Camp Dirtville

Hello and good morning all you economically depressed camp inhabitants, all of our amazing team members around the country, and all of our wonderful clients here at R.E. White Consulting!!! It’s time to get out the old punching bag again, and today we will be hitting the old Camp Dirtville. Why??? Well, they have been punching on us quite a bit lately, so in fair turn, we thought we would take a few licks back, haha. Did you ever “trade licks” with people in school??? We did, quite a bit, punching on each other was a thing, and I mean big time, if you walked around with your shoulder all bruised up it meant you had the guts to play with the bigger guys, most of whom lived out in the country but some were from in town. Tonight is the shin dig, for a veteran / police guy, who just came back from over seas, Ms. Gay’s son, Mr. Charles’s grandson. Gay told me yesterday, the city wanted to do it for him, to “give him something special”, some gifts apparently. I believe I have decided not to go, considering how nasty and hateful city hall has been to me and my mother lately, specifically one of the city council members and an employee at city hall.

I retained an attorney yesterday, cost me $200.00, and hopefully that will get those damn giant wind chimes taken back down, we will see. My body is tired, we worked all day yesterday, weed eating and mowing, running the chain saw and cleaning up, cleaning out the mule stall and water trough, etc., etc. I bucked up a giant log, the chain was a little dull, and this reminded me of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The X, XXX, XXXXX, girlfriend contacted me AGAIN yesterday, since I have asked her, again, to stop contacting me, I believe she has called / emailed about 4 times now, or more, I lost count already. It’s the same old story, that I heard for over 5 years, bla bla bla, you did this to me, you did that to me, your not fair, your not nice, its all your fault, you don’t care, what about my life, bla bla bla. She comes here to read the blog, habitually apparently, and she is angry, wow, so what is new. She says, she is going to hire a lawyer, great, have him contact me asap, I got a few choice words in mind for him, or rather her, I believe you will probably want a female “lawyer”. It’s a pretty day today, and the birds and mourning doves are calling, I feel so blessed and happy!! 🙂

I would say the mass majority of American born Caucasian females, you know, white women, are very angry people, and I don’t mean just a little. I say feminism is at the root of it, they were sold a lie, by evil nasty filthy vile humans like Karl Marx, and many of the founders and original members of the feminist movement. When we realize we have been lied to, if we are sane and rational and Godly, it usually really hurts, the Holy Bible speaks about this, lying is actually on par with murder. Someone I used to care deeply about, in my own family, told me one time “I lie all the time”, “I lie to everyone”, they bragged about it, were actually boasting about it, proud of the fact. There has been a tremendous amount of chaos in my family, ever since I was born, but every family has it, even if they don’t go public about it, never doubt it, and the ones who try to keep it a secret, suffer more than those who are open and vocal and public about it. My mom was married and divorced THREE times, yea I had two step dads, and a step mom, and one was a marine, who physically attacked me, when I had a broken arm and weighed 130 lbs and was under age, he is fortunate I didn’t get a gun and shoot him, but I am not a violent person see, he is pushing up daises now, good riddance. I did call the police, that cooled him off some but he continued to bully me, and my mom.

So, in all, I was “raised” by 7 adults, both my grandparents, my mom and her three husbands, and my step mom, this does not include the people at multiple day care centers either, where my family started dumping me off at age 4. Life should not be this way, I think men and women should raise their own children, instead of letting the state, and day care centers, and other people raise them, but I know what your thinking, there is the money thing. When I had my child, my wife stayed home and raised him, and I helped too, because that is the right thing to do, and today he has a degree in economics / political science, and apparently is doing very well in life, big and tall and very very strong, full rugby scholarship all the way through. In America?? My son??? Are you kidding me??? In public school??? NO way in hell would I put a child in public school here, I would rather have all my limbs torn from my body, slowly. America is, and has been for a long time now, becoming the arm pit of the world, the toilet bowl of the civilized world, and its the mean, hate filled, nasty mouthed, disrespectful feminists and emasculated effeminate “men” that make up a good majority of the turds.

