Dead Middle Class

05-25-2020 – Hello and good evening! It is 2:59 AM CST, in the morning, and I am going to try and go to sleep now. I went to North Crest Medical Center for my ankle tonight, and again I was met by a condescending, rude, hateful, stuck up, cold white Caucasian “doctor”. I am reporting him to the Tennessee Medical Board tomorrow, in writing, and I believe he has done this to me before. My cell phone, from ATT, in Bowling Green KY, keeps doing automatic updates, it just did it again, it is doing it now, and there is no way for me to stop them, at all, it is so frustrating. Some mean, rude, hateful, evil idiot woke us up this morning, at 8:00 PM, with an engine so loud near our house, it sounded like I was at a drag strip, and the cop in town, and the deputies never pull anyone over on High Street that I can see, and I live here. There are plenty of side streets where they could sit and clock people, but they never do, they just ride around, and around. This post is about the vanishing and dying middle class in America, people who make between about $45K and $120K a year, and if you don’t think they are going to be extinct one day, you are terribly wrong.

America is being engulfed by feminism, homosexuality, consumerism, alcoholism, felons, drug addiction, rogue cops, child abuse, power hungry attorneys, pornography, narcissism, crooked judges, divorce, gun violence, obesity, bully jailers, financial debt, crooked sheriffs, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, speeding, murder, rape, theft, vandalism, bikers, bullies, cowards, haters, low life, meth labs, depression, drug traffickers, anxiety and many many more and FEAR as our STEM scores fall and fall showing proof of what will surely be our future. When the middle class is gone, America will be completely gone, this is why R.E. White Consulting exists, to help stem the blood letting of an important class of people, the backbone of a nation, to talk about what is important, and for people to take action. Goodnight, and I will resume this in the morning. It is so sad to watch America die, the Land of The Free and The Brave, has turned into The Land Of Hate and Fear…well, bring it on, cause ain’t nobody afraid in this house.

It is 11:58 AM CST, and I am finally up and going, I feel better, and did get some sleep. I have not had any alcohol now for about 5 days I guess, or maybe more, and wow am I starting to feel and think so much better. It is not east at all to deal with my PTSD, extremely challenging and detailed, alcohol helps take the edge off, but then it just makes everything worse too, and we all know how booze affects our brains, bodies, minds, relationship with God, and our lives. As soon as I got out of bed I hit my knees and was praying the Lord’s prayer, it helped a lot, and I guess today is memorial day 2020. Many people say they honor deceased veterans and veterans, but for the majority it is just an act and all smoke and mirrors, I know this because I am a veteran, I am mistreated almost constantly, until I stand my ground, then they typically back off. The Holy Bible talks about dusting our feet off, and moving on, if a home or town and person will not receive you, and listen to what we have to say, this is extremely good, follow that suggestion, and life will be amazing, hang out with the boozers and drug addicts and money grubbers, you get a one way trip into destruction and pain and suffering.

I have not turned on my cell phone yet, I think I will leave it off all day maybe, it’s good to be the boss, it’s good to not have ANY financial debt, it’s good to have a great team helping you, it’s good to have 6 different houses / apartments to be in and visit and enjoy, it’s good to be a real Christian. My left ankle has something wrong with it, I will schedule with an orthopedic doctor today hopefully, that visit to the ER last night was AWFUL because of the energy and attitude of the doctor, don’t even want to get into it again right now, he is worth not a second of my valuable time, but he will be reported to the medical board. What I need to do is print up a sheet of paper, and when I go to and ER give it to them, and tell them to read it, that way they have more of an understanding about who they are dealing with, then when I contact their administrators office, if they mistreat me, I can show them that I did in fact notify them about my disabilities and conditions. The pressure in my head is not too bad today, the sun is shining, but the humidity is going up quick,this tends to make me sicker…I do much better near the ocean, where it is cooler, with fresh air and salt water, one day I think I will live there again, near or at the beach. , that link says 24 million Americans consume 74 drinks per week, a little more than 10 drinks per day, I have known this figure before, it is a very staggering number. Do you think these 24,000,000 people don’t drive??? Every year over 1,000,000 people in the USA are arrested for impaired driving, something that has NEVER happened to me. The NHTSA says 10,511 people died in 2018 due to drunk driving, or 30 each day, one ever 50 minutes, in the time it takes me to type this 1 post, 2 or 3 of them will be gone, maybe YOU will be the one driving, and maybe you will go to prison, and if so, you should. I truly love the fact that I am not a lawyer, not a doctor, not a corporate big wig, not a mayor, not a deputy, not a cop, not a politician, not an “important” person with a “reputation” to protect, because clearly I have a lot of freedom to just be ME, simple, basic, and to say whatever I want within reason, within the bounds of the laws. This is VERY powerful, and gives me so many advantages, and now that I am transparent about being a disabled person, it gives me even MORE power and leverage, all from God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and good old fashioned common sense and biblical principles and natural laws that actually WORK.

