Widow Maker Down

Its late here, so we will just go with the pictures, thank you for understanding. This was a BIG widow maker, just waiting to fall on someone and or a car, now it is down but not completely, we will pull it off with a truck or tractor. She grew, and was very beautiful, her crown broken but dignified just the same, strong and solid, many many years and decades, providing shade and nests and landing spots for countless life, birds and lizards and insects, I admired her greatly for her strength and tenacity, and then her beauty faded some, turned to danger, and her danger caused fear in a man, and the man prayed, and took control, and she was cut down, forever. We will leave the stump, and her life will start again, start over, and a new beauty will emerge, the same but different, stronger, better, smarter, pruned, trimmed, more groomed, more controlled, more healthy, straighter, taller, and more successful. The cycle of life is incredible!

About 27 inches in diameter, the kick back was quite severe, I knew it was coming so was well out of the way, as you can clearly see it was rotted almost all the way through. I decided against trying to notch it on purpose, it was just too dangerous to get underneath that giant limb, so I lopped off one side, then started in on the main trunk, working my way around, knowing it would kick back eventually, listening for cracks and pops, and suddenly it did.

On another note, mama is very proud and happy, all the chicks are doing well and growing fast, will be out of the nest soon. Enjoy all the images, God bless you and have a very wonderful day. Semper Fi, do or die!!!! GO NAVY!!! GO FARMER!!! GO DAMAGE CONTROL!!! GO FIRST RESPONDER!!! GO INSTRUCTOR!!! GO BUSINESS OWNER!!!

P.S. I received a 10 page letter from Social Security, actually wanting data on 2 jobs I had TWENTY YEARS AGO, and my work now????!!!!! With only 15 days to send it back, I wrote to them, legally requesting an extension under federal law!!!! I also reported one of their employees named “F*ith” in Los Angeles who I believe hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor, reported to the Office Of The Inspector General.

Social Security has treated me HORRIBLE during this process of going back to work, just deplorable in almost every way, I think I will hire a lawyer to communicate with them, and maybe send them 30 pounds of VA medical records and other medical records, they can have fun going through all of that. IDIOTS!!!

Tell you about my work Social Secuirty???? I am risking MY LIFE for very little money or no money, and doing what REAL men do, suck it up and take it…the bruises, the cuts, the scrapes, the pokes, the sore back, the pain, the tired muscles, the aching joints, the bugs, the fumes, the dirt, the grime, the oil, the gas fumes, the over exertion sickness, the ear piercing noise, the sweat, the poison ivy, the twisted ankles, the spranged wrists, the shaking mowers, the vibration, the rough ground, the passing semi trucks 8 feet from me, the blowing rain, the freezing cold, the hot days, the brutal 70 mph wind, the bug bites, the late nights, the early mornings, the exhaustion, the confusion, the MIGRAINES, the PTSD, the insomnia, the nightmares, the night sweats, the night terrors, the depression, the anxiety, the fear, the anger, the frustration, the other business “men” trying to skin me, the blaming, the condescending remarks, the bullying, the hatred, the IGNORING, the lying, the lack of respect from younger people, the lack of support, the lack of food, the lack of clean clothing, the sinus pain, the diarrhea, the VIRUS, and on and on and on, THAT IS MY DAMN WORK!!!! So kids, little innocent children, and women, and men, and families can have a good clean fun place to come visit and pet and hold and get to know many injured and abandoned animals, and GOATS, and hopefully bond together and NOT GET DIVORCED or strung out on drugs or booze or lose their jobs!!!!! Thanks!!!