We Like To Work

Hello to everyone, all of our existing team members, our potential new team members, our family members, our friends, the community of Adairville Kentucky, the fine citizens of Logan County, our existing clients, and possible future clients!! How are you??? We are doing great!! last month I actually went over 80 hours, my first since starting back to work, and these are tracked for Social Security and the Back To Work Program I am currently in. Our phone has been RINGING from a $5.00 Craig’s list ad that Jennifer posted, and thank you to those who have called, we are working on some of your requests. We hope to help take down a very challenging tree near Bowling Green, we have spoken with the owner a few times, and hopefully tomorrow we can go check it out. There are 2 acres that need bush hogging near Central City, we are also working on that. One man wanted 2 whole barns redone with exterior wood, we passed it on to someone in our network, he will give us a donation should he get the contract. Things are REALLY popping here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, and the virus and riots have not slowed us down one single bit, in fact business is booming!! Check out the pictures and I will catch you at the bottom of this post…:-)

06-05-2020, I didn’t get to close this post but I will now. Today is Friday, which means Sabbath starts tonight at sun down!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!! So excited!!!! I wait for Sabbath ALL week long, to be with God and rest, and unlike the vast majority of Sunday Keepers, I actually rest for TWENTY FOUR HOURS as outlined in the Holy Bible. Does this make me better???? No, of course not. Do I receive more blessings from God, yes I believe I do, I challenge anyone to sit down with me and compare balance sheets and experiences and close calls, God is the driving force of my life, and I get a lot of benefits and protection because of it and Him. I am going to start a new blog post now, have a great day, and read your bibles!!