In Box ME dude!

03-25-2020: This post was actually started yesterday, so it will be a mish mash of data and information, notices, thoughts, chaotic DNA strings, and more!!! I am working on mentally and emotionally separating my blog posts into business and personal, its extremely difficult to do, this one is business, but not a reflection on any team members or the business, I will get it straight soon. Country man coming through, loving it in the backwoods when we get in there, and hoping it will dry out more soon. Tomorrow we are planning to hit the deck running, and chainsaws blazing, send up a prayer I don’t end up in the ER with my face sawed in half, thanks. I have been sitting so much my back is now hurting, last night actually got 6 hours of sleep, maybe, been on guard, don’t come up to the house, COVID-19 is serious, and even though we love everyone, we don’t want to DIE with you, so be smart and wear a mask and gloves PLEASE, Adairville is full of elderly and the disabled. Do us ALL a favor and wait until you are out of town before you BLAST your trucks with the modified exhausts, grow up dude, no reason for it, be a real man, be considerate, the world does not revolve around you, people live here, how would YOU like it if someone BLASTED by your house all day long in a super loud truck while you are getting drunk, or going broke, or yelling at your dog, or whatever it is you do.

See the image above??? Why don’t YOU IN BOX me dude???? HAHAHA!!!! I am really snickering here just now. If you only knew how difficult that would be to do on this account!!! My blogging is all messed up, and I need more sleep, too much stress lately for this CEO, but we have the email under control, finally, for now. I spent a lot of time with the hosting company, and they taught me a lot about the filters, and various global settings for the web based email client, and yea we use very long tight passwords and we WILL change them often. Look at this post, what a mess, oh well, it is going to be published tonight, even if the creek DOES rise!!! LOL!!! Using the clock on the computer now to track my time, down to the second, then Skye is going to add it all up for me and track it, she is doing a really incredible job, taking charge, allowing me to actually think and get tasks completed. Having fun now, still loving the new theme, so many nice settings, its really fast, might even purchase a pro version of the GTmetrix but probably not, down on the subscription based business model, it will fail, eventually and I guarantee that.

Monthly payments are OK for people who have money, too bad Corporate America took most of it away, and Corporate China, and Corporate the rest of the world, now the average person can’t buy any more subscriptions, but who knows, maybe one day we will dip our toes but I doubt it, I like contracts that end, eventually, and have a completion. We are working on getting each and every blog post and page to load in every browser around the earth in 500 milliseconds, and much progress is happening, creek is up on Kirby Road, not a full brain dump tonight but partial, life is good. Doc called me today from the VA, she is nice, trying to help, wonder what is going on down at the VA, is it still open??? Probably!!! Depression been bad lately, sad for America, and all the deaths due to COVID-19, what a horrible virus, what is coming is worse, read about it in the bible. Considering publishing ALL letters and emails and correspondence from ALL city, county, state, and federal officials right here on the site for the public to read, consider, and examine, if allowable by law, I will check it our first for sure and see what is up.

Hey!! I am in the process of writing this post, so check back in a couple of hours and it will be done. We are on FULL LOCKDOWN here, and a call from the government just came in, thank you so much, great to hear Washington is still open some and doing a fine job, much appreciated!! I am placing the image in this post at the top, let’s see how it will look on the front page in the widget, in the blog feed, and when we open the post, we may or may not keep this format as I really enjoy presenting the site in a text based fashion without so many images on the main pages. Talk to you in a couple of hours, this will be extremely detailed and interesting. SPAM, we are going to show you what WAR really looks like, that CEOs Clean Inbox is so secure, you will NEVER get in here, ever!!!!! Now, time to focus, and get real work done…right after I eat. 🙂 R.E. White Consulting Chief Executive Officer Virtual Assistant Email Account created on 03-22-2020, number of SPAM or BOT or solicitation or unexpected messages entered so far = 0. Ahhhhh….so peaceful and nice in my InBox….total bliss….complete quiet!!! Now, it has been three days, still no SPAM, and MY in box and the main in box are both clean, because Skye was there, thank you!!

We are at WAR with many things here at R.E. White Consulting, my keyboard has a broken key, I glued it back on with superglue and it flops but works, that battle is with Best Buy (and Logitech) where it was purchased years ago, will keep the fight up and glue more keys if necessary. Now, let’s get after it all you backwoods tough guys holed up in your metal buildings, and just when we all thought it was over, gonna be a wet spring, deal with it. Full brain dump, wish typing was faster, are you ready, can you hang??? Uploaded two images so you can see one aspect of what we are doing, yup, its the image size thing again, upper one is .gif, the other .jpg, examine them for yourself, we will be dealing with three different file extensions or “types”, .gif, .jpg, and .png, all work on mainstream browsers. This post is not about images, we are covering emails, so pull up a chair because CEO is gonna school you for a little while. Nope, Gmail ain’t gonna get it, need to stay in control, don’t want to get locked in, Google is now the 900 pound gorilla in the room, better to keep a smaller tighter game.