We just covered ONE topic in the above paragraph, that points back to the second paragraph of this post, in that second paragraph I could have kept on going with the list of things that are killing the middle class, and America as a whole nation. Typically many people live together, this is what CNBC says, ” By that definition, a middle-income three-person household earns about $45,000 to $135,000. If you’re single, a salary of around $26,000 to $78,000 qualifies you as middle-income. I am firmly entrenched in the middle class lifestyle here in the USA, and NOTHING is going to change this, ever, because God will always lead me in the right direction. My income, combined with my mom’s, because we sort of live together, still keeps us in this financial class of incredible, good, loving, honest, hard working people. About 52% of Americans are in the middle class but may be 51% at this writing. Here is a great study from PEW Research, , they state that since 1971, our middle class, has shrunk from 61% of the nation, down to 52%, but that was in 2018, and now with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, much has truly changed. This path and trajectory will continue, I guarantee you, because the greedy, hateful, nasty, sinful, money grubbers will keep up their campaign and onslaught of death and destruction to get “their” money and protect their sinful extravagant lifestyles full of debauchery and evil and selfishness.

You better keep one eye, no, wait, scratch that, you better keep BOTH eyes on ANYONE, who is not in the middle class but instead in the upper class, these are not your friends, they NEVER have your best interest in mind for the most part, they work behind the scenes to DESTROY the middle class, and push us down into poverty and lower class financial status. Again, this is where REWC comes in, as a group, we want to help protect the middle class, to teach the upper class, to and to give to the lower class, and educate as many people as possible about the Holy Bible, and Jesus’s TRUE early ministry, before the Romans stole it and perverted it and changed things. I work with people in poverty and the middle class every day almost, and what we call the “working poor”. Wikipedia says “The working poor are working people whose incomes fall below a given poverty line due to low-income jobs and low familial household income. These are people who spend at least 27 weeks in a year working or looking for employment, but remain under the poverty threshold.” In 2017, 39.7 million Americans lived in poverty. , that link shows the money part of poverty, one person household $12,760, two persons $17,240, three persons $21,720, four persons $26,200. Are you middle class or in poverty??? What did the virus do to you and your family and income??? Need help??? CALL US TODAY!!!, that article goes into detail about that the virus has done to the middle class, and trust me, the past 5 months has not been all about that virus, but another tactic to hollow out the middle class, and destroy it, and the families who live in it, to push them down into the lower classes and poverty, and keep them there, create a nation of slaves, slave workers, mongrels on the bottom, living in squalled conditions and “hoods” and sections of cities, rural areas and the “bad part” of town. , whoops, looks like Victoria’s Secret isn’t such a secret anymore, HAHAHA, I hope their “top” executives are learning some valuable lessons here, and quite frankly, I find their advertising in malls around children, giant posters of half nude women, disgusting, perverted, nasty, filthy, tasteless, and awful.

