Tiny Bit Less

There is nothing to read here, lol, and now I am going to give something away, because, yea, I need just a tiny bit less…less data later, in this post, haha. M P.S. This page = 133KB. According to Mach Metrics, the average page size is 1,966 KB, or rather, 14.781 times bigger than this one. Dave Ramsey uses baby steps, but we are adults, lets try some tiny steps instead…and do them slowly not quickly.

I just got a pop up on my screen from my own laptop, it is Dell Assist, and I tell you the amount of bloatware this machine came with is just incredible, so many companies now FORCE their products on you, or they try, just sickening. Its been said that “advertising is killing the world”, I tend to agree, mostly it is broken, but it is good to find some things when you need them. Just took a migraine pill a few minutes ago, and gave a neighbor two non violent videos, I hope they enjoy them, one is educational and the other is a love story I guess.

I have decided to make a few large changes, basically breaking R.E. White Consulting LLC, The Triple Round Rock Ranch, and the new hosting business into 3 different websites. I realize I said I would not do this, but for branding purposes, and yea what would be called advertising, then some marketing, it will probably be best. The web is full of garbage and bloat, I realize this, and in the process I plan to clean up a lot of my old stuff laying around in my accounts and databases, a shedding off and organizing process. As to “knowledge bases”, I think they are great, but do we need to keep them forever or cull them out, I mean who really reads really old stuff on the web??? The moment I land on what might look like an ancient page or site, I sort of leave and don’t look back much, unless it has truly important historical information.

Some things are worth keeping track of I think, but again, who will slog through 100 posts on your site, unless they provide very useful data, I don’t know, some of these are difficult questions. Last night we watched a short video about Google’s data centers, these are MASSIVE polluters, and energy drainers from the grid, and there are many of them, maybe we don’t all NEED so much data?? This is where tiny bit less comes in, and yea, we got the domain name today, www.tinybitless.com, and surprisingly, or not, nobody wanted it, so we took it. When I googled Tiny Bit Less, or tiny bit less, or “tiny bit less”, actually very little came up, a lot less than I was expecting, HAHA! We could call it the TBL program, and maybe even TBL Web Hosting, all built on bits and bytes, but not so many, we should never forget the original intent of the Internet, to share DATA, it was about education and science, and with our STEM scores crashing like a BIG gas guzzling SUV slamming into a Burger King, we need to talk about it a whole lot more.

That’s right, a little more money won’t help you, at all, unless you learn to live on less, before you actually get it. Think of how many people around the world right now, in the same instant I am creating a web page, or more correctly the script is creating it, are loading up another earth choking useless YouTube video, or 30 images to Facebook, or another pic to Instagram, and then they leave them there, and abandon them, or they just keep uploading more. I knew a guy one time who had uploaded something like 20,000 videos to YouTube, over about a 10 year period, HAHA, and he is still doing it today, lolol. He probably still wonders why I never “liked” his videos, haha, maybe it was because there were so many, who could keep up??? And why?? A web site is supposed to be about things going on in the world, and of course with God and Jesus, they should translate into ACTION off line, real in person meetings, real dates with romance, real trips maybe, real traction, and real savings and less slavery and suffering and anxiety and depression and divorce and destruction.

Just because you are allowed by the government to have an internet connection, is no reason to go crazy on it, and choke out the bandwidth and environment with massive data centers that help kill the earth. Maybe while someone is uploading another useless video or image or podcast, someone else, in a real dire emergency, is trying to send a text message for help, and the thing won’t go through, think about it why don’t you?? This is where Tiny Bit Less comes in, the main reason why that guy keeps uploading those videos, is the same reason our STEM scores are dying, simply lack of understanding, about that is happening, so yea, some education is critically important, unless you want to rename the USA to Chinasu, or whatever, but you get my meaning right.

Is less more??? How about the minimalist movement?? What about living on less, eating less, borrowing less, weighing less, having less aggression, feeling less depressed, experiencing less anxiety, living with less fear, doing less, rushing less, being less “busy”, divorcing less, putting up with abuse less, having less emergencies, less heart attacks and strokes and cancer, and instead, saving more money, having more time for health and fitness, enjoying retirement more, being more polite and friendly, doing more pullups, learning to walk on our hands more, having more youthfulness, loving more deeply, being more masculine, enjoying ourselves more, being more kind to animals including food animals, and getting to know God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the Bible more??? Can we stop measuring each other by what we have or don’t have??? A Tiny Bit Less??? Sure we can!!! I do it all the time, some of my best friends currently, might not have much money at all, in fact many are in debt or are the working poor, but they are so kind and genuine to me, and talk about interesting and colorful, HAHAHA, very entertaining and genuine!!!