Welcome to two new team members, Eric P and Skye G!! So excited you both are here, its such and honor, truly mean that, great synergy and positivity, really looking forward to working with both of you, and you again Eric after all these years. Tons of things happening here on the website now, the new theme is in full swing, their “pro” version was too heavy, so they refunded the 1 year subscription price, thanks again guys. Skye is doing virtual assistant work for us, which leads me to the topic of this post, communication filtering, the country might be on semi lock down but our website and email in boxes and time sheets are going into super extreme bunker hunker down full privacy air tight lock down, so we can FOCUS, and actually get some WORK done, produce results, keep our clients happy, and pay our team members. Listening to Bad Company now, rockin the Spotify!!! Yes!!! Companies have a war on for your bank account, the only way to survive is to prepare, go debt free and stay that way.

Let’s start with the email, this has been an ongoing project to get it straight and filtered correctly, as I type this, I KNOW for a fact, that my new In Box is perfectly clean, don’t even need to check it. You want my email in box address???? HAHAHA!!! It won’t do you any good, even if I gave it to you see, because there are so many hurdles, steps, people, filters, and security measures whatever you send will not arrive to me until it is FILTERED correctly, lolol, and wow does that feel so great, yes!! In order for a message to reach my in box, a spammer or company will need to get through the machines first: the global grey list for our domain, global sender policy framework, global spam assassin on very high settings, global domain name system blackhole lists, global domain virus scanning, and last but not least, the secret password required in the subject field of each and every message, can’t enter the box without it (unless an assistant puts it there manually), no way, no how. These mighty warriors of my in box are on duty 24 / 7 / 365 and never ever rest, attempt to defeat them if you want, its just a waste of your time, we can change the secret password in half a second if needed, you won’t get in twice, anytime soon.

Additional settings for the machines?? Try this on for size all you BOTS, idiots, bullies, cowards, scammers, liars, and money grubbers: Spam Assassin on “aggressive” setting, email subject to be modified with “JUNK” so Skye and Dani (and other VAs) the human filters can catch it if it were to get through, a junk mail score placed in the body of any potential SPAM, and then MY personal secret code in the subject line, without it the message will bounce back completely or get filtered out. As you can clearly see a lot of time and effort went into setting up these massive computer sentinels, always on guard for me, automated, clean, efficient, not afraid to say NO, ready for WAR and to win in every single email battle with YOU or your company or your BOTS or scammers. Next, we have the human filters, and Skye is currently leading the way, she was hired specifically for our communications and MY InBox, to protect it, and to walk point, out front, making sure everything is clear and ready before I proceed into the battle in the jungle of what has become the corporate in box for upper management and employees and contractors. She understands exactly what we are doing, has a lot of experience, and brings years of talent to the team and our clients, thank you again, much appreciated!

Skye will be working directly with Dani, A.K.A. Jennifer, and she knows how serious this really is, nobody, not a single one on earth, has the right to demand time from Marc White, or force their way into MY email in box, personal laptop, network, contacts list, professional network, personal network, text string, voice mail, P.O. Box, website, comment section, webpage, social media account (we currently don’t have any), yard, property, ranch, front door, vehicle, radio station, mind, thoughts, peace, happiness, or life!!!! YES IT IS SERIOUS!!!!! Not done yet!!! Still typing!!!! Be right back!!! Jennifer is on all three teams, the Web Team, the Shadow Team, and The Boots On The Ground Team, and she does a lot of Mule Duty too, billing to the minute as she pleases but also provides many pro bono hours, much appreciated for sure. Skye and Jenn understand and know many, many software packages and programs, local and remote, even have experience with WordPress which will come in handy, I need a proof reader, lol, or should we just leave my messes the way they are??? HAHA!!! I do love to write, just don’t know how to type, and trying to get up to the graduate level is challenging, working on it bro!!

More brain dump: phone calls, my cell number is on the website here, in full public view, text me, call me, leave me a voice mail, robo me see if I care, hate me, love me, need me, show me you can do real business instead of complaining about being “busy”. Switchboard phone is here, robos come in, yawn, you can leave a voice message there but it is not visual voice mail, out going calls are anonymous, we capture your numbers, if your bad you will need to deal with mom, and she is MY mom, better be nice, if you are rude to mom then I step in. If you are rude on the phone and mean and nasty, I will hang up on you, guaranteed. Text messages: robos come in, screen shot is taken and goes into database, then deleted, otherwise very clean and friendly, a little spam comes in, not much, no big deal, the email in box is much more important than text. If I ignore your text, it just means you need to text me again see, you are attempting to communicate with a CEO of a company, and a land lord, and a team leader, and a ranch owner, and a website developer, and a son, and a dad, and a friend, and a community member, and a preacher, and a budding politician.

