of the relationship and commitment?? Sure, and who can blame them but I don’t have all the answers, this is between YOU and God and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom and the state and federal government. People should stay married, they should change, they should remember the marriage vows. , that article says that by 2030 HALF of all Americans will be OBESE, or FAT, really FAT, and HEAVY, and sick, and suffering, and dying, and miserable, and when we feel bad, we have a tendency to lash out at others, it is just natural sometimes, being in pain sucks, it hurts, and now days it can be next to impossible to even get 1 simple narcotic pain pill. When you get big and heavy, your life slows down, you don’t feel youthful anymore, your back hurts, your knees and ankles hurt, your belly hurts, and your brain is not working correctly, that is how and why you got real big in the first place see. No, I don’t hate fat people, just like I don’t hate skinny people, I don’t hate anyone, these are just facts, don’t shoot the messenger please. Divorce does not “just happen”, mama likes to EAT, and mama is a bully, and mama is a control freak, and mama is greedy, and mama is a B*%$H, and mama is ignorant, and life sucks with mama, hahaha!!! How do you cope with yur mama dude??? You know, that thing you call a wife??? The one grazing in the fridge as I type this….ouch!!!

I could be a BIG FAT MAN, if I wanted to, one time I actually got up to 180 lbs but I was really big and fat, today I am at 170 lbs, and still too fat, are you kidding me, my ideal weight is 165 lbs, and that is still heavy, hot women like guys in shape, better tighten up your game bruh. Who wants to be with a big fat obese mean hate filled bully female??? Why???? Why don’t you divorce her if she is mistreating you bro, learn to stand your ground, I see you being lead around like a dog on a leash, stand up to her abuse, move out for a while, I dare you. Or, stay with her, it is not my place to tell anyone to get divorced but think, do you really deserve to have that over sized XXXXXX double wide eating machine as a warden of your life??? Muscle is important, doing pullups is important, being thin is important. What do the big fat feminist female bullies want anyway, well many things: food, power, food, authority, food, control, food, cars, food, houses, food, Home Depot or Lowe’s, food, credit, food, fame, food, clothing, food, vacations, food, politics, food, alcohol, food, cheap yard junk, food, “education”, food, to be a man, food, to be the boss, food, to run the show, food, to be a bully, food, to be God, food, MONEY, FOOD!!!!! SICK!!!! EVIL!!!!! VILE!!!! PATHETIC!!!! WRONG!!!!! UNHEALTHY!!!! Not Godly!!!!

WOW!! Still no hate filled rants from the XXX, and thank goodness, its a really nice day. I just saw Mrs. Deborah Hirsch take a right in front of our house in her big black car which has me thinking again about that new truck I test drove the other day. Also, the police officer Mr. Billy Pool waved at us as we came through the square, thank you so much, we appreciate that Officer Pool. I saw Alexander Brindley walking in front of our house today too, earlier his wife drove by also, and Mr. Willis Allen was riding a mower up our way, Mr. Allen used to “push” for us and my grandfather Sam, that is farm lingo for bulldozing and clearing land. Mom and I drove to Russellville, almost all the sit down places to eat, still shuttered and closed, and we wondered for how long, this whole virus thing has been something I tell ya, good thing we saw it coming 5 years ago, when God told me to get out of debt again, to start stacking more lettuce, and spin up R.E. White Consulting LLC. We have a new client by the way, word is getting around, we sure appreciate that, he seemed to really believe we could do the job, so we took it, and he named his own price. I like doing business that way, especially for the elderly, its not right to try and skin old people, no matter how much they are worth financially.

Have you heard of the American Bully dog???? They are really big and muscular and mean looking, but that vision doesn’t exactly fit all bullies now does it, but maybe being large has something to do with the bully mentality, you know, sort of throwing your weight around, I don’t know but maybe so. Perhaps it is easy for a man or woman to get lost in their mind, to truly believe they are tough and bad and cool and smart and really capable but I have learned something else. They say, about bullies and tough guys, “there is always someone tougher out there” and it may be true, but the ultimate tough-humble-meek-seemingly timid guy was Jesus Christ, and He taught us to throw off the shackles of the “tough mentality”. Hate and anger and toughness and strutting around and being “bad” and “cool” will get you nowhere in life, nowhere good, and nowhere fast, and nowhere holy, I guarantee you that here and now brothers and sisters. Humble, meek, lowly, serving, not a braggart, not proud, not a bully, these are the winners hand in the card game of life, they are your key to success, and the keys to God’s Kingdom, your ticket to ride for all eternity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays and Poems, 1841, and I quote “The effect of any writing on the public mind is mathematically measurable by its depth of thought. How much water does it draw? If it awaken you to think, if it lift you from your feet with the great voice of eloquence, then the effect is to be wide, slow, permanent, over the minds of men; if the pages instruct you not, they will die like flies in the hour. The way to speak and write what shall not go out of fashion is, to speak and write sincerely. The argument which has not power to reach my own practice, I may well doubt, will fail to reach yours. But take Sidney’s maxim:–“Look in thy heart, and write.” He that writes to himself writes to an eternal public. That statement only is fit to be made public, which you have come at in attempting to satisfy your own curiosity. The writer who takes his subject from his ear, and not from his heart, should know that he has lost as much as he seems to have gained, and when the empty book has gathered all its praise, and half the people say, ‘What poetry! what genius!’ it still needs fuel to make fire.”

