Apple Sauce & Chips

Daniel Titus, one of our hard working dedicated team members here at R.E. White, recently started back up an old family tradition, canning apple sauce and making dehydrated apple chips! Yummy and healthy! We love it when team members share some of their personal projects with us, and this one is truly neat and inspirational…

Daniel said: it was the first canning in 10 years, took 1 bushel for the dehydrator, bought 19 boxes / bushels of Gold Rush variety, very tasty, 14 bushels of canning, dehydrator ordered from Cabellas website, the apples are from Wooden’s Orchard, in business for three generations on Walden’s Ridge on the northern end of the plateau ending at Signal Mountain Tennessee. We Googled them and they are located in Bledsoe County, 6351 New Harmony Rd, Pikeville, TN 37367.

They cook for 20 to 30 minutes in the fire, utilizing a recycled cattle trough, balanced on a couple of car rims, an engine part, and a big rock. The settings on the dehumidifier depend on the temperature and humidity of outdoor air, about three days per batch, 4 batches total. Cost is $14.00 per box on “seconds”, $21.00 for “firsts”, used to be $4.00 per box. Mom and dad have been buying them there since 1970.

A total of 70 cans of apple sauce were produced with this batch in 2020, they will will keep for years. When Daniel was a boy he used to ride on top of the apples on the way home, in the old Dodge van. The orchard picks the apples. Bought in early November 2019. Jars came from Save A Lot, 8 or 9 dollars a dozen.

Thank you so much for sharing this Daniel and Reuben, your homestead of 80 acres is an incredible place, and we certainly love to visit as often as possible. Think of how much money is saved in this process, and the education, it sure beats Kroger and dragging home more plastic bags!! Have a nice day everyone from the offices of R.E. White & The Triple J, feel free to visit the site whenever you like, we know you will find it easy to navigate, pop up free, straightforward, fast, and enjoyable!!