Violence is a terrible horrible thing, be it verbal or mental or spiritual or emotional or physical, and if YOU are contemplating a violent attack on someone, I beg you to please, please, seriously think about what you are considering. In order to have peace and harmony and success and money too, and to be remembered when we are gone in a good way, and to be a pillar of your community and society, and a real solid dependable man or woman, we must refuse to be violent people, and to be Godly. God created everything, and yes, He is a killer, but He created everything, and He has that right see, we didn’t create anyone, so we do not have the right to take a life. Maybe, and I say maybe, and I have no answer or idea, but in self defense, true self defense against bodily harm, to stop an actual real attacker and threat, it may be justifiable to take a life, the court and laws of the land say it is, but that is between you and the law and them, I have never been faced with such a set of circumstances and pray I never am. I do get attacked pretty much weekly, emotionally, mostly from females, they certainly are not ladies, and don’t act like Godly women, more like animals, and can be quite vicious, hate filled, mean, rude, nasty, and evil.

OK, so I digress, this post is about Camp Dirtville, so lets start with WHY we call it the name I have chosen, or rather the name God told me to call it. A camp is usually a place where people are temporarily, so, with tongue in cheek, I thought camp is appropriate, because we are all only here for as long as God and Satan allow us to be I guess, I certainly don’t have all the answers nor do I pretend to. Oh, by the way, I noticed that in his video yesterday, the pastor of the Adairville Baptist Church, seemed to have maybe taken his wind chimes down from his front porch, during his bible study, great job sir, now I can actually hear you speak, and focus, and think, I don’t listen often to you, but when I do I would like to hear you. I hope my neighbor takes his down soon, it was not right to put them back up, I am a disabled veteran over here, I served for your freedom, for the freedom of everyone. Also, a camp is where people get a little wild, you know have “fun”, that inner savage sort of comes out some, people let their hair down, grow out, sort of bushy. It’s a play on words, this is a town not a camp, or is it?? There are A LOT of people who LOVE to BURN things here, garbage, limbs, probably meth making material containers, leaves, wood, basically anything they can get their hands on, like in a camp fire.

Camp Dirtville is a long way from the civilized world, many people move here to “get away”, but what are you running from is the question?? Was Thoreau correct when he said many people are running from themselves??? I think maybe so, we do know that wherever we go, there we are, so why not stop running brothers and sisters. Vacation will NOT help, unless you are happy before you leave, it will just be wasted money otherwise, and wasted time, and going on a trip with the wrong people just sucks all around. Dumb America, dumbed down America, slowly dying and falling behind, murdered STEM scores by bastards like Karl Marx, and all the crazed lunatic feminists of the world, and yea I will keep beating this drum, forever, until YOU and someone else and everyone else starts to reverse the tide of the STEM scores. You use a phone and a computer every day most likely, why not STOP, slow down, READ, and learn, and take a computer apart, see how it works on the inside, teach yourself a little programming, build a website from HTML, be responsible, stop being STUPID. Take some MATH classes, learn about the universe, last night I read a lot about Pluto, it is about 3 billion miles from earth, the sun looks like the moon at night on earth, but its like that ALL the time, how interesting, and much more fun that SuckBook and that white pasty faced dude who basically probably stole it from the people who originally thought it up, the twins.

Dirt, it is everywhere here, in the fields, in the houses, in the yards, on the streets, there is literally dirt everywhere, even the people are dirty, and so am I see, we are all made of dirt. Why do people get so mad when you call them dirty??? HAHA!!! Are you a piece of crap??? Am I a piece of crap??? Sure, there is crap all in me, I just pooped some of it out earlier, so, I am not as full of it as I was, lolol. Full of crap much??? Get angry much??? HAHAHA!!!! You be so funny!!!! Words are important??? Hello??? Can you say echo chamber effect???? Aren’t you just sort of repeating what you hear on social media, and online???? Do you even have any original thoughts of your own??? What we say matters???? HAHA!!!! Your all hung up, aren’t you??? I thought when we mature and become adults, we finally realize what they tried to teach us, the first rule of the playground, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. What happened to that???? What???? What happened to the rule??? I can tell you, it was slaughtered by feminism, and women, and power hungry, fast food hungry females, right along with allowing young boys to bring their guns to school, which I have heard they used to do, everywhere. Now days, if a boy even draws an image of a gun, it is a MAJOR thing, like big time, how stupid and pathetic and wrong and weak and ungodly and communistic and feminist!!!!

