We Are Moving

Well, it is a glorious day that God has made, and also pretty outside too, not that it matters much, because we worked all winter outside, lolol!! This post won’t be a long one, not that their isn’t much to say, because of course Marc White ALWAYS has a lot going on in his business and personal life, I just want to focus on the matters at hand currently. Let’s do a list shall we??? Join in, this will be fun!! In no particular order. Here we go…

  • WOW, just wow, I have learned so much about WordPress over the past week, just incredible, the script and Open Source program just keeps getting better. I am waiting to hear back from a theme creator, I believe I bought a lifetime membership and want to download the theme again, waiting on them to email me back currently.
  • Moving, we are completely abandoning PAIR, www.pair.com , our web host of 19 or 20 years, and although somewhat sad, I just can’t handle what I feel is abuse by their tech support people, and the snobby attitude I think they are showing me, just will not work. We are a down to earth business, real people with real names, we don’t hide behind the web, or initials of last names, we aren’t ashamed of who we are, and have nothing to hide here, more businesses should do the same.
  • New host, I have called a few, Site Ground is out, their sales person got snippy with me, told me I was “arguing”…??? Really???? HAHA, too bad for you guys, you just lost probably $20,000.00 in business over the next 10 to 20 years, if not a whole lot more. So many companies now have bad management that does not train their employees and teams on how to be humble, and sweet, and patient, and lowly, and meek, and truly genuine.
  • Site redesign, we will be revamping again soon, after the move to the new host, might even just start from scratch, with a fresh WordPress install, all new content, all new images, the whole package, it will be fun. Our load times have been outstanding but I feel we can do better with our mobile device speeds, trying to get them down to 1 sec or even 500 ms, we will continue to work on this of course.
  • We are officially going into the Web Hosting business, something I have been wanting to do for a very long time, this will allow us to offer a more wide range of services to our clients and one time customers, our goal is to retain customers and so they can be actual clients for the long haul. I am currently interviewing multiple companies and trying to vet them out, it can be challenging but is informative. It won’t be cheap, not at all, the monthly expenses associated with this project are staggering, but we will pay as we go and never have any debt. We are a 100% debt free business, and will remain so.
  • Hopefully we will be getting our goats soon, the fencing and keeping the Coyotes out is what is holding us back, but Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary is now almost completely cleared from trees and saplings and junk, all the way around the structure. Chase and Cole have been volunteering and helping, it is greatly appreciated, and now Chase has stepped into more of an official management position with R.E. White…as a contractor, which leads me to our next subject.
  • Employee status, I am working on buying workers comp insurance, I believe it is needed to have official employees, and we want to offer medical insurance also, and we will eventually, a very attractive benefits package. We already give a lot of benefits to our contractors, they get clean air, hard work, a lot of sweat, learning new skills, driving through the countryside, learning to negotiate, and so much more, HAHA!!!
  • We are ready to increase our number of clients, and have been doing a tiny amount of advertising through Craig’s List, I think it was like $5.00 or so, and its almost time to order new business cards before long, we ran through our first 1000 cards, and I truly hope many of you who received them, are still visiting the site here, don’t give up on us OK, this only gets better as time moves forward trust me.
  • Team members, Jennifer is back on the team again, and more are on the way, a lot of people are very curious about our business, in fact everyone is, that is because money is not the bottom line, and it never will be. We are just fishing, simply that is ALL we do, lolol, we have cast down our nets of greed and iniquity and chasing money, and we work for the Kingdom of God, and the money just keeps flowing in. The bible says it is true, and we are proof of this, and being completely debt free is very biblical and Godly. Think about it, does God have any bills??? HAHA, nope!!
  • Vacation, I would like to take one but will not, they are too expensive, and I am tired of just giving my money away, and if you are reading this, and in debt, you are most likely tired of it as well. People who have money are “tight” with it, those who don’t have money are “loose”, they nickel and dime themselves every day and all month then all year, never accumulating REAL assets, and NOPE, your primary residence is NOT a real asset.
