To The Limit

A man of few words, or a man of many words, perhaps a man of no words, but they say words are important and I do agree, the only stupid question is the one we don’t ask. The speed limit on High Street in Adairville Kentucky is 25 mph, on the main roads coming into and going out of town, its 35 to 55 mph, any more than that and you cross over from being a safe respectful conscious mature law abiding citizen, to setting your own rules and disregarding the safety welfare and life of other human beings and having a criminal attitude and mindset. I am on the clock now, this is a business post, to promote R.E. White Consulting, slowly its becoming easier to divide my time, grateful for this, it does take practice and focus. Woke up, felt terrible, stayed up till 2 AM for no reason, pandemic stressing me out, could not get out of bed for about 20 minutes, finally got up, about 5 hours of sleep, not enough, frustrated, by allowing people to treat me wrong and lie to me, need to work on better boundaries, hey! sun is shining! Nice! It is truly another great day the Lord has made!

My paragraphs have been running longer and I don’t enjoy that, easier to make them shorter and start a fresh idea, wish I could write better, not afraid of what people think about the posts, nobody is perfect, even on Facebook or the web. I started driving AT or well BELOW the speed limit last year, about 7 months ago now or so, and it has been one of the most fantastic liberating experiences of my entire life, and I truly mean that with all sincerity. Hot cup of java here, going to drink it slower today, been giving me the jitters, can’t have much, birds are singing outside, not too many cars on the street because of the virus, enjoying the peace and quiet. So called “men” and “women” out there, on the roads of America, and in Logan county Kentucky, many of them, maybe the vast majority of them, feel as if the rules of the road, and maybe the rules of the bible, and perhaps even the rules of civility its self do not apply to them.

Sad truth is they may think one set of rules and laws apply to you, and they get a special custom set for themselves and they families. In order to grow up, and be a mature real life in the flesh red blooded American, and a true actual man or woman, we need to get centered, and realize we are not in control, this is where the laws of the land and civility come into play, typically they were voted on, this means the majority rules, and we need to recognize and respect that. My bible fell open to Matthew 17:17 and it says “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you”, these are the words of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world, and whoever loves the world, is an enemy of God, whoever loves money, is struggling with the root of all evil, clearly there are many rules and laws and restrictions in the bible, thank goodness. Its so nice to have sunshine, but this winter was so much better because I was outside a lot working, staying active, growing the business, developing the master plan for the ranch, and a lot more.

There is no reason to drive at or above the speed limits, that little bit of extra money you think you will get, will not help you if we are violating the laws of the land, and the word of God. Part, a big part, of being a real genuine Christian is to obey the laws of the land and cities and counties and state and nation, and of being a good neighbor and human and family member and spouse. Just set my coffee aside, it needs to be re zapped in the microwave, my grandparents never owned a microwave, I miss being in their kitchen, it was very basic, not fancy, and granny never had a clothes washer that I can remember, the kitchen didn’t even have hardly any shelving, we all loved it or rather we loved them, very much so. My grandparents had great moral values: don’t curse, don’t complain, never blame another person, be contented, work hard, go to bed early, get up early, smile a lot, make jokes but not at or about other people, never be abusive, be gentle, forgive others, help the community, don’t look down on people, have children, buy land, protect your family, spend time with your children and don’t let society raise them entirely, spend time in nature, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, don’t look at porn, don’t get too much screen time, write letters by hand, don’t waste food, conserve and hold back, vote, teach, work more, accept death, grow old with dignity, mind your own business, help those in need, trust others, and build a team and be a good honest manager, pay off your debts, don’t abuse pills.

Turned on the gas heater this morning for a minute, this house has never had central HVAC, since I grew up without it part of the time on the farm it doesn’t bother me too much, adapt and overcome, just stay out of financial debt, and never borrow money again. A little bird is singing outside, we are all part of the flock of Jesus, learning to grow up and slow down and forgive others is the key, love will always beat hate, freedom will always win over control, and Jesus has won the war against Lucifer the angel of darkness. Sometimes I feel bad for Satan, can you imagine being the angel of darkness for an entire planet and universe??? You know Lucifer is a being of God, just like we are, and he fell really hard, because he wants to BE God, the question is, do YOU want to be God??? Is your frustration, and anger, and depression, and anxiety, and depression, and fear, and abuse, and threats, and harassment, and control, and manipulation, and greed, and slothfulness, and lack of fidelity, and inability to commit due to your inability to BE GOD????!!!!! I think maybe it is my friend, but you can turn from Lucifer, and he will flee from you, step into the light…

See, a little more money will not help you, AT ALL, yours is not a money problem, it is a lifestyle problem, first and foremost just slow down, gather your thoughts up, collect them and place them in the care of God. Yes, work is important, but it needs to be a means to an end, just as we should rest for 24 hours each week, recharge the batteries, unplug and just BE, show the world and all people we are solid, unmovable, unshakeable, with a foundation under us. What WILL help you is this: understanding that when you think you don’t have enough money, we are breaking the limits and natural principles and laws of God, and just like God, because He told me to tell you this, I am not going to want to have anything to do with you if you embrace that attitude, because you are dangerous, and will fail, and may have failed already. God rejects those who reject Him, bible says so, He wants total and complete submission to Him, sure He gives us freedom, all you could ever want, but what will you do with it is the question, BE God????!!! Get a grip on realty why don’t you.

