Sabbath Day

Good morning! Today is 05-31-2020, in America, legally, it is the 1st day of the week. I am a true Christian man, of the early true ministry of Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, Father Yahweh, our Abba, as outlined in the King James Version Holy Bible. I have been reborn in the Holy Spirit and in the water, and I walk in the light of Jesus Christ, I am part of the light and truth of Jesus, He is in me and I am in him, and NOTHING will ever change that!!!

So, for your reading pleasure and education, I just Googled “is sunday the first day of the week in america” and the first thing that came up is, in a snippet on the Google page, not from their website, “According to international standard ISO 8601, Monday is the first day of the week. It is followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. … Although this is the international standard, several countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia consider Sunday as the start of the week. Mar 6, 2020 Is Sunday the first day of the week or the last? | The Tylt “.

An “international standard”??? What standard will be next, bowing down to a guy with golden cups, dressed up in costumes, wanting the whole world to be identical, and telling YOU how you should live and raise your family and think, and maybe pay a visit to Rome??? The Roman Catholic Church is very open and transparent, even proud of the fact that THEY are the ones who were “authorized” to change the day of worship from Sabbath on Saturday, to the day of the pagan sun god, Sunday. But hey, we have a problem here, we are NOT Catholics, and maybe you aren’t either, let’s not forget Martin Luther and history please.

Clearly, legally, Godly, the Holy Bible states THE SEVENTH DAY is the Sabbath, on the SEVENTH DAY HE RESTED FROM ALL HIS WORK, on the SEVENTH DAY HE SANCTIFIED IT, and so now, some dude in Rome, and YOU, and your “church” want to change the days of the week, rewrite the Holy Bible, and play God??? WOW!!! The Sabbath, on SATURDAY, is mentioned about 184 times in the Bible, and NOT in a single place is it ever changed, EVER!!!!!!!! So, you tell me, it is “hard”, you “work all week” and “don’t have enough time”, and you “like to stay busy”, and you “need more money”, and you “might get behind”????

The truth is, the ABSOLUTE truth is, the COMPLETE TRUTH is, if and when YOU go to church on Sunday, you are completely IGNORING the word of God, from the Bible, and you are following along with something Rome did back in the 1500s, the same Roman’s that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross, well, the same group of people anyway. If you WORK on Saturday, the Sabbath, YOU are VIOLATING the Sabbath on Saturday, and you are NOT acting as a true real Christian should!!!! If we violate the Sabbath, we will NEVER prosper, NEVER, and I don’t care how many fancy slick shiny cars, or motorcycles, or trucks, or boats, or lawn mowers, or clothes, or houses you have!!!!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!! LISTEN TO CHRIST!!!!! LISTEN TO THE BIBLE!!! LISTEN TO GOD!!! LISTEN TO THE KINGDOM!!!!

The Holy Spirit is talking to you brothers and sisters, in this post, to turn from your selfish, sinful, worldly, materialistic, consumerism, evil, vile, horrible, go go go, Rome Rome Rome, me me me, I I I, mine mine mine, food food food, spend spend spend, credit credit credit, work work work, nervous nervous nervous, restless restless restless, anxiety anxiety anxiety, more more more, take take take, bully bully bully, hate hate hate, anger anger anger, feminist feminist feminist ways!!!!!!!! STOP IT!! Stop now, turn from Satan and evil, and they will flee from you!!!! I care so deeply about all people I truly do, I was willing to die for any and all Americans in the military, I care that much, I took that risk, please wake up and listen to the Bible and God, please. Observing Sabbath and resting for 24 hours each week is a sign of strength and dignity and a direct link to the power of God!!!

I am going to close for now, and this post will not be deleted or trashed or changed, it will stay here on the site, and please remember this does not reflect the values and opinions of ALL of our team mates necessarily. Today, why don’t you do yourself and your city or town and your family, and your neighborhood and your country, and possibly your rioters and looters a favor, take a moment and be kind to a MAN, help men be better strong TRUE real CHRISTIAN men, stop putting them down and beating up on them, stop being hateful and mean and nasty and snarky towards them, show RESPECT towards men, because it is men who build civilization and help keep the peace and build roads and houses and buildings and cell phone towers and all kinds of things.

Men, lead your families into the Bible, stop being a coward and a bully and a loser, stand up for Jesus Christ, do the right thing, start each day on your knees, and get out the word of God, because if you don’t, you may lose everything “you own”, and you should. God loves you, He is calling you, don’t be dumb, get that good old fashioned BIBLE Godly wisdom!!!!! You got this!!! You can do this!!!!! I believe in you!!!! Don’t DESTROY the work of the people who were there before you, the Christians who helped build America!!!!!!! Don’t forget the people who were here before us, the American Indians, they did NOT spend all of their waking hours working on a silly HOUSE!!!!!!! Have a nice day, and God bless you!!!!! Come down from your prideful horse, be lowly, be meek, be soft, be sweet, be gentle, be tender, be true, be a REAL Christian, be respectful, and be a MAN!!!!

Peace, love, forgiveness, and understanding….

Brother Marc,