“That only profits which is profitable. Life alone can impart life; and though we should burst, we can only be valued as we make ourselves valuable. There is no luck in literary reputation. They who make up the final verdict upon every book are not the partial and noisy readers of the hour when it appears; but a court as of angels, a public not to be bribed, not to be entreated, and not to be overawed, decides upon every man’s title to fame. Only those books come down which deserve to last. Gilt edges, vellum, and morocco, and presentation-copies to all the libraries, will not preserve a book in circulation beyond its intrinsic date. It must go with all Walpole’s Noble and Royal Authors  to its fate. Blackmore, Kotzebue, or Pollok may endure for a night, but Moses and Homer stand for ever. There are not in the world at any one time more than a dozen persons who read and understand Plato:–never enough to pay for an edition of his works; yet to every generation these come duly down, for the sake of those few persons, as if God brought them in his hand.

“No book,” said Bentley, “was ever written down by any but itself.” The permanence of all books is fixed by no effort friendly or hostile, but by their own specific gravity, or the intrinsic importance of their contents to the constant mind of man. “Do not trouble yourself too much about the light on your statue,” said Michel Angelo to the young sculptor; “the light of the public square will test its value.” In like manner the effect of every action is measured by the depth of the sentiment from which it proceeds. The great man knew not that he was great. It took a century or two for that fact to appear. What he did, he did because he must; it was the most natural thing in the world, and grew out of the circumstances of the moment. But now, every thing he did, even to the lifting of his finger or the eating of bread, looks large, all-related, and is called an institution.”

Are you a “great” person, a great man or woman??? Will you be remembered in your community, 100 years after you have entered the grave??? Does life push you around or do you push back??? Have you become a YES person, or do you want to, or even know how to say NO??? Afraid of what others think??? Is it a reputation you seek??? Maybe fame is something you secretly chase in your heart, but did Jesus chase fame, I thought He was just famous, and aren’t we supposed to be like Jesus, but if we talk about Him too much, we are considered strange and weird by the MOB, very very interesting indeed. Maybe I am considered “crazy” and “harsh” and “weird” by many or some in Camp Dirtiville because I try to speak from the heart, but I was never great, nor will I ever be in my own mind, I am just dirt, and have stated that again and again here in the blog, in public, for everyone to read. The path to greatness by being nothing, doing nothing, and replacing all of those empty voids, with the power of God, through His son Jesus, now that is something I can get behind. The XXXX told me one time “I can’t write like you can” but this isn’t true, of course she can, and so can any of you, as Emerson states, write from the heart, be it good, bad, acceptable, vulgar, wrong, or right, just write it, post it, share it, and keep going.

In The Seven habits of Highly Effective People, there is an exercise in Habit 2, Begin With The End In Mind, and you are asked to envision your own funeral, you are in your coffin, and people are there thinking about you and your life. What do you want them to think??? How do you want them to feel about you??? What will they say to one another about you??? I know those answers for myself…I want every single one of them to think to themselves “he was not like us, but he was one of us”, and “he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth”, also “he was a man of God” and “as long as I live I will never meet another man as he was”, that “he tried to teach us something, he was a teacher”, and “he believed in biblical principles and tried to live by them”, “he had this vision of masculinity, that men were important, in a time when masculinity was being attacked on all sides”, “he cared about children and families and women”, “he was strong because of Jesus and the power of God”, “I should have gotten to know him better”, “I missed out by not knowing him better”, “he tried to talk to me and I should have listened”, “he believed in living below his means and not borrowing money”, “I want to tell people about this man”, “I thought he made me angry, and now I know it was the truth he spoke, and the truth has set me free”, “he put bullies in their place with the Holy Bible and by living Godly as a man should, “he loved God with all his heart and mind and body and soul, “he will enter into the Kingdom of God, I know this for a fact, but what about me??”, “I better get to work, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and repent, and prepare.”

Thinking we are great, does not make us great, it is God who is great, and when we allow His power to flow through us, great things and experiences transpire in our lives, and in the lives of those around us. Our best efforts are as dirty rags, it is written and it is so. I know many pastors who are aggressive, they have a bully mentality, you can see it in their beady eyes, hear it in their voices, feel it in the way they lean into you or the camera, but the relaxed alpha male, he sits back and watches and listens and hasn’t a care in the world. If you are concerned about something, DO something about it, TAKE ACTION, if you are not, write it off the list, mark through it, delete it, forget about it, and proceed with forward traction. The American Bully is bogged down with the details of life, they are always overwhelmed, anxiety and fear and aggression are mostly all they know, lost in a world of darkness and iniquity, grossly unfair behavior, constantly. Don’t be that guy or female, rise above the bully / coward, just because you had it rough, does not give you the right to be an a$$hole and a punk, causing strife and trouble wherever you go.

