Bill’s Shed: Tree Removal

The speed limit on North High Street in Adairville Kentucky is 25 mph, there is a school on one end, its only about 1/4 mile long, the elderly and the youth and the disabled live and walk here, there is no reason for people to drive 35 to 55 mph on it, which brings us to an old wise saying…”better slow down, you might hurt yourself”, and you probably will and are. This applies to ALL areas of life, being “busy” and in a scattered frantic hurry is a sign of emotional instability, and usually financial instability, it also endangers your relationship with God, your family, and the community. Slow down, enjoy the ride, be safe, be a good neighbor, be a better human, be a law abiding citizen, just be an adult. Now that I have vented, let’s move on shall we, there is work to do and be done! Life is good!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I might start renaming some of the posts, we were going to do them as Day 1, Day 2, etc., for each building but I am rethinking it now. This structure was the last one Mr. Sam, my late grandfather, built before he passed away, it’s an implement shed and won’t hold the newer big combines but did the old smaller ones, and some tractors. We are trying to stabilize it more, and at least 5 poles need replacing.

Before shot. Mr. Sam loved to build things, and grow things, Bill Ethridge was his last employee before they both passed away, granddaddy in 1991 and Bill some years later. The wooden trusses used in this were recycled from the old “pig parlor” down by Heart To Heart Sanctuary. Around every building is a large jumbled helping of leaves, holes, boards (with nails sticking up), tires, metal, glass, blocks, dead wood, and junk…it makes for a very hazardous environment but that’s OK.

I absolutely LOVE being out in the country, the wide open spaces, big blue skies, clean fresh air, lots of sunshine, beautiful trees, abundant wildlife…today I saw a massive hawk swooping down near my van.

Cheat day at Cassie’s General Store in Russellville, about $7.50 for two slices and a coke but the guy said they are “hand made”, it is good pizza, and man how I do love pizza!!! Last night at the store in Adairville Mr. Dickerson said many farmers gather there starting as early as 5:00 AM, and while I like a little networking and occasional bromancing, I am generally more comfortable outside when speaking to men, and discussing business, that way if things get heated I can back away…lol, and they better back away, haha. Maybe as I get older I will join in with the crowd, until then I will continue to go it alone the majority of the time, I reckon its the loaner / cowboy / adventurer / woodsman / freedom lover / wonderer / frontier/ savage / masculine man in me.

Before shot. I am sure glad to be using my uncle’s chain saw, I can’t hardly imagine doing this with an axe, talk about stupid “life hacks”, come on out here tough guys, and hack on these for a few weeks!! Don’t hack at anything, keep your tools sharp, be slow and methodical, cut instead of hack, habit 7 is “sharpen the saw”, meaning do all of them at the same time.

Silly me, granddaddy used to play like this some, must have picked it up from him, lol! Miss you Sam, and hello to Samuel in Japan, my son, who now has a link to the website here, welcome and love you very much!! I heard from his mom yesterday, finally, he is doing great and working hard…write me again soon Sam, every word from you is cherished, be it in love or frustration, we are full grown men now, feelings come and go, principles are what stand the test of time, fidelity means something in this family.

Like I said, wide open spaces, this is my shop and office and home, never a dull moment, bromancing with Father Time and courting Mother Nature. Some days the clouds pop so hard you can almost reach out and grab them, I have no idea how people cope in the larger cities, dirty air, congestion, traffic, “busyness”, greed, hate, anger, crime, desperation…it’s above my pay grade.

Let’s get INTO it!!! Yes!!!! Now, time to slow way down, this thing will cut you to pieces and kill you on the spot. Part of the deal out here is shock, a major injury can and will kill you due to shock, the hospital can be a LONG way off…

Notching is critical, trees WILL fall in a certain direction regardless of the notch but it helps steer them, sort of, it also keeps them from pinching and splitting then kicking out. A kick out can kill you instantly with large trees.

Great saw, love this brand, been using them for decades….