Sure I could tell you, it is faster for me to create a video and upload it, but that would not be true, I can create a paragraph pretty quick, and say what needs to be said, no editing, no endless hours trying to perfect it, no wondering if it is OK and good enough, just straight text, and you can’t misunderstand this, unless you don’t read English very well, hahaha. YouTube is going by the way side, dying the same 800 pound gorilla death that Facebook has, who wants it in the room, not me, that is for sure. Three hours in front of a video will mess your brain up, big time, makes you dumbed down and sleepy, really has very negative affects on the mind, look into it and see, and you will never be successful with STEM by watching videos, there is A LOT of math involved, and it needs to be learned on paper and with programs.

Yes, I love the web, well, I like it, because I do like STEM, I have made A LOT of money with IT, I mean a whole lot of money. When was the last time YOU took 19.2% out of the stock market??? I have done it, with a computer, using STEM, and you can also brothers and sisters, trust me on this, it is possible. Tonight I have started learning more math again, online, one place is through Harvard University except it seemed broken and would not allow me to log in, but I did pass the even vs odd number test, haha, and now I am doing subtractions with paper, we just did 97-78, and of course I can do that in my head, but on paper it is a little more challenging, mom had to help me, lol, but now I got it again, you “borrow” a 1 from the 9, so 17 – 8 = 9, and then the 9 becomes an 8 so, 8 – 7 = 1, then we get 19, this is fun!!! I had forgot how to do it on paper, I am going to sign up for some serious online classes.

I can do additions much easier, and adding up how much money you have from being debt free is always a whole lot of fun!!! HAHAHA!!! No more juice to the top 1%, I think I will start lending money, maybe, NOT!! We will see… So how much juice are you paying each month??? You know, your interest payments, not the principle, but the interest, maybe on your mortgage??? Did you go deep into debt before the virus??? I tried to tell you guys, for years, stop borrowing money, we can’t get wealthy on OPM, or other people’s money, the trick is to LEND it or invest it, not borrow it, I understand this is not normal, but remember, this is Tiny Bit Less University, you only need to pay off a TINY bit extra next month, don’t pay the minimum see, just pay an extra $10.00 on your credit card payment, the bigger bits will come later.

At TBLU, we start off small, then get LARGE, because there are 8 bits to a byte, but you may not be ready for a whole bite just yet, so enjoy and eat a little bit, or better yet, a tiny bit. Then, after you learn, and go very, very slow, we will get you into the bytes, and 1,000 of those make a kilobyte, and $10,000.00 might be your whole rainy day fund, and for now we can stop there, this gets very complicated, quickly, we will discuss pixels and hard drives and math and TCP/IP and routing and websites and firewalls and the universe and light years and distances and ratios and averages and means and ALL kinds of fun things, even engineering, and physics!!! Fun fun, and your going to need this stuff to beat the top 1% at their own game, trust me, this education will pay off!! Be back later.

Let me give you an example, some people can not remember certain things, we all have our limitations of course but we need to know Science because it helps us learn about our world and universe, Technology helps us learn about science and it is so cool and fun, then we have Engineering and it keeps your house together and creates your phone and brings you food sometimes, and lastly, Math is like the oil that keeps it all running. STEM, is so very, very important but you don’t want too much, this will throw you OOB, or out of balance, balance is part of physics, I took that class in California where it is very challenging. Some people don’t even know how big our earth is, where we live, well, just off the top of my head, it is about 24,500 miles in what we call circumference, or AROUND the earth, diameter means through the earth. The exact figure is 24,901 miles around, so I was close, and now you know the distance to the moon, about 240,000 miles, the exact figure is 239,900 so again, I was very close. The diameter is 7,917.5 miles, neat! Probably a little more than 2 x the width of America. I was wrong, the US is 2,800 miles across, but I had a general idea.

In order to stay in balance and not be a OOB person, we need time away from STEM, like today, I drove into the country, and sat there doing nothing, and watched a bird sit on a fence post. Now, while doing nothing STEM is going on all around us, the post was created with STEM, but the bird was created by God, and He came up with all the math, and everything else, so when we learn about STEM, we are also learning about God, this is how and why my resume looks like it does, because God gave me the ability to realize I can use my mind. It also “pays to be nice”, when we are nice to people, they want to help us, with STEM, and money, and opportunities, and yes sometimes even when we are nice they still might not want to help us, so we need to have good judgement of someones actions, or rather fruits, what they do, what they produce.