I wish I could write, but we can want in one hand, and wish in the other right, I have just never developed the skills necessary to be even a modestly decent writer, although it was always my dream. Why??? Well, because I am on a mission, I have something to say, this is why I write, it is much more therapeutic than keeping it all locked up inside me, better to let it flow out, and the whole world can absorb back some of what they put out, and possibly learn something new. I have been confronted many times, by people saying “why do you feel the need to teach me things”, well, grasshoppers, recruits, boys and girls, ladies and gents, heathens and Christians, it is what I do, THIS is my job, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and trust me we do that, pretty much all day every day. Am I a sinner??? Yes. Are you a sinner??? Yes!!! Aren’t you tired of sinning though???? Don’t you get weary of YOU, of being YOU???? Why not embrace God!!!! God created YOU!!!! You don’t need to prepare to meet your maker, you can meet Him NOW!!!! Get down on your filthy knees and PRAY!!!! Pray!!!! Pray!!!!! To the Father!!!!! To Jesus!!!!! Nope, CNN ain’t gonna help you, neither will the little spoiled princess trophy wife, and neither will the three ton eating machine wife, neither will staying “busy”, only GOD has all the answers, and many of them are in the Holy Bible!!

Change can take time and effort, these are called habits, it can be accomplished, never give up on yourself, allow God to mold you, spend time in nature. Last night I spent 30 minutes just looking up at the incredible night sky, full of stars, in the country, alone, and despite the obvious light pollution from cities and Robyville and other places, the longer I looked up, the more stars and galaxies I could see, they just simply kept appearing, slowly, until the whole sky was full of them. The truth is like the night sky, we start out seeing some and its so beautiful, then there is more, it reveals its self to us, and can be overwhelming. Knowing that you hurt people, is your first step in change, and being a real adult, to understand you just don’t need as much as you think you do. Try living on less, and being a giver instead of a taker, that will help you more than you know, the scarcity mentality can and will crush you and snuff out your light, your hope, your joy, and your future. Instead of being a lonely scared fearful bully, you can change, and you should, try making some new friends, call old friends, apologize and take the high road, God will smile, and His blessings will pour down upon you, I guarantee that.

Weak body weak mind, strong body strong mind, most of the time. For me, one of the most profound statements Ralph Waldo Emerson said was, in Friendship, “Our intellectual and active powers increase with our affection”, when applied to the bully, we know her / his intellect has not developed properly most of the time. This is due to lack of affection, usually in childhood and this probably lead into adulthood. Dictionary Dot Come says about Intellect: “the power or faculty of the mind by which one knows or understands, as distinguished from that by which one feels and that by which one wills; the understanding; the faculty of thinking and acquiring knowledge. capacity for thinking and acquiring knowledge, especially of a high or complex order; mental capacity. a particular mind or intelligence, especially of a high order. a person possessing a great capacity for thought and knowledge. minds collectively, as of a number of persons or the persons themselves.” The American bully needs a friend, a hug, a kiss, to be held, someone who truly deeply cares, if she / he would only let more people in, and be more vulnerable, the process of healing and Godly love and strength could start, a twinkling light would shine through a broken foundation holding up walls that will eventually crumble. The bully in your life, has / had a bully in their life, you can try and help, and we should, but eventually we are directed to dust our feet off and move on, if the bully rejects Jesus and God and us.

The worst part of being a bully, is that you suffer, you know you do, I know who you are, you know who you are, that is why you are here in this blog, reading and learning, you know deep down you need to change, and we are here to help in that process. You suffer alone, constantly, you hate and are fearful, you lash out because your in pain and scared, you learned these bad habits, and can unlearn them, don’t go it alone, call our firm, we can help you. Hard work is a great place to start, so is getting out of financial debt and staying that way, also what you eat is important, try going all vegan for a week or two, and don’t ingest any dead animals or animal products. If you don’t have a pet, maybe get one, or pet other people’s, this will help build compassion and it will lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Exercise, run it out, work it out, lift weights, make some new friends, buy a meal for someone, sit with an elderly person, visit with people in poverty, its not difficult to locate someone who has it worse off than yourself. Work on your attitude of gratitude, turn off the violent movies and the stupid media, log off facebook and instagram, start walking in the woods and the country and mountains. Apologize to someone, be a good neighbor, don’t harass people if they tell you that you are, read your Bible, pray on your knees, make a to do list, start a business, build a team, you can do this.

Hope this helps bully, you need help, drop the pounds, sell the SUV and big jacked up truck and sports car if necessary, slow down, wave at people, don’t speed, obey the traffic laws, smile more, drink less alcohol, ditch the bars and the porn and the tattoo parlor and Hollyweird, learn to just be more, and do less, think, use your brain, take some classes, advance your career, learn some math, read about science, teach yourself about technology, engineer a shed in your back yard, draw a painting maybe, take up a hobby, read good books and great literature, stop letting that hate filled female lead your around and play you and use you and talk down to you, sty in control of yourself, be that oak tree and that rock, stand on the rock of Jesus. In my house, we worship the Lord, now go and do the same…cyber hugs all around, Peace!

Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO MOG