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Poison Ivy ~ Welcome To The Triple J, summer style!! HAHA!!

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Today, Saturday 03-28-2020, here in the USA, the 7th day of the week according to our law of the land and calendar, is my Sabbath Day, a special time, when we rest and don’t “work” at business or allow anyone to work on our properties. I just violated that principle when I went outside and asked Mr. Dickerson if he could mow our yard, it is already high, and hasn’t been cut this year. This is an ongoing problem for me, violating the Sabbath, but I feel I am making some good progress on it, and will do better next week, I will continue to rest for the remainder of the day until the sun goes down. Currently, just sitting here in my longer basketball pants, they are starting to get warm over the past few days. Billy our police officer just drove by, nice to see you out sir, and Russell Law’s grandson walked up the street, can’t recall his name, he works for the city now. Ryan and his nice wife said hello as they walked past the porch, we do that regular now, about every morning, I always look forward to it. I am now officially friends with the mayor’s little dog, such a sweet gentle little fellow, he was rescued from a shelter, and you can tell, takes him a while to warm up to you, I am going to get some dogs since I can’t seem to cut the mustard in having more children myself, at the present time.

On the Sabbath, since the Holy Bible says the “love of money is the root of all evil”, it seems appropriate to talk about money, in fact its one of the main reasons I enjoy discussing financials, debt, giving, saving, spending, consumerism, materialism, tithing, and all that so much. What is the love of money? How many people will actually admit they “love” green backs and lettuce?? What is love?? Do you we have our own definitions of love?? An Adairville police officer just came by again, could not see if it was Billy or not, I waved, did not get a wave back, could have been the tinted windows, or something else, I waved the other day, and didn’t seem to get a wave back, if something is up just come talk to me, thank you, currently we are supposed to only have one officer. Maybe its politics, lol, great, I am learning a lot, and having so much fun with it for sure. A bird was chirping last night at 2:00 AM, I googled it, yes some of them do that, if I was a bird I would want to sleep at night, wish I could sleep more, the stress of lack of sleep will probably be my undoing eventually. I think I hear some wind chimes off in the distance some, might be a new set, not too bad but I do want to leave Adairville and go back out to the farm, and live my life out there.

Mom giving the Holy Bible Study this morning…

I stayed up too late again last night, 3:00 AM, and now I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight, lolol, life is strange, and they say truth is stranger than fiction. I wonder, if I could purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking today, download it, install it, then use the mic in my new laptop to get started, my fingers and arms get tired. There is so much data and info in my head I want to dump out here, a brain dump, the purge, you know, until there is nothing left to say, like CBT, and I am going for more CBT soon, I miss it, my PTSD is bad sometimes, makes me feel sick, very very sick, but then it goes away again, and God and Jesus are here, all is well, I am extremely grateful, so grateful, full of gratitude. I hear people writing in the Rooted and Grounded local news paper, I would like to read more about people’s mistakes, faults, bad habits they are breaking, sadness, illness, depression, despair, hate, rage, anger, crying, and truth, no reason to hide who you are, let all that bad stuff come out on to the paper or website, into the light of the public eye, into the word of God, into the whole world, don’t be afraid, freedom is better than slavery and captivity, it doesn’t matter what people think, what matters is if we fully worship and bow down to and believe in God the Father. My lower back is hurting, and I need the toe surgery, soon, but COVID-19!!

Marc White you have no idea who we are, we are coming to get you!!!! Really??? LOLOL!!! Well, here I am, and its not difficult to find me, nobody is hiding in this house. Its been a minute since anyone from the federal government came for a visit, it worked out really well last time, you guys come on back for another one, or are we now keeping our social distance from one another??? You know I love you guys, all of you, thank you so much for helping this disabled veteran, much gratitude for you, always, and we make a great team. I think I have injured my lower back again, maybe it is from going under the caution tape out on the porch, I will take it down later, out of necessity. It is so nice to have Billy the officer back, it was getting pretty lawless on High Street after Roger left, please run radar, on the side streets, and hand out a bunch of tickets, that will slow them down, in fact one of my neighbors told me she is afraid her children might be run over by a speeding car, you speeders keep that in mind as you hit 40 mph down through here, SLOW DOWN!!! Feeling a little better now, need to get out of the house.