Part of what makes Camp Dirtville so challenging, is the lack of economic opportunities, it is very very financially depressed here, almost 30% of the people live in poverty, that is almost 1 out of every three. The median household income is only $36,250.00, or $18,125.00 per working adult. Oh my!!! The average house sells for only $78,900.00, it doesn’t get much more depressed than this, even houses in the county are worth a lot more I think. When people don’t have the basic necessities of life, they can’t focus as well on other things, like education, and the Holy Bible, because they are “busy” trying to just get money to live, this is wrong and should not be so. Corporate America has been raping and plundering the middle class for so long, the dying middle class, that tens of millions of families are pushed down into poverty each decade and year. We are in a free fall, the STEM scores, the middle class, the health, the fitness, the masculinity, the family unit, the tenderness, the dignity, the fidelity, the honesty, the transparency, the loyalty, the honor, the friendliness, the savings, the understanding, the education, the success, the living debt free, the investments, the true assets, the compassion, the love, the relationships with Jesus and people who will bring Him up first in conversation, the prayer, the study of the word of God, the sacrifice, the forgiveness, all in utter free fall, dying, gasping for breath, slowly painfully being obliterated by Lucifer and his army of evil angels and movements like communism and socialism and feminism and liberalism.

Are there nice people here in Dirtville Camp???? Camp Dirtville!! Sure there are!!! I am a very nice person but only because of God and Jesus, left to my own devices, I am the worst of the worst sinner, and guess what idiot, SO ARE YOU!!! We are born into iniquity, it is in us, when we fell in the garden of Eden. Today, on 06-19-2020, our random King James Holy Bible verse, from Daily Verses Dot Net, is, and I quote, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Proverbs 13:20 | KJV.” Maybe this is why I will not go to the event tonight, the shin dig at the square, or maybe I will, but I tell yea, city hall has not been nice to me lately in my opinion, ignoring my emails is not cool or right, Mrs. Fowler did write me back this week one time I think, I am still waiting on the data and info about the fence laws and ordinances, and the same for the parking. Still no hate filled rants from the X in my In Box of one of my email accounts, this is progress, sweetheart, why don’t you just find some “nice” guy your own age, you guys go get that 30 year mortgage your gunning for so badly, and get another big corporate job, and that 1 acre lot on the burbs, have fun with all of that but I will pass, thanks. Yesterday I spent ALL day in the country almost, and in camp, it was amazing, I slept like a rock last night too, with no AC, haha.

It is time for me to take a break now, to use the restroom, and to eat some food, but with lack of infrastructure, and no grocery store, and a dying little garden in my back yard, there is no telling what is and what is NOT here in the house to eat. I am going to head on down to the hardware store and visit with Mr. Charles, he is so friendly and kind to me, like family, he lives one house away from us, and is having a new roof put on by a nice Hispanic crew I believe. Many people say Americans don’t want to work anymore, but I do want to work, and I do work, I invite ANY of you to come and try to keep up, I will work circles around you, I guarantee that. NO, I am NOT a slave to corporate America and I never will be, and no I am not a slave to debt, and no I will not finance a $30K vehicle because it is not wise, if we can’t pay cash, we can’t afford it. Live above your means??? Why???? A business loan???? Why???? Why not just work and save and live Godly, like Jesus teaches us. Do you think Jesus ever borrowed money??? I doubt it, He was more in touch with God than that!!! OK, I will be back later, I am feeling much better now. Want to report me to the FBI or the police or the sheriff??? I hope you do, I could use the extra money, maybe, haha, because I will bring a civil suit on anyone and everyone if necessary, anyone who tries and or does harm me and my family and our businesses, and we have excellent legal counsel trust me. I Will be back later. Later tater.