05-26-2020 – Hello and good morning again! So, here we are again, back at the blog, and welcome. Someone wanted to know why we are starting a hosting company, and who would want to host with us, and why. The explanation is, we want our own server because we don’t wish to condone anti Christian behavior by co existing on just any server, which is sort of what we are doing now. At PAIR networks, we have no idea who the other people are, on this shared hosting account we are using, it could be anybody, hopefully there is no porn there but we have no way of knowing, the hosting company does not allow us to see who else is on the server, or what they are doing there. We will be offering an entire server, or 16 micro servers possibly, all in one enclosure, inside a data center, and while we can’t control who else is actually in the data center, we can on our own hardware. We will be offering hosting and data storage for Seventh Day Adventists, Sabbath Keepers, Disabled Veterans, women who need help that are starting up a business, men going through a divorce who need support and a hosting account, vegans and vegetarians, and many other small businesses and people who reject worldly ways, reject hate and materialism, care about the earth and themselves, and much more.

About the middle class, so if we take a couple, and the figures above, and they make $45K to $135K a year, lets say they have about $70K coming in, and we do the average, $45K + $135K = $180K / 2 = $90K, then they are not far below the exact middle of the middle class bracket in America. I just checked an article on CNN about unemployment, here in KY currently, it stands at almost 40%, and MANY of these people will not want to go back to work, either where they were working, or AT ALL, when our “economy reopens” eventually. As I was reading, a giant page unfolded right in front of me, it was none other than Anderson Cooper, then I googled his name, yes he is “gay” and I thought so. I, Marc White, now live in a nation where two full grown “men” can go get legally married, two homosexuals, but this is not what I signed up for in the military, NOT at all!!! Clearly, the middle class, couples and marriages and little innocent children, are being severely TARGETED so as to make them LOWER CLASS financially, to take their money away from them, to hurt and injure them, to alter their way of life forever, so the upper class and top 1% can have more power, more control, more money. Legalized homosexuality is but one of the ways they are breaking down the moral fabric of this nation, and of the family unit, but the buck stops here, in this house, and moves outward, guaranteed.

This is the preamble of the Kentucky State Constitution “We, the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties we enjoy, and invoking the continuance of these blessings, do ordain and establish this Constitution.” “This preamble to Kentucky’s present Constitution is the first one of the four adopted in Kentucky to use the term “Commonwealth of Kentucky.” It is also the first one to make reference to Almighty God.[1]“. Notice the word God??? Yea, the Holy Bible, you know, that book you may have not opened lately, the one collecting dust over on the shelf. I just did a random KJV search, and this is what I got in return, Hebrews 13:6, “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” We also read about fear last night in our bible study, in Revelation, and as a real true Christian, fear is not allowed in the program see, it is on par with murder, and a lot of other bad things, but what is the message from mainstream society and the media now days??? When we turn on the media, the first thing we get are people who look, talk, and act like we should be concerned and scared, you know, paranoia, “see something say something”…like you are supposed to be a little cop or something, everyone policing one another, and our society just unravels more and more and more.

What many white Caucasian “men”, who in many ways are not men at all, but more like things, robots, on auto pilot, do in the course of their daily lives is unbelievable, they will back stab you so fast it will make your head spin, they will lie in a heart beat, another thing that is not allowed by God, they will break a committment in an instant. Liars are horrible people, they live in a world of iniquity and destruction, dead already inside according to God and His word, this is where our ministry comes in, to speak Bible truth, regardless of the consequences. Jesus teaches us not to be afraid, He says they persecuted Him and the prophets BEFORE they persecute us, and to remember this. I just received a text from a tenant, and I am sure grateful to get it, looks like we will be bush hogging today, and hopefully mowing, the ranch needs it badly, and so here we go with some business, and I am grateful for it. Going “back to work” after almost 20 years of not being able to, is just incredible in so many ways, the Bible also talks about working. The middle class is composed of exactly 171,444,606 people when I just looked at the population clock, and while we work with all people here at this consulting firm, and care deeply about the lower class and those in poverty, and we want to help the wealthy some with the word of God, it is the middle class we are truly focused the most on.

