Weight Training!! Good Stretches!! Bible Time!! Stop Emasculation!! Make America Great Again!!

WOW!! I mean good morning and double WOW!! It is most certainly a VERY beautiful day the Lord has made here in the incredible state of Kentucky, and we live like Kings and Queens here, and NO I am not joking!! You think you have it good in your noisy, restricted, over patrolled, crowded, dangerous, drug ridden, sinful, flesh lusting, sports crazed, greed filled neighborhoods around Nashville Tennneerrrsseee (or any major city in America)? What are you as deranged as I think you are?? Come on, small Town America is not dead yet, we don’t just survive here, we THRIVE here and all across this strong nation. Will YOU help me make America great again brothers and sisters?? Let’s ALL vote for TRUMP in 2020 to keep females out of the main seat in the white house, STOP emasculating men and give them back the power in politics they need to help keep our country safe and healthy and solvent!! Hillary and Bill are both criminals in my mind, I am SO glad we STOMPED her that night, she had no right to even run, are you kidding me, she looks like she is ready for a nursing home. But I digress, let’s not get wrapped up in Hillary, her political career is pretty much over, and rightfully so!!! I hope I NEVER live long enough to see a female president, if so I may truly leave the country!! Trump is a great man, not perfect, the casinos are wrong but he has stimulated the economy (and a few beautiful women as well I am sure) and people are loving it, give the man a break, and stop being little ignorant cry babies.

One of the things Trump and I have in common is he doesn’t drink ALCOHOL, I highly respect this, it will turn your brain and life into mush, stay off the bottle and you can get many great things accomplished, hopefully. I have not had any booze for 3 years and 3 months, and my life got right back on track, many relationships were repaired and I found new healthy masculine boundaries, and I ENFORCE them with great strength. I would rather DIE, alone, in the wilderness, and starve, to death, and be torn apart by wild animals, than to give up my good, solid Christian, biblical, masculine, principles and boundaries. Let me share three of them with you now, I woke up this morning and laid in bed for a little while, I can do this because I have enough TIME, no I’m not a debt slave, I owe no man a single penny, I am debt free for life. If you want to destroy yourself with “work” and give up your salvation for money, go ahead but you are an idiot, start your ministry for God and Jesus, and watch your whole world change for the better. After I had a really nice long stretch, I got out of bed and immediately drank WATER, about 30 ounces of good clean super oxygenated triple filtered reverse osmosis ionized water, this gets my metabolic system fired up and ready for the day. Next, after doing some stretches with mom, her neck is hurting, I PRAYED on my knees, and then read my bible and had a little devotional time, making sure Jesus is included in my morning and to tap into the awesome power of God the Father. We need TIME, WATER, and PRAYER…every single morning!! 🙂

Yesterday I started back in the gym, as promised I would, and we are on our way to bench pressing 225 pounds for three reps, that is the goal. My gym membership is only $.50 cents a day, the gasoline to drive there will cost more than that, Carpenter Center in Russellville KY is a really nice place, solid guys in there that are going to help me reach my goals. I decided on beginning with a “upper body” day, and pullups, I got in THREE consecutive pullups with NO kipping, this number should be 10 BUT I have been slacking, now it’s time to pay, and I did, trust me. Headed over to the free weight bench press and warmed up with the empty bar at 45 lbs, then added two 25 lb plates, got in some reps, and switched to 35 lb plates. Alternated in some situps on a mat around the corner in the aerobic area, lower back started to tighten up so I slacked back off. I wanted to max out my bench so I put two 45 lb plates on the bar, asked a guy to spot me, and was not able to complete one rep of 135 lbs but it was close, I was not concentrating enough, the damn music in there throws me off BUT I tried, and I asked for help, this is a start!! I did a lot of bicep work next, sprinted around the gym for 5 laps, did lat pulldowns and rows, a bunch of bicep curls, more pullups and hanging from the bar, and dumbbell work. Stayed there working out for two full hours, talked to a couple of guys for about 20 minutes total, today I am not too sore, so hopefully I didn’t over do it, which is VERY easy to do when you first start back in a gym.

Last night I had a little over exertion sickness in the bed, the 5K was brutal, and after the weight training I had a total of 2 full hours and 20 minutes of very hard exercise yesterday. I woke up too early and it was still dark, it’s depression that woke me, and nightmares, but I stayed in the bed and went back to sleep, this can be very difficult but not impossible. When I finally woke back up around 8:00 AM I felt REALLY good, like I was high on something but it was just from exercising so hard yesterday, literally I felt so calm and peaceful, then had an AMAZING STRETCH, wow, it felt so good, and a long one too. Natural stretching is a sign that tension is leaving the body, if your not stretching naturally when you wake up, it means you are not active enough, I always miss it when my body doesn’t stretch its self on its own when I wake up, so today I was really blessed and grateful. After waking, and realizing I was alone, again, without a wife, I was sad, but then I was GRATEFUL that I am NOT married to a hateful, narcissistic, mean, controlling, money grubbing, house worshiping, family of origin enmeshed, dog sleeping, unaffectionate, cold, sexless, anxious, depressed, emotionally wrecked, corporate loving, power hungry female…my heart goes out to you dudes that are, you worked yourself into a mess I know, she lied and manipulated, you can work your way out of it too bruh, somehow, with God’s help. Read your bible, use the principles, stay true to God, learn to know Jesus, and start a ministry!!!