After shot, opened up now. We were blessed this time, all the trees we leaning away from the structure or straight up. Instead of cutting them all up and manually dragging them to the burn pile, we might cut some fire wood with them, then have a dozer push them up and burn them. I do NOT like burning at all but when dealing with the amount of trees we are taking down, and the cost of removal, it might be our only option. I refuse to leave dozer piles laying around anymore.

This larger one got a little dicey, two trunks twined together, you can see the bigger one was cut and fell properly but before it did it leaned and I could not get to the other one. See the splitting??? Like I said, a large split can and will kick back, and just literally snap in half a second, and can and will kill anyone standing behind it. Felling trees is an art and real skill, safety, common sense, experience, some physics, a sharp saw, a clear exit path, and understanding pressure, are all needed constantly.

After shot 2. These trees were not massive, I have certainly cut much larger ones in my lifetime, up to about 4 feet in diameter probably. With a dozer they could be pushed up in 15 minutes, maybe we will rent one or buy it.

Exit path is EXTREMELY important!! The tree you are cutting is going to fall, they can and will fall ON YOU if not planned properly, and crush the life right out of your body. This one does not look that big but is at least 12 inches across maybe, they are very heavy (hundreds and thousands of pounds), even a smaller one will snap your spine like a twig and hammer you into the ground. I was actually standing in the exact spot where this large trunk is resting now, 3 seconds before it fell, this is the exit path, if you trip and fall and get hung up, you simply DIE, its not difficult to understand.

This is the old pig manure drainage pond down by the animal sanctuary, in the woods. I don’t know if I ever stood in it before, it was full of water and manure when I was younger. It will be neat to ride around on golf carts in here, if they can handle the terrain. We about have the golf cart / goat ride path through the woods hammered out, basically, but the landscape architect will be able to help us more with this phase of the project, I called a good one yesterday and am awaiting a return. Because of the bluff up on Jump Off Point, there is REAL danger of someone falling off the cliff into the creek, and dying or getting injured badly but there is an old logging road I want to utilize that is parallel with the bluff and creek. A massive guard rail could be implemented with DANGER signs posted, it would be sketchy and the insurance companies might not like the idea but I do.

Somewhere back in here, is where we will be crossing the creek, during the summer it dries up enough to cross it if we just put gravel down and dozer out a path but for winter large pipes might be needed to allow water to pass through them, or just build a bridge over it but they get washed out over time, there used to be one further to the north. Adventurers will disembark from the golf carts on the left side, cross the creek on foot, and then load onto “Joe’s Hay Ride”, take off for Black Jack Woods and the Observation Tower, and then onto Kirby Pass.

Nice shot of the animal sanctuary with some smaller saplings now cut down, larger ones here will need more professional removal and or felling. You can see the 5 windows that will be replaced but nothing fancy, it is a barn after all. Somewhere in or near here will be an office and also the small theater and probably a restroom.

My “shop”, lol, no fancy lineup of expensive pick up trucks or vehicles here, the air conditioning is free, and your heater will never fail because your coat just always works, haha!! Young men in America, heads up, those truck payments can and will destroy your credit, your marriage, your future, and your retirement, tighten up your game, drive a paid off ride, even if it is an old ugly beater!!!

Another amazing day comes to a close on Kirby Road, with a little Lynyrd Skynyrd (Tuesdays’ Gone) playing from the van, the mule seems to enjoy some good old southern rock from time to time, and it is one of the greatest love songs ever written, he misses the horses who were here that died, and I miss everyone I ever met that has headed on down those grand eternal resting tracks. I am sort of making this place a transitional third home now, with blessings from my uncle and cousin, we have heat which is nice, and it is very quiet because it sits back from the highway. Love. Peace. And. Quiet!! Thank you so much for visiting the site again, be sure to tell a friend, call the cell and or switchboard and come on out to see us, we love visitors. If you are looking for extra work, get in touch, and we have some things for sale. Have a great day, time to go to work!!