Happy Valentines Day

Wall Mart was packed tonight, well sort of, the cards and candy section was definitely full of hard working men searching for those perfect sweet words to someone special, rural country women squeezing teddy bears and eyeing chocolate filled heart shaped boxes, folks talking and families having fun, and lots of kids running around. The store seems to be a gathering place, and most of the people would probably give you the shirt off of their back, my kind of crowd, down to earth and real, you know where you stand with rural folks, most every time.

Whitey says hello from Oakville, holding down the fort, on the hunt for food as usual but a rub on the head will suffice. We love it out here in the backwoods, and now its muddy, even better, never know if you will get stuck but plenty of trucks with winches to pull you out. Missed a deal on a 4 x 4 for $2,800 the other day, another one will come around soon enough. Hawks are on the hunt, easy prey this season without the leaves on underbrush as cover for little critters. Allen on the team had a birthday, about 28 I reckon, from R.E. White he received a four pack of old fashioned sodas, and a $20.00 cash gift, happy birthday buddy!!

I have been aiming to do a post lately, actually wrote a long one, then decided against sharing, so much has been happening, impossible to blog about all of it. Lots of fun and breathtaking sunsets. Creek is up at Kirby Road, won’t be long and tobacco season will start again, Lacy or Macy came over for a visit, sweet dogs, and now some tag alongs show up at times. Another bail of hay should be delivered soon from Robyville, need to tarp it.

Happy Valentines Day Logan County Kentucky, it seems to be innocent enough, a day of love and happiness, one need not spend much, a few cards and some candy, cheaper than Christmas and last year I got out for less than $100 I am pretty sure. There are so many things I admire about this area, our home, it could use more hills like the north end of the county but…we got some real characters down this way, each one unique, very kind people and genuine. Monk says hello, great visit tonight, we had some laughs, he enjoyed the old photos here on the site…

If and when you want to see some SERIOUS mud slinging jacked up trucks, come to Kentucky, specifically south Logan County, a few miles from the state line, near The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, it is a frontier adventure you will never forget! We guarantee the fun, happiness, and thrills will align right up!! Thanks for visiting the site, ya’ll come back again, and be sure to tell a friend…give us a call, we like to work, help us help you. Have a great day, from the team…at The Triple J!!!