WordPress is SO powerful, I can do edits on the fly, and after probably 10 years of use, I know it very well, but always learning, it only gets better, let us help you learn it and build your site and business, dump the employee status, we got more benefits and most mom and pops do, its called freedom, nice. If you could stand behind me as I work and see it, I know you would be impressed, the learning curve is steep but not impossible. P.O. Box???? Easy….stuff that REALLY matters comes via CERTIFIED MAIL only, every time, important stuff comes first class, junk comes standard mail and gets thrown away instantly, packages are received IF they are EXPECTED only. ALL of our emails do NOT count unless we confirm them with CERTIFIED MAIL, this is in the signature of every single email we send out, we are NOT liable or responsible unless we CONFIRM the email transmission via certified mail through the United States Post Office!! Thank you for understanding, consider yourself notified!! Dark is coming now, night time once again, and another healthy day here, in the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic!!! Thank goodness mom is not sick!!

Here, you can read the new email signature I created for Jenn and Skye, it will go out with every single email, need to check some settings with that, but for now here it is: First paragraph: — “The following information and data is an email signature for our company, included in all of our original emails and replies, please take the time to fully read it, understand it, and utilize it. Additionally, we ask that you browse our site at and gather as much information there as possible prior to engaging with us as a client and or replying. This account is strictly controlled and operated by our highly skilled and specifically trained Virtual Assistants and or specific Team Members only, any and all replies are stringently filtered by multiple layers of automated SPAM filters, assistant filters, and pass codes prior to arriving to the CEO In Box for viewing and consideration. Please do NOT sell, transmit, or give this address to anyone or any system, do not BCC us in a list, do not add us to a mailing list, do not share it with anyone for any reason without our express written permission. Please be responsible and help all of us fight SPAM, viruses, hate, abuse, and scammers online.

Second paragraph: “R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. is a US based nationwide information technology / skilled & manual labor / business networking company. Our goal for each and every client is to always be respectful, polite, and genuine. As a team we utilize the most advanced highly technical methods to analyze computer, network, and website usability, functionality, and speed for various clients. We operate mostly via written legally binding contracts in our six divisions of service: Information Technology, Event Planning, Real Estate, Business Development, Personal Development, and Expedited Moving. Our labor and contract billing rates vary depending on urgency, complexity, skill level, hazardous conditions, and technical needs, typically these charges are between $10.00 and $500.00 an hour. We gladly bill to the minute, will provide highly detailed intricately tracked billing if required, and charge for every single minute of our time in quarter hour increments once contract has been signed by all parties involved. Our promise is to never tell our clients we are “busy” or “no problem”, we can either take on your project or we can’t at the time of your request, just because we may not qualify to help you currently, we may be able to in the future. Our team members get paid, and our clients save and make vast profits for their teams, stockholders, and families. As a side note, please treat and communicate with all of our team members, virtual assistants, and clients you may eventually network with, with the utmost respect, dignity, and professionalism, this is extremely important to me personally, any violation of this request is strictly against our terms of use and company policies and may void any contractual agreement you have signed with us. Thank you so much for considering R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. for your various needs, we wish you continued prosperity and success in all your endeavors. Marc W. White CEO”

Executive Virtual Assistants
R.E. White Consulting LLC
The Triple J Round Rock Ranch
CEO Mobile/Voice/Text – 270-847-2955
Ranch Switchboard – 270-539-2043
Mailing: P.O. Box 60 Adairville KY 42202
Physical: 417 A & B North High Street Adairville KY 42202

Third paragraph: “NOTICE!! Official Statement Of Electronic Communication: this electronic communication sent via the R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. leased domain name is not an official legal statement of fact of our company or Marc William White CEO under or pertaining to any federal, state, county, or city restrictions, guidelines, recommendations, or laws in the United States of America or any country in any way what so ever. All official legal communication should be forwarded via United States Postal Service certified mail to: P.O. Box 60 Adairville Kentucky 42202. Email is not a secure form of communication and we accept no liability what so ever, and can be intercepted then infected with viruses that may take control of the receivers system and or network, we recommend utilizing state of the art protection for all computers and networks to scan this email and all of its contents. This entire message is highly confidential, including all attachments, and extremely highly sensitive, intended only for the specific addressees. If you are not the recipients and or addressees please destroy it immediately via file shredder, you are not allowed to print this document without express written permission. Do not disseminate, copy, or distribute this message. If you received this in error please notify the sender immediately. Disclosing, distributing, and copying or taking any action in reliance of the message is strictly prohibited. R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. and Marc William White can not be held liable for any contents of this email message, and not held liable or be responsible for any consequences of actions based on information given within it. Liability is only accepted if we confirm the contents of this message via certified letter of the United States Postal Service. All United States Of America privacy laws and regulations are to be strictly adhered to and applied. KJV HB ~ “1 John 3:18, My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. Proverbs 10:32, The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable: but the mouth of the wicked speaketh frowardness. Psalm 34:13, Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.” Consider yourself notified, thank you, and have a great day, God bless America, and God bless all of our citizens.”