  • Excited, and I really am about the web hosting business, I think web sites are so cool, and FaceSuck died a long time ago. In order to be truly successful, your customers need to be able to locate you, and the web is the best way in 2020. Don’t give your time to SukerThiefBurgFunnyFace, don’t be a “data worker” and help him build his leftest liberal feminist supporting empire, while you get NOTHING in return, that is a BAD way to spend your “free” time!!!! FaceSuck just sucks, and if your addicted to the stupid thing, CALL ME, I will talk you back down to ground level, assist you in being an adult, and show you how you can change the clicks you are giving him, into profit for yourself, I guarantee you this.
  • Camp DirtVille, trash on the side of the road, large McDonald’s bags laying in the streets, burning garbage and bon fires almost every night now, loud speeding trucks and cars and motorcycles all hours of the night, dogs urinating on my garden some, giant Army helicopters flying low overhead rattling every window in the house, cars and trucks speeding up and down High Street, economic depression like you never heard of, stores shut down for months, buildings half completed, houses never painted, what’s not to love right??? Poor old Camp DirtVille, but it grows on you, the virus threw a major wrench in the City Counsel’s plans I am sure, but we will recover eventually.
  • Plugin, I have been using some new plugins, these speed up your site, instead of slowing them down, very nice indeed. Spending too much time on the laptop, it is a bad addiction of mine, too much time online, but I do enjoy it a lot, out of balance some lately, hoping my intercostal muscle will not pop again when I start back to the gym, if they ever reopen.
  • Economics, can you imagine, owning a business, where you have debt, and the government shuts the economy down, and you can’t do business??? WOW!! This is but one reason we started R.E. White Insulting LLC, HAHA, I mean Consulting, lolol, because we are an information business, nobody can ever really shut us down, we are like the energizer bunny, we just keep going, and going, and going, HAHA. I know bubba, “sounds like BS to me”??? Right??? Look now little coward, who never even disclosed who you are, our team and business is flourishing, while you are probably on unemployment and looking at porn online, sucks to be you dude, I bet it truly does.
  • Tractors, we are working on getting them running, and maybe I will build a 100 x 100 metal “shop” and live inside it, that is always an option, with cash of course, well maybe a check, but we will NOT borrow money. I am going to go for a walk and will be back a little later. A few guys said they would help work on the tractors but then no, for various reasons, oh well, no big deal, it will get done eventually. I am so glad I am not a “big” farmer anymore, micro farming is the future bruh, get with it why don’t you.
  • Farrier, the new farrier came to the ranch, and worked on the mule’s hooves, she did an amazing job, and is much stronger than any of the “men” who came to do it in my opinion, her inner emotional strength really helped keep him calm, and she did not rush it. She taught me many things, some of which I already knew, like slow down when working, let the animal settle back down before you proceed. Next visit in 6 weeks.
  • Mule, we will hopefully be building a new corral for him, he is getting too much green grass, and needs a smaller area, so he will eat the grass down, and we can feed him hay instead, and we are taking him off of pellets for now. The vet came, trimmed ONE hoof, dropped off some pain medication in a tube, and wanted $115.00 ???????!!!!!??????? What???? I think we will be getting a new vet if possible, I wanted all 4 trimmed while he was there, but he said “have the farrier do it”??? What???? OK. That won’t happen again for a long time.
  • Bird, I cleaned my birds cage and we got her new food, we went to Bowling Green last weekend, it was DEAD, right after church on the day of the SUN god, but oh yea, no church, no businesses, no money, no employees, no plan, no backup, no fun, notta, nothing, dead. Sucks to be in business and owe money, I know, I used to do it, but not anymore!!! HAHA!!!
  • Dogs, I just got back from a GREAT 1 hour or more run / walk, got in some squats, and now leaving town due to the BURNING of garbage and leaves and limbs, literally just about the whole town STINKS like a big nasty ash tray and a burning dump!!!! I am moving OUT, I do NOT recommend moving here, it was pretty good the past few years, but since the city / state closed the dump, the whole town is becoming one big nasty burn pit!!!! Two dogs chased me, one was the Mayor’s, while I was running, he is a sweet little fellow but I gave him and another one a blast from the air horn, HAHA, that cooled them down considerably, lolol!! Little ankle biters, harmless but still, keep them in your yards please, thank you neighbors!!! I am going out to the farm now to do more squats and escape the toxic fumes from Camp Dirtville!!! Back later!!