I opened my bible today to Matthew Chapter 16 verse 24 through 27 and I quote “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. 26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 27 For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.” So, if YOU woke up this morning, you call yourself a Christian or want to be one, and want to be a REAL Christian, then you got dressed and rush off to “work” for money, and you don’t lead people to Christ AT WORK, all day, every day…aren’t you trying to “save your life”??? We are supposed to CHASE Jesus not money, clear and simple, He will provide the money, IF we work for Him and God. We can NOT serve two masters!! Next, DENY yourself, STOP wanting more, do NOT use credit, get out of debt and stay that way, suck it up and deal with it, your primary residence is NOT an investment, that’s a lie, ask Dave Ramsey. Take up your cross, tell the world what is going on, be TRANSPARENT and stop living multiple lives, be honest all day every day. Lose your life, stop the bragging, give glory to the Father, forget about world travel and being a nasty little whore across Europe and a slut at bars in America, find a purpose for living, put God at the center of everything. I will not give ANYTHING for my own soul, NO WAY, and certainly not for money, what are you that crazy, evil, ignorant, and lost?? Jesus IS coming back my brothers and sisters, His pure sinless feet will never touch the ground, His army of beautiful angels will be with Him, and we will be called up from the grave for judgment, what will YOU say when we stand before the Father?? If you are a mean, hateful, controlling, lying, flesh lusting, cheating, cop calling, money loving, emasculated, squatty, land whale, feminist loving, power hungry, intoxicated, drunk, ASSHOLE you WILL get rewarded according to your works…OUCH, that lake of fire will make a mid summer Kentucky afternoon look like the deep freeze of Alaska in the dead of winter…sucks to be YOU I guess, REPENT now, or your going DOWN, and will BURN after your judgment by God, and He will do the burning!!!!

Our random KJV bible verse for the day is 2 Corinthians 3:18, “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” We are CHANGED into the image of the Lord, this is so very beautiful, I know sometimes I can look in the mirror and see Jesus in my face a little, He is in my heart and I work for Him, I believe in Him, and I know He is with me, and so rightfully I should see a little of His own face in mine, I like to think other people can see Him too, and God of course…the bible says we are supposed to live this way and feel like this. There is a WAR on right now, today, on facebook, did you hear about it?!? It’s a war on young boys, young men, middle aged men, and older men, and this war is headed by Satan and his evil army, and at the forefront of this conflict is FEMINISM and the weaker vessel’s natural lust to be God and to control and sin and be selfish. Females are and were PUNISHED by God the Father, for eating of the tree which He told her not to, and part of her punishment is for her husband to RULE OVER HER, you go to tinkering around with this, and you have MAJOR society and martial problems, BIG PROBLEMS, evil problems!!! I don’t care how perfect a females breasts are, how round her ass is, how pretty her lips can be, how flowing her blond / red / brown hair is, how great her “career” is or if she is in a “position of power”, how much she “loves” her family of origin, if she is a money loving slutty whore I don’t want her anywhere near ME!!! Yes I can TRY to help her BUT we all guard the gate of change inside us, as Covey teaches us in the 7 habits.

Listen up all you nasty biotche$ out there, today when your at your “job” or working on “YOUR CAREER” why not make some changes, be part of the solution not the problem…BE NICE to MEN, show some respect, lift them UP instead of breaking them down, and see if you don’t get more traction in life. Men run the world, and we do a much better job of it than females, and if you have a hard time accepting this then maybe you just can’t cope with reality, the next time you get in your car and drive to work, remember that MEN put that road there AND built the building you work in. Your fear mongering and paranoia show how unstable you truly are, get with a program of health and fitness, read your BIBLE and stop being a nasty slutty worldly idiot, give up whoring yourself out for money, and instead work for God’s mighty Kingdom!!! We can apply everything I just wrote in this paragraph to many MEN also, some of you are so emasculated and effeminate you practically ARE women, and don’t even get me started on transgender faggots and homosexuals, your all just down right depraved and sick, twisted with Obamanation, and lost to the world and it’s sin and flesh and insanity. Two men in bed with each other, EWWWW, how nasty and gross, all sweaty and stinking, playing with each others assholes, down right disgusting and awful, few things in this world are more unnatural and against God’s will and word. Thanks feminism for making homosexuality legal, thanks for NOTHING, and causing endless chaos and destruction not only to men, but also young boys and girls, and families and communities, and our nation as a whole.

Well, I am going to help make America great again, right now, today, by making some phone calls, and being a REAL man as I do my business, and getting some tasks done, and meeting with other real men, and getting some work done, and not borrowing money, and standing up to feminists, and saying NO to evil, and staying sober, and blogging more, and working out, and lifting weights, and setting a good example, and reading my bible, and sharing the word of God, and calling out bullies, and working with my attorney, and staying busy, and working on my business models, and calling people out on their lies and control, and standing my ground, and doing target practice, and taking some martial arts classes, and continuing my education, and posting videos, and expanding our team, and loving females the right way, and searching for my new wife, and making sure I have my force multipliers on me and or near me, and learning about active self protection, and being aware of threats, and watching transitional spaces, and investing money, and retaining my assets, and working on my goals, and lifting weights, and running those miles, and being good to my neighbors, and helping my community, and telling it like it is, and leading people to Jesus and God and The Kingdom and the Bible!!!! Have a wonderful day and thank you again for being here, God bless you continually and if you know a good, solid, Christian, lovely, genuine, GODLY, holy, strong, meek, humble, faithful, TRUSTING lady that wants to get MARRIED and have kids and move OUT of the city, keep me in mind because I am searching!! You help me and I will help you, and God will help both of us, keep it real and keep the faith!!


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