How big is a bit?? Just divide 1 byte by 8, so, 1 / 8 = .125, so there are 1.25 bits in a byte, we will be working with a lot of numbers that go BELOW or under or behind the decimal place, the dot, we call these “tight tolerances”, and I used these a lot when working in a machine shop in San Diego CA back in the 1980s. Your car has many parts with extremely tight tolerances, that way they work together, and don’t come apart, your cellphone is the same way. We are also going to discuss things like electricity and learn about fiber optics here, how data, the 0s and 1s travel across the light, in a strand the size of a human hair. Here is some data and information from Wikipedia, you will need this for our classes, and to maybe help you get a better career, and to get out of debt, and maybe buy a farm, or maybe be a multimillionaire, or start your own ministry, or be a business owner, or survive a divorce, and maybe retire, and leave an inheritance, and be in or get out of the stock market, or to keep your job when a virus stops the world, or to file for unemployment, or to get on and or off of disability, or to invest in social security and understand their program, or fund your 401K or try and build it back up again after it crashes because it is in the stock market, or understand the 8 pillars of retirement, or to sell a closed up restaurant, or to repair a tractor, or to start a consulting business, or do your taxes, or get a tax break, or understand pre tax dollars, or email a letter to the White House and get a response, hahaha.

Wikipedia: “The bit is a basic unit of information in information theory, computing, and digital communications. The name is a portmanteau of binary digit.[1] In information theory, one bit is typically defined as the information entropy of a binary random variable that is 0 or 1 with equal probability,[2] or the information that is gained when the value of such a variable becomes known.[3][4] As a unit of information, the bit is also known as a shannon,[5] named after Claude E. Shannon. As a binary digit, the bit represents a logical state, having only one of two values. It may be physically implemented with a two-state device. These values are most commonly represented as either 0or1, but other representations such as true/falseyes/no+/, or on/off are common. The correspondence between these values and the physical states of the underlying storage or device is a matter of convention, and different assignments may be used even within the same device or program. The symbol for the binary digit is either bit per recommendation by the IEC 80000-13:2008 standard, or the lowercase character b, as recommended by the IEEE 1541-2002 and IEEE Std 260.1-2004 standards. A group of eight binary digits is commonly called one byte, but historically the size of the byte is not strictly defined.

Always remember class, here at TBLU, we like word games, and this part is serious though, we are talking about TINY amounts many times, because this is what it will take to change your habits, little inklings of truth, shining bright from the STEM flashlight of Jesus Christ!!! Isn’t that so nice??? Sure it is!!! HAHA!!! You see Jesus doesn’t really need STEM to shine, He IS the light!!!! God is the light, and Jesus is His only begotten son!! You use the internet and world wide web right??? You are reading this online right??? Then, it is only logical that you should understand, in GREAT detail, how this sucker works, don’t be that woman stuck on the side of the road who can’t change a tire, but is all fancied up and looks slick and pretty and sleeps around with men and isn’t married, and needs to call for help, get out the wrench, get dirty, and CHANGE it!!! Don’t be that guy who is mean, hateful, angry, dishonest, and breaks commitments because his cash flow dried up and now he mistakenly believes he has no time in a day left because “mama” ain’t never happy and never has enough money. Lastly, don’t be the parents who raise a child that wants to be a “Doctor” of Psychology or Psychiatry, that gives people PILLS to swallow into their bodies, but doesn’t even know how an internal combustion engine works as they drive to see their “clients” and “help” them!!!! Turn to God, and learn some STEM, but don’t be OOB, He will reward you like you could never, ever, even begin to imagine, we guarantee you this, and we are going to help.