  • Well, I just got back from a drive, I think I can still smell smoke, and what is left over from Camp Dirtville’s Standard Day Of The Sun God Fire Pit Burning, every Saturday and Sunday night, without fail now, and it is ONLY getting worse!!!! When you burn, you are releasing multiple deadly chemicals into the air, that cause CANCER and KILL people and cause women to have birth defects and harm children!!! Wake up, the world is NOT your burn pit or ash tray!!! I could even smell the burn out on the farm a little, the wind was blowing in our direction.
  • Chase, on our team, he and I had a tremendous conversation, he has grown up and changed so much since I met him at Belmont University in 2016, and thank goodness I didn’t stay on that horrible nasty campus, money, money, money, that is what they teach there now, in my opinion, how to be greedy, how to be in debt, how to live above your means, and how to be an A$$hole in life, none of which are good at all, not anywhere near “good”. Chase needs a baby, he needs to be a dad, and I need more children too, all men, and all women, should have children if possible, it is biblical, “be fruitful and multiply”.
  • Ripped off, I am SO sick of getting ripped off, lied to, used, manipulated, insulted, demeaned, and hated on by WHITE “business” men and white guys in general. Look IDIOT, if yo “mama” ain’t happy, it ain’t my “problem”, stop trying to make it my problem by being such a rude, mean, immature, spoiled, soft, brat why don’t you??? Your greed and love of gold and silver and money, and your stocking up of worldly things and possessions and land and cars and houses and investments, for the last days, “shall be a witness against you” when you stand in judgement before The Man, God, Yahweh, Father, Abba, the Alpha and the Omega!!! I have a mind to put a stop payment on that vet check, I should ask for a refund, I think his trim job was terrible, deal with it dude, don’t come back, see if I care, we will replace you. He, of course, just had to CRY and moan about how “busy” he is, that’s it, no more!!! Rip Off!!! When it comes to business, white Caucasian guys can be VICIOUS and NASTY and AWFUL, beware, set good healthy boundaries up front, and learn to walk away from them instantly.
  • Kindness, more people need to be more kind, all of your disrespectful, hateful, mean, rude, condescending, nasty, controlling, HATEFUL comments, looks, and body language is taking you no where, retard, wake up, read your bible, grow up, nobody likes you truly, all you have are victims who tolerate you because they are weak, and haven’t figured out how to get away from you yet!!! Grow up and grow a pair dude, happy, kind, gentle, tender men, and women, will inherit the earth, all you big tough guys, you will get NOTHING but destruction from God, He is gonna deal with you, Jesus takes the vengeance.
  • Bullies, you want to bully me??? HAHA!!! Only YOU will suffer, because you can’t hurt Marc White, never have, and never will, I am like the LAW, you can’t break me, you can only break yourself against me, because we bring TRUTH here, the truth of Jesus, the light, I stand in the light of Christ, I got the flash light, but do you???? I know grasshoppers, you don’t “like” me, but it’s not me you dislike so much, it is the truth, the light, because you have always been in the dark, your foundation might be giving way, your learning new interesting things, no body ever cared enough to talk to you like this, it is different and new…..yea???? Right, because nobody really cares about you, but I do!!!!!! Jesus does care!!!! God loves you!!!!! He created you, and you mistreat Him??? Why!!
  • I “feel” so good!! HAHA!!!! WHY???? Because I “love myself”. Why??? Because I “do things” for myself see, love is a verb, not a feeling, if you want to feel loved, do something, take action, work, save, give, sacrifice, give more, give even more, don’t bow down to the princess, keep her in line, with the Bible, teach her, let her figure it out on her own, be smart, be a real leader, submit to her, teach her to submit to you, and you both submit to God. I may not have a wife right now, I had an amazing one, but one day, one day in the future, God will do it again, He will bring another wife, or allow me to be with my first wife, because good things come to those who wait my friends, never forget it, ever.