How did you like all of that above??? Pretty cool hu??? HAHA!!! Listen, you may have gone to college, and that is all great and everything, but what we are doing here isn’t exactly taught there, a lot of this comes directly from the silicon valley, I used to live there during the dot com boom, this is hard core business modeling, and mine is proprietary, extremely so, top secret information. We are building a global company, and already we are nation wide, won’t be long and giant corporations will be begging us to do business, wait and see. Lately I have been digging on some Rolling Stones, thinking of my old buddy Hippy A.K.A. David Morphew, and was thinking about Debby too, those were the days I tell ya, never heard him say a single negative thing about anyone in his whole life, everything was just OK, until Doug and Boogie both died, then we lost David. He gave me one the of the nicest compliments I ever received, and I have always tried to live up to his expectations, need to do a much better job, love ya bro, and miss you, always.

Mom said she started prepping for the COVID-19 about 40 years ago, putting rice under her bed, and she still has stuff left over from Y2K, lol, love you mom, and thank you for praying for me all these years. My brother is making masks to help people, already made about 100 of them, I would like to see one of them, its a special construction process he is using and I bet they are effective. This pandemic is starting to really get me down, and make me nervous some, the state of emergency, and my van giving me trouble and needing to go in the shop, guess I will get a rental car but we don’t want to do it now, and the extended warranty company is not going to give me an extension. It is called Ally Premium Protection, and they have not been easy for me to work with, I do NOT recommend them AT ALL, right now, that might change later but for now it is my stance. Looking at a picture of Jesus on my desk, we got it at the Strawberry Festival here in Adairville a few years ago.

The In Box is extremely important, and I wish I would have done a better job in this post of actually describing what we are doing, basically it is a place where we can funnel our data flow and work flow without paying Microsoft or Google or any software company any money, and if we ever need to download all of it we can. Why not just keep all projects and tasks and lists in an email, that way it can be sent around real easy and simple, no need to invest hundreds of dollars in software right now. We did try to use MS Office Enterprise E3 level a few years ago, the learning curve was so steep, and we wasted so much time, I ended up abandoning the project. I know my CEO Clean InBox is empty, and will stay that way, until a task or message that really means something is put there by the assistants, completely filtered of all SPAM and nonsense and abuse and hate and scam and lies hopefully. I am tired now, and it is late, I am sure I will wake up tomorrow and read this post, and go WAIT, what happened, what was I thinking!!!??? HAHAHA!!!! I love blogging!!! What fun!!!

Now Kris Kristofferson is playing, help me make it through the night, the Austin sessions, I always liked that guy. “Yesterday is dead and gone, and tomorrow is out of sight, and its bad to be alone, help me make it through the night.” It smells like burning garbage here tonight, if you live in Adairville, and you burn garbage, you should know you can get a $25,000.00 fine, so don’t do it, stop being a heathen and actually care about your neighbors, it is toxic when you do that, don’t you even care if people can breath or not??? The world is not your garbage pit or ash tray or race track or dumping ground, if your not happy, and can’t live like a nice civilized mature friendly Christian adult, then MOVE OUT OF TOWN and be a heathen out in the country somewhere, a long way from people who are trying to actually live peacefully and with health and families. In box me dude, try to figure it out, see if you can find your way into my private email bunker, I dare you, lolol!!

America might be going to the dogs, but that does not mean any of us need to live like one, we are all children of God, everything is easier when we read our bibles and pray and smile and laugh and forgive and commit to one another as spouses, family, friends, neighbors, and community. I better sign off here, call us and let us help you start your business, or with an IT project, or to handle an event, or work a large land lease deal for you, or get your health back with exercise, or deliver something for you, or build a really nice website. Peace, love, happiness, and sleep, God bless you and thank you so much for being here, will proof read tomorrow….


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Timestamp: 03/26/2020 — 02:04:57am

Purpose: Our Text Readability Consensus Calculator uses 7 popular readability formulas to calculate the average grade level, reading age, and text difficulty of your sample text.

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Your text: In Box ME dude!
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Grade level: Seventh Grade

The SMOG Index: 9
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Automated Readability Index: 9
Grade level: 13-15 yrs. old (Eighth and Ninth graders)

Linsear Write Formula: 13
Grade level: College.


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Grade Level: 9
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