John Deer Z335E Belt Replacement

06-14-2020. Many people ask us, “what is it you guys do”, and we usually tell our amazing potential clients, “fist and foremost we work for God and Jesus and the mighty Kingdom, we do what we can, here are the 6 divisions, but we are certainly not qualified to do a lot of things and we don’t pretend to be” and they seem to like that answer. One of the many services we offer is Real Estate, this covers a very large wide range of both small and large tasks, jobs, and projects we are fully capable of performing. The text came in day before yesterday I believe, one of our wonderful existing clients needed a “deck drive belt” or “serpentine belt” or “mower belt” replaced on his John Deer Z335E Z Track Zero Turn Mower. He had not done this before and was not familiar with it, and due to health limitations was not able to tackle this job, of course we are more than over joyed for the opportunity to help.

Prior to starting any task or project, we gather as much information as possible from the client, through text, phone, email, and or an in person visit. As you can see, with a quick visual inspection, we have a real problem here, the belt has been chewed up. Also the system is bound up or clogged somehow.
The shredded belt, it is the original, about three seasons old now.
Eventually the belts wear out, this is my third deck this season of working on and repairing, changing belts and cleaning, inspecting and over hauling.
It is a very nice machine, I made sure to remind the client to grease any ports needed, to read the book, he stated that he does.
All of his guards are in place, this is the right way to run these machines. Sometimes the guards can rub the belt, if there is a design flaw. Also, on some mowers you can’t raise the deck all the way, it will rub in various places, check for this.
Yup, bad bing bada bam, time for a new belt, and he called the right people, R.E. White Consulting LLC, we have the man power to get the job done, the jobs and projects and tasks we are qualified for.
See all of the dead grass, it might have heated the belt up, under the spindle guards, and made it come apart, I recommended they use an air compressor to keep them clean, both of them.
Here you get a better view, a ton of grass jammed up in there, not good.
Here is the guard lifted up.
Again a lot of grass build up. Many people remove the guards, I do not recommend that at all, if so, you are taking a big risk, and you need to be fully aware of what you are getting involved in, it could seriously injure someone.
Old and worn out, the belts don’t last forever, and they are not cheap either, this one was almost $60.00 I believe.
That spindle to the right needed to be removed, this is typical on these mowers.
All cleaned up now and ready for the new belt. This mower has a great braking system on it.
Both spindles under the guards inspected, cleaned and ready.
New belt installed, ready for another few seasons or more.
That pulley to the left, is part of the transmission, the belt goes around it.
Shining like new money.
The belt moves up and down inside the pulleys, depending on deck height I believe.
Our client took it on a test drive, engaged the blades, mowed with it, and all is well and good, put it back in the shed, and he is ready next time. Now, he is all caught up, because we mowed for him too.
The old belt, hopefully this new one will give him more then three seasons, but he has two full acres, and it is rough in places, I would say it held up good, need to keep those pulleys free and clear from build up under the guards.

We sure appreciate this opportunity, and yes we accepted payment this time. When asked how much he owed, we said ” what do you think?”, because you see, this is not about money, our business is not about money, it is about helping to usher in change to the town we live in, our county, our state, our nation, and the world. Our fees range between $10.00 and $500.00 an hour, depending on a long list of factors and criteria and each clients needs and ability to pay.

Also, our team members get paid, up to $50.00 an hour or more, that’s right, YOU can make up to $500.00 in 10 hours as a consultant for our firm, it may take you a while, after your probation period, but we guarantee it will be anything but boring, you will learn many vital skills that will be extremely useful for the remainder of your life, and your children’s lives, and they can pass them on as well. People also enjoy tipping us, and we gladly accept them, and they make donations, but we never ask for them directly, and they are not necessary, we have a ton of cash in our business account, and we are completely debt free and will stay this way.

Thank you so much!!!! Again, your business is greatly appreciated!!!! God bless you, and give us a call should you need anything else, or that belt has an issue. Give us a call, we can help you too, we also pay for referrals!! We don’t try to average $40.00 an hour like some businesses might in Adairville, this is a rural area and many are on disability and elderly, we actually work very hard for much less money, so call us, we have handy men and women ready to work for you today!! As a company, we feel it is not right to go around and skin the elderly and the disabled, and we have never done that and will not do it, you can trust us, be sure to check out our testimonials and referrals page here. I actually saw an article online, where people are getting arrested for skinning money off the elderly, and rightfully so, maybe someone needs to start an investigation into businesses in Adairville.

NOTE: it is worth noting one more time here. NEVER, NEVER remove guards from machinery, they are there for a reason, to prevent serious injury, and never mow on a hill and flip one over, it just is not worth it. If you get on an incline, use very good judgement or do not do it. Use a weed eater, slow down, pay someone, let it grow, be safe, do not get in a hurry, it is not worth it, your arms, your legs, your fingers, your toes, your feet, your hands, your family, your future, your health, and your life are MUCH more important than mowing grass or doing anything.