H.C. mowed the yard, it looks amazing, took him 1 full hour from start to finish, he was in the area so his travel time was not too bad, his blades are sharp, its our first cut of the year, really nice X=Mark machine he has, and welcome to the R.E. White Consulting team and family Mr. Dickerson, he mowed for mom for many years, and out at the ranch too. We are so grateful for you Mr. Dickerson, you and all your brothers are incredible people, they are all alive, all 5 of them, and still very healthy, always respectful and friendly and calm, true gentleman, never rude or mean. Tony is going to come weed eat later on, he knows a lot of people who like to work, hope he considers joining our team also. From now on we will do it on a week day or on Sunday, but I believe they both rest on Sunday, many people work on Saturday because everyone is off from their public jobs on Sunday, but most know we do not work on Saturday, we made an acceptation this time, thank you very much. I wish I could write better, many people want me to email them and text and call them, and please understand its not that I don’t want to, I am trying to get everyone to read these blog posts, because this is where I say what really needs to be stated, it gives me the ability to communicate with everyone at the same time, without wasting time on YouTube and creating a bunch of videos. Videos are great but they take so much time to produce, I can do a blog post in an hour or less, while you will be trying to get your video and edited and uploaded ALL day perhaps.

Spring is here now, summer is coming, the race with mother nature, the growing grass, the weeds, the ticks, the heat, the bugs, the bites, the fatigue, the heat exhaustion, the flies, the humidity, the sweating, the stickiness, the gulping of water, the sleepless nights, the humming of the window unit, the frustration, the grumpiness, the leaves, the hunters, the trespassers, the scorching sun, the dead grass, the spray rigs, the equipment clogging the roads, the smell of burning trash, and the noise of the mowers is closing in on me, quick…am I ready, NO, can I stop it, NO, am I resilient, YES, am I grateful, yes I am for all hardships and challenges and persecutions and accusations and bullying and name calling, it means we are doing our work for Jesus, and He tell us to stand firm, because He and the prophets got it before we did. Am I a prophet of God??? Well, you decide, its not my business what people call me, but I do know His power works through me, and He can work in your life too my friend, if you let go. Why you want to live in that old darkness and hate and bullying and tough mentality, it takes a real man, a man of God, to be gentle and kind and sweet and tender and nice, every time, you can count on that brothers and sisters. I hear more birds, reminders we are all part of His flock and team, or are you???

KJV Luke Chapter 11, verse 9: And I say unto you, ask and it shall be given you: seek and ye shall find: knock and it shall be opened unto you”. Seek the Lord, but how??? Maybe read the bible???? Maybe be in nature??? Maybe stop trying to BE God???? Maybe be humble???? Maybe unplug more???? Maybe be respectful to your elders???? Maybe actually get married???? Maybe have children???? Maybe give until it hurts???? Maybe give some more???? Maybe step down???? Maybe lose and election???? Maybe win at being nobody????? Maybe apologize???? Maybe forgive????? Maybe read our blog???? Maybe start a blog???? Maybe get things to stick???? Maybe give up comfort???? Maybe sacrifice???? Maybe save some money??? Maybe get out of financial debt??? Maybe smile???? Maybe pet a dog???? Maybe rescue a sick animal???? Maybe stop killing people with your eyes???? Maybe actually show affection???? Maybe be a brother or a sister???? Maybe get some space???? Maybe move to the country???? Maybe get out of the city???? Maybe??? Maybe kick the chronic and the porn??? Maybe don’t be SCARED!!!!!! Yes, I think so!!!! Big tough guy??? Big strong man???? Gonna send someone a nasty letter???? Gonna try and beat someone down???? Gonna not pay your bills???? Gonna be in control???? Gonna get that fame and power???? HAHAHA!!!!!! Oh little grasshoppers, what a tangled web you weave…. Be an unmovable man or person, tell the truth, stop trying to create reality, it doesn’t work here, I bring truth, because God is in me, He is here, and there with you right now, but so is Lucifer, better make good decisions and be a true Christian, not the ones who nailed Jesus to the cross see.

