Tractor Shed Day 2

Good morning, its a very beautiful day of life the Lord has made, and we are working for His mighty glory here at R.E. White Consulting LLC! Let’s get into it shall we?? In an on going effort to serve our viewers up the fastest web pages possible, we are doing a tremendous amount of research and learning about image size, quality, type, and other technical data and info. All of the images in landscape mode here in this post are 1000 pixels wide, they may be of somewhat lower quality on your screen but should load extremely fast in your browser. Last night I was extremely bogged down in personal stuff, and isn’t the struggle a very real one my friends?? America is facing many problems these days besides the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, one of them is large companies, businesses, mom and pop shops, wives, husbands, neighbors, and others who want us to work for free, and never pay us or reward us for our time and efforts and focus and task completion. This is why so many have massive amounts of financial debt, stress, strain, anxiety, depression, and sadly suicidal thoughts…I don’t have that problem over money, I do suffer from depression and PTSD and anxiety but never over money.

All we need do now is figure out how to resize all images in one folder in a batch run, and then we can upload them into a gallery, this version of WP is just incredible, working with blocks is great, there is a learning curve but not impossible. My timer is running for SS, and I really enjoy doing it like this now. If the phone rings while I am blogging, I ignore it or turn it off, if I need to take a break, I pause the timer, then I log my time on the time sheet. Life is good, I was up till 2 am again, and very very upset, its depression and a few people lied to me over the past weeks, this is extremely painful, trust is the foundation of life, and of course faith in God is where that starts, yes people fail us, and I fail others, but bold faced lies and manipulation and deceit are the work of the devil. Beautiful day out yesterday, look at that trimmer, we just got it back out of the shop, Hudsons in Russellville, the John Deer dealership.

I hope I can load a gallery of images, with single posts one on top of the other, as I have been doing other posts, I want you to be able to see the full size, just pinch and zoom on this one please, anyway, trying a different function this morning is fun. Focus, let us focus, on our business, difficult to do here on High Street, too much lawless behavior from speeding cars & SUVs, and the BLARING aggressive LOUD PIPES from modified exhausts, I want to move out to the farm, and know I will have an office set up soon. Yo man, OLD PEOPLE and CHILDREN and the DISABLED live here in Adairville, be a real man, keep your foot off of it in town, better yet, modify the pipes back to factory.

The tractor shed is really coming along now, and so is the email management, my CEO Clean InBox is, well, empty probably, hahaha!!!! It will have a lot of tasks in it soon enough. Tobacco barn has water in it again, already emailed somebody, requesting to have someone come over with a dozer and build a berm to keep it out, please call the switchboard or cell, we have quite a bit of dozer work for someone. I hear a truck being gunned down the street, and now I am having more difficulty with this post, but hey who cares right, well I do of course. There were 3 or 4 long heavy old grain bin pipes laying next to the tractor shed, we used Billy’s truck and chain to pull them out. I took a video and then tried to upload it to this post, error message said file size is too big, will try again today or tomorrow perhaps.

Deadly widow maker…in the middle
Wide view, Jenny’s Miniature Golf Course…the wooded area.

OK, so after I uploaded all these images to the media library, then created a gallery, and put them into the page, I was able to break them back out of the gallery, they are aligned to the left instead of centered. A few widow makers still in and around Jenny’s Miniature Golf Course, one is very large and extremely dangerous, it would kill 10 people if they were under it when it falls eventually, we will cut it down and make it safe. US Navy Damage Control Man at your service!! Mr. Charles at the hardware store sometimes says “tighten up” and the man is talking about business of course, so yea, can WE tighten it up please???? If anyone is reading this with the intentions of scamming me, skinning me, lying to me, manipulating me, using me, trying to get me to borrow money, attempting to get me to buy software, begging me to sign up for another useless online subscription, and generally being a money grubbing cry baby because you don’t know how to handle your finances and life, please STOP and don’t, I am on to you and got your number, I am not buying or biting, and you can count on that.

Junk, headed to dump pile
After shot….some progress….

We did not get as much accomplished yesterday as we wanted, oh well, this is how it goes, I did however sweat a lot, and it was running into my eyes and BURNING really bad, summer is on its way now, 4 sure. If you never grew up on a farm, it is impossible to appreciate, the bugs are the most fun, something was biting my back, ouch, oh well, just part of the deal, you get used to it. Bugs don’t eat real farmers, their blood has too much oil and hydraulic fluid in it, lol. Time to break out the bug spray soon.

Work with Skye going good, scheduled for phone meeting at 1:30 today, 10 minutes, need to focus, focus, focus. Look buddy, (no, not Skye, you) you may not know it yet, but you are already a client, you just haven’t gotten the bill yet, lolol, EVERYONE is a client, potentially, and its time for you to stop being an aloof, sneaky, dishonest, lying money grubber and step up, sign the contract with us, and help us help you, we have traction and get things done, come take the tour but you will need a mask and gloves and to stay 15 feet apart, get out of the house, lets go for the hike by the creek, don’t mind the ticks, they suck less blood than most liars.

Loud truck just gunned it by the house, now it is time for me to go and end the post and head to my sanctuary, yesterday there was the most beautiful big owl there at Heart To Heart, I watched him launch off and fly through the woods with such precision and accuracy, then he landed and looked at me, then flew into the back woods, WOW!!!! I LOVE birds, the bigger the better, and this one was a massive creature!! We worked for 2 hours and then knocked off, Billy wasn’t feeling well…just a headache, no virus…

Clean floor in tractor shed, neighbor just poured concrete, we work in dirt…mostly.

Just said hello to my neighbors walking, and a little black bob cat is outside crying, well its a bob tailed black cat, wanting some attention or food or human contact. Time to get some serious tasks done now, and stop the clock, laundry is awaiting, and we are working on abandoning high street completely and relocating back out to home, my old Kentucky home, the ranch, the farm, the Big House, the sanctuary, the slice of heaven God blessed us with, call me, text me, email me, love me, hate me, sign a contract with me, but PLEASE stop with the broken commitments and promises and the blame and hate and anger and bullying. Grow up people, God is watching, and Lucifer is right there waiting, just like Jesus, choose the truth and the way and the light, or stay in the darkness and hate and destruction and selfishness. Have a great day, later tater…

Old pile of wood and metal, that beam is HEAVY

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