Trail Setting & Master Plan

Wow, it sure has been a beautiful winter day in south Logan County, temps were just right for a jacket, a little wind, but lots of crisp cool air and wide open spaces!! I had the honor of giving not one but two of the Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion tours (5 hours total), as we started hammering out more intricate details of the “master plan”. At some point we will probably bring in a landscape architect company or professional. Also a new contractor was on sight today named Oscar, very polite hard working family man, we are sure looking forward to getting tasks / projects completed with he and his network of business owners.

Down at the creek surveying the area, the golf cart path will come down this way through the woods, the picture above is a panorama, that section is actually pretty straight.

Everyone is getting really excited about the project, there are of course a few skeptics but we invite them, and you with your families, to come on out and see what we are up to! Its about time to order the port o potty for contractors and workers, and we have it lined up already.

Of course a lot of fencing is to be installed, the goats and rescue critters will have a great big wide area through the woods, they will help keep the vegetation down, and they love to climb and ride on the golf carts, lolol!!

A nice shot on this fine sunny day at the back side of Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, some wood will need replacing up there, so we are calling on any and all barn repair contractors. The hogs and pigs used to be in that area with a fence around it.

Things are looking UP here at the Star Bright Silo Observatory and Bunk House, hopefully the structure is still stable enough which we believe it is. An engineer will need to give the OK on the safety, then we are all set to replace the top with a dome of Plexiglas, a viewing deck with telescopes, and three levels of living quarters underneath.

Here is one of the four areas or “bays” that will be home to many, many lovable rescued sentient beings, poor injured and abandoned animals, super furry four legged creatures, and so much more.

Nice curious dog, it took him a minute to figure us out…

Wide angle shot of the corn crib, Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, the silo, the hill, the grain bins, and the tractor shed.

Sweet Marie really enjoyed her hike and adventure, she had been planning to visit for a few weeks now, her tips, suggestions, and feedback were incredible and positive! We took multiple chances to just stand and listen to the creek, the slight breeze blowing, echos in the silo, and tin moving on the roof of the tractor shed. We are honored and excited to have her visit the ranch, thank you so much Sweet Marie for coming out, and come back anytime, bring some friends and we can do the tour again!

Schwarzkopf was upset again, no apples, yet, so he was being stubborn but then he started easing up some and allowed Sweet Marie to pet him. We fed him a bucket, he got a nice petting session, Roby Farms sent over the new hay bail which we tarped tonight in an attempt to keep this one dry. Mules need a lot of dry hay, it is one way they produce heat in cold winter months. Time to call the farrier for his hove trimming again.

Have a great night everyone, or day, as the case may be, thank you so much for visiting the site, we apologize for our lack of posting, a bug went around and yea we caught, lol. Our goal is usually to post at least once a day, because so many people want to see and read about what is transpiring with this mega project out at The Triple J here in awesome beautiful rural Kentucky.

Give us a call, we can give partial tours soon, only 45 miles from downtown Nashville! We hope to have our goats here in a few months.

Stars were amazing tonight, caught the Little Dipper on the cell phone, if you have not seen it in person lately, you might be spending too much time online! Going to check with the county tomorrow about another business license, and make a few phone calls to be sure we are in compliance. See you on the trail partners, lots of frontier adventures await!