Truck Engines In The Distance: Why Civilization & Your Life Is Failing & Will Continue To Do So!!!

As I sit here and prepare to write this blog post, a certain peace is coming over me, I start to feel genuine pity and sadness for many of you who come here and read, some of the town folk where I currently “live”, and especially for those of you “trapped” in the cities across the globe. I am surrounded by the sound of engines, motors, machinery, air conditioners, tractors, fans, cow barns, airplanes, cars, lawn mowers, and more…almost every moment of every day if I listen close enough. From my writing desk, I hear truck engines in the distance, over on main street, all day and night they come and go, up and down the road, in and out of the square, moving materials and clogging the roads. Sound studies show that we can’t be ANYWHERE in the lower 48 states without hearing a motor or engine at least every 15 minutes.

You are a failure, your life is failing, admit it, your goals and plans and dreams have not come to fruition. I know, you’re not as popular on social media as you would like to be, you didn’t get as good of grades at the university as you wanted, your wife or husband doesn’t “treat you right” or respect you enough or bow down to you, your “boss” is an asshole and you need a “better” job or to change “careers”, you don’t have enough money to do the things you want or to live the lifestyle you dream of, your “family” didn’t turn out how you wanted and you wish they were different, you can’t be a “world traveler” and fill Instagram with amazing pics or show of on suckbook, your house is too “small” or in the wrong neighborhood or location, you are not as “important” as you want to be and you realize this, insurance is too expensive and you need a “job” that covers you, you dream of being famous or a “hero” and it just never transpires, everything you see has a monetary meaning despite money having no intrinsic value, and on and on and on.

Confusion, anxiety, depression, stress, isolation, frustration, failing health, insomnia, anger, scarcity, feeling unloved, sedentary, hurry, busy, and FEAR….these are the words you are most familiar with, because each and every day you vacillate between them, like a pendulum, except you never realize equilibrium, and the gravity of the situation you are in is accelerating you downward into your own bottomless pit of despair and insanity. “Your” life is failing just as quickly as civilization, and not unlike the heavy buildings which are being constructed across the country as I type this, you are in an ever state of maintenance, doing what little you can to prop yourself up and “keep going”. Panic, you live on the edge of it, one step away from shear madness, or you already slipped in, and you know it. It’s not the emergencies and terror and murders in the media that really trouble you, it is the constant turmoil inside you that is slowly killing you and the motivation behind your wasted and meaningless existence.

Like billions of others you are “disconnected” in a connected world, you have a facebook account, are on Instagram, you signed up for LinkedIn, there is a landline in the other room, each of your family members has a cell phone, you text one another all day long, you can make phone calls, there are computers and mobile devices scattered around your space, a mailbox sits at the end of “your” driveway, a front door leads into a house you “live” in even though your not there most of the time, there are multiple cars in the driveway so you can go places, the UPS guy drops off more packages from Amazon, the neighbors wave at one another, and more. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get connected enough, and despite all of your best efforts (and wasted money) you still feel this nagging sense of separateness that you never quite seem to shake off. Each and every day, the cycle continues, and your exhausted, worn out, your eyes hurt, your body is tired, your not quite centered, you don’t feel grounded, and IT NEVER ENDS.

Are you a civilized man or woman, or are you a criminal?? Every single time you get in a hurry, you switch or “cross over” from being civilized to embracing a life full of crime. Why, you ask??? How can this be?? It’s because when you get in a hurry, you WILL hurt yourself and eventually break the “law” and not just man made laws but the ones created by God the Father. The reason why you hurt or injure or damage yourself when you get in a hurry and break the law is because you go slightly insane, and many people live in this state of mind all day long, every single day of their lives, this sets them up for failure and they do, and most likely you are, right now, at this very moment. In order to solve a problem we must first realize we have one, otherwise we just keep on beating our heads against the bloody door frame until we pass out or come completely unglued or die, the choice is yours, better make some wise ones my friends.

Society and civilization is FAILING and you are going with it, if you choose to do so, as a free man and a holy man of God, I make better decisions than that, and YOU should as well. In order to be “successful” in society we must conform, Emerson teaches us this, but when we conform and “fit in” we fail, because it is failing, really it is all very simple and logical. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy where I live in America but for every reason you can give me about how “great” our country is, I can give you ten reasons why it is not, clearly the average American family is in deep, very serious, life threatening, salvation loosing trouble, and we need to help them. The way to do this is to SLOW DOWN and STOP being a criminal and a robot, the machine you have signed up to be is your own worst enemy, stop shooting yourself in the head and spreading your brains all over the place, it’s time to pick up the pieces and discover the true meaning of happiness and success and love. The holy scriptures say that “heaven is within you” and it is, so step out of hell and lay your troubles and problems at the feet of Jesus and God, and He will take them up as surely as He did our sins on the cross.