I am leaving the house now, and will be back a little alter, need to clear my head. Now I am back a few hours later. WOW!! What a really amazing adventure I just had!! It started with going into the back yard, and visiting with my neighbors chickens some, I love to stand there or sit and watch them, they are the most beautiful healthy sweet birds, I want to hold one but only Mr. Bill can do that apparently, lolol. We hope to have our own chickens this year, along with the goats. Our mule has some sort of dandruff going on him, not sure what it is, I will call the vet for a check up, sort of concerned about this as I don’t recall ever seeing it before. After I visited the chickens, and had mom go visit them too so she can get out of the house and not worry so much about the virus, I went for a walk, and spoke with another one of my neighbors Steve, he is working form home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wore a mask for my entire walk. He recently bought a truck and its a beauty, looks really strong and powerful, 2 x 2, it might get stuck in the mud on our farm but still I could use a truck, his is not for sale currently. Tomorrow he will meet me at the ranch and experience the excursion along with another fellow and his wife, he says he can get our tractors running (yea!!), this will be the 4th time I have officially given the tour, the first time was Oscar, then Sweet Marie, then Mr. Gary and his friend, people are really enjoying their adventures, very much so, and they really do get excited about it, everyone is curious, and seems to want to help fix the old place up, donating time and energy, giving hours and helping, sending emails and taking calls, growing the team and also getting more clients who need tasks and projects completed!!

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone, you are helping to make a disabled veteran’s dreams become a reality, to help and to hopefully heal sick and abandoned and injured animals, and help people recover from stress and depression and addiction and depression and anxiety and fear and financial debt and slavery and divorce. Then I spoke to my other neighbors Mr. Bell and his helper Oscar, he has a truck I might buy, I started it and checked it out, we had a few laughs, then I was on my way, Oscar was painting an engine on a hoist. I had my mask on as I went to the Adairville Hardware store and visited with Mr. Charles Davis, we have a running joke about my “work”, he says he wants to come see me actually work, HAHA, I told him he can supervise some people and ME, we laughed as he was restocking the soda machines out front. Afterwards I went to the old BP and talked with one of the Dickerson Brothers, I don’t know all of their first names yet but I am working on it, he is the one who wears the cowboy hat and drives a green truck, we had a few laughs then I went on my way. Sometimes I just sit on the bench, in front of Bill and Ruth’s place, the Adairville Feed Mill, at the 4 way stop with no light, as traffic drives right by me, I like to wave at people, get them to smile if I can, help spread love and harmony, act like a kid stuck in a small town for a while, daydream about living out west in a lonely little town, watch the birds, appreciate life and be grateful, read license plates and truck doors, and see who is who and which direction they come from and go to.

Robey Farms 2020 ~ Kirby Road ~ Schochoh Kentucky

Then out of the blue, there he was, in that big white truck, another one of my neighbors, Mr. Lee Robey!!! He saw me on the bench and knew it was me, he always waves and is very friendly, great to see you today Mr. Lee, Skye called the office the other day, we are trying to get Eli over for a quick meeting on the ranch. We will call again soon. Thank you for all your support and continued help!! After that I decided to walk back home, a young lady drove by me, she had waved earlier, her big pit bull dog jumped out of the window, on the passenger side opposite of me, but I heard him with a big THUD as he hit the concrete, while she was driving, LOLOL, didn’t phase him a single iota, he ran towards me suddenly, I had my stick and air horn and was about to let him have it with the horn, but he was friendly and just wanted to play, lolol!!! HAHA!!! It was Jamie’s daughter who works at the water company, she apologized but I was fine, and I wanted to play with the dog some but she scooped him up, and off they went!! Adairville is full of such amazing wonderful people, they are really getting to know me now, very well, and I know many of them, it feels like home, and maybe I never really felt that way, truly, deeply, about any place except out at the ranch. I have always loved this little curious town of misfits, and I fir right in here for sure, everyone is a misfit in one way or another, but we all fit together in God’s mercy and glory and grace!!!! Yes!!!

