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It is an amazing day here at R.E. White Consulting! Although I am going to eat some food now, I just wanted to start a post about the work I have been doing over the past 48 hours in regards to our new web hosting business. After many lengthy, pleasant and professional phone calls that stretch around the world, from Bulgaria to California to Virginia Beach to Hopkinsville Kentucky, much data has been collected and processed, now it is time to share all of this exciting information with you! I can’t think as well when I am so hungry, lol, so after I eat and take another well deserved break, I will be back to give an in depth report. Stay tuned, this is very good stuff!!

Here we go class, back again, lol, and now I feel so much better!! Just bounced off a call with Chase, on our team, he finally says that TONIGHT is the night he is going to register his business with the state of Tennessee!!! 🙂 We have invested a lot of time into this amazing young man, he dropped 30 pounds soon after we met, then he went out and got a good job with nice income, hopefully this year he will complete his degree in music business from Belmont University, we needed to fill a management position so he stepped into that role for us, and soon he will be a true blue bonafied business owner!! Go man go!! I jumped on DELL’s website, and below you should find a page “embedded” and or “framed” in this page, its called the iframe tag or “code”, probably HTML, I don’t recall just now. This is the Dell PowerEdge R240 Rack Server, looks like we will need one, or two, or something like them to go inside a data center, to find out which one, meet me further down in this post.

I could spend a lot of time on this article I really could, in the past 48 hours I have talked to so many businesses, companies, entities, professionals, etc., about web hosting, and not only did I learn a lot, I believe we have more of a clear map for the direction we are headed in. In the most simple terms, there are a few “industry standards” for what is called “web hosting”, and the web part means your web site including all the pages and posts and images and data, and the hosting means WHERE it is located, the physical location, even though it is mostly all 0s and 1s and not something tangible you can touch and feel. You got that right?? Just as you store your images and documents and videos on your “local drive” or hard drive in your laptop and or desktop or phone, web sites need a place to call home also.

As a business owner you need a website, it is the best way for your customers to find you, learn about you and your team, sell items and services, and do a whole lot of really cheap advertising that can and will pay you tens of thousands and millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, you can go to a “hosting” company and “rent” space, but now you will not need them, lol, because WE are here for you and your team, we ARE the hosting company, or rather we will be after we get it all organized and set up. There are a lot of different ways to start a hosting company but the best, and no, its not the least expensive, is to build a $50,000,000.00 data center, haha, well sure if you have that to invest but we are not there, just yet. Another way is to use “shared hosting”, where there are hundreds of users and possibly “resellers” on the same computer or “box” in a “rack” inside a “cage” inside a data center. After that comes things like VPS or virtual private servers, this is where they use software to split up the hard drive, sort of like partitions, there are usually less people on the machine and things run faster.

“Cloud computing” is another way to host your site and or business or hosting business, and actually there is no “cloud”, it’s just another fancy name for a bunch of computers or servers. Sort of where it all ends is in “dedicated” servers, this is where a company can lease a machine, then use it to run their business from inside a data center or their own computer room in a building. I can either rent a dedicated server, and never own the equipment and never have full control over it, or we can build one and own it and “co locate” it inside a data center. The space in the racks in a data center is VERY expensive, they lease it out, like a house, and low and behold we FOUND a data center only 50 minutes away from us, in Hopkinsville Kentucky, and today they said they have room and would be glad to lease us some space!!!!

Now, the expenses involved are high, because these buildings are fortified and reinforced to withstand natural disasters and theft and fire, like big time. To rent or lease a full rack in most data centers is anywhere from $750.00 a month to $1,500.00 a month or even more depending on where it is and how many tenants there are. We are considering moving into http://energynetdatacenter.com/home and you are more then welcome to visit their site, we want ALL of our web hosting / data storage customers to know exactly what is going on, where their website is physically located, and to trust us with their time, data, information, finances, business, and future!!

Along with web hosting we are moving into the “data warehouse” business. Got 1 Terabyte of precious irreplaceable data you want stored in a SAFE place with easy access via all your devices from anywhere in the world?? We will have you covered, for the right price of course, and unlike Drop Box, we will BRING your data to you, IN PERSON, if requested, no downloading necessary. So you stored thousands of images on Facebook over the past 10 years?? That might have been a mistake, with us, you will have the ability to consolidate ALL of your data in one, extremely safe, highly secure, easily accessible space, just log in and viola, all your data is there!! So nice!!

I really enjoyed the call I just finished up on with Paul at IT Creations on the west coast, here is a link to a page of server configurations, he thinks any of these machines would be enough to get us started but there was another chassis that was $2,500.00 alone, it holds EIGHT servers with up to 16 processors total, in one 2U sized enclosure. The racks are measured in Us, a quarter rack is 9Us, in order to get 24 hour, un escorted access to the data center they want you to rent all 9us but we really may not need that to start off. We will see.

This is ALL so very exciting!!! I get to work with more technology, and can update my resume, which will hopefully lead to more contracts for myself and the team, it’s not that difficult to pull down $100K + a year if you can get your mind wrapped around this stuff, lolol. Here is the amazing Dell PowerEdge FX2 Server Modular 2U Chassis, hold on, he goes quick. Do I understand everything he is saying, well of course, most of it anyway. Remember this is just the enclosure, the chassis, the servers and drives go in with compute modules. From IT Creations: “Dell’s FX2s Converged Infrastructure platform offers a definite departure from the typical PowerEdge rack server. The FX2 supports several different blade-like combinations so you get the best of both worlds. Easy and flexible rack deployments of the 2U chassis, supporting the compact performance and agility of server blades. It’s a compact, all-in-one modular solution combining compute, storage and networking in a single package that shares cooling, power, and management. This is an ideal platform for Data Centers and highly virtualized environments that can easily scale out.”

WOW!!! Now THAT is a computer!!! Heck yes!! We can certainly rent out each of the eight servers as a whole bare metal box, custom configured for each clients needs.

If you fill the FX2s up with 8 of the FC430 modules, there is a possibility to go all the way to 16 total CPUs with 224 cores and 48 DIMMs with a total of 1.5 terabytes of RAM!!! Let’s do a little math why don’t we: 8 servers rented out at $150.00 each per month = $1,200.00 x 12 months = $14,400.00 a year x 10 years = $144,000.00 gross income on ONE 2u enclosure!! WOW!! Who wants to join the sales team??? HAHA!! I don’t even know yet how many SSDs you can slap in this puppy, but I would imagine a whole lot of them. That is it for tonight, I will finish this up tomorrow, and we are off and running into the web hosting business, contact us, we will host your site at a very affordable rate, AND teach and support WordPress for you, all in one shop!! Goodnight and sleep tight, God bless everyone, dream of web pages and angels and helping debt slaves be free and start their very own businesses!!! MW