WOW!!! What a tremendous visit with a few of my mentors!!! Mr. Dickerson and I had a great talk on the bench in front of the store, I wanted to stop by before the mob gets ramped up for Friday night, with all of the beer purchases, as they come and go, it can get a little rowdy for sure, but for the most part they are all very mellow, polite, kind, and sociable. Mr. Dickerson tells me maybe I should not hang out there so much, and I don’t really, but he knew my grandparents see, and his mom was very smart, so he knows some of what can go on there, and he wants to help shield me from it, so thank you sir. Mr. Dickerson, and all of the Dickerson brothers, have my best interest in mind, I truly feel that way, I certainly can not say the same for certain people on the city counsel or who work at city hall. I client called, they want me on sight today, to help repair the mower again, I think we will do that later today maybe, but it is heating up out there now. I did proof read this post already, and this reminds me of someone who told me one time, that I had written something wrong. I told him, SO WHAT, write it and move on, don’t get hung up on little things like spelling and grammar, roll with it, something is better than nothing. Who cares what people think and say, you should hear them at the hardware store, they all talk about each other, then joke about it, in front of each other, hahaha, because they are men!!!! Words don’t matter too much in the hardware store, if your thin skinned, you won’t fit in to well, lolol!!!

I just had a wonderful stretch, this is from the work yesterday, and I love to stretch, it means your body is relaxed and you are feeling good. Still no hate filled rants from the XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, and that feels so nice, ahhhh yes, I can actually think and feel good and be happy now. Dudes, those of you who are actually married to hateful women, or who can get hateful a lot or quick, you need to up your game, come out of the dark side, and into the light, lead her to Jesus and the Kingdom, and if she won’t go, then maybe a separation is in order, help her, she will calm down eventually, maybe, or maybe not. I heard one time that female humans can be like female dogs, they get aggressive when they don’t have children, or don’t have grandchildren, or they stop taking care of children, and I believe it may be true see. Maybe some men are like this, maybe some big bad tough farmers are like this, maybe they don’t spend enough time around their children, and start to lose sight of what is important, like being kind and friendly, like forgiving and apologizing. I saw someone yesterday on Kirby Road who owes me an apology, will it ever come, who knows but I told them I am waiting, when they are ready, to apologize. I have my AC on now, it feels nice in here, maybe I won’t get so hot tonight, soon I will need it on all night, for about 90 days maybe, but many nights I will leave it off still.

This post is going so well, I will be back a little later, time to go see my client, and I need to send out a bill to another client, also it is time to do laundry, before Sabbath starts. YES!!!! Sabbath!!!!! NOT the day of the sun god, but the REAL Sabbath, starting tonight when the sun goes down, until tomorrow when the sun goes down!!! I get to rest, and have sanctuary in the Lord, not on a pagan day, but on the Sabbath, as outlined 184 times in the Holy Bible. The road to destruction is wide, and many will be there that follow, don’t be like that guy, be different, observe the true Sabbath of God, you know He rested after He created everything, and you deserve a rest too!! I will be back, catch you later alegatur, after while krokadile!!!!! Adios amigos!!!! I will be back!!!! I just read that the “Magic Bus” in Alaska, the one made famous in the movie ‘Into The Wild”, the life story of Christopher McCandless, has been air lifted and removed by the authorities, out of it’s remote location, because it was too dangerous for people to try and locate and visit. THIS is the CRAP that America has become, are you kidding me???? WOW!!! Who are the pansy idiots who thought that was a good idea?? Why don’t you just put diapers on every adult in the country, hos sickening, and dumb, and stupid. Oh I know, it’s probably “too expensive” to go rescue people who might get hurt looking for it, this is just deplorable!!! Thanks feminism, bunch of retards, soft, weak, pathetic, greedy, and stupid, all of you!!!