In the beginning telling people I was “disabled” was extremely difficult, it got easier as time went on, accepting the fact that I have severe limitations is not easy, but we all have some limitations, and a wise man knows this, a biblical wise man, and this is the wisdom that counts for something. This world will pass away, just as sure as millions of small businesses and jobs JUST passed away (and I told you they would for 6 years basically, to prepare and get ready), and God is real, and Jesus Christ IS the MOST famous man in all of human history, Google Him if you don’t believe me, and the Bible is the most printed book ever in history. God spoke to me, and helped me, and sent people into this incredible life I am living that He gave me, then things started changing, I WANTED to try and go back to work, to resume my career, to TRY some more, to inspire others, to have motivation, to preach the gospel of Jesus, to be a leader, to own a business, to pay more into social security, and to keep on living and not give up. This is the attack on the middle class, to mentally and emotionally and physically and financially and spiritually BREAK YOU DOWN, and the buck STOPS here, because we care, and we work, and we can help YOU and your situation and family, I guarantee you we can help. You may need to put some skin in the game, but we are here for you, as a team, and as a legal business entity.

The top 1% and the super wealthy, they are working overtime, with literally ARMIES of data analysts and accountants and marketing and advertising and all types of equipment and people and workers, to get YOU to spend, and spend more, and to borrow money, and go into debt, deep into debt, forever, and to be a low class worker slave, the working poor, so slave away for them and their families and their bank accounts. We, in the middle class, are being attacked on all sides, it is a blood bath too I tell ya, I see it all the time, young people and young men, young families with little kids, devastated and ripped apart, divorced and shattered, their dreams and goals gone, vanished, and they are left with broken pieces, it rips your heart out, and is extremely painful to see and be part of. I have never divorced anyone in my life, ever, I never wanted a divorce, my wife filed for divorce, but I take ALL of the blame, blaming her will do no good, after all I am the man, I am a man, and part of being a man, is admitting we made mistakes and were wrong. In Texas they brag about their failures, and while my divorce is certainly nothing to brag about, I don’t mind discussing my financial failures, and we will be doing this, in much detail, at a later time. Failure is and can be a springboard to success, winners are losers, they lost MANY times before they won, but they never gave up see.

I get text messages on my phone from one of my banks, with the balance, each day, and so I can see each and every purchase and deposit made, this is a great tool to help control your spending, it is called tracking, and if you wish to be like me, in the top 18% to 19% of Americans with ZERO DEBT, you need to get moving. Not having any debt is a very good first line of defense in regards to holding your middle class status, next, owning a business and being self employed, is another get one, that way you can get and live on more and leave in your will, PRE TAX dollars, not after tax dollars. Tax in America is one way the wealthy stay and get more wealthy, and attack the middle class, so if you ever want to be upper class, you need to really get your head wrapped around this concept, the book Rich Dad Poor Dad can and will help you with this. Learn about MATH, read up on finances, study tax documents, research government tax programs, take CLASSES, get some good mentors, do your monthly budget, make these habits, do them daily, don’t skip any days, set aside time at a desk to do the work, and it will pay off I guarantee it!! Money attracts money, like a magnet, it pulls it towards its self, and the abundance mentality is the oil that runs the machine of freedom, the dreaded scarcity mentality is the death blow to your engine, NEVER, never, EVER, never believe you don’t have enough money or house or car or anything, ALWAYS know in your heart, you have so much more than you ever need or could spend.

One of the things we do here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, is we RENT, we rent out our land, we rent out our houses, we rent out apartments, we rent out our team members, we rent out our own selves and time, we just like to work, and we will also be renting out SERVER space, very very soon!!! If you are middle class, you will get an extra good deal on a website hosting package, or space in the cloud to run your company and business, if you are lower class and or in poverty, you may let you have a hosting package and or space for FREE for a while as you learn and climb back up to middle class, if you are wealthy and run a business we can talk but one of our goals is to not take money from the wealthy or to help them run their empires, all of this is outlined in the Bible. I am going to go now, duty calls, thanks for being here, keep coming back, we have a lot more to do and say. Have a very nice day, God bless you and each of your families…now go team GO, go go go!!!! HAHAHA!!!