  • Lonely, the life of a ranch owner or hand / farmer / cowboy / rural man, can be a very, VERY, extremely, painfully lonely one, so many long stretches of time alone, and something happens to that man, a crack, inside him, a wound opens up, but then nature flows in, she pours in her medicine, and binds up the stench flowing from his soul, all that consumption and materialism and want and desire and flash and fancy a city life or even one trip can put in there, she flushes it out, and plants a seed, which grows into something better, so much better, and when the sunsets become your entertainment, and the stars tuck you into your rack or bed, he finds out who he truly is, and what kind of grit God put into him, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
  • Suburbs, you can have them, I will never go back, I am in hell half the time, the other half in heaven, its the roller coaster ride of life, up and down, twists and turns, people coming and going some, and then you are alone again, on the ranch, wishing someone else would visit, but wanting to be alone more, knowing that Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau are right, that the moment we get to know someone, it all changes so quickly, it just gets worse, because we see them for who they really are, just human, just as broken as we are ourselves, with all the flaws, and that picture perfect friend we had, evaporates forever, must be one of the reasons I enjoy meeting new people so much, but then I love being held accountable and vulnerable, by those I see often and have known all of my life.
  • Life, is full of these little special moments in time, smiles and giggles, dancing and laughter, jokes and twinkles, basking in the suns rays, can we weave them together enough to hold onto sanity is the question. Granny always said forget the bad and remember the good, wish I had been a better grandson for her, I fail in almost everything I do, but in all of my brokenness and failure, there are some minuet shimmers of tranquility, I can’t capture them, and I forget they exist, but sometimes one comes back, like a little sprinkle of pixy dust, and then in that second I can hear, or smell, or taste, or touch, or see a memory of tender happiness that once was.
  • Silence, is so loud, it bursts my ear drums, mind splitting pain, nothing but the wind, and the death of all dreams, silence, like a western move from HollyWeird, with dust blowing through the scene, tumble weeds traveling nowhere, piercing the actors who go home to mansions paid for by those attempting to escape their own depths of depression. I hear nothing, that speaks to me, and says that I should listen long enough to her, until it all makes sense, out here on the land, as the sun and moon change places in the sky, and another painting from God, is draped across the lane, as I try impossibly to capture and share, knowing it is all in vane, or in my vain, or I don’t know.
  • Land, it is one thing to be a man chasing money in real estate deals, it is another to watch them pass me by in life, I do not understand them, and never did, and have no desire to, the Earth belongs to God, and it must be filling up now, part of His plan, and the end of time one day, but my time will end first most likely, and then there is rest, for I have loved and I have lost, and maybe never loved at all, crushed as a broken flower, trampled by misunderstanding and abandonment, left for dead in the dust, discarded and broken, and then, as a lightning bolt from space, reassembled and made new, on a kitchen floor, when all cares were washed away, and God took all of me. Hey, but tough guys don’t need Jesus right…as Thoreau says, “its a fools life, and you will find out when you get to the end of it, if not before”.
  • Nobody, nobody talks to me like this Marc, like you do. I know, that is because nobody deeply cares about you, for we are all workers of iniquity, grossly unfair to ourselves and each other, and if I am your “friend”, it is not right for me to allow you to live in darkness and suffer more than you already do, my job is to lead you to the truth, to help shine the light, so you can find your own way out, this is what I do, why I am here, so you can hear, and see, and be free, and love, and be, and just be, and be some more, until you can help others be, and then they can help more. I know, radical right? Dangerous? I don’t think so. Maybe you are the one who nailed Jesus to His cross, maybe you would do it tomorrow if you could.
  • Attorney, this is my last paragraph, I am writing to you now, so listen up, you are not smart, the laws of man, they are not always the laws of God. FYI, there are ALWAYS three sets of laws, God’s laws, natural laws created by God, and man’s laws. I need, and you, attorney man, you need, to question every move you make, everything you say and do, with these three sets of laws, if they violate ANY of the three, then something is in question, but not all men are “men of God”, they were created by God, but many have rejected Him and His Sabbath and His commandments. Do the will of God attorney, counselor, business woman, gold digger, money grubbing guy, enforcer of the law of man, turn from Satan and evil, and he will flee from you. Yes, I have more leeway from the courts and from life and God, because I really don’t understand what is going on see, and so then, I have the advantage do I not???? I believe I do, because aren’t we all just learning….always….yes.