This post was going to be about MONEY, what happened????/ HAHA!!! Well, we know Americans are strapped for cash, most of them, and 60% can’t even cover a $1,000.00 emergency, almost 40% can’t cover a $400.00 emergency, and the average family owes $137,063.00. WOW!! That IS a lot of money!!! And those are the AVERAGES not the medians. The median family has only $11,700 in total savings, much of this was just completely wiped out over the past 6 weeks in my country, gone, poof, vanished, up in smoke, crashed, maybe never to return. I was NOT in the stock market during this crash, it was part of my COVID-19 prep, of which I prepped for, for 7 full years, and that is no joke. I dumped about $175,000.00 in financial debt, sold the overstuffed junk house in a stale boring hood, cut up the credit cards and paid them off, dumped the Saleen S281 SC sports car in the garage, got three massive storage units and filled them up, moved out of the city and the burbs, stopped spending so much, started saving more, got in the market and took profit then got back out again, emptied the storage units, sold a bunch of stuff, took some trips, started this business, started The Triple J Ranch, made a bunch of new friends, took two college courses and dropped out again, quite taking so much medication, spent a month at Kentucky lake and the LBL, was reborn in the Holy Spirit, just about got married and had a child, cut a bunch of firewood, prepped with food and supplies, bolstered my support system, got about 5 mentors, and here we are, happy as a lark in a tree currently.

Its always better to be prepared, then to wait for disaster to strike, then take up the torch, and you never really know, all the prepping in the world may not save us from the virus, but we hope to be alive at the end of 2020, in Adairville KY. So many women in America want the family to orbit around them, my grandparents never did it that way, we all made granddaddy our rock and oak tree, it worked then and it will work now, part of my financial prepping is to not let any female be in charge of me, my money, my bank account, and my prepping lifestyle, and you know what, it works, very well actually. Right now, as I type this, MILLIONS of American families are in the THROWS of PANIC and financial despair and anxiety, because if mama ain’t happy, nobodys happy, but keeping mama happy means SPENDING every nickel they both ever make and slogging yourself and your kids and future into a 30 year mortgage with no way out almost, this leads to failure, and financial debt, stress, strain, worry, fear, and slavery. Bite the bullet, if you can’t pay cash you can’t afford it OK. Slick and fancy will break your soul into shattered pieces. Someone just told me I am not “healthy”, lolol, yea???? I know, I am not healthy, I am not sane, I am not “safe”, I am not nice, I am not good, I am not smart, I am not a good business man, nobody likes me, I cause trouble, I am stupid, I am different, I am not a team player, I don’t understand, I don’t treat people right, and on and on and on…from the MOB slaves of the world, but to the FREE man and woman, those with REAL assets like land and rental houses and stocks and businesses, I am making perfect sense, just ask them and see for yourself.

According to Business Insider “Millions of Americans are struggling with their car payments, and even economists are surprised. According to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, more than 7 million Americans have reached serious delinquency status on their auto loans, meaning they’re at least 90 days behind on payments.” Really? Are you joking?? WOW?? Or WOW!!! Or WAAAAAAAow???!!! Look, if you can’t pay CASH for the ride, walk instead, take the bus, bum a ride, get a horse, do anything except go into debt for a car. I was at the gas station the other day, a younger couple pulls up in a fancy new Jeep, I asked them how much, they said $35,000.00., I had guessed it 10 seconds prior and had told them the price.

Monthly Payment$825.99
Total Interest Paid$4,647.70
Total Paid$39,647.70

This is why they might be, and probably YOU, are FLAT BROKE….the top 1% just SKINNED you for another $4,647.70, and there is no telling what the manfacturer of the vehicle got you for. Stop being a loser with money, pay cash for your ride, and be smart, sell the car payment and ride a bike if you can, buy a clunker, whatever it takes, nobody really cares what you drive. It smells like burning garbage here again, third day in a row, no way that is leaves and limbs, please stop, you are really making people sick, and your family, and children in Adairville. Thank you so much for being here, another post on the books, and another day is closing, another incredible Sabbath done, and I love God do much!!! I hear a bird singing. Think I will go for another walk. Life is very good. Let go and let God. If you are a man, and you bow down to your female and are broke, then you got what you deserve, if you are a female and you don’t allow your man to be a man and help him with that and stay out of debt and you are broke and you don’t let him be a real leader then you got what you deserve. If you are debt free, then I know you worked for it and on it, great job.

Always remember, shiny, “nice”, glittery, shimmering, pretty, smooth, comfortable, and fun can be and usually is TOO EXPENSIVE, embrace the rough life, it will pay off in ways you never imagined, mostly you will become an authentic genuine human full of meekness and kindness and being humble. If you need help then come get it, but put some skin in the game, teach me something about the bible, and its $20.00 per car at the ranch, as many humans as you can cram in it, including the trunk but not the engine compartment!!!! Cyber hugs all around, peace, love, light, and joy…HAHAHA!!!!!!