Heart To Heart Cleanup Day 1

Hey recruits, heads up, show ME your WAR FACE!!! The Triple J Round Rock Ranch – Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary cleanup day 1 has officially commenced. Although I have had a touch of bronchitis, just couldn’t resist getting out there today, it was so beautiful, after an hour or two, much progress was made. See the grit and determination in those eyes, that’s what you will be facing should you attempt to impede on our progress!! We are diligently working on 15 structures currently (5 grain bins as 1), with many more on the way soon, no joke, its a real mega project…

We are only 43.6 miles from the center of downtown Nashville, and 40 minutes from Bowling Green! That’s right, we are running and gunning through the underbrush with chainsaws, well not exactly running, more like carefully walking, as we clear the trees and saplings, and pick up junk.

Caution is needed not to trip or get your feet tangled up while operating the saws. You know you need some fresh air and a scenic country drive, slog on out of that smog filled city tomorrow, give us a helping hand, be somebody, show compassion for injured and abandoned animals…we believe in you.

Yup, we got some skeptics out there probably but none will step up and tell me, “hey, are you crazy, you can’t complete this project”, whatever dudes. You should have seen the look on our insurance man’s face yesterday when I told him about the 60 foot “swinging bridge” that will hang 30 feet above the creek, and the 80 foot tall observation tower to be built across the creek in Black Jack Woods. He’s like what???!!?? Lolol!!

The old silo has not been cleared away like this in many years, a few of the trees were probably 12 inches in diameter, and the vines we pulled off went all the way to the top!! Looks like a little concrete repair work will be needed up around the dome, some paint and courage, it will be ready to build three floors of living quarters and the observatory.

A few years ago my brother Eric spent many weeks hanging off ladders and ropes to place thousands of screws all over this barn and the P.O.W. Tobacco Barn, so glad he did this, you can see some of the screws in this image. Can’t walk on the section, its very steep!!

I have not been up on this roof since I was a young boy, it was a thrill to do it again, made sure to stay near the edge, because the center area will need reinforcing and bracing underneath. That rust will grab metal paint hard, once completed it won’t need it again for a long while.

More screws here from Eric, and we sure appreciate it, a roof of a building or barn is almost as important as the foundation, it keeps the rain and wind out. The little animals are going to feel so cozy, dry, warm, and protected in their forever home here in the sanctuary. The wild animals today were making such awesome sounds after the work was done, excited about spring we are sure.

If you own a saw mill let us know, because we will be needing quite a bit of wood donated, Mother Nature had her way with these boards, they did their time, now replacement and paint is in order. Are you a rep for a construction company? Great! Be a sponsor and we will let everyone know you are involved here on the website, in person, at the sanctuary, and out on the ranch at the entrance on a big sign.

Looking good, just a couple of hours today, feels so amazing to get started on the heart of the tour, your family will love this place, we truly hope you come back for many generations. Internships, volunteer opportunities, employee positions, contractor work, international / student work programs, and more are all available, call our switchboard, lets get going!!

Some of these boards are salvageable for the time being, we will only initially replace what needs it badly, then go over it and check each board…we could use a lift or cherry picker, got one you want to donate or bring on site??? Give from the heart, if you start believing you have more money than you need then it will flow towards you, a scarcity mentality and breaking your promises so you can chase it down the road will push it away from you. Be smart, be a giver, volunteer work nourishes the soul and our animals will love you forever.

Ooopppssss….something told me to put my keys in my left pocket, I know, it was the Big Boss, the running chainsaw came right across my leg, tore through the fabric, and hit them dead on!! He always has my back, and my front, and my life!! I have cut my leg with a chainsaw before, still got that scar I believe.

Nothing a few stitches of thread can’t fix, YES, this is a very dangerous environment, no doubt about it, farming is one of the most hazardous occupations in the world. If you are scared, check it at the entrance to the ranch, this takes guts and courage, come on down to The Triple J, its never boring!!

You can tell how busy a man is by how many keys he has on his key ring, my goal was 1 key and has been for years, I was down to a few but now they are multiplying rapidly and if this means lots of little, furry, warm, cuddly, lovable, needy, sweet, abandoned animals get a new home, then I say bring it on!!

Our mascot Schwarzkopf needs for the farrier to come out, the hooves require trimming every 8 to 12 weeks, he loves large quantities of dry hay, adores his equine treats, digs and munches on apples and carrots, and appreciates an intense petting and brushing session. We love ya buddy!!

Look at that sunset!!!! WOW!!! We went to visit Jack, at the Oakville Store, met Ms. Penny, then headed on down the old railroad towards Mortimer. This shot is of the old James Smith Farm, granddad Sam White sold it to him decades ago, its new name is Earth Haven, lights are on down in the lower left hand corner. Our neighbor Russell Law used to live in the neatest house back there, his daughter started the Adairville paper recently, Rooted and Grounded, check them out online!! Have a great night, we sure appreciate you being here, call us, we are hiring!!