“The byte is a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits. Historically, the byte was the number of bits used to encode a single character of text in a computer[1][2] and for this reason it is the smallest addressable unit of memory in many computer architectures. The size of the byte has historically been hardware dependent and no definitive standards existed that mandated the size. Sizes from 1 to 48 bits have been used.[3][4][5][6] The six-bit character code was an often used implementation in early encoding systems and computers using six-bit and nine-bit bytes were common in the 1960s. These systems often had memory words of 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 bits, corresponding to 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 six-bit bytes. In this era, bit groupings in the instruction stream were often referred to as syllables, before the term byte became common. The modern de facto standard of eight bits, as documented in ISO/IEC 2382-1:1993, is a convenient power of two permitting the binary-encoded values 0 through 255 for one byte—2 to the power 8 is 256.[7] The international standard IEC 80000-13 codified this common meaning. Many types of applications use information representable in eight or fewer bits and processor designers optimize for this common usage. The popularity of major commercial computing architectures has aided in the ubiquitous acceptance of the eight-bit size.[8] Modern architectures typically use 32- or 64-bit words, built of four or eight bytes. The unit symbol for the byte was designated as the upper-case letter B by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)[9] in contrast to the bit, whose IEEE symbol is a lower-case b. Internationally, the unit octet, symbol o, explicitly defines a sequence of eight bits, eliminating the ambiguity of the byte.[10][11]

Now, as I have been creating this web page, I ran a “smush” plugin in WordPress, to squeeze my images down smaller, and this page size actually shrunk, to 125KB or kilobytes, which = 125,000 bytes x 8 = exactly 1,000,000 bits….lolol, so now this page is a whole bunch of little bits put together, isn’t this fun???!!!! I think so!!! HAHA!!! A “nibble” is smaller than a bit, exactly 1/4, so this page is 4,000,000 nibbles, lol. If you were kissing your girlfriend or wife, and nibbled on her that many times, she might get upset, so maybe you just need to watch Star Wars for a while, then when she isn’t looking, take a great big YOTAbyte out of her!!!!! HAHAHA!!!! 1 YB = 2e+24 nibbles, now YOU do the math on that, with a pencil, on paper, while I go to sleep, and give me the answer in the morning, haha!!! This was fun, welcome to TBLU, we are gonna empty all that nonsense from your head, break you down, rebuild you into a STEM machine with Godly powers, wrap you up nice and neat, put a big pretty bow on you, and ship you back home to mama!!! Oh I forgot, your already living with mama, and never left, OK then, we will work on that too….lolol…sleep well recruits, and keep these barracks QUIET ladies!!!!! Semper Fi, do, or DIE!!!! Hurrraaaaaa!!!!!!

CORRECTION: Mike Dimmick, on our team, brought it to my attention, that a nibble is actually 4 bits I think, or 1/2 of a byte, so I had it wrong. Thank you!!!

Marc White USN-RET MCP CEO MOG ~ TBLU President 🙂

P.S. “In computing, a nibble[1] (occasionally nybble or nyble to match the spelling of byte) is a four-bit aggregation,[1][2][3] or half an octet. It is also known as half-byte[4] or tetrade.[5][6] In a networking or telecommunication context, the nibble is often called a semi-octet,[7] quadbit,[8] or quartet.[9][10] A nibble has sixteen (24) possible values. A nibble can be represented by a single hexadecimal digit and called a hex digit.[11] A full byte (octet) is represented by two hexadecimal digits; therefore, it is common to display a byte of information as two nibbles. Sometimes the set of all 256 byte values is represented as a 16×16 table, which gives easily readable hexadecimal codes for each value. Four-bit computer architectures use groups of four bits as their fundamental unit. Such architectures were used in early microprocessorspocket calculators and pocket computers. They continue to be used in some microcontrollers. In this context, 4-bit groups were sometimes also called characters[12] rather than nibbles.[1]

“The yottabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. The prefix yotta indicates multiplication by the eighth power of 1000 or 1024 in the International System of Units (SI), and therefore one yottabyte is one septillion (one long scale quadrillion) bytes. The unit symbol for the yottabyte is YB. The yottabyte, adopted in 1991, is the largest of the formally defined multiples of the byte.1 YB = 10008bytes = 1024bytes = 1000000000000000000000000bytes = 1000zettabytes = 1trillionterabytes A related unit, the yobibyte (YiB), using a binary prefix, is equal to 10248bytes (approximately 1.209 YB). In 2010, it was estimated that storing a yottabyte on terabyte-size disk drives would require one million city block-size data-centers, as big as the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.[1] By late 2016, memory density had increased to the point where a yottabyte could be stored on SD cards occupying roughly twice the size of the Hindenburg[2] (around 400 thousand cubic metres). The total amount of data that could be stored in the observable universe using each of the 1078 to 1082 atoms as single bits of information (using their spin for example) is between 1.25×1053 and 1.25×1057 yottabytes.[3] Since the radius of Holmium is 233 pm, an atomic memory device could store one yottabyte in an area roughly the size of a nickel.[4] WOW!!!! WOW!!!! HAHA!!!!!