Its been said that success is built on failure but that is not correct, many things in this world are BACKWARDS, success is built on your heart, the one that is beating in your chest as you read this, and where our treasure is laid, there your heart will be also. If you stay connected to THIS world, you will ALWAYS be a failure, nothing can stop this process, the only TRUE success and happiness is built on the ABANDONMENT of this life, so that we may have EVER lasting life in God’s mighty KINGDOM!!!! No, just because you have a “family” does NOT make you successful, if you are good with money you aren’t successful and a winner, that career you slave away at is not a sign of intelligence and power, money in the bank or land or assets or a fancy car or boat or house are NOT signs of upward mobility. It is the light that shines from God our creator, that beams down on us, and in us, and around us, and through us that lifts us up to REAL glory, and casts off the filthy rags of our sinful nature, so that we may BE, and just BE OK, and BE Christians, and BE for Him, and BE….just be, and just be calm, and be peaceful, and be ourselves, which is ONE with Him!!!

You are an addict, addicted to pleasure and or chemicals or money, constantly trying to save yourself from your own destruction but you can’t stop, and you will never be able to, without the power of God. The truth is as plain as the nose on your face, you just don’t want to stand still long enough in a mirror to see it, because the pain is too great, but my brothers and sisters, you deserve so much better than this, God wants your suffering to end, and it can, and it should, today, here and now. You don’t have time?? I know, your always out of time!!! You always will be, because Lucifer, the dark and deadly angel, has taken over your life, your mind, your business meetings, your bills, your living above your means, your driving habits, your screen time, your society, your traditions, your culture, your family, your universities, your corporations, and your civilization. There are ONLY two forces in the universe, good and bad, right and wrong, holy and evil…there is NOTHING in between, take your pick and make a stand, stand for something or fall for anything, and fall straight into the lake of fire on judgment day, if your not living for the Kingdom!!!

We look at “death” in this life as the end but it is not so, we only go to sleep when we die, and then we wake up on judgment day, and if our name is not written in the Book of Life, we will be cast into the lake of fire, and God will destroy us, along with Satan and sin and all death. Don’t believe me??? Well silly, we do “die” here right??? God “kills” us or lets us “die” and we go into the ground and rot or we are burned up, we are no longer “here”, but we are, for now anyway, but that will all end, all of “life” here will end, and it may be coming sooner than we think. Me??? I am shooting for ETERNAL LIFE in God’s mighty KINGDOM, this is why I prayed down on my knees this morning, as soon as I got out of bed, and why I am writing this for you now, because you guessed it my friend, I am selfish, and I want more than ANYTHING to get to the Kingdom and for YOU to be there WITH me!!!!! We need to begin each and every day, and each and every hour, and each and every week, and each and every month, and each and every year, and each and every single waking moment with GOD, our mighty and awesome Father who is the master teacher and creator of all life through the vastness of the universe!!!!!

These posts are NOT easy my friends, they are draining, they take a lot out of me, you get the best parts of me, I pour my heart and soul out here for you, I bleed in pain and suffering and misery just like all of you if and when I let Satan attack and win over me but NOW, right now at this moment in time, WE WIN, I WIN, and I SHOUT from the rooftops how AMAZING and wonderful LIFE truly is, when we realize we CAN live for all eternity, without sin and pain and depression and anxiety and fear and abuse and hopelessness and bullying and DEATH!!!!! Satan get the behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is MY commandment to the dark and evil forces of this world, GET THE BEHIND ME!!!!! I step into the light and out of the darkness, the light ALWAYS beats the darkness, it’s just too bright, a tiny spark can DESTROY a dark room with light and hope and warmth and grace and dignity and love, go and live it and love it and BE, and BE true to your God given correct, holy, pure, biblical principles, ideals, scruples, and habits. You got this, you can do this, it’s another day of life and it is a MIRACLE!!!! We are walking talking breathing MIRACLES!!! Created in the image of God to bring peace and healing and love to the nations and the people of this world, and we DO THAT, every single day!!!!!

Now go out there recruits, and BE, and SLOW DOWN, and RUN, and EAT, and WORK some, and preach, and blog, and read, and write, and type, and confront, and stop spending, and save, and give, and eat healthy foods, and stop smoking, and give up the porn, and stop drinking alcohol, and love the person in front of you instead of tail gating, and disconnect your cell phone for a while, and say NO to abuse, and commit to people, and do what you say you will, and learn to cook, and support motherhood, and respect good strong MEN, and promote masculinity, and read the BIBLE, spend time in the word, say hello to your neighbors even if they don’t, bring up God and Jesus FIRST in the conversation, let go of this world more, spend more time in the Kingdom, watch for visions, listen to that good voice in your head, turn off the crappy rock and country music, stop living for Likes on a screen, spend more time in nature, stay OUT of debt financially, give to others who are less fortunate, be a good steward, and start your ministry for Jesus and God!!!!! Have a nice day, God bless you, and thank you so much for being here, “our blog will change your life”, and we guarantee that is a fact, because GOD is here, and HE is in charge!!!! Peace, go in peace, BE in peace, and just be….as much as possible just be….


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