Most people don’t have any real enemies, YOU are the enemy, of yourself, and to turn it around, stop trying to be God, and realize He is in control, and He probably gives you enough resources and smarts and food and money, if we just have the right attitude, we can NEVER have peace and a family and homes and land and a business if we think we don’t have enough, EVER!!! Even if you do somehow manage to get a lot of money, and you don’t have the right attitude towards it, then it will eat you up like battery acid, like rust on metal, and destroy you, and you spouse and children and grandchildren also. I don’t know anything, I am a lowly servant of God, I never completed college, I am a sinner, and I have no issues stating such. I come to God as He tells me to, like a child, and I trust and have FAITH, and you can do the same and you should. The process of actually being reborn is incredible, many say they have been but all they talk about is money and business and authority, proof they were NOT reborn in the Holy Spirit, solid terrible lonely truth!!!

I hear a mower in the background. Summer will be here soon. Spring is a wonderful season. I also hear what you are saying, “nobody will want to do business with you Marc White if you blog like this on the company website”, if you “make it so personal”, if you are so “transparent” and give out so many “details”!! Oh yea???? Really??? Did you see the team page lately, it is growing, and so is our client list, slowly yes but these are the steps that get traction, real traction a company can keep. I am a human not a robot, and I can not be, never be your money grubber CEO, it is not who I am or how I live, I never have, and never will. Money to me is mostly for other people, to help them, my main concern is the truth, division, the light, love, and Jesus, and of course getting to the Kingdom and taking anyone who wants to go with me. Life is not short, dying is part of being born, we should not be sad, keep the chin up recruits, hold you head up, don’t walk around with your head hung low, if you do the world and evil robot humans will eat you alive, be a fighter, be a warrior, put the fear of God into them if they mess with you, LOLOL!!! Literally!!!!

I hear some people say they are afraid of Marc White, but there is no reason to be, I am a really nice person, when I am sleeping, lol, no really, with God all things are possible, and sometimes I do get to be a nice guy, other times I realize that nice guys sometimes finish last, and I don’t always want to be last but the last shall be first and the first last. On the road of life, in the speed zone of reality, I will take last place in the over all big picture, go ahead, be first, be tough, be bad, be smart, be quick, be a professor, be a lineman, be an attorney, be a politician, be an electrician, be an engineer, be a graduate, be an employee, be a business owner, be a hair dresser, be a mom, be a dad, be a volunteer, be chasing your 5 minutes of fame, be humble, be meek, be lowly, be whatever YOU decide, but me I am sticking with The Big Boss, He told me to just be regular old Marc, and to let His love and glory and grace and mercy take over, and to give up, and give in, and let Him take the wheel and the accelerator.

I see a little squirrel, a car went by him, and did not kill him, thank you for going slow in your silver van on Townsend then High Street, much appreciated. Its OK to go FAST sometimes in life, when it is LEGAL in the law of the land, with the law of God, and the law of nature which God created, violate those and WHAM, you will probably kill a squirrel or another person eventually or yourself or your sobriety or your career or your future or your children or your bank account or your community or your femininity or your masculinity or your salvation. SLOW DOWN!!!! Don’t push people and love and life to the limits, otherwise heart ache and despair and loneliness and frustration and mental illness and cancer and disease and financial ruin will run you over. You say you don’t care??? We better care, and take care, and yes take some calculated risks, and get hurt a little, maybe a lot, and learn and grow and teach and share and love, and FORGIVE. I love studying law, and because I am NOT an attorney, I have MUCH more power with the law, because our system is built like this, you can act as your own attorney all the way to the supreme court, any lawyer who says you MUST have a lawyer, or implies as such, is lying and a bully, just disregard them, and you could even cuss them out if you want but that’s not nice or Godly.

Here is an image of 1000 ducks, or is it 1000 pixels wide??? HAHA!!! All in a row!!! See, they do this naturally, line up like that, when they fly and sit and live, very very interesting creatures, and I do love birds. We are all in the flock of Jesus, question is, can you get in the row, are YOU a team player?? Don’t you get tired of being on your own??? Why are you your own enemy??? Aren’t you tired of the pain and suffering?? The image might be a little blurry on some screens, I am working on smushing and crushing all the images as small as possible, and achieving our page load times to 500 ms as I have stated before, and we will get there eventually!! Now, that’s about a wrap for this post, time to stop the clock and get some food, already had my water, and will try to drink a whole gallon today.

If you are a male and reading this, bro, I don’t wanna romance you, I wanna see you be a real man, an authentic man, a man of God, and so, if you are blasting and speeding your way through life today, and trying to be all tough and big and high and mighty, just slow it down a notch. You might try going to ONE place UNDER the speed limit, start with 10 mph below the posted limit, see if you don’t feel better and think more clearly and feel more calm and less aggressive, it works grasshopper, it truly does. Time to turn my phone on, and let the world in, please be kind to me, stop being so cruel, help me help you see, we can do this together, come on and join the team, take the tour of God, read your bible, and come see us on the ranch today!!!! The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion and R.E. White Consulting LLC, guaranteed to blow your mind and put the fear of God into you, haha, well we will let you decide some of that, its dangerous, its challenging, its not just a job, its an adventure!! GO NAVY!!!! Semper Fi!!!! Thank you for being here, more data later, and later tater…God bless you and have a very fine day ladies and gents….we sure appreciate your business and hard work…

Marc White USN-RET MCP CEO = 1 hour 25 minutes and 16 seconds, clock stopped.

Here are the ducks again at 1200 pixels wide, are they any more clear and less blurry?? Hit me in the comments section…oh, hahaha, you can’t do that here, we control the boundaries, lolol, have fun with that grasshoppers….you gonna share this on social media??? Be careful with that, we own the content here on the site, better get written permission from us… There goes a school bus again, you might want to slow it down just a bit, try 20 in a 25 or even 15, you will feel better…thanks, MW

The ducks at 1700 pixles wide…should be sharper….thanks! 🙂

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