I had an amazing time tonight star gazing out in the country, on our own private property, with no one around, I mean it was incredible, and the fresh air was wonderful, the smell of freshly cut hay fields, and the cool air driving around, was so refreshing and relaxing. Still not hateful emails from the X, this is progress, and I am feeling much better. The other day, a city council member honked at me because they thought I was in their way on the street, could not even wait two seconds, then later the same day, or the next day, I saw the same person, at the square, with their their car CLEARLY parked outside of the white lines, apparently on purpose, while they were working on the fountain filling it up. See, one set of rules for them, another set for everyone else, and this is what we deal with here in Camp Dirtville often, very very often, too often. Tonight, they had the welcome home ceremony for the veteran / officer, the city did it, a big to do, with music and flags and a welcome home sign. That is nice, I have no problem with it. I do however have a problem with the way they have treated ME and my mom, never ever acknowledging my time in the US Navy with a simple thanks, EVER, from ANYONE on the city council or the city workers, maybe Jimmy said something but I don’t recall it if he did, I like Jimmy though, he is a nice guy.

Mom and I decided to put up our flag tonight, my retired Navy flag, I will take it down each night though, and put it up again during the day. Yes, my retirement is medical, and so what, it still counts, and it is a heck of a lot more than most of the city council members and employees, at least I served, and mine was volunteer, I was not drafted. Here is the thing, there is so much hate here, and so many hate filled people, especially those in leadership, it can rub off on you, if your not careful, but I will not allow anyone to lower me to their station in life, I don’t hate anyone and I refuse to do so. Let’s see, what are the nasty words people used to describe me this week, that I can recall. I was called a “bully”, I was called “crazy”, I was basically called “lazy”, I was told I “ignored” someone, I was called “disrespectful”, I was laughed at by a city council member because I don’t want him and his wife on my property, I was told I am not “nice”, I was told “nobody cares” about my blog posts, I was told I am a “coward” or at least hinted at, I was told I am not “happy”, I was told I “interfere” with my own workers, and that covers most of it. Please remember, they took Jesus, spit on Him, whipped Him, beat Him, tortured Him, called Him names, cursed at Him, whipped Him, nailed His hands and feet to the cross, and KILLED Him. The son of God, was killed by people, maybe people exactly like the ones who said those things to me this week, maybe someone just like you.

Do you think any of the city council members actually appreciate what I did for their freedom, if they do, they have NEVER acted like it to me, NEVER!!!! They jump at the chance to grandstand when the veteran came home, and have a get together, then, the rest of the time, they treat THIS veteran like dirt mostly. When I took my time, to go to a city council meeting, and offer our services to the city, I was looked down on by the Mayor, and all she did was say NO, we don’t have enough money. No thank you that I can recall, and all the city council members just looked at me, after the meeting, not a single thank you, not one, how pathetic and sad and wrong and NOT Christian or friendly or supportive or right. It is a big deal that I started my business, you think any of them care??? Nope!! Today though, a business owner on the square waved me down, and wanted our services, no kidding, he told me his price, and R.E. White Consulting took the job, we will be doing it in the near future. See, word is getting around, that we don’t try and skin older people, with $40.00 to $75.00 an hour labor rates, people talk, and they know they can trust me, and our team, and our company. I Told the client, “it is an honor to have this opportunity sir”, and I truly meant that.

Someone was burning garbage again in the camp tonight, they seem to really like to burn on Friday nights, on Sabbath. It is time to rest now. I am going to get a donkey, and put it with our mule, because Coyote’s lives don’t matter, to the donkey that is, her name is Judy, and I heard she is a Coyote killing machine maybe, perhaps we will see, anyway Schwarzkopf will have a friend there soon hopefully. My life matters, so I am going to bed now, and no I am not making